Chapter 3: The meeting

Sunday, May 4, 2014

'In regards to the John Doe found in Happy Tree canyon, local hunters discovered an abandoned tent believed to belong to the victim. Within the tent was shocking evidence pointing to a previously unknown crime organization. There was also a large amount of canned food and bottled water. It is now believed John Doe was hiding out in the forest when he was somehow found and executed. Detectives will be sent outside of Happy Tree to investigate further.'

Open POV

The Happy Acorn diner located just outside of Happy Tree is a small and mostly secluded establishment that is often avoided by normal citizens. It's rumored to be a meeting place for suspicious and dangerous characters. Despite the rumors no such customers were ever seen. The few patrons were either seniors from the nearby elderly home or nice people who commute to work from the next town. It was an ironic coincidence that they gave certain people the idea to use said diner as a meeting place for illegal activity.

As Fillip Orso sat at his personal booth in the far end of the diner (smoker section), he noticed a very young couple, no older than him, walk in. The man was short with wild and unkempt honey blond hair barely covering his blue eyes. He wore a bright yellow hoodie, khakis and a silly looking pair of pink slippers. Even though his clothes were bright and cheerful he had this ominous dark aura around him, as if his stress and pain was caused by a phantom hovering over him.

As bad as he looked his wife wasn't really looking much better. Her bubblegum pink hair was just as messy as his but you could tell she tried to straighten it with a cute red bow. She wore a simple pink t-shirt, red shorts, black thigh highs with pink stripes, and a pair of black converse. Her husband was a mess but you could tell she tried her best to look presentable. It's hard to imagine what could've possibly made these gentle people look so drained and depressed.

Fillip's POV

'Those fuckers look like shit! I cannot work for them! Even if that bitch is cute!' as I thought that I looked at them again and inspected them more closely. Aside from the visible darkness surrounding them they both also had fresh tear stains on their face and sleeves. 'GOD DAMN IT!' I got up from my seat and called them over.

"Cuddles and Giggles I presume? As you know my name is Fillip. It's a pleasure to meet you." After a small bow I shook their hands gently but firmly and lead them to my table. After we ordered some coffee (tea for Giggles) I gave them a few minutes to collect their thoughts and explain. As usual Cuddles started the story.

"Um… Thank you for taking the time to hear us out. To be honest, you aren't the first one we called. As you said before they all hung up and changed their phone number." He had to stop to wipe away the tears threatening to resume falling. "We don't know what else to do. They have us in a corner…" His wife put down her drink and wrapped him in a gentle hug.

'What the hell happened to this fucktard?! I'm literally watching a fucking grown man cry!'

"You must be confused by now, Mr. Orso. (Yeah, no shit)Please let me explain. I've never seen you around so it's obvious you're not from here. Happy Tree… is a very different place at night. Burglars, drug dealers, addicts, even a few corrupt cops. It's a huge mess… As you could guess many new gangs started forming in town recently. One of them is called 'The Raccoons', they sound harmless but they're made up of a little over 20 hardened criminals. Among them are murderers and rapists!" she took a breath to try and calm herself. The story was getting interesting, so I took a sip of my latte and listened a little more carefully.

"One day we got a call from our friend, Fay. She was crying uncontrollably and stuttering. She is, was, a very sensitive girl and she stuttered all the time so at first we didn't think much of it but… then they spoke. The Raccoons kidnaped Fay and her family. We don't know how, but they did. They told us they killed them all and they would do the same to us if we don't pay them $15,000 by the end of the month…" Now she was tearing and practically hyperventilating. It was her turn to be comforted by her spouse.

"Excuse me for interrupting but, have you tried calling the police? Maybe contact your friends' relatives?" Cuddles looked up and started glaring at me and slammed his fist on the table. "Of course we did! But her family was in the process of moving before the disappearance… The police didn't even bother with an investigation. Those raccoon bastards cleaned up the house top to bottom. Probably sold all of the furniture…"

"Okay so these guys are smart, that's a huge problem. But why not just move?"

