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[Scene Shift]

Chapter 1: Birth of a Bond

"Damn pervert, leaving me alone in a big city like this," muttered an angry male as he trekked through the beautiful streets of the port city of Altomare, far from the Elemental Nations.

He was a man of about 18yrs of age and quite tall with his even 6ft frame. From the bottom up he wore black boot-like sandals that left his toes and heel visible, dark gray cargo pants with a white belt holding both them and his pouch up, and a black long sleeved shirt that had the cuffs and collar colored in an orange trim along with a red swirl on the back. Around his neck was a string necklace with a green gem resting over his chest while an orange cloth with a metal plate was wrapped around his left bicep. The plate had a leaf like symbol with a spiraling center on it, showing just where he came from.

His face had the faintest bit of baby fat left if you looked hard enough, though it would be hard to spot since most people where drawn to his cheeks. On each one were three line markings that looked to be whiskers similar to that of a feline or canine. Piercing blue eyes as deep as the ocean waves were visible just under the fringe caused by his bright red hair. Said hair was wild, untamed, and slightly bushy as it extended past his head from behind down to his mid back while his fringe fell to between his eyes and twin bangs framed his face. (1)

This man was Naruto Uzumaki, a Genin from the Leaf Village of the Elemental Nations. He and his master, Jiraiya of the Sannin, were making one of their final stops of their three year training trip. So far, the trip had been fairly successful in the man's opinion. He had refined what many called an excuse of a taijutsu, learned of the many ways to dispel genjutsu, learned of his chakra nature and some jutsu for it, perfected the Fourth's signature jutsu, and was blazing through fuinjutsu studies.

Of all the subjects they touched on, fuinjutsu was by far the one that raked in the most progress. It came naturally to him – as soon as his handwriting and calligraphy improved – and he already had dozens of seal theories in mind that he couldn't wait to try out. Even now, he had a couple of seals on his wrists and ankles that restricted his movements slightly so that he could improve the strength of his limbs.

However, the redhead couldn't help but grow irritated every time he was praised by Jiraiya when he learned something that should've been taught to him a long time ago. It was embarrassing enough that he had three years on his graduating class and two on Team Gai due to failing the Academy three times and passing on what could only be best described as a "field promotion" after the whole Sacred Scroll Incident.

Sighing, he brushed a hand through his untamable red locks as he continued walking through the city streets and watching people use the waterways to travel faster. Altomare was a city that showed their pride in the ocean's beauty by having many "streets" within the city that were pure water while concrete streets bordered them. He could've easily water walked around the city, but Jiraiya had told him to keep a low profile since ninja were nothing more than myths and legends outside of the Elemental Nations.

Although, there was one thing that the outside world had that the Elemental Nations did not and had never seen before; creatures of varying shapes, sizes, and types that were practically everywhere. Even the fish of the outside world were merely more breeds of these strange creatures. Some of them were actually very interesting to look at while others seemed to be bland in their looks.

He chuckled as he saw a pair of ferret like creatures with brown fur run past him, squeaking happily as they scurried through the city. He couldn't deny that he was intrigued with these creatures and he wouldn't mind having one or two as companions, or possibly even friends.

He was brought out of everything as a ball of black gas and purple flames literally popped up right in his face with a face that showed nothing but playful mischief. He let out a cry of surprise and took an instinctive step back while the creature snickered at his expense. He sighed with a hand slapping and dragging his face in annoyance. This thing was way too much like a ghost for his taste; which was an issue since he had a slight fear of them.

As it stopped snickering, it looked to the Uzumaki with a happy expression before it blew him a raspberry and faded away. "Geez," he muttered. "Didn't have to scare the crap out of me like that…"

"You should've seen your face!" roared a deep voice within his head as it laughed loudly at his expense.

'Ah, shut up you damn overgrown floor rug!' retorted the man mentally to his tenant.

Let it be known that having a nine-tailed being of pure chakra and a subconscious sealed into you was not pleasant. No, most of the time Naruto and the Kyuubi were at each other's throats with threats and insults, but they were at least civil with one another on a certain level. It was a simple "scratch your back" relationship; Naruto gets strong enough to keep them both alive and Kyuubi supplies chakra every now and then when needed.

