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There was beauty in watching something so fragile and so seemingly small break into a thousand tiny bright shards, and against all the odds and despite all the pain, attempt to rebuild itself into something new, something sturdier if not a little jagged. He'd watched as she'd shattered, a bright beautiful innocence broken by loss. Klaus had watched her break and felt too keenly the stab of her pain in his chest. He'd caught her descent and tried to hold her aloft, tried to stop the darkness that pervaded his soul from snatching hers. It was ironic really.

He'd been terrified of her flipping the switch, of turning off that indescribable light that made her who she was. It was her humanity, her ability to see good and be strong where so many fell and could not that had drawn him in like a moth to her stubborn flame. Klaus would not suffer such a loss – he could not, and so he fought. She would not fall beyond her suffering and turn off all that she was. He'd lived too long to find something good and have it destroyed, have it snatched away by his own brother's hand.

Kol had dimmed her indomitable light and Klaus hated it. He hated knowing that his brother had caused this. He hated knowing that despite the rage, despite the festering pit of anger that bubbled away inside him, he could not watch his brother fall into oblivion a second time. Klaus remembered too keenly the day he'd watched Elena and Jeremy Gilbert kill his little brother. It was a day he often relived in his dreams, along with all the other ills of his long and lonely life. It was different when the destruction was his, when the blood stained his hands and not some outsider's.

Klaus wanted to kill something, anything – just not his brother.

He watched from his perch outside the hospital, knees tucked to his chest as he leaned back against a nearby tree, as Caroline's blonde curls bounced as she tore around her mother's hospital room, fluttering here and there and just generally making a beautiful nuisance of herself. Much to the Sheriff's amusement, it would seem.

A small smile curled on his lips as he watched her fuss over the fallen woman.

"She's good for you," a voice he knew only too well spoke and Klaus resisted the urge to turn, body stiffening in response. Instead his eyes remained focused on the scene across the parking lot and the two blonde women in the sterile white room.

A warm body settled beside him, shoulder brushing his, and Klaus' knuckles turned white as he curled his fingers into the cool, hard ground beneath him.

"Bold move, little brother," he muttered, sparing a moment to survey the sombre man settled beside him. It would seem that revenge suited him ill. "I wouldn't be so eager to show my face if I were you."

Especially with Caroline in such close proximity. Her rage could tip his senses and gone would be his resolve; if she demanded a heart, he'd serve his brother's up on a platter.

"Jeremy and Elena Gilbert deserved to pay for what they did to me," Kol all but snarled and Klaus sensed his little brother's forced rationalisation, as if he too were trying to come to terms with his act of impetuous violence.

It puzzled him.

"Yes," he replied, his gaze falling back on the woman who commanded his heart. She was so bright, so forcefully determined and yet broken in the wake of her loss. He was not a man to be tempered; his darkness would not crumble under her light and he knew, with such vicious satisfaction, that he agreed with his little brother. "They did."

Kol picked at a nearby twig and the action pulled at him, so reminiscent of the childhood boy he knew.

"I'm sorry it caused her pain," he muttered, licking his lips thoughtfully. Kol looked up at him earnestly, eyes flickering to watch the beautiful blonde.

Klaus had never seen his little brother look so sincere or so genuinely sorry in his whole life, and it rattled him. Where was the unshaken violence? What had happened to the careless vindictive boy he knew?

"I mean that," Kol continued, grinning slightly. "I like her. She'd make a great little sister."

The playful glimmer, the reaching arch of Kol's brow as he smirked at him, shoulder pushing against his, had Klaus smiling wryly at his little brother, if not in a little amusement. He always had been a pushy shit, even as a child. The words lingered in the air between them, suspended in some sort of limbo, and both men fell contemplatively silent. Klaus stared at her visage through the dirty window and wondered.

"She'd make a wonderful Queen," he commented softly, face thoughtful and strangely unguarded.

Caroline was beauty and light. He could see her sitting on his throne, a white angel to temper the dark devil beside her. She would be the cool balm to his violent rage. He would enforce and she would soothe. His subjects would fear him but love her, and together they would be the perfect mix of light and dark, a ruling demon and his white light. New Orleans would be their home, their safe haven, their kingdom –

"Would she want to be is the question you're forgetting to ask, brother."

