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Demon's Run Asteroid, ten years before Amelia Pond's arrival.

Throughout the halls of the base on Demon's Run echoed the sound of Madam Kovarian's heels. That morning she was particularly angry, her dark red lips were pursed together in the best of scowls, and her eyes were two slits on her face. No one dared to speak to her, for they knew if they said one word they'd feel her wrath. Absolutely no one wanted to be dead, no one.

"Move," She hissed at a guard standing in front of one of the base's many doors. He obeyed her command, and she quickly entered in a code on the key pad above the door knob. She secretly hoped that maybe one day the base would update the door system, and they'd simply have to slide a card through to get in the doors. Alas, there was no such thing. She quickly adjusted the silver eye patch she wore on her eye before she entered, feeling as if it were about to slip off of her face, and she'd forget everything she knew about Demon's Run.

As soon as the door closed behind her, she glanced at the scientists scattered amongst the room. "Madam," One of them said, acknowledging her presence with a nod. The woman didn't pay any mind to him, but instead walked to the center of the room where a pool of flesh colored liquid bubbled and rippled at the surface. A grin spread across her face, soon this wouldn't just be a pool of flesh, but it'd be a full grown person. A perfect replica of one of her greatest enemies. Actually, it was her second greatest enemy, the first being the Doctor- whom she'd hated for as long as she could remember- and this second person? Rose Tyler, his companion.

When Madam Kovarian turned to her left she was greeted by the sight of another scientist writing on a clip board, and she discreetly looked over his shoulder at what he'd written. However, before she could see anything, he snatched the clipboard to his side, "Sorry, ma'am, but it's nothing that would interest you." He muttered. She frowned, "I'm sure you know that as a woman in my position, everything is important to me."

He glanced at her, and let out an exasperated sigh, "Well, ma'am, so far the flesh appears to be ready for replication, but…"

"But what?"

He sighed, "We don't have the girl just yet, ma'am, in order for us to create the Ganger, we need her," He said quietly.

"Don't worry about that, some of our men have just gone to collect the girl, she'll be here by tonight."


"But what?"

Upon seeing the intense glare on Madam Kovarian's face, the scientist quickly put on a smile, "But nothing, we'll prepare to bring it into human form tonight," He said quickly. She smiled back at him, but hers was a grim smile, one of someone who wasn't truly satisfied. "That's what I was hoping to hear." She then turned on her heels, and left the room.

The scientists all let out a collective breath of relief, "The Devil has left the room," One of them commented. Almost all of them let out a quiet chuckle before resuming their work.


Earth, 2006 CE.

Rose Tyler stepped out of the TARDIS carrying a rather heavy bag of laundry, and blinking into the sunlight. "You were wrong about the weather," She told the man behind her, "It's not cloudy at all! Not a cloud in the sky!"

She heard a groan behind her, and then the sound of the TARDIS doors shutting. "Well, I suppose that could've been the forecast for next Tuesday. Or tomorrow judging by the humidity," the voice, which belonged to the Doctor, said. Rose shook her head and laughed at him, it always amused her when he was wrong for some reason. Perhaps she just took pleasure in seeing that he wasn't always right, that not everything he did was perfect just because he wasn't human.

"Come on, I've got a load of clothes to wash and my mum's expecting to see me in two minutes!" She exclaimed, walking faster as she carried the laundry bag, which had to have weighed ten pounds at least. Funny, Rose thought, I don't have that many clothes, yet my bag is nearly overflowing with them. Perhaps it was time to invest in a new laundry bag.

Rose looked over her shoulder as she neared the Powell estate, and saw the Doctor running to catch up with her. Apparently, he'd stayed behind a moment longer to look at the rather blue sky. "Wait!" He called out to her. She laughed, "I've always wanted to hear you say that!"

The Doctor grinned at her as he caught up, "Sorry, I was-"

"Looking at the sky, I know," Rose teased, cautiously nudging his arm so as not to spill the contents of her bag onto the gravel. The Doctor frowned, "Do you need some help with that?" He asked. She shook her head, "Nah, I've got it. Sides' if I let you take it my mum would never stop teasing us about being a couple."

