Bored of watching TV with Alan, Walden walked out on his big terrace staring at the ocean.

He still couldn't forget about Vivian and was wondering where she was now and what she must be doing. Then something caught his attention pulling him out of his thoughts.

Down, walking on the beach there was a young, blond woman whose beauty was beyond words. Her hair was loose and curls, softer than silk were falling heavily on her bare shoulders. Eyes as blue as the ocean itself were glowing on her face. Her walk and her slim figure were giving out the feeling of boldness, courage, strength and freedom. That attracted him more than anything else.

She was wearing a dark blue bikini top combined with a sky color shorts that matched the color of her eyes and suited the color of her pale skin. On one of her shoulders was hanging a small red bag. She looked breathtaking and tempting and he couldn't help but stare at her with his mouth open in owe and amusement of her prettiness.

"You'll catch flies."

Walden spun around to see Alan standing right behind him.

"What are you looking at?" He added with a smirk and bent over to look down to the beach to check what Walden was staring at a few moments ago. "Oh, wow, now that's one hot chick down there."

"Shut up." Annoyed Walden walked inside and into the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water, but his thoughts were drifting back to the mystery woman from the beach. "She must be new here." He thought. "That's probably the reason I've never seen her before."

He took a sip and gulped it slowly deep in his thoughts. Putting the glass back down he walked on the terrace again, but there was no trace of her.

He sighed and was about to go inside when he saw her again.

She was walking out of one of the houses in his neighborhood. This time her hair was up in a messy bun and she was wearing a red top and black jeans. She wasn't wearing any make up except lip gloss and she looked breathtaking. Walden couldn't keep his eyes off her. Maybe Jenny was right, maybe he really was falling too quickly, but right now he couldn't care less.

Shocked he noticed she was going straight towards his house and he hurried back inside.

He sat on the couch and took out his phone pretending he was checking it. Not long after he heard a loud knock on his balcony door. He turned to look at that direction and saw her standing there looking a bit impatiently inside the house and staring straight at him. He stood up and hurried to open the door.

"Hello?!" He asked nervously.

"Hi." She answered and he felt lost in the sound of her beautiful voice. Feminine yet somehow deep and velvet it was like a melody from heaven. "Is Dr. Harper here?"

Right then and there Walden couldn't help but feel shocked and confused by her words. This beautiful angelic creature was looking for Alan?!

"Dr. Harper's not at home at the moment." He answered her. "But if you want you can come in and wait for him inside."

"No, I should go. My friends and I are doing some rearranging of the house next door to yours and they're probably waiting for me.

"Oh." Was all Walden could say.

"That's actually the reason I'm looking for Dr. Harper. One of my friends was moving something quite heavy that really did a number on his back and now he's got a screaming need of chiropractor."

"I understand." He nodded. "I promise to tell him that as soon as he gets back."

Her lips twitched in a smile that stunned him and could light up the whole room. Actually Walden was sure that her smile could put even the sun itself to shame. "Thanks."

And she turned to walk away.

"Are you sure you don't need any help with the rearranging? I can give you and your friends a hand if you want." He couldn't help but say.

"I don't want to bother you."

"It's no bother at all. It'll be pleasure to help such a beautiful girl."

The lightest shade of red ran through her cheeks as she gave him a small smile again. "Thank you…"

"Walden." He helped her. "My name's Walden." And he stretched his hand to her.

"Rikki." She said and took his arm shaking it.

"Well, shell we go now?" He asked giving her a small smile too.

"Yeah." She nodded and the two went out the door.

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