Klaus surveyed the man beside him, his eyes turned while his body remained rigidly straight. When had his brother become so thoughtful, so annoyingly observant? He remembered Kol as he was; the boy who smiled and laughed and joked too much. And yet, it was in the forgotten tunnel of his memories that he registered the small, dark-haired child who had always been overlooked. Esther had loved Finn as her favourite and Rebekah as her darling, whereas Mikael had seen Elijah's sense of nobility as a succeeding family trait. It was he who had been hated, he who had dealt with their disdain and wrath but Kol...

It was only now that Klaus realised how severely they'd underestimated him. But then, maybe that was the whole point.

"I thought you liked the Bennett witch," Klaus deflected, knowing in his heart that his brother had spoken true.

Caroline would be the perfect Queen but after everything that had happened, Klaus could not envision a scenario where the slightly shattered blonde would ever want to rule in a kingdom that brought only hellfire and pain. The more he thought about it, the more he saw in his mind the dangers there and Caroline's beautiful curls painted red, Klaus rebelled at the thought.

She might have been a Queen, but to rule would kill her.

"She was going to die anyway," Kol shrugged unconvincingly and Klaus' eyes narrowed. Under his gaze, the younger Mikaelson shifted uncomfortably for a few moments before finally relenting with a deep sigh. "Yes, I liked her," Kol glared at him, eyes burning with regret and a vicious annoyance. "Very much so."

"Revenge isn't always what it's cracked up to be, is it?" his smile was more a grimace and Klaus found the action jarring.

His mask had slipped and maybe it was Caroline, maybe it was her ability to make him see beyond the narrow world he had created for himself that finally did him in. Kol had always been a nuisance; it was the role he'd set for himself. And even though he'd made more than a nuisance of himself, even though he'd caused Caroline an indescribable pain, Kol would forever remain his little brother.

"Leave," Klaus ground out. "Before I change my mind and let her dagger you."

Because he would.

Caroline could dagger and torture and flay to her heart's content.

But not kill.

Despite it all, Kol was family and no one could dare try to take that from him and not suffer the consequences.

The younger Original moved then, pushing himself off the ground. His hands brushed at his pants and Kol opened his mouth, eyes pointed and contemplative. After a moment's thoughtful pause, he closed his mouth and shook his head, a wry smile curling on his lips.

He never could be serious for too long, Klaus thought dryly as he waited to hear what drivel would spew from the younger man's mouth.

"See you in a century or two, big brother," Kol spun on the balls of his feet, turning to leave before stopping. "Oh, and Nik?" he looked over his shoulder and nudged his head toward the hospital, the disarmingly cheeky grin Klaus both loved and hated in equal measure, on his lips. "Don't fuck it up."

Klaus couldn't help but laugh, truly laugh, for what felt like the first time in a long time.

Always and Forever.

Maybe they weren't so bitter shackles after all.

Caroline pursed her lips as she rearranged the wilting flowers by her mother's bedside, moving and repositioning the bright yellow sunflowers aimlessly while she waited. Her hands itched with nervous trepidation and she had to keep busy, had to keep moving to distract herself. She'd asked the question she'd never dared to, vocalised and made real something she had never dreamed of doing. It was an admittance – a confession – and now she waited, a prisoner to her own desires.

Her eyes glanced quickly at the woman in the bed, her hope plummeting at the expression on her mother's face. It was the bruised cheek and cut above her left eye, the numerous bandages and plaster that suffocated her mother's deceptively small form; Caroline felt a choking sense of regret and guilt at the sight of her broken mother, and immediately wished she could take it all back.

I think I'm in love.

Love was silly and foolish and such a wonderfully powerful thing. It made her want more and in wanting more, she'd hurt the only woman she had left in her life.

I think I want to leave.

What was holding her back? She'd lost too much. Elena. Bonnie. Even Tyler had been lost. Each name was a blow to her ribs and an iron poker in her heart. Her two sisters, her best friends since childhood, and Ty... she couldn't think about Ty, not without the guilt swallowing her whole.

With Klaus. I think I want to leave with Klaus.