It wasn't much of a relationship, but at least it was something.

He resumed his walk through the city as a couple of those creatures raced past him in the canals, towing humans on boards at high speeds. He had heard that there was some race going on, but he didn't bother signing up. How could he without one of those creatures to help him anyway?

Sighing he passed by a small speedboat that had two women in it. One was blonde with twin tails that she had curled around both sides of her head while the other had a light blue hair color styled in hime way. They were both dressed in casual spaghetti strap shirts, pants that fell just above their ankles, and stylish sandals while shades covered their orange eyes.

As he passed, he faintly noticed that the one with blue hair was busy toying with some small electrical device he had never seen before while the blonde held a pocket size mirror and inspected her hair. When the blonde noticed him and their gazes met, she smirked and winked at him in a flirtatious way that made him look back to the street with the faintest of blushes on his face.

"Now that's interesting," commented the bluenette after the Uzumaki had gotten out of hearing distance.

"Oh? And just what is so interesting, Oakley?" asked the blonde.

The newly named bluenette smirked towards the direction Naruto was walking as she answered, "I was tinkering around with our scanner in case we found our targets, and it nearly shut down on me as he passed. The ratings he was giving nearly caused it to fry itself."

"That is interesting," the blonde stated with a smirk of her own. "To think that hottie had a higher reading than our targets were theorized to have… I may just bag him after all." She licked her lips in a slightly provocative manner as she added, "Momma likes…"

"Get your mind out of the gutter, Annie," Oakley admonished with her smirk still in place. "Let's keep an eye out for the targets before we do anything rash. It could've just been a slight glitch after all. "

Pouting, Annie just crossed her arms and huffed out, "Fine." After that, Oakley started up the boat and they drove through the canals with their eyes peeled for their targets.

[With Naruto]

The redhead's brow was twitching a mile a minute as he felt the little ball of gas floating beside him again with that same grin on its face. Sighing while pinching the bridge of his nose, he stopped and looked to the gaseous being and asked, "What do you want? Isn't there someone else you can bother?"

To his dismay, the ball just closed its eyes and shook its head negatively without losing an inch of that damnable grin. It then surprised him by floating above his head and nestling itself right on top of his wild hair. It was interesting how something so gaseous looking could actually be solid as it pressed his hair down on his head.

Sighing in resignation, he decided to just let the little thing be and continue walking. So caught up in what had just happened, he never noticed he was going to bump someone until it happened and his arm knocked into a girl's shoulder. He stopped immediately and got a good look at her.

She had brown hair cut short with two horn-like extensions in the back, brown eyes, and a cute face. She wore a green top with a white collar, a short white skirt, forest green socks, and pink shoes with white bottoms. She looked to him warily, making him cringe and rub his head with a sheepish grin.

"Sorry about that, miss. I wasn't watching where I was going. I hope I didn't hurt you?"

She silently shook her head before giving him a small smile at his concern. It grew slightly as he sighed in relief.

"Thank Kami… I would've felt awful if you were. My name's Naruto; Naruto Uzumaki," he introduced as he held out a hand. She took it and shook it with her smile still in place before he asked, "Can I ask your name?"

She lost her smile at this and looked conflicted for a bit. It confused him slightly before she pointed a finger at her throat and opened her mouth without making a sound.

Eyes widening slightly, he asked, "You're mute?" At her nod, he gave her a reassuring grin. "That's alright. To tell you the truth, I probably would've forgotten it after we went our separate ways."

He rubbed his head sheepishly again while she made a giggling motion with her hand over her mouth in a cute manner. While no sound came out, it still looked adorable in his eyes.

They were brought out of their one-sided conversation by the small toot of a horn and they turned to see the two women from before on their boat as it calmly floated toward them. The redhead noticed that the bluenette had that same device from before in her hand and it was pointed at the both of them before it gave off a beeping sound. She then smirked as she took a glance at it, making Naruto tense and the creature on his head do so as well while the girl next to him looked frightened.

"Look here, Annie! We found one of our targets and that boy with the high readings!"

The blonde winked at the redhead and sultrily asked, "Hey handsome. Why don't you ditch the girl and hang out with a woman? I mean after all, she isn't even human."

