The Merhog Princess

Chapter 6: Disguise and the Search for the Coral Seedrians

After 30 minutes of disguises and costume changes, the other MerMobian girls waited for Amy to come out to show what she was wearing.

"Come on Amy, let's see what you have on." Starmie called out to her impatiently as she waited for Amy to come out. Amethyst and Candice were carrying away the other clothes that didn't suit Amy right. Amy came out the changing room and the others stared in amazement. Amy was wearing a sky blue top decorated with pink shells and dark blue pearls. Her tail was dark blue as well; thanks to the mermaids having fashion tails to try on and was wearing a red-orange wig to hide her pink hair.

"Well, how do I look?" Amy asked them as she twirled around for the others to get a good look. The other crowded around her and cheered.

"Perfect!" Candice said, clapping her hands. "Amber won't know the difference!"

"Especially since your mother never told her about you for safety." Starmie told her. "So, let's just keep to ourselves and don't draw any attention."

"Right." Amy told her. "But where do we even start on how we can stop my sister?"

"I know!" Candice announced with a big smile on her face. "We can ask the Coral Seedrians!"

"The Coral Seedrians?" Amy asked the merrabbit confused, she knows Seedrians but Coral Seedrians are beyond her.

"Coral Seedrians are cousins to Seedrians." Amenthyst explained to her. "Except they mostly grow coral around the reefs and care for the ocean and its creatures."

"They're very wise as well." Starmie added. "The wisest of them is one named Politia. It said that she knows most and sees most being the leader of them at such a young age."

"That's great!" Amy said excited. "Where do we find her and the other Coral Seedrians?"

"They're said to live in a cave up north of the city." Candice said. "They've been in hiding since Amber destroyed their village."

"That's awful!" Amy said in sadness and anger. "We need to stop her."

"Yeah! The sooner we leave, the sooner we can-." Candice began, but before she could finish, the hear a loud whistle was heard, she and the others gasped and Amy saw the other mermobians gasped and paniced as they began lining up.

"It's Amber Tribute time!" Amethyst gasped in shocked. Candice ears wrapped around her face as she trembled and Starmie tried to comfort the young merrabbit.

"What's Amber Tribute time?" Amy said, but before she got her answer, Starmie grabbed her arm and led her to the backroom of the store while Amenthyst and Candice hurriedly swam outside. When they were sure that they were safe Starmie began to explain.

"Sorry Amy, but we couldn't risk your sister seeing you." Starmie apologized. "But Amber Tribute is where all of us pay 'tribute' to our 'queen'." Starmie said in annoyance as she mentioned their queen. "And so far, she doesn't know you exist but try to lay low in here until we call you. OK?"

Amy nodded to show she understood and Starmie quickly swam out to meet up with the others. Amy couldn't stay behind and not know what's going on out there. Amy quietly hid behind a mannequin as she watched the tribute.

A golden shell carriage came being pulled by some tough looking manta sharks and riding this carriage was a pink merhog with the same green eyes like Amy, but the left side of her hair has a bold amber streak. She also has an Amber tail and matching bra and in her hands was a trident. There was no doubt about it, she was Amy's twin. Another fanfare played and Amber sat up in her carriage with a smile.

"Merlatis, do you adore me?" Amber said, pridefully as she spread her hands up to soak in the attention. Everyone faked the best cheers and claps, Amber smiled to herself as she held up a glowing sphere that glowed brightly.

"Do you love me enough to want you precious Sea Force?" Amber asked as she held the Sea Force sphere in the air.

"That's what I thought, so come and…!" Amber announced but stop mid-sentence as she saw a merhog ignoring her. Amber furrowed her brows in anger as she pointed at her and yelled.

"You there!" Amber yelled as she pointed at her with her trident. The others gasped as she jumped as well. "Swim forward…"

The merhog swam forward very gingerly, unknown what Amber is going to do to her.

"You dare ignore your ruler!?" Amber snapped at her, making the girl flinch. When she didn't answer Amber, the young queen picked up her trident and raised it above her head. Everyone gasped as the trident glowed a vivid red and before the merhog girl had a chance to escape, she was blasted by the trident and turned into a statue that floated gently down to the rocky ground below.

"Now then, as I was saying…" Amber said calming down as she held up the Sea Force ball. "Who wants their Sea Force?"

Everyone cheered as Amber released the ball, allowing to break up and scatter in the water, giving the sea some life, but who knows how long it'll last. 'Until next time.' Is all she said after her carriage turned around and swam to the castle. Amy swam out the store and looked at the retreating carriage.

"What was that?" Amy asked Starmie, Candice and Amethyst as they swam to her.

"Amber's trident." Amethyst sighed sadly as her wings drooped in sadness. "She stole it from her mother as she stole the throne outright."

"And turning unruly subjects into stone is her fave pastime…" Starmie added as they looked at the poor merhog turned into stone. Amy sighed in sadness knowing this is what her flesh and blood is doing to the kingdom and its subjects, but that quickly replaced itself with determination.

"So, where do we go to find the Coral Seedrians?" Amy began, the three mermobains cheered as they all began to swim out of town with Amy following them, hoping they have the answer to help Amy reclaim the kingdom.