Caroline squeezed her eyes shut at the absurdity of what she'd said. It was irrational and unplanned, a token desire sparked by Stefan's dismissal and her sudden misplaced sense of self. And yet, it was not. Caroline had always been self-conscious – a by-product of living in Elena's shadow for so long – but she was not insecure, she hadn't been for a long time now. It had taken her death, and her rise as a vampire, to create in her a sense of strength, a sense of resilience and self-worth that she'd long buried beneath too bright smiles and a bubbly demeanour.

She was done pretending to be more than she was. Caroline was not special; she was not sunshine or light, no matter what Klaus or anyone else said. She was just a girl. And she needed out. Or maybe just a change of scenery...for a little while at least.

"I'm sorry," she sighed, letting her shoulders sag as she turned to face her mother fully. Caroline ran a tired hand through her hair and moved to sit on the bed, her fingers picking at the stiff white cotton sheets. "It's silly and selfish of me to just want to leave, especially with you –"

"Do it."

Caroline's head snapped up at the words. She opened her mouth and then closed it, taken aback by the force of her mother's interruption and indomitable stare. Liz simply smiled, a hand lifting to play with the ends of her daughter's hair. Caroline shook her head in confusion, blinking rapidly as tears started to well in her eyes.

She had to have misheard her.

There was no way Liz Forbes would ever condone her daughter running off with Klaus Mikaelson.

There was just no way.

Maybe she'd set herself up for failure. Maybe she wanted her mother to tell her no. All along she'd expected rejection and reprimand; she had never even considered the possibility of acceptance.

"Mum," Caroline smiled down at the strangely silent woman, shaking her head. She looked like a battered bird with its wings clipped, lying in a cage – or in this case, a hospital bed. "I can't leave you like this."

Tell me not to go.

She'd be walking out on everything she'd ever known.

Tell me to go.

Caroline didn't know what she wanted and her mind buzzed dizzyingly with confused indecision.

Liz laughed softly, the action jarring her broken ribs, and she immediately leaned forward with a wince. Caroline's hands fluttered in the air, wanting to help but not knowing how. The small line in her mother's forehead, the tiny crinkle that mirrored her own, set in a staunch furrow of determination. Caroline bit her lip to stop from crying. She used the action as an anchor, a grounding point, and focused on the pain in her lip as a way of keeping her emotions from overwhelming her.

She knew that look.

"Now you listen to me, Caroline Anne Forbes," Liz started, pushing herself up with a strained effort, trying to seem larger than she was. The action only served to show Caroline just how weak her mother really was. "I did not raise you to be a quitter and I certainly did not raise you to settle."

"I'm not...settling," whatever the hell that was supposed to mean.

Her mother's arched brow made her shrink back. "He's not what I would have ever chosen for you – and I'm still not convinced that he won't be the worst thing to happen in your life – but this town..." Liz trailed off, blue eyes moving to stare thoughtfully out the window. "Mystic Falls will destroy you if you give it the chance," her mother continued softly, voice a whisper of pained memories.

Caroline could smell the morphine from the drip in her mother's hand. It was a sharply sweet smell, and yet still so bitter and sterile. It was so sweetly poisonous in its addictive nature that it reminded her of Mystic Falls.

"I would never forgive myself if you stayed because of me and this town destroyed you like it did your father and Elena and Bonnie..." Caroline swallowed hard at her words, trying to stay upright, trying to remain the controlled planner that she was. But when her mother's watery smile fell into a grimace, her control flew out the window.

"Oh mum," she leaned forward in a rush of movement to wrap her arms around the one constant she'd had her entire life.

They fought like cats and dogs sometimes; maybe because they were so similar. Both headstrong, both wilful and determined and stubbornly resilient. This town could throw hellfire at them and they'd remain standing. And yet, her mother's words rang in her ears like an echoing bell that rang as a harbinger of truth. She had lost too much to this town, they all had. Instinctively, Caroline's arms wound tighter around the fragile woman. Time would steal her eventually, but not yet.

