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Chapter 1: Why is she so smart?

"Mr. Takahashi, you have a meeting in five minutes, then after the meeting, you will be meeting with your father to discuss the monthly budget," a woman with raven hair that was pulled into a pony tail and dark blue eyes said as she walked into her boss' office.

"Thanks Ms. Higurashi, will you be joining me to both of the meetings?" a silver haired half dog demon asked as he stood up from his desk.

"Yes sir," the raven haired woman said with a nod as she exit out the room. The silver hair man followed her.

"Inuyasha, my friend, where are you going this time?" a black hair man with sky blue eyes asked.

Inuyasha looked at his child hood friend, Miroku who was chief executive of finances of his father's company.

"Me and Kagome are about to go to a meeting. Where you are going?" Inuyasha asked Miroku as they walked to Kagome's office.

"To deliver something off to Sesshomaru. You and Kagome, huh," Miroku said while raising a suggestive brow.

"Get your mind out of the gutter. We are just friends," Inuyasha responded as they stopped in front of Kagome's office door. Kagome has been worked for Takahashi and company for three years now. He could remember the day she walked into his office, so confident, so intelligent, so fierce, and so sexy. When he first saw her he was glad that his father was there. If he wasn't, his mother would have been a grandmother of five. ( Izayoi is a grandmother of four now… two from Inuyasha and two from Sesshomaru)


"If another bimbo walks in here, I'm done dad," Inuyasha told his father as he sat diagonal from him.

"Calm down Inuyasha," Inu No Taisho said.

"Mr. Takahashi, another woman is here for the secretary job," a woman with short black hair said.

Inu No Taisho nodded, "Thank you Yura. Send her in." Yura nodded as she closed the door to the conference room.

"Right this way Ms. Higurashi," they heard Yura say. A minute later, a woman with raven haired that was pulled in a bun walked in. She was wearing a green pant suit with a white scoop neck shirt underneath and a pair of white high heels. She had little make up on which consist of light blush. She wore a white beaded necklace and bracelet with white balled earrings. She had a manilla folder in her hand.

"Kagome Higurashi," the woman said as she went to shake Inu No Taisho and Inuyasha's hand. When she shook Inuyasha's hand, he felt an electric spark go through his body. He looked at Kagome to see if she felt it too but she was looking down at her feet. He released her hand and took a seat. Kagome did the same.

He kept looking at her through the whole interview.

"Take her right here, right now," his demon growled.

'I really do want to, but father will kill me,' Inuyasha thought.

"Sissy," his demon growled out. Inuyasha rolled his eyes in response.

"Inuyasha," his father called out to him.

"Yes?" Inuyasha asked.

"Do you have any questions for Ms. Higurashi?" Inu No Taisho asked.

"When can you start?" Inuyasha asked causing Kagome to smile. Inuyasha realized that he loved that smile.

~End of Flashback~

"Just friends," Inuyasha mumbled, Miroku looked and smiled at his friend.

"Inuyasha, I have bad news," Kagome said as she open her office door.

"What is it?" Inuyasha asked.

"Kiere's school called. No one was there to pick her up," Kagome replied. Inuyasha looked down at his watch and saw that it was noon.

"I guess I'll go pick her up," Inuyasha said. Kagome nodded, closed her office door before turning back to Inuyasha.

"So I already fired the nanny, and a new one should be there by Sunday. I'll go to the meeting in your place then go tell your father that you couldn't make it to his meeting, and I will be there in your place as well. Sounds good?" Kagome said with a smile as she looked at Inuyasha who was wearing a blank face.

"That's sounds excellent Kagome," Miroku responded for his friends. Kagome smiled then nodded before walking away.

"Takahashi stop day dreaming about Kagome and go pick up your daughter," Miroku teased his friend. Inuyasha snapped out of his trace and glared at his friend. He gave him the finger before walking back to his office to get his car keys.

At the preschool:

"Sorry no one came to pick you up Kiere," Inuyasha said as he strapped his four year old daughter into her car seat.

"It's okay daddy," the little girl with black hair and golden eyes responded with a smile on her face.

"The nanny was supposed to pick you up since your mom is on her honeymoon," Inuyasha said as he bent out of the car.

"What do you want to eat?" Inuyasha asked.

"WCDonalds!" Kiere said excitedly. Inuyasha smiled and nodded at her before testing her seatbelt strap then closing the door. He got into the driver side, put his seatbelt on, turn his car on then drove off.

He stopped at a red light when his phone that was connected to his car started to ring.

"Hello," Inuyasha said after he pushed a button on his steering wheel.

"Hey Inuyasha, Did you pick Kiere up yet?" Kagome asked.

"Hi Kagome," Kiere said.

"Hi Kiere. Next time your stupid nanny doesn't pick you up, I will. Then we can go out for lunch," Kagome said as she walked into her office with her hands full of folders.

"Really?" Kiere asked excitedly.

"Yup. Inuyasha, your father asked for you try to make it to the meeting today. Myoga is going to be there," Kagome said as she set the folders on her desk.

Inuyasha let out a silent curse before telling Kagome he would be there in twenty minutes. He was about to end the call when Kagome started talking again.

"Oh and Amaya's school called. She's in the principal's offices for talking back to the teacher," Kagome said. Inuyasha sighed as he drove into WcDonalds drive thru.

"Tell the front office I'll be there in ten minutes," Inuyasha told her.

"Will do boss man. Bye Kiere, see you in a few," Kagome said.

"Bye Kagome," Kiere replied before Inuyasha ended the call. Inuyasha order food for him, his daughters, and Kagome. As they waited in line for their food and Inuyasha to pay, he turn around to face Kiere who was looking out the window.

"Hey," Inuyasha said as he playfully hit her on her knee.

"You don't mind going to the office with me right?" Inuyasha asked. Kiere shook her head causing her pig tails to hit her in her face.

"Nope, I get to see and play with Kagome," Kiere said with a smile. Inuyasha smirked at her before turning around in his seat to pay his bill.

"You know what daddy," Kiere said.

"Thank you," Inuyasha said as he grabbed their pops then their bags of food from the woman. He set them in the passenger seat before driving off to Amaya's school.

"What?" Inuyasha asked as he turned the corner.

"You and Kagome should get married. So Kagome can be my mommy," Kiere replied with a smile on her face. Inuyasha coughed.

"What about your real mommy?" Inuyasha asked as he stopped at a stop sign.

"I love her too, but mommy has Naraku and then you're going to be alone. Don't you like Kagome anyways? And don't deny it daddy, I heard you and uncle Miroku talking about it," Kiere said as she crossed her arms over her little chest. 'Why is she so smart?' Inuyasha thought.

"So daddy, do you like Kagome?" Kiere asked.

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