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The summer passed without any real event. Harry and Ron were on the train to Hogwarts, speeding past fields on either side of the train, a muggle village just visible in the distance. The two of them were getting dressed into their robes and talking about the year ahead.

"Mum said there was going to be a change in the school curriculum this year" Ron said to Harry who was currently doing up his tie in front of the window.

"Oh yeah?" Harry said " what's that" as he said this he fell over onto the floor of the compartment with a loud thud as the train took an unexpected turning. "Ow."

Chuckling Ron replied "Something called muggle experience, I think we have to study about them for a couple of months outside of school" as Harry stood up he said to Ron

"WHAT!" He stared at Ron " you have got to be kidding me?"

"Nope, straight up!" Ron said as he sat down in his seat. He pulled a pile of chocolate frog cards and began to count them.

Harry finished getting changed and sat down also. "How are we going to get out of school?" Harry said

"Dumbledore has arranged something we get the list today during the feast" Ron put the cards down and said "finished, 547!"

Harry looked over at him sand frowned.

"Where's Hermione"

"She is up at the top of the carriage talking to the driver" Ron said "you know she doesn't travel well"

Harry looked at Ron and said, "You know Hermione?"

"Yeah" Ron replied

"You" Harry paused "you like her don't you?"

"Well," Ron looked up at the carriage ceiling as though very interested in it "Yeah s'pose so" Ron said suddenly busying himself in his trunk.

At this Moment Draco Malfoy walked into the room "Ah Potter" he sat down next to Harry

"Get out" Harry said

"Now, now, Potter no need to be like that" Malfoy said "So what do you think about this muggle experience"

Harry was Just about to leave the room to see where Hermione had got to when the train stopped and They disembarked to go to Hogwarts.

They arrived in the feast and Dumbledore told them all about the Muggle experience they would all have to do. He read out the groups they were to be travailing in. He got down to Hermione's name and said: Hermione Granger, Vincent Crabbe and Susan Bones. When He got down to Harry's name he read out: "Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy"

As he feast continued Ron started to say to Harry "Can you believe it me and you have to spend two months with that fool at a muggle school. I mean GOD! We have to go to classes with him and everything. Well to look on the bright side at least we have each other to talk to!"

"And to add insult to injury we have to stay at the Dursleys!"

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