It was not the soft rap on the hospital door, or the gentle click of the latch, that alerted her to his presence. It was his sweet musk, the heady taste of spice and earth, that had made her pause the moment he'd stepped foot into the hallway. She hated being so attuned to his smell and the sound of his tread, and Caroline silently rebelled at the sudden dependence she felt. When had she become so reliant on him? It was jarring to think how much he'd come to mean to her. Maybe he'd always meant something, maybe she'd just never had the balls or willpower to admit it.

"I'm not interrupting, I hope," the charmed indent of his dimples made her tense and smile stupidly all at once.

He was interrupting. But after the day she'd had, Caroline found that she didn't mind so much.

"Not at all," Liz smiled forcedly and carefully detached herself from Caroline's arms with a small wince.

Caroline licked her lips nervously and glanced between her mother and Klaus; a blind man could see the unease in his shoulders and the clear mistrust in her eyes. He stood awkwardly in the doorway while her mother stared him down, body wound so uncomfortably taught that his stance was that of stone. When the woman finally relented and looked away, eyes pulled from their inscrutable study of the hybrid, Caroline felt her throat constrict at the emotion she saw reflected on her mother's face.

Liz smiled at her, hand lifting to gently nudge her forward. "Go on, Sweetie."

I will kill him if he hurts you. Caroline could see the promise in her mother's blue eyes; they hardened as Klaus inched further into the room and it made her laugh and cry, a strangled and yet strangely beautiful sound. It was the sound of someone who'd finally been set free.

"I love you," she whispered fiercely, darting forward to envelop the broken woman in a tight hug.

Klaus hovered but she didn't care. His confusion could wait.

"I love you too," her mother's voice was a whispers kiss as she breathed into her hair, their blonde locks melding together. Caroline felt her mother's arms weakly push at her and pulled back. "Now go."

Before I change my mind, Liz's pursed lips spoke silently.

Caroline felt shaky as she pushed away from the bed. She could feel the sting of tears prick at her eyes and bit her tongue at the arched, no-nonsense eyebrow her mother raised in response. She was a Forbes and she was born of tougher ilk; they were not quitters, they would not settle and they would most certainly not fall into despair. Or cry, when the world was literally at their feet.

She moved for the door, feeling heavy and light all at once. She wanted to looked back, she needed to look back at the woman who'd raised her, but if she did...well, Caroline didn't think she'd have the strength to leave. Instead she did what she always did best; Caroline lifted her chin, squared her shoulders and put one foot in front of the other.

It was only when she was outside and moving toward her car, keenly aware of the living, breathing shadow that walked beside her, that Caroline felt as if she could finally breathe.

As she let out a low breath, his voice startled her. "How was the Ripper?"

Caroline ground her teeth in frustration and kept walking toward the silver Volvo she'd commandeered from Klaus, blonde curls bouncing as her stride intensified. She knew he was trying to make conversation while purposely avoiding whatever it was he'd walked into, but the man could have a little more tact.

"I wish you wouldn't call him that," she sighed, trying not to find an excuse to back out and run away from the insufferably amoral twit she'd found herself almost positively in love with. Her mother's blessing – if that's what you could call her grudging acceptance – was ironic considering he was everything Liz Forbes had ever warned her daughter against.

"I knew a different man," Klaus spoke indifferently, leaning against the car door when she failed to do anything more than dig her keys out from her bag. Her eyes were drawn to her key ring and Caroline tilted her head wonderingly.

"He's...grieving," she ignored Klaus' comment as best she could, trying to beat down the rejection she felt at the thought of Stefan. Her eyes remained locked on the shining silver bauble in her hand, a memento her father had bought from Paris. "And in total self-denial," Caroline added softly.

But then, weren't they all?

Was she deluding herself into thinking that this could work?

Her and Klaus? It was a recipe for disaster.

Caroline stared at the miniature Eiffel Tower in her hand reproachfully, wonderingly, and with so much confusion. The sun-touched silver surface glinted as the light hit the shining metal; it almost certainly mocked her.

"Love –"

His voice sparked something inside her, or maybe it was the bauble in her hand and her father's remembered smile when he'd given it to her. Mystic Falls took and took and took; only death and destruction awaited her if she stayed.

