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It had been several weeks since the unlikely couple had their first public date. Since then they had been seen out together on a handful of occasions. It was a shock to most when the two didn't try and kill one another. Some even would speak harshly about the two, almost as if they were trying to pick a fight with them. Izaya usually found it amusing and would have to calm Shizuo down before he beat any of the men to death. Sometimes the informant would have loved to see just that but he would prefer that the blonde stayed out of jail, not that he couldn't have easily bailed him out. He thought it would be better if the blonde didn't end up there in the first place though.

Izaya had grown bored since Shizuo had gone to work that day and had none to do himself. That was how he found himself walking along the streets of his favorite city. It had seemed like forever since the last time he just walked the streets by himself while not working. His signature smirk was plastered on his face as he skipped his way down the street, enjoying the various sounds and smells around him.

The sound of his phone ringing had caught him completely off guard, not expecting a call from anyone. Crimson orbs glanced at the screen as he rose an eyebrow in confusion when the screen read "Unknown Caller" across the screen. That should have been his first clue that something was wrong. No one had his number that he didn't know. It wasn't something he just gave away to anyone or allowed others to give away.

"Hello?" Izaya asked, his cheerful greeting hiding his confusion.

"Go to the alley off of Cherry Street within fifteen minutes or you will regret it," an electronic voice spoke over the phone. Izaya knew it was to disguise their voice, since he had used the same trick several times, but he wasn't sure why this person would be doing so.

"Why would I want to do that?"

"Because Blondie here will suffer if you don't."

Those words were enough for Izaya to drop his phone and take off in a full out run. His mind had been in too much of a panic to even think that he could be running into a trap or that Shizuo had been safe and far away from the area. The mere idea that the blonde could be in trouble made him reckless, not so mueven able to think logically about the situation in the slightest. It took quite a lot to bring down the strongest man in Ikebukuro, probably even in all of Japan, and the thought that he could have been scared the raven more than he would like to admit. This fear was almost comparable to the fear he had held for his uncle. That fear alone had been his motivation for running like a mad man towards his destination.

Once he finally arrived at the alley he was faced with a single man, one he had not been familiar with. Izaya couldn't help but think that something about him seemed familiar but he wasn't sure quite what it could have been. As he approached, his hand found itself wrapped around his switchblade. There was just something about the man that didn't sit well with him. The unnatural white hair and violet eyes were strange enough to start with. The stranger radiated a presence that screamed of danger. The logical plan at that moment would have been to run, to get as far away as possible but the fear that Shizuo could still be in danger had Izaya rooted to his spot.

"So you're the infamous Izaya Orihara I hear so much about," the man spoke. "Not quite what I expected, mostly when an old friend of yours told me about you."

"I'm sorry but you seem to know who I am but I don't have the the same luxury. Should I?" Izaya wasn't sure who the man had been speak about when he mentioned a friend of his but that didn't matter. This guy knew who he was while he didn't know anything about the other man in return and that fact bothered him.

"Excuse my manners, I am Byakuran, the head of the Millefiore Family."

"Doesn't ring a bell."

"Not yet, soon enough it will. That is if that information you gave the Vongola Family doesn't ruin that."

That made Izaya raise an eyebrow as he put the pieces together. This was the leader of the group that was trying to overthrow the Vongola Family. He hadn't found a name, with them not being well known, but he had found out enough to warn Vongola. The man in front of him would likely try and take over Japan next and that was what had gotten Izaya to help out in the first place. This was his home and was relatively peaceful. This man would likely bring death and destruction with him.

When this realization hit him that he had gotten further involved with the mafia than he would have liked, Izaya knew he was in a great deal of trouble. If Shizuo was alright the informant knew he was going to kill him for this. Izaya was supposed to be trying to stay out of trouble, as much as he could with his profession, and this definitely wasn't doing that. He knew this whole situation would be trouble, more so the longer he stood there.

"Where's Shizuo?" He finally questioned as the blonde was not in his line of sight.

"Oh Blondie? I assume he's currently working, probably at the docks by now." Byakuran shrugged with a smug smirk plastered on his lips.

Izaya was relieved Shizuo was safe but was angry with himself for falling into the obvious trap that he had a feeling about from the beginning but instead ignored his intuition. He was in some serious trouble that he knew he wouldn't be able to talk his way out of. The man in front of him was very dangerous, possibly even more so than the informant himself, that much he could easily tell. If he had thought out a plan before rushing in without thinking he would be ready for whatever would happen next. If he happened to make it out of the alley in one piece he was sure Shizuo would kill him several times over.

"What do you want from me?" Izaya finally asked, his usual playful tone was now completely serious. This didn't seem to bother the white haired man any.

"Well I would say I want you dead, but I promised I wouldn't kill you, beside that would be such a pity with a pretty face like yours. Instead I will just have to teach you a lesson. Then maybe you'll keep your nose out of the mafia's affairs." His smirk turned sinister as he waved a hand in the air.