"Good point."

They walked the rest of the way to Jackie Tyler's flat in silence, their hands occasionally brushing against one another as they hung limply at their sides- though Rose only had one free hand, the other was being used to support her hold on the bag- and small smiles on their faces.

Within minutes they'd reached the flat, and Rose tapped on the door, "Mum! It's me!" She shouted. It wasn't two seconds later that a rather nicely dressed Jackie Tyler opened the door with a dramatic sigh, "You're late!" She shouted at Rose. The blonde raised a confused eyebrow, "What do you mean, 'late'? It's Tuesday, and you said-"

"Last Tuesday, Rose. You were supposed to be here last Tuesday."


The Doctor cleared his throat, "Sorry, that would be my fault, Jackie." Rose's mum shrugged, "It's fine, she's safe, all in one piece, and alive. That's all I care about, not that I like the fact that you two are constantly running around the universe. Never have, never will, all I can do is accept it." She then stepped aside, and allowed the waiting pair to come in.

As she passed her mother, Rose noticed for the first time the formalness of her outfit. She was wearing a necklace with a single pearl resting in the collar bone, her hair was curled, her makeup was done rather nicely, and she wore a midnight blue dress that hung loosely on her shoulders. "Whoa, look at you! Who're you dressing like that for?" She asked. Jackie looked down, "I've got a date with Howard again, so far it seems to be working out. Do ya think he'll like it?"

Rose nodded, "Oh he's gonna love it, you look gorgeous," She said pressing herself against the wall as the Doctor slid past the two of them, and stood on the other side of Rose, who tapped him lightly. "What?" he asked. Rose simply gestured towards Jackie, and then he caught on. "Yes, Jackie you look absolutely lovely."

Jackie laughed, "You don't have to compliment me." She said leading them into the living room. The Doctor and Rose sat on the sofa, while Jackie sat on a kitchen chair that happened to be standing near her. "So, Howard's gonna be here to pick me up in about five minutes. If you two want to stick around her for a while then feel free to take some jammy dodgers, I've got way too many of them from last weekend's movie night. Also, Rose? The dryer's broken, so you'll have to hang dry everything unless mister I have two of everything is willing to fix it for me."

"I do not have to of everything!"

"Well how am I supposed to know that?"

"Oi! You two, knock it off," Rose said intervening, "Why don't we just try to fix the dryer? It'll make this whole clothing thing a whole lot easier." The Doctor hesitated before he replied, not quite sure of what he was going to say. "Well, couldn't we just do it in the TARDIS? I'm sure she's got a laundry room somewhere," He muttered. Rose scowled at him, "No, no we can't, I'm washing them here because it gives me a good purpose to visit my mum, who misses me whenever I'm gone. If there is anything we'll be needing from the TARDIS, it's tools so we can fix the bloody thing."

The Doctor's face pinched in a slight pout before he gave in, "Fine, I'll go get the-" He was interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the doorbell, and he quickly gave up on trying to finish his sentence. The door creaked as Jackie opened it again, and gave a loud "hello!" to Howard. At the same time, Rose's mouth emitted a sound that slightly resembled that of someone vomiting, which caused the Doctor to laugh quietly into his left hand.

"What? It's weird watching mum be all romantic and stuff!" She exclaimed, putting her hands up in a defensive position. The Doctor shrugged, "I can't say I know the feeling," he mumbled as Jackie returned to the living room with Howard in tow. "Doctor this is Howard, Howard this is…" Her voice faltered when she realized she had no idea what to call him. Luckily, he cut in for her, "Doctor Smith, John Smith." He said standing up and shaking Howard's hand. "Hello," the tall, thin man said in reply, "Is he your… cousin?"