"No," Caroline abruptly cut him off, looking up sharply as her hand formed a fist around the silver key ring. Klaus' expression was so nondescript that she was positive that even he didn't know what it was he was feeling. "Sorry. I just – there's something I want to say and if I don't say it now, then I'm afraid I never will."

She was not a quitter; that didn't mean that she wasn't terrified.

Klaus swallowed and folded his arms across his chest, the action jarring her as his features transformed into a guarded mask. "Very well."

He'd been hurt so many times before and she hated to think of the part she'd played in his suffering. She was a loathsome creature and how he could love her, how he could stand to love her or even want to be with her, was so baffling that sometimes she had to remind herself that this man, this impossibly complex yet wonderful man, had chosen her.

"I read once that there comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book," her voice sounded strange even to her ears and Caroline cleared her throat, willing herself to find the courage she'd buried somewhere beneath insecurity and fear. "I've done a lot of thinking lately and I don't want to do either. I don't want to go back to what we were, to where we were," his eyes revealed nothing and she licked her lips nervously.

It had taken her so long to figure out what she wanted; it was time to let her fear fall away and to simply jump. "I want to start fresh and create our own story," she smiled, pulling her shoulders back.

It was the only way they could work. Her favourite childhood movie had taught her that; sometimes you have to put the past behind you. And Mystic Falls was her past. Or at least, she wanted it to be.

"Away from Mystic Falls?" Klaus asked hesitantly, arms unlinking from across his chest. His pupils widened as a strange sort of hope, subdued and careful, filled his eyes. Was she really asking what he thought she was asking?

Caroline smiled, suddenly emboldened. "Away from it all," she spoke hurriedly, keys falling from her hands as she moved toward him. "I know that New Orleans is your home and I wouldn't ask you to leave but –"


She paused mid-step, tongue darting out to wet her lips. He was all fire and determination, so starkly hopeful compared to the insecure and fearful man she'd known. "Klaus..."

"I have responsibilities," he moved forward sharply, his warm hands encircling her smaller ones. The heat of his eyes, the intensity of their blue fire made her instinctively step back. "I have enemies that would see my family and I rot at the bottom of the ocean," he continued. "But they mean nothing to me, not if you ask."

I'll take you. Where ever you want. Rome. Paris. Tokyo?

Caroline closed her eyes and leaned sideways against the car, pulling him with her. The pressure in her pocket, as the tiny object dug into her leg, reminded her.

"I have something to show you," she spoke suddenly, eyes opening to stare at the fading hope in his. She had to do it, now more than ever. "Rebekah sent it to me," Caroline added with a small smile, hand dipping into her pocket to pull out her phone.

He could not doubt her. Not if they wanted this to work.

Caroline looked down and tapped on Rebekah's name, watching as her dialog box popped up on the screen. Her eyes took in the small face once more, and as she looked up at Klaus' confused expression, she saw the startling resemblance. It hurt, knowing that she could never have a family – not a traditional one – with him. He'd already proven to be a better father than most.

"I think she's beautiful," Caroline offered, smiling softly before turning her phone around so that he could see. "Rebekah named her Hope."

His expression as he saw her, saw the tiny little puckered mouth and sleepy eyes, those rosebud cheeks and curl of dark brown hair, took Caroline's breath away. She let him take her phone, not daring to breathe as he drank in the picture, memorised every detail with silent contemplation.

His voice, when he finally spoke, cracked. "Thank you, Love," he swallowed thickly. "You don't know what this means to me."

She did.

Caroline slid next to him as he leaned against the car. She pressed her shoulder into his and leaned up to kiss his cheek softly. There was no way she could possibly imagine what he was feeling at that moment. To see his daughter for the first, and quite possibly the last time, made her wonder almost dangerously.

"Your sister said that Hayley was in 'the Garden'," she offered, relaying the message the blonde Original had sent her. By the imperceptible shift in his stance, the tense line of his neck, Caroline realised that whatever that meant she'd been right in thinking that it wasn't good.

"Elijah allowed this?" he asked carefully, eyes not daring to look away from the phone.

It was kind of sad to think that a picture was all he would ever get.