Soon enough various men and women came out of practically nowhere, surrounding the informant as they held various weapons in their hands. Izaya looked around him in search for some way to get out of this mess, but it seemed Byakuran had expected him to plan some form of escape. The only way he'd be able to get away was the way he came. The wall behind Byakuran was a dead end and there was nothing along the walls that he'd be able to get a footing on to get to the roof.

His grip on his knife tightened within his pocket, unsure if he'd be able to take them all on. Sure he was fast and very skilled with a blade but he was highly outnumbered by those who were most likely just as skilled with their own weapons. Even though there wasn't much hope he'd get out of there unscathed, Izaya wasn't about to give up without even trying. With a swift movement from their leader the fight soon began.

As the lackeys began to attack him, Izaya pulled out his own blade and slashed at anything that got near him. It kept most of them back fro charging him all at once for the moment. A fairly large man rushed at him with the only weapon being brass knuckles adorning both fists. Izaya quickly side stepped him while he jumped over another, using some sort of staff one of the others held for leverage. He continued to dodge blows that came his way while he slashed his blade now and then, almost feeling like he would be able to reach the streets with minimal problems.

He had been fairing quite well at his task of fending off his assailants until there was a sudden searing pain at his side that soon shot through his whole body. Crimson eyes looked over at a younger looking male holding a long blade within his hands that was now coated in Izaya's blood. His eyes then traveled down to his side where there was a deep gash that could be seen through the cut fabric of his shirt. This stopped his movements as he was both in pain and stunned about the injury.

His hesitation had been enough for the others to quickly gang up on him, sending the raven forcefully to the ground. More pain shot through his body at the impact. They proceeded to pound and slash at him with all of their different weapons, knocking the breath completely out of Izaya's lungs. There wasn't a single time that he had felt quite the way he did in that moment. There were plenty of memories of agonizing pain but, to her, the physical pain he felt now was worse than all of those combined.

"That is enough," Byakuran finally spoke and the beating instantly stopped. Izaya forced an eye open as his hair was roughly pulled. He looked into the violet eyes of the sadistic man that wore that stupid smirk once again. "Have you learned your lesson Izu-chan?"

At the sweet tone that was used to say that stupid name Izaya wanted to spit in the bastard's face and did just that, earning his hair another rough pull and a finger pressed harshly into the wound on his side. "Go to hell," Izaya gritted out angrily, earning himself another jab at the wound. The raven couldn't help the cry that escaped his lips that time and the satisfied look on the bastard's face at that made Izaya wish he could just curl in on himself.

"That's a good boy. I can see why he likes you so much. Such a spitfire but also easily broken. Now let this be a warning to you. There are plenty of others who are not as kind and forgiving as me. There are so many that wand you dead Izu-chan. You've made many enemies and quite a few now know you have a weakness. If I were you I'd be careful. Next time Blondie could actually be in trouble." With that his head was released and hit the pavement with a loud thud. "It was nice finally meeting you. Hopefully this won't have to happen again and next time will be under more pleasant circumstances for both of us."

The tone that Byakuran had used made him sick as he laid there unable to move. Thankfully they were all gone soon enough, leaving Izaya on the ground to himself. His head felt like it was splitting and he knew as soon as he was able to get to his feet it would start to spin. His body ached and the pain at his side was throbbing. He figured he'd be able to deal with the feeling as long as nothing touched it and if he was lucky he'd be able to ignore it.

Izaya hadn't been remotely close to feeling this terrible in quite a while, probably not since he broke up with his ex. His fights with Shizuo had never been this bad. It didn't help that he had been outnumbered by those who's leader was a complete sociopath. Izaya might have been a bit of one as well but not even close to that bastard. Izaya's intent had never been to kill, while Byakuran seemed to almost thrive off that idea. You could see the sick fascination in those violet eyes that the man enjoyed seeing the informant in so much pain.

Deciding he should probably get home and patch himself up before he bled out all over the concrete, Izaya slowly pushed himself to his feet with what little strength he had. Once he was actually standing he leaned on the wall for a moment as his head spun like he expected it would. His mind was reeling as he tried to think of a way to keep this hidden from Shizuo since he was rather banged up. If he could get home before the blonde got there then maybe he could patch himself up enough where it wouldn't look like that big of a deal. He doubted that he'd have enough time, seeing as it would most likely take longer to get home with his injuries. All in all Shizuo was going to be furious.

Not wanting to think any more he pushed himself off the wall and begun the long and painful trip home. He received various glances on the way that made him wonder if his appearance had really been that bad. He assumed so but chose to ignore it. He just wanted to get home. He manged to find his dropped phone, surprisingly, but it had gotten broken somewhere in the time that he had dropped it and when he picked up again. Unable to call a cab left the informant to walk most of the way back to his apartment. When he discovered this he cursed softly, almost throwing it to the ground and crushing it under his boot but found he didn't have the energy to do so. Instead he placed it back into his pocket and continued on.

By the time he actually reached his apartment building the sun had long since set, meaning if Shizuo hadn't gone searching for him then the blonde would be inside waiting. He took a deep painful breath as he exited the elevator and made his way to his door. There was a brief moment where he just stood in front of the door before he finally placed the key in the lock and opened the only thing standing between her and what he had been dreading the whole walk there.

