It was a calm mid-summers evening and the sun was beginning to set over the town of Happy Tree. Vendors were closing their shops and parents were calling in their children. During the transition from evening to night the streets were completely empty, not even the dogs dared to break the silence. Although the town was normally very peaceful during the day, at night the hoodlums and lowlifes crawled out of their holes to make a mess and cause problems.

As the innocent townsfolk hid away in the comfort of their homes a man ran through the forest trying to escape the madman he himself created. As he ran, Tucker Jones couldn't help but hit every branch in front of him, fear evident on his blood soaked face. He wore a torn sailor uniform with an old muddy pair of combat boots. Suddenly Tucker finds himself on the edge of the cliff leading to Happy Tree Canyon. With nowhere to run and no strength left to put up a fight Tucker falls to his knees and silently prays he was able to escape his assailant. The sound of breaking twigs snaps him out of his prayers as he comes face to face with the madman, Fillip Orso.

Fillip's POV

As I stared down at the bastard who took everything from me I couldn't help the wicked grin that sprawled onto my face. "I've waited years for this day, old man! The day I finally end your wretched existence and avenge my family!" As I pointed my Desert Eagle at his head he broke into tears and begged for his life. "Please Fillip… Flippy, I spared your life and raised you as my own! I fed you, clothed you, trained you… I even remembered your birthdays!" He pulled out an old picture he took of us at the end of my training in hopes of persuading me to stop.

I hesitantly lowered my gun as my eyes began to shift from gold to forest green. "You're right old man. You raised me as your own and trained me as a hitman to follow in your footsteps." He smiled wickedly and tried to stand. "That's right Flippy. You wouldn't kill you mentor. Now come here and give me the gun so we can go home. I know how your condition flares up at random. I'll just pretend this never happened, son"

At that moment my eyes shifted back to gold and I kicked him, sending him tumbling towards the edge. "You son of a bitch, don't you dare call me that! You took everything from me! You massacred my family and turned me into a murderer! The only good that came of this is you gave me the tools I needed to finally get my revenge!" He stared at me with tears in his eyes and tried to beg, but only managed to choke out sobs… pitiful. I cocked my gun and pulled the trigger. As his body fell back down the large hill my eyes shifted and I could feel the tears fall freely down my face. He was gone and my family could finally rest in peace.

Open POV

As the sun faded from view a loud bang could be heard deep within the forest sending hundreds of birds soaring into the sky. Nobody seemed to notice the surreal display, except for a certain red haired girl who ran home out of fear. But as she ran multiple silhouettes could be seen at the edge of the forest following closely behind the poor girl.