Jackie shook her head, "No he's a friend slash co-worker of my daughter's. They do a lot of traveling, they're never around much," She replied. Howard briefly acknowledged this new information before turning to Jackie, "Well, what do you say we head out to dinner? I've got reservations for us tonight, can't tell ya where," His voice dropped to a whisper towards the end. Rose suddenly found herself extremely uncomfortable in the small flat, and leaned a little closer to the Doctor. She watched as Jackie gave Howard a quick nod before turning to the Doctor and her daughter, "No funny business you two. I don't want to come home to a flat full of dal-"

The Doctor gave Jackie a slight glare as she realized what she was about to say, "Don't worry Jackie, when you come back, the flat will be just as it was except you'll have a working dryer," He told her with another smile. Rose nodded in agreement, "Couldn't have said it better."

Jackie beamed at both of them, "Thank you both," She said as Howard began to pull her towards the door, "I'll see you tonight Rose!" She shouted as she was led out the door. "See ya!" Rose cried as the door shut, then she turned to the Doctor, and at the same time, they both folded their fingers into fists and said, "Yes!"

"Not that I don't love my mum, but alone time while at home doesn't happen very often these days," Rose whispered. She looked up at the Doctor, who was still grinning, but this time at her. "What?" She asked. He shook his head, "Nothing, let's get to that dryer, shall we?" He asked.

Rose groaned as he walked past her towards the laundry room, "I'm not a very good mechanic!" She protested. "I can teach you!" He shouted back.

Just outside the TARDIS, two blocks away from the Powell Estate, 2006.

Several men in military dress sat waiting in some bushes behind the TARDIS, not a sound was uttered from any of them. They were so quiet that they could almost hear their own hearts beating. The silence was interrupted by a light breeze a moment later which rustled the leaves of the bushes surrounding them. It was the first time in the twenty minutes since they'd arrived that they'd heard any sound that wasn't part of their own bodily functions.

It didn't affect their still postures though, they stayed still as they'd been ordered to do until Rose Tyler came back to the TARDIS. Until then they were to wait. Until then each and every one of the men was a ticking time bomb of pure intent.

In the minutes before they left, some of them had been worried about what they'd do if the Doctor came along with Rose in her return to the TARDIS, but their worries had been cast away when Madam Kovarian simply told them to shoot him. With grim smiles on their faces, each of the men had gladly marched off into battle, prepared for anything the oncoming storm and the bad wolf had for them.

The Powell Estate, 2006

The Doctor and Rose had practically taken apart the dryer in their efforts to fix it, but their efforts were futile. Even the Doctor was confused by the broken machine, "I can fix a TARDIS, but I can't fix a bloody dryer, I am a useless time lord," He said dramatically flopping onto the floor. Rose laughed and smacked him with a dust towel, "No you're not, you're just not very good with some Earth technology that's all,"

He looked up at her, and sighed, "This would be much easier if we had the tools from the TARDIS," he mumbled. Rose nodded, "Yeah, it would, you want me to go get them?" She asked. "But, you don't know where they are, Rose."

"Then tell me. Honestly, you could make more progress up here while I'm gone than I could while you're gone."

"Alright then, it's in a room just down the hall from yours on the left. The door's TARDIS blue, hard to miss, hope you find it, but if you don't the ship should lead you straight to it," He explained, handing her one of the flashlights they'd been using to examine the machine. "Thanks," She breathed, heading for the front door. Just as she was reaching her hand out for the door, he stopped her, "Rose!"

"What?" She asked, turning around to face his general direction. The sound of the dryer's parts being shifted about rang throughout the flat as the Doctor stood up, and walked towards her. When he emerged into her line of sight, she tried not to laugh at the piece of white Styrofoam that had found its way into his spiky hair. "What's up?" She asked, managing not to laugh at him somehow.

He sighed, "Just be careful, okay?" his eyes were dead serious, and full of concern. Rose nodded, "I'll be fine. What's the worst thing that could happen?" She asked casually opening the door to leave. He shrugged, "Nothing, I suppose," He replied as she left the flat.

A few minutes later Rose was fast approaching the TARDIS, her right hand was clutching the key that hung around her neck tightly, as if it was her lifeline. A light gust of wind blew her hair out behind her as she walked underneath the darkening sky. It was almost twilight by the time she reached the ship's doors, and inserted her key into the lock.