"They already warned us against it… They know everything. Where our son goes to school, our doctors' name, even our fucking birthdays!" 'These fuckers are VERY smart! This job might be more fun than I thought! Ahahahaha!... This job could make me famous, but maybe I shouldn't accept' "Who are the ones in charge of this gang?" Their faces instantly contorted to one of rage and disgust.

"They're names are Leon and Shinji, old classmates of ours…" this is getting more interesting… I nodded my head signaling for him to continue "A few years ago they were caught breaking and entering our neighbors house attempting to steal jewelry and got time in prison. That's where they changed… They earned respect from very dangerous people and made a lot of new friends. When they got out Shinji started wearing a stupid fedora, married some foreign chick and started The Raccoons. Since then they've been escalating, more felonies and other serious crimes."

Hmm, I think I know what happened but I should keep the theories to myself… "So these classmates of yours killed your friends' family and threatened to do the same to you. Now you're so scared you are resorting to hiring a hitman to take them out?" Their faces both became deadpanned and emotionless.

The young woman started sobbing again and spoke up with the most emotion I've seen from her "We want them gone, I don't care how! They killed my best friend and massacred her family! I don't care about money or even revenge, I just want my baby boy safe! Please, help us…" As I sat there and soaked in all the new information I watched them carefully. I know what I have to do… "Very well, I'll take care of them by any means necessary. You have my word." 'I'll wipe them out. I'll kill them all!'

They both stared at me in disbelief, hope clearly visible in their tired puffy eyes. There's no turning back now. "Well Mr. and Mrs. Cuddles (I tried to lighten the mood a bit) now that it's decided there are a few things I will need." They looked at each other and laughed beaming with joy.

"Anything you need Mr. Orso it's yours. Just get rid of those monsters so we can bring our baby home." Her husband pulled out a small envelope from his hoodie pocket and handed it to me. "That's the $3,000 down payment you asked for. Get rid of them by any means necessary." 'I'm starting to like these guys… When they're not being a couple of bitches'

"I have another request. Tell the police your friend called you an hour ago and she is fine. I doubt they're looking but on the off chance they pick up the case I really don't need their interference." They gave me an odd look but agreed. With business concluded I shook their hands again and they left with more life than they've had for a while. I finished the last of my latte and prepared to leave when somebody else took a seat.

"Hello, Flippy~" I cringed. "It's been so long since you've stopped by for a visit. I've missed you~" There sitting in the other seat was Petunia, the OCD bitch who owns the diner. She is a beautiful young woman, not even in her thirties, with dark blue hair. As if that weren't unique enough she also has a pure white highlight that drapes between her sparkling sapphire eyes. Although you couldn't tell she was the owner since she usually wears that old fashioned waitress uniform and serves most of the food herself. Despite that she is easily the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. We had a thing a few months ago until I found out she was dating some big time carpenter. After I found out I broke it off with her, she decided to break up with him for me. Needless to say, I wanted none of that. I stepped out of the booth and tried to leave before things got more complicated but she grabbed my sleeve as I passed her by.

"Word around the grape vine is you took over for Tucker after he was taken out… By you~" I picked her up by the collar and pinned her to the wall.

"Are you gonna rat me out?!" She smiled at me and had the audacity to steal a kiss. "You know I would never betray you Flippy~" She leaned in closer and whispered in my ear "Anyone but you." She didn't say it in a flirty or seductive way, she had really meant it. Try as I might I can't help but lose control around her. I glared down at her, my eyes a hateful yellow. "I know you won't. But we still don't have any form of relationship. Just keep your mouth shut and we won't have any problems."

"I know Flippy, you never loved me and never will" she kissed me on the lips again "But that doesn't mean I don't love you, hero~" With that she walked away. I swear, she needs therapy. I killed her psycho ex because it was my job. It was business, nothing more nothing less.

Speaking of business, I have to find some usable Intel on my new target, my new prey! I'll make them suffer, AHAHAHA!

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