His blue eyes narrowed and he stepped in front of the shaking girl while using an arm to put her further behind him. Taking a look over his shoulder, he declared, "Just stay behind me. I'll keep you safe."

While obviously scared and worried for him, she nodded and peeked out from behind him. The blonde pouted at the actions the Uzumaki made as she commented, "The world is so cruel to me… The only hottie in this city and he'd rather protect a Pokémon than spend time with me."

"Pokémon?" asked Naruto in pure confusion. "The hell is a Pokémon?"

The two women looked surprised at that question and Oakley asked, "You mean you really have no idea that the Gastly on your head is a Pokémon?"

"Uh… No? Should I know?"

The two looked at one another in pure confusion, giving Naruto the opportunity he needed to turn in place, scoop the girl in his arms, and bolt down the street with Gastly flying right after him. "H-Hey!" Annie called out in shock. "You can't just leave like that! You never even got my number!"

Oakley sweatdropped at her sister's antics as they both pulled out spheres with red tops and white bottoms; Pokéballs. Tossing them, the balls opened up and released a large orange and purple spider alongside a pink furred feline with a double tipped tail.

"Ariados, Espeon, go after them!" Oakley ordered, making them both give out sounds of acknowledgement and run after Naruto and the others.

With said Uzumaki, he was blazing down the streets as fast as he could without chakra so as to keep his low profile; though it was still odd to see an adult male running down the streets with a girl in his arms and a Pokémon flying after them. He was about to take a right turn before the girl suddenly pointed left, which made him immediately follow her direction. This went on for quite some time with her pointing the directions to take while he followed them without question.

They finally reached a small greenhouse with a dead end before he finally set her down. "Damn, no moving on," he cursed as he checked to see if they were followed. The girl stopped him when she grabbed his right arm and proceeded to drag him to the end of the greenhouse. When they stopped, she looked to him as he stared at the wall in confusion. "There's nothing here; just a dead end. We should try and find some other…place…to…"

He stopped short as he felt a shift in the air around the supposedly dead end of the area. Frowning, he reached an arm out to it and was surprised to see it go through without resistance as a blue light outlined the edges of his arm that was visible to him.

"An illusion," he muttered as he turned to the girl who was smiling at him and proceeded to walk right through the false wall.

Taking her lead, he stepped through with Gastly following before the three of them entered a beautiful garden filled with grass, some trees, a pond with a rock wall, and small streams of water pouring out of some holes in the wall. On one of the trees was a single swing that was made of two long ropes and a 2x4 piece of lumber.

"Wow," he gasped out at the sight before he smiled slightly. "It's beautiful…"

He felt a sudden increase of energy next to him and turned to the source, only to be surprised as the girl was engulfed in a bright light and changed into a floating red and white creature. It had an aerodynamic body and glass-like down feathers. The lower half of its body was red with jet-plane wings, fin-like feet, and a blue triangular marking on its chest. Two white and red arms that looked like they could be tucked into its body were also visible. The upper half of its body was white with triangular ears and a red face that had a white pentagon in the middle. To finish it off, amber eyes filled with amusement and joy stared into his shocked azure orbs.

"Y-You're one of them; a Pokémon?" he asked in a soft tone due to his shock.

"I am," answered a female voice in his head that caused him to flinch since it was unexpected. The bird-like dragon cringed at his flinch as the voice continued, "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, Naruto."

He turned back to her and raised a brow in question. "Is that you talking in my head?"

The Pokémon nodded with a smile. "Yes, and it's very nice to finally be able to talk back to you instead of having to stay silent. I never had any practice with talking in my human transformation since Bianca and Lorenzo are too busy to teach me. Also, to return the favor of you introducing yourself to me, my name is Latias. It's really nice to meet you, Naruto."

"Latias," he repeated, testing the name on his tongue before he asked, "That the name of your species or is it your name?"

She looked surprised at his question before she answered, "It's the name for the female counterpart of mine and my brother's species, just as that Gastly is named the same as the others of his breed."

"Oh, so it's a male," commented the Uzumaki, looking up at the floating ball, which nodded to confirm what Latias had stated. He then looked back to her and asked, "Haven't you ever thought about having a different name?"

"No. I was born as a Latias and never really put much thought into my name. So, I never bothered to give myself one."