Suddenly, she felt as if she were being watched, and she turned around as she opened the TARDIS doors, but she saw nothing. She swallowed nervously as she stepped inside the brightly lit time machine, and closed the door behind her, her hands shaking. "That was weird," She mumbled to herself. It was probably just an animal out there, scavenging for food in the field behind the Powell Estate.

Freshly reassured that she was in no danger, Rose proceeded down the hallway, towards the TARDIS blue doors the Doctor had described to her minutes earlier. It took her a moment, but she found it just two doors down from her bedroom. Rose let out a sigh of relief as she turned the knob, and pushed it open. Inside, there were dozens of shelves of various supplies. A wave of worry washed over her as she realized that the Doctor hadn't mentioned which shelf it was on, or any shelf for that matter. "But he did say that the TARDIS would lead me straight to it…" She said aloud, turning on the flashlight and aiming it at the first shelf in front of her.

The Doctor's tool kit (earth edition) was on the third shelf on her right, and it even read in big, bold letters "Tool kit, Earth edition". Rose had a little laugh at the tool kit's ridiculous title before she grabbed it, and headed back the way she came, out of the TARDIS, and back to her mum's flat.

She confidently strode out of the doors of the TARDIS with the tool kit in her right hand, and the keys in her left. As she locked the TARDIS doors, she heard the sound of a branch snapping nearby, and she swung her head around to face the bushes, "Alright, play time's over! Who's there?" She asked the dark silhouettes of the bushes in front of her. No response, "I know you're out there, quit mucking about and show yourself."

This time, she got a response, but not exactly one she'd been hoping for. She'd been hoping it was just some twelve year old boys spying on her, or perhaps Mickey making a surprise entrance. There was nothing in the universe that could have prepared her for this many men with futuristic looking guns pointed directly at her with such an intensity that she was forced to step back far enough that her back was pressed against the TARDIS. Her heart beat faster inside of her chest as she stared out at the men, and her breathing turned into panting, "Wh-What do you want?" She asked.

One of the paler soldiers stepped forward, the name tag on his breast pocket read: Sarofsky, "We need you to come with us, don't make a sound, don't protest, and no one gets hurt," He announced. Rose quickly regained her composure, "Why?" She asked, "Why do you need me?"

"It was our orders to come and retrieve you from the Powell Estate in this year, on this date, and at this location," Sarofsky replied in a monotonous tone. Rose could feel her body betraying her again, she was about five seconds away from a panic attack, "Y-You didn't answer my question!" She exclaimed.

The men all looked at each other, "Grab her!" One of them shouted, and they all began to close in on Rose, whose eyes widened in fear. However, as the first soldier reached her, she seemed to choose the fight response, and she elbowed him in the nose before running away from the TARDIS. They chased after her, each of them firing up their guns as they ran, "Stop!" Sarofsky called, "Stop running!"

Remembering that the men were armed, Rose stopped, and turned to face them. A tear slowly streaked its way down her cheek, and got itself caught in a strand of her now tangled hair. The men quickly surrounded her again, and aimed their weapons at her vital organs. She let out a sigh, "Fine, but before you take me you're going to tell me what the hell you want with me!" She snapped at them.

"That information is classified," said a soldier, who carried a needle in his left hand as he walked towards Rose, "But you'll find out when we get there." Before Rose could ask where, the soldier stuck the needle into her arm, and she immediately began to feel drowsy, "No…" she mumbled weakly as she slipped into unconsciousness.

Demons Run asteroid, many light years away…

Madam Kovarian's face was twisted into a sickening smile as she walked around the two cots. One of them held Rose Tyler, the Bad Wolf, the companion to the Doctor, and quite possibly his lover. The other held a flesh copy of Rose, whose appearance resembled the blonde's right down to the brown roots in her hair.

The scientist she'd been speaking to earlier, Doctor James Smeade, was taking notes on a clipboard that was attached by a string to real Rose's bed, "So far, both of them appear healthy, we'll just have to see how well the copy does when she's far away from the real one," He observed. Madam Kovarian shook her head, "No, she'll do fine, we've tested many gangers before, and they've done well even if they were on the other side of the universe from the person they're copied from."

