The Merhog Princess

Chapter 1: Dark Secrets

There was a legend, that there was a merhog who fell in love with a Mobian hedgehog years ago. They met when she rescued him from drowning in the ocean after a deadly storm and he saw her face before he passed out. So strong was their love, that they wanted to spend their life with each other except that she can't leave the sea. So, one day, her grandmother; saddened by her granddaughter's inability to be with her true love, decided to help her with a spell that will give her legs for ten years, but once the ten years were up she must return to the ocean otherwise she would die.

When she made it to the surface, her true love was overjoyed since now that they are together. As time went on, the mermaid and the Mobian gotten married for about nine years and conceived a child, which was a little girl, they could've stayed like that forever but it wasn't meant to be because time was up for them. The mermaid began to grow ill and weak from being separated from the sea. When she was near death's door, the Mobian had no choice but to send his wife back to sea and that's what he did...after that, he raised his child on his own never talking about her mother thinking it'll cause nothing but heartache for both of them...

"Wow Miss Amy, that's a sad tale..." Cream said as she was holding her pet Chao, Cheese in her arms. She was sitting on her sofa as her best friend Amy Rose sat in the couch, reading to Cream a book about an ancient legend and a mermaid, titled "The Mermaid Princess"

"I know, sad but romantic..." the pink hedgehog said as she closed the book and rested it on the coffee table. "It's sorta like the Little Mermaid except she had three days instead of ten years."

"Miss you think that story's true?" Cream asked as she, Cheese and Amy got up from the living room and went into the kitchen where Cream's mother was inside,baking some cookies. "I don't think so Cream, it's just a legend. There's no way mermaids are real."

"I wouldn't say that Amy." Vanilla suddenly announced, holding a tray of freshly made cookies. "There are so many things we don't even know out there and during your adventures prophecies and legendary creatures did exist after all."

"Maybe you're right Miss Vanilla." Amy said as she took a cookie and began eating them deep in thought. "The book is over one thousand years old, so maybe the legend is true."

"You never know, Amy." Vanilla said kindly to her as she set down the tray on the cooling rack. "Maybe the descendent of the mermaid in the story could actually exist."

"Yeah, maybe..." Amy said munching her cookies, tasting the flavor of the sweet treat in her mouth. Amy went back to the living room and opened the book to a random page where the author has drawings on what the mermaid might have looked liked...Amy looked closely at the picture of the mermaid sitting on the rock and noticed that she has a face so similar to...


DUN DUN DUN! So guys, I'm sorry I haven't been updating my fanfics for awhile but I had a nasty case of writer's block and artist block on DA. So I've written a new story! Hope you enjoy it and if you do, I'll continue it, providing I get about 10 good reviews on this story. R+R