"I see…" He then looked up to the Gastly and asked, "Well, do you want a name, little guy?" The Pokémon grinned at him and began to float around his head in circles as it chanted its breed's name over and over, much to Naruto's confusion.

Latias giggled at his confusion and informed, "Most Pokémon who aren't able to perform telepathic or human speech are left with just the name of their breed as their way of communication. However, it naturally is translated between Pokémon for a sense of understanding. Gastly's happy that you'd offer him a name. He seems to have taken a liking to you, Naruto."

"Geez, the more I learn about you Pokémon, the more questions I end up getting. Hmm, let's see now… How about…Yurei?" offered the redhead, making the ghost Pokémon stop flying around and give a thoughtful expression. After some time, it grinned and nodded happily before it did the unthinkable…and gave the whiskered man a big slobbery lick to his face. Grimacing at the saliva, he offhandedly stated, "Okay then, Yurei it is…"

"It's a nice name for him," commented Latias with a smile. "I'm almost tempted to see what you would name me. Anyway, back to the point of me bringing you here… This place is a sanctuary for me and my older brother, Latios. It was offered to us so that we had a place to come to if we ever needed one while we watched over the city."

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is-"

"Hey, what the heck is going on?!" yelled a female voice, making the three of them turn to see a girl who looked exactly like the disguise Latias took in the city, with the addition of a white hat on her head. She was glaring at the redhead as she marched over and got in his space, poking his chest accusingly. "Just what do you think you're doing here?! This place is meant to be a secret from the public with only myself and my grandfather knowing about it!"

Looking worried, Latias floated between the two and stayed in front of Naruto, much to the girl's surprise. "Bianca, it's okay! I brought him here after he saved me from two women who looked way too interested in us. One of them even called me a 'target' and they both saw through my disguise. Naruto here saved me when he saw an opening by taking me away and I directed him here."

Bianca was both shocked and worried at the news. Some women were after her friend for some reason and this guy was fortunate enough to be in the area and take her to safety. Turning to the whiskered man, she bowed slightly and apologized, "I'm sorry for jumping the gun on you. I thought you snuck in here and were trying to get to Latias. I'm Bianca, an aspiring artist and resident of Altomare."

She held out her hand and he was quick to shake it with a smile. "Nice to meet you, and don't sweat it. It's not the first time I was accused of something without question. I'm Naruto Uzumaki, a traveler from across the ocean. I came here with my teacher, Jiraiya, before he practically ditched me for who knows what reason." He then pointed to the ghost Pokémon and added, "This is a Gastly that followed me ever since I was on my own in this city. I call him Yurei."

Nodding, Bianca turned to Latias and asked, "Does your brother know?"

The Pokémon did something that made Naruto want to burst out into laughter; she rubbed the back of her head with her claw and had the same sheepish look he had given her earlier. "Well, I didn't exactly get the chance to…"

"Then why don't you do so now, sister?" suggested a male voice, making them all turn to see a larger and blue colored version of Latias floating down from the canopy of tree tops that blocked most of the sunlight. His eyes were red in color and the triangle on his chest was of the same coloration, but he just looked like a male and blue colored version of Latias to Naruto.

"Brother!" greeted Latias happily as she floated over and hugged the larger Pokémon. Gesturing to Naruto, she began, "This is-"

"I know what this man's name is and what he did for you. I heard it from when you stopped Bianca earlier." Turning to Naruto, Latios floated over and looked directly into his blue eyes with their faces about a foot apart. "I'm curious as to why a human would go out of his way to help my sister other than personal gain… Most humans only look out for themselves, after all."

Standing his ground, Naruto replied, "Maybe humans are that way, but I know for a fact that I wouldn't help someone just for my own benefit. I've never had much in life, and I never needed much to survive. Besides, I've never even heard of you Pokémon before I came to this city since my part of the world doesn't have a single one to my knowledge."

Latios narrowed his eyes at Naruto, making both Bianca and Latias nervous about what he would do. "You do seem different from others… However, I won't trust you on words alone." Poking his chest gently yet firmly with a claw, the Pokémon finished, "I want to see just what kind of person you are, and to do that I will view your memories. Your mind can never lie unless it has been tampered with, and if yours is then I will fix it before seeing your memories."

