The Doctor has lost another companion, feeling frustrated and guilt ridden he declares no more but he hears the voice of a little boy.

A little boy he knows very well; a little boy he used to be and a little boy who would grow up to be the man who gets to do what he's always wanted, travel thru time and space in a little blue box while making friends along the way but the Doctor needs just one little question to help him remember that.

"I can't have any more people traveling with me." The Doctor said shaking his head with regret.

"Why?" A young boy's voice asked him.

He sighed. "Because they leave."

"Why?" He asked again.

"I ruin their lives." He replied, hanging his head.

The boy asked him. "Why?"

The Doctor felt ashamed. "Because I take them with me."

"Why?" He asked.

"They wanted to come with me." He replied.

"Why?" the boy repeated.

A sad smile formed across his face. "They thought I was a good man."

"Why?" He asked the Doctor.

"They saw my actions and believed in me." The Doctor responded.

"Why?" The little boy asked.

"Because they love me and they're my friends." The Doctor realized.

The Doctor then decided to ask the voice a question.

"So should I keep taking people with me on these adventures?"

The little boy's voice replied. "Why?"

The Doctor smiled and answered back. "Why not?"