Doctor Smeade nodded, "Alright then, we'll skip testing, and I'll retrieve Rose's clothing from the back room."

His boss gave a smile of approval, "Good work, Smeade," She said. "Thank you, Madam," He replied putting down the clipboard and heading into the back room. As soon as he was gone she leaned down over the fake Rose and whispered, "Wake up." Immediately her eyes opened, and she gasped as she took in a breath of air, and sat up.

"Do you know who I am?" Madam Kovarian asked.

Fake Rose nodded, "You're Madam Kovarian, you work to kill the Doctor and all of his allies."

"Very good. Do you know what purpose you were created for?"

"Yes, you created me to-"

At that moment Doctor Smeade came back into the room carrying a plastic container that held Real Rose's clothing. Kovarian looked up at him angrily, but he didn't seem to notice as he presented the Fake Rose with the clothing. "Put it on." He commanded her. Fake Rose smiled kindly at him, and opened the container. As she removed the clothing Madam Kovarian turned to the real Rose Tyler, and gently touched her arm as well, "Wake up," She whispered softly.

The Real Rose woke up in a similar manner to the Fake Rose, the only difference was she didn't stay silent, "Where am I?" She asked, "Where have you taken me?" there was fear in her eyes as she looked rapidly around the room. "You're on Demons Run asteroid, quite a few thousand light years away from Earth," Kovarian responded blatantly. Rose's rapidly wandering eyes centered on her, and she grinned, secretly delighted to have caught the blonde's attention.

"Who are you?" Rose asked looking around the room once more, this time her eyes landing on Fake Rose, whose back was to her, "And who the hell's that?" She asked. Now that Rose was fully awake, she could see that the blonde on the cot beside her was putting on her favorite purple graphic t-shirt and jeans. "That's you, Rose Tyler." Kovarian's voice rang again in Real Rose's ears. Real Rose shook her head, "No, it can't be, there's only one me in the universe, if there's two of us in here, it's a paradox!" She exclaimed.

Kovarian chuckled, "She's smart too, Rose, take notes from her." She gestured to the blonde behind her, who turned around as she put on Rose's sneakers, "Oh I will, but in the information you put in my head, you said that you were going to lock her up somewhere. How will I take notes from her then?" She asked looking Real Rose in the eyes and waving with a smirk on her face.

"You have everything you need to know about Rose in here," Kovarian said placing her fingers on Fake Rose's temples, "And you'll be mentally linked to Rose the entire time she's here with us, which will likely be for a while."

Real Rose laughed, "Like hell I will," She muttered angrily, "I'm leaving right now, and I'm going to go find the Doctor." She then attempted to swing her legs over the edge of the cot, and failed due to an anonymous object obstructing their path to the ground. "What the…?" She looked down, and saw that her feet were chained to the bed, the panic spread anew throughout her body as she looked down at her wrists, and saw she was chained to the bed there as well. There was also a needle stuck into her arm, connecting her to a container of some sort of liquid. A choked noise escaped her mouth as she looked up at Kovarian, "Why are you doing this?" She asked.

The woman's dark red coated lips spread into another wicked grin, "I needed you in order to create the flesh copy of you. Then I programmed orders into the flesh's brain, orders that I have long worked to fulfill, and orders that will at last be obeyed."

"What are the orders?"

Fake Rose suddenly stood up, and turned a dial on the container of liquid by Real Rose's bed, "To kill the Doctor," She replied. "You won't kill him, he'll outwit you, he's smarter than you, and he'll know it's a fake."

Fake Rose let out a laugh, "No he won't, I'm exactly the same as you are, right down to the mole in your right armpit. He will never know the difference, not ever. If he does, it'll be too late because the day he figures it out is the day that he dies."

In that moment, Real Rose could feel the dizziness take over, she was seconds away from passing out, and there was nothing she could do. "You're… wrong…" She whispered before she felt her consciousness slip away.