"Deal," agreed the redhead as Latios placed a claw on his forehead and the two closed their eyes. Emptying his thoughts so Latios could get better access, Naruto made no form of resistance as the Pokémon saw every moment he had ever experienced in life…starting with his childhood.



"Why don't you just run off and die?! No one wants you!"

"You fail, Naruto!"

"You've failed again, Naruto!"

"I'm sorry Naruto, but you've failed once again…"

"YOU are the nine tailed fox! And now, you'll DIE!"

"My first impression of you guys is…I hate you."



"Brats who bark loudest are usually the weakest…"

"Shinobi who break rules are scum, but those who betray and abandon their comrades are even worse than that…"

"You aren't hurt are ya, scaredy cat?"

"I believe we are truly strong when we have precious people to protect…"

"Five Prong Seal!"

"You'll be Hokage?! Ha! Not a chance! Tell ya what; I'LL be Hokage for you!"

"No one can defy fate! You have no idea what it's like to have a brand that will NEVER go away!"


"Still the same child spouting his head off about becoming Hokage, eh Naruto-kun?"

"Please…bring Sasuke-kun back to me!"

"So it's you…hopeless little knucklehead…"


"If being a fool means what you say, then I'll remain a fool my entire life!"

After the flashes of memories were over, the blue dragon floated back slightly and looked to the Uzumaki who had his gaze rooted to the ground. It stunned him that this human could have such a life with far more negative memories than positive, let alone having something as ominous as the Kyuubi sealed into his body. Looking to his sister, he nodded once and spoke.

"Well…you've certainly had your fair share of hardships… I suppose you're trustworthy after all. However, I still need you to leave so that I can discuss what I've seen with Bianca and my sister. I'd like to do it without your presence so that they can think over what will be told before you return. Is this acceptable?"

Naruto wordlessly nodded and headed for the exit with Yurei in tow before he was halted by Latias' voice. "Be sure to come back, Naruto. Even if I learn about you, I want to hear it from you later."

He turned back and saw her smiling at him reassuringly, which made his give a small one in return. "I will…"

He then left the garden and made his way back to the streets of the city while leaving a small seal tag on one of the bricks of the greenhouse. It was a simple marker so that he wouldn't get lost on the return trip.

Once again stepping onto the streets, he made his way to the main plaza of Altomare in hopes of finding some food for himself and his companion. It was a peaceful trip and he couldn't help his smile when he saw and felt the content atmosphere in the air from the citizens. If he had visited this place as a young boy many years ago, he would've easily decided to stay and start a life here.

He was brought out of his thoughts at the sound of a young boy exclaiming in awe at the many sights of the city. Turning, he saw three humans along with two of those Pokémon hanging around with them.

The first was a young boy, not even in his preteens, that wore black shoes, light blue jeans, a black shirt with a blue and white short sleeved jacket, and a red and white hat with a green symbol on it. He had black hair, reddish brown eyes, and the thing that stood out the most about him was the birthmarks on his cheeks that looked like small lightning bolts. His hands were covered in green fingerless gloves and he currently had five Pokéballs clipped to his belt while a yellow mouse like Pokémon rested on his shoulder.

Next to him was a teenage girl with short orange hair that had a single tail on the side and green eyes. She wore a short yellow shirt that stopped above her stomach, blue shorts that reached halfway down her thighs with red straps going from the beltline to her shoulders, red and white sneakers, and a red pack on her back. In her arms was an egg-like Pokémon with a spiky head and a cheerful expression.

The last member of their group was a man with dark skin, spiked dark brown hair, and squinted eyes. He wore a green vest over an orange shirt, maroon pants, and dark blue shoes while giving off an air of slight wisdom.

"Ash, relax!" chastised the girl to the boy named Ash. "People will think you're off your rocker with how loud you're being."

"I can't help it, Misty! This place is just so nice and that race we were in was awesome! I just wish Totodile and I would've won."

The older male chuckled as he held out a small booklet and looked through it. "That race is held every week, so it's one of this city's main attractions. The real clincher for tourists is the legend of the two guardians and the Soul Dew."

Curious about the supposed legend surrounding Latias and her brother, Naruto decided to make his presence known. "Excuse me, but I'm curious about that legend you just mentioned."

