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Muggle 9

Harry awoke the next morning hearing someone knock on the bedroom door next to his - Dudley's room. there was a sleepy grunt from within the room, then whoever had knocked on the door left the room, moving onto Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia's room.

Harry rolled over in bed, hoping to go back to sleep. Suddenly a Draco's plan surfaced in his mind. He sat bolt upright.

"Ron!" he whispered urgently "Ron!"

"What?" came the sleepy reply

"Draco's just gone into the Dursleys rooms!"

"Wha- Oh!" Ron replied and sat up also.

Draco came bounding into the room and sat down on Harry's bed, crushing his legs.

"Ow! Get off!" Draco inched off them grumpily

"Well where am I supposed to sit?"

Harry moved his legs with a glare so that Draco had somewhere to sit. "What have you given them?"

"You'll see." Draco said with barely controlled mirth.

"Tell us now!" Ron demanded.

"Just have patience! Honestly, some people!"

Harry and Ron looked at each other in irritation, but gave up, sighing.

Pulling out their homework, they waited for the Dursleys to get up.

A shout of "Breakfast boys!" came from downstairs. Draco smiled.


Harry and Ron nodded edgily and the three made their way downstairs and into the kitchen. Aunt Petunia was placing plates full of fried bread, bacon, egg and sausages onto the table. Dudley was happily munching at a grapefruit quarter.

Feeling slightly concerned that he had just stepped into a parallel universe; Harry sat down and picked up his knife and fork. The others did the same.

"Did you sleep well boys?" Petunia asked them

"Fine thank you Mrs Dursley." Draco replied cheerily

Harry and Ron stared at each other open mouthed for a short while before muttering "Fine thanks"

Vernon stuck his head into the room and with a large genuine smile called "Good morning! I am just off to the paper shop, You boys want anything?"

"some chocolate would be nice." Draco replied sweetly

"Righty oh." Vernon replied and left the room whistling 'it's a small world'.

Once the boys were finished with breakfast Harry pointedly said "Ron, Malfoy, I think we need to go into the garden - NOW."

"Make sure you wear your coats, it's awfully chilly out there, I don't want you to catch a cold!" Petunia said in a happy voice as she ushered them out into the garden.

Once outside Harry and Ron turned on Draco "What on earth did you do?! it's like the twilight zone in there!" Harry shouted

"I can't BELIEVE you're complaining potter!" Draco said in irritation.

"Yeah, it's a nice change" Ron commented

Harry sighed in exhasperation "It is now, but what about when the potion wears off?"

"what is the potion?" Ron asked in awe of the Slytherin

"it's a suggestibility potion. One spoonful and you'll believe anything you're told in the next 5 minutes. The potion lasts for a few days. When it wears of they won't even remember that anything was different."

"so you've hypnotised them into being nice to us?" Harry asked

"yeah, in simple terms." Draco said "as that seems to be all your mind is able to comprehend"

Harry smiled, evilly. Ron looked shocked at the expression, then seemed lit by a sudden idea, "we could give it to the teachers so that they don't give us any homework!"

"Don't be an idiot Weasley! God, no wonder you aren't a Slytherin. Dumbledore and the other teachers are being sent our grades - if they notice that we're not getting any homework, don't you think they'd be a bit suspicious?"

Ron grunted in irritation. Dudley broke the awkward silence by bounding into the garden with a skipping rope.

Harry's eyes widened in shock as Draco doubled over with laughter. "I never thought I'd see that." Harry remarked as he watched the enormous boy bounce up and down.

"I 'suggested' that he could do with getting some exercise. I expected him to go running or something not-"

"harry! If you and a friend hold each end and swing it round and round I can jump in the middle!" Dudley said happily.

"Uh. Ok." Harry answered, and muttered out of the corner of his mouth to Ron - "go get my camera. If I don't have hard evidence of this I'll think I was hallucinating."

Ron nodded and ran into the house while Harry turned the rope for his evil cousin.

At lunchtime the boys went bgack inside. Vernon and Petunia were as usual looking out the window talking about the neighbours, but their dialogue was quite different. Instead of comments like "And Her at number 6 invited the milkman in this morning - again! I wonder how she'll explain that one away to her husband."

They were saying

"isn't her hair nice!"

"ooo it's that charming milkman again."

"What a nice colour their front door is now!"

Upon catching sight of the three wizards Vernon gave them a handful of chocolate bars each and pointed them towards the lunch table. Commenting on how nicely ruffled Harry's hair looked.

They were all beginning to feel a bit sick, by that afternoon. "I think I'm dying of fluff poisoning." Draco moaned as Petunia went over to brush his hair, asking how he got it to lie so flat.

"I think you may have gone a bit overboard Malfoy." Harry commented, when Petunia had wandered off to answer the phone. "next time try to tone it down just a bit."

Ron nodded in agreement.

"Fine! But next time you help me to think of what to say to them, for them to believe."

"Ok." Harry responded and the three of them sat back in the fluffy madness and waited for it to go away.