The sight that he opened his door to was one he should have expected. Shizuo had been pacing the living room, surprisingly not ruining the carpet by doing so, with a cigarette between his lips and an ashtray full on the table. The only light in his apartment was the dim table lamp located by his desk on the other side of the large room. Izaya closed the door behind him and instantly saw the blonde snapping his eyes in his direction. The expression on his face was a mixture of surprise, worry and anger.

Izaya tried to conceal his side from Shizuo as the blonde moved towards him. He knew he would have to explain what happened but he wasn't looking forward to that discussion, mostly with how worried Shizuo had seemed to have been. What he hadn't expected was to be pulled into the blonde's arms. He hid the cry of pain that wanted to leave his throat as Shizuo brushed his side with his arm. He bit roughly on his already split lip to prevent himself from making a sound.

"What happened? I've been calling for hours and no one has heard from you." The worry in Shizuo's voice made Izaya feel even worse.

"Sorry, my phone broke. I didn't mean to worry you," Izaya almost flinched at how weak his voice sounded.

Shizuo pulled back and looked down at his hand and sleeve of his shirt that was now covered with Izaya's blood after he had moved across his side again. The raven watched as those brown eyes went straight to his side and soon enough his shirt was being pulled off to expose all the various cuts and bruises, along with the gash at his side, covering his fair skin. He bit on his lip again as the brown pools transformed from worry to full blown out anger and then back to concern all in a few moments.

"What happened?" Shizuo questioned again.

"Nothing. Don't worry about it," He lied.

"This isn't 'nothing' Izaya. You're hurt."

Izaya took a breath before he looked at the floor. "I was ganged up on, about thirty to one."

"How did this happen? You usually have no problem with anything like that."

"It was a trap. I had been lead to think you were in danger. That you had been hurt or would be if I hadn't met up with this guy."

Riley's eyes widened at that. "Who was it?"

"Don't wor-"

"No! Who was it?"

"Italian mafia."


"Seemed to be a rival of the one I helped out a while back. Didn't like that I was sticking my nose in their business."

"I told you something like that was going to happen!"

Izaya could easily tell Shizuo was angry but it hadn't been directed towards him. That alone made him feel even worse about all of it. Their enemies now knew that they were now each other's weakness. This would likely not be the last time something like this would happen to either of them. His head spun again as he got lost in his thoughts, so he leaned on the closest thing to him, which thankfully was Shizuo. He felt a hand gently stroke his lower back and could tell the blonde's anger had disappeared, for the moment at least.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to break my promise," His voice was muffled by the cloth he was leaning into but was sure Shizuo heard what he said.

"Let's just fix you up. I don't want you passing out from blood loss."

With that being said, Shizuo carefully lead him into the bathroom. Once there Izaya sat down on the toilet seat while Shizuo grabbed the first aid kit from under the sink. The informant had not been paying attention to anything until he felt a sharp painful sting at his side. He lout out a cry of pain, almost identical to the sound he had made earlier when that bastard had jabbed his finger in the wound. Shizuo muttered a soft apology before he went back to cleaning and working on his side.

As Izaya sat there his hand roughly gripped the counter at the pain that went through him as Shizuo cleaned up the gash. The discovery of learning that the blonde was fairly good at the action both surprised and worried him. How many times had Shizuo had to do this to himself? How many were Izaya's fault? He really wasn't sure he wanted to know as he already felt his heart plummet because of that single thought.

"All done with that one," Shizuo told him after he finished the bandaging. "Is that the only deep one? Did they hurt you anywhere else?"

"Other than what you can see not really. My head did hit the pavement a bit hard though, which is probably why I've felt a bit dizzy." Izaya admitted.

"Maybe I should call Shinra."

"No need. I've had concussions before, this isn't one. I'll be fine." The look on Shizuo's face made the raven breath out a small sigh. "I'll have him take a look tomorrow just for you. Need to get my side sown up anyway."

Shizuo nodded his approval before he placed the first aid kit back to it's place under the sink and helped the raven back into the living room. Izaya made sure to grab a new shirt on the way. Once the fabric was pulled over his head he felt more relaxed, now he didn't have to feel Shizuo's gaze on his side any longer. The ruined material of his old shirt was quickly thrown into the garbage. It was such a waste but he was glad it hadn't been his favorite coat. That would have been a lot more devastating.

The two of them both sat down on the couch and decided to watch some film that had been on the television. Izaya knew Shizuo wanted to talk more about what had happened but luckily he wasn't pushing him to say anything. Izaya was glad for that. It was still fresh in his mind and if he could, even if it were for a few hours, he didn't want to think about what had happened.

Soon enough after they were seated he found himself curled up to Shizuo, making sure not to hurt himself in the process. With only the sound from whatever had now been playing on the television, Izaya's exhaustion and worn out body had him dozing off within an hour. Nothing was on his mind as he fell asleep other than the security he felt in the blonde's arms.