The dark skinned male turned to the redhead and smiled as he held out the booklet. "Here, this should tell you about it. My name's Brock and these are my friends Ash and Misty."

"Nice to meet you," the orangette greeted with a smile before she looked to her Pokémon. "This is Togepi. Say 'Hi' Togepi!" The little guy just chirped happily at the Uzumaki.

"I know you were just told, but my name's Ash from Pallet Town, and this is my buddy Pikachu!" The mouse waved and exclaimed its name happily in greeting.

"Naruto Uzumaki and I'm from the Elemental Nations across the ocean. The Gastly is a Pokémon that decided to follow me, so I named him Yurei." He then skimmed through the booklet and read that the legend spoke of a parent Latios that guarded the city before its soul became the Soul Dew, leaving the city in the care of the two dragons he had just talked to. "Interesting… I've always like legends since they always have some cool story to tell."

As Naruto handed him the booklet back, Brock asked, "So, if you don't mind me asking, why are you here in Altomare?"

Shrugging, Naruto answered, "I'm on a trip with my teacher away from home for three years. This is supposed to be our last stop before we head back home in a couple of days. What about you guys?"

"We came for the races and to see what kinds of Pokémon are here," Misty answered. "Speaking of which, why haven't you captured that Gastly? I would've thought you'd do so if it likes you that much."

"Capture? What are you talking about?"

Blinking in surprise, the three of them looked to Naruto as if he had two heads. "Well, usually trainers capture Pokémon in Pokéballs; like these," Ash answered while holding up two spare Pokéballs from his back pouch. "Once captured, they're your Pokémon and they can be used for anything such as a battle, as a friend, or even both. Here, take these."

Naruto hesitantly took the two spheres and pressed the button on one of them, making it double in size. "Strange… I've never seen anything like this before."

The others watched him inspect the Pokéball before suddenly Yurei took matters into his own metaphorical hands and floated down to the activated ball. Pressing the button, the ball opened up and sucked him inside in a red flash of light that shocked Naruto before the ball dinged.

"There, now that Gastly is your Pokémon," Brock informed him. "You can let him out by pressing the button, tossing the ball, or vocally commanding it."

Humming in thought, Naruto simply pressed the button again and let Yurei back out into the open before he took his place in Naruto's hair. "Welcome back, buddy."

"Interesting… So the humans on this side of the world don't use chakra, but rather these Pokémon that they 'capture' to complete tasks. At least you have one now and have an extra ball to capture another."

'I guess… But I wonder which one I'll find that wants to come with me.'

Pocketing the Pokéballs, Naruto nodded in thanks to the three of them before scratching his cheek with a sheepish grin. "Thanks, but uh…I don't have anything to return the favor."

Ash, being a trainer who loves a good match, suggested, "Why don't we have a Pokémon Battle before you leave? You can look for another one here in the city so that we can have a two-on-two fight."

Thinking it over, the redhead shrugged and shook the boy's hand. "Deal; I'll have a battle with you before I leave. Now, if I'm gonna have one with you, I guess I should look for another partner…and find out how exactly I do a Pokémon Battle."

The three looked surprised again, though not as much as before, at his words; but they were unable to say anything as he bid them goodbye and walked off. As he left, Misty turned to Ash and pinched his ear scoldingly. "You dumbass! He didn't know about capturing Pokémon, so what makes you think he knew how to battle?!"

"B-But Misty-!" Ash tried to explain, but she was having none of it as she dragged him off after Naruto with Brock in tow so that they could find and explain how battles work to him.

Meanwhile, Naruto was strolling once again through the city in hopes of finding a new partner. He decided to try some of the back alleyways in hopes of finding one hanging around there, but he had no luck so far. He rubbed his head with a sigh as he walked through his fourth alley and came up empty-handed.

"Never thought it'd be this hard when I'm actually looking for a partner (2)," he commented. Deciding to take a break, he sat on a nearby bench and rested his arms on his knees with his body hunched forward. "I wonder if I'll be able to find one in time," he mused before shifting his foot and accidentally kicking a can. The noise caused a cry of surprise to erupt from beneath the bench and he looked under his seat to see a wary looking Pokémon shaking in slight fear.