"She said that he didn't know," Caroline gently pulled the phone from his grip and put it away, forcing him to look at her as she stood before him. She licked her lips, tucking a stray curl behind her ear and tilted her head wonderingly. Did she dare vocalise her innermost desire? Did she dare make it all real? "Klaus, if I were to ask, where would you take me?"

There was a beat of silence before he answered, and Klaus pushed himself off the car to stand closer to her. Caroline could feel the heat of his body, his hands sliding up her arms. "Where would you like to go?"



Caroline licked her lips nervously and stared at the dark material of his Henley. She continued to think on all they'd been through.

"I've had these dreams," she offered softly, confessing to him what she dared not utter to another soul. Before Mikael had invaded her mind she'd dreamt of him – of them – and what their life would be like ever since he'd uttered those words. "These wonderful, fanciful dreams about you and me in Scotland and London. Paris. Tokyo," she laughed softly at his smug smile. "Wherever we end up, it's always beautiful and I just can't decide where I'd like to go to first."

She wanted to see the world. She wanted to run away, not from her life but towards it.

Her mother's words rang in her ears and she knew, without a doubt, that she needed to do this. Leaving didn't mean cutting all ties; she would still call every week, still visit whenever she could. Her mother couldn't get rid of her that easily. And hopefully, time would heal her friend's heart and Stefan would see her as she was and not the catalyst to his brother and Elena's death.

Caroline wanted to live for her and not the people she loved. After everything, she'd earned the right to be selfish just once.

"You can see them all," Klaus spoke, daring to hope, and his breath tickled her skin.

Caroline let her lips curve into a bright smile as she leaned up, arms curling around his neck. He was a volatile mess most of the time but then, he was her volatile mess. They would fight and love more fiercely than any before them, and that was alright because she was his choice and he was finally hers.

"If I had to choose, I think I'd like to see Croatia first," Caroline leaned up to press her lips to his in a sweetly chaste kiss, feeling his shoulders relax under the weight of her arms. That dream had been the most beautiful, despite the Mikaelson patriarch's darkened blight. "And then, maybe we could find Rebekah. If you want to, that is?" she added hesitantly.

He started in her arms, eyes blinking in beautiful confusion. It wasn't right that all he should have was a picture of his daughter. New Orleans and Mystic Falls had done nothing but cause them pain, so why return to either. If he chose her, chose to truly be with her, then maybe the kingdom he'd long since dreamt of would fade from his eyes. He didn't need to go back there.

If he chose her and she chose him – and she did choose him – then that meant accepting all of him, including Hope. Besides, it wasn't like she was signing up to be the child's makeshift mother; that was Rebekah's role and Caroline pitied any soul who tried to take that from the blonde.

"I think I would like that very much," his voice was a hushed whisper of promise and a dimpled smile bloomed on his lips.

They would travel and love and fight. She hadn't forgotten the past and all his family had done, and nor had he forgotten the pain she and her friends had caused him. But as he looked at her, none of it mattered because she was finally ready to let the past – their past – go.

It was the future she looked forward to.

















The tiny dark-haired waif walked through the cemetery, curling her toes into the harsh earth. She relished the cut of the stones as they dug into the balls of her feet and deftly weaved her way around the fallen tombstones. The ground bled beneath her and she could feel the power of the witches' ancestral magic sing at her touch. She had but to twist her fingers and coiling tendrils of unseen power curved to her will.

She moved beyond the cemetery gates, plucking a rose from a nearby bush as she left. It felt morbidly right, in a way, to say goodbye to her past and welcome the future. Her tread was feather light and she allowed herself to smile at the feel of the soft blades of grass as they brushed between her toes. As she came to stand before their pathetic excuse of remembrance, she tilted her head in silent reproach.

He came up beside her, silent and obedient as always.

"May you rest in peace," the low timber of his voice as they stood side by side – as always – looking down at their past made her inwardly smile. He had always been her favourite.

Lifting her head, she turned to the dark-skinned body he'd taken. "Where's the fun in that?" she asked and his small answering smile made her lips curve into a wry smirk. "Come along. We have much to do."

"Yes mother."

She thought back and pondered on the lie behind the words her children had carved for her.

Our Beloved Mother.

Esther smiled darkly.

Oh yes, there was much to do.

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