It was a small, green reptilian Pokémon with rocky skin. It had a blunt spike on top of its head, a short rounded snout, and triangular black markings below and on the upper corners of its red eyes. Red scales covered its diamond-shaped belly, and there were several small holes in its body. Its short arms lacked fingers, while its feet had a single toenail each. It had a tail with a conical center surrounded by a ring of plate-like scales, causing it to resemble a tunnel-boring machine of some sort.

Grinning in hopes of calming it down, Naruto softly said, "Hey, little guy. Don't worry; I'm not going to be any trouble." Seeing it still look wary, he decided to appease it and take a couple of steps back from the bench. With the space widening, the Pokémon calmed slightly and slowly crawled out from under the bench, making Naruto smile. "There you go! Why don't we introduce ourselves? I'm Naruto and this is my friend, Yurei."

The green Pokémon looked to the Gastly, which grinned at her in a friendly manner. Turning back to the whiskered human crouching some feet in front of her, she stated her name, as was the norm with Pokémon species. "Larvitar…"

Grinning, the redhead slowly pulled out his unused Pokéball and set it down in front of him without making any sudden movements. With his arms rested on his crouched legs, he stated, "You know, you look like you could use a friend in this city. It already looks like you're not all that fond of this place, considering how you keep eying the water canals."

True to his word, the Larvitar kept giving side glances to the canals with a nervous look. It was understandable given her rock and ground affinities; both of which were incredibly weak to water. She turned back to him and gave him a nod for him to continue.

"I'd be happy to be your friend and get you out of this city. Problem is, I won't leave for a couple days and to get you out, I'd need to have you become my partner." Motioning the resting Pokéball, he continued, "You look like you know how to take care of yourself, but I'd still like for you to come with me. I'll show you places that I bet you've never seen before, and I can help you get stronger too." She snorted at him in amusement, challenging his claim. "Don't believe me, eh? Alright then; look at this."

Holding out his hand, he let a sphere of chakra form and it began to spin rapidly while covering his form and the two Pokémon in a light blue hue. Larvitar gaped in shock at the Rasengan in the redhead's hand and she took a step closer before it dissipated.

"Sorry, but I wouldn't do that. The Rasengan is not something to take lightly since it can grind through metal when I put effort into it." He kept his smile to her and gently tapped the Pokéball as he asked, "So, do you want to become my new partner? I promise that I will never abandon you or hurt you in any purposeful way, and I never break my promises since it's my ninja way."

She looked into his eyes, her red ones narrowing slightly as she searched for any deceit. When she found none, she stepped up to the ball and looked up at him again with a nervous gaze. He smiled warmly and gently rubbed her head, making her ease up enough to smile at him. Making her decision, she poked the button and allowed herself to be taken by the red light. The ball shook just once before dinging again, making Naruto pick it up with a smile.

"Welcome to the team," he said to the sphere before he let her out again. When she saw him, she smiled and cried out her name happily. "Alright, now all you need is a name. It gives you a personality and makes you unique among others." She nodded and waited for him to decide while he cupped his chin in thought. "How about…Gojira?" he offered. She made a thinking face before nodding once with a smirk and crossed arms, which made the Uzumaki chuckle. "Alright then; Gojira it is!"

"How nice for you," commented a familiar voice that made Naruto freeze. He turned and was surprised to see Annie and Oakley on their boat with their Pokémon on the bow. It was Oakley who had spoken and she continued with, "Too bad you won't be able to keep your promise to her!"

She held up a strange looking weapon and fired it, shooting a dart into Naruto's arm that made him cringe before his head started swimming.

"Larvitar/Gastly!" cried out his Pokémon in concern as he fell to a knee.

His vision blurred as he whispered to Yurei, "Take Gojira and find Latias and Latios… Tell them…what…happened…"

With that, he fell unconscious and Yurei quickly grabbed Gojira with his tongue and flew off, leaving the two women with their prize. Gojira made to reach out to their quickly distancing forms as she cried her name for Naruto. Yurei took a glance back as he kept flying before he forced himself to go faster to find the others. He wouldn't lose his new trainer and neither would Gojira.

He swore he'd find the others and rescue Naruto before something awful happened.

(End Chapter)

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