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After an afternoon with Harry, Ron, and Ginny, Hermione was looking forward immensely to her dinner with Snape. Her mood was sunny after the three had their talk at lunch, and Hermione reminded them throughout the day of how grateful she was; adding that they would not regret their decision. When she told them that she would not be meeting them to attend dinner in the Great Hall their expressions fell, but not even Ron complained.

"I know this will be very taxing on all of you," Hermione had said before she returned to her room to get ready, "but I appreciate it more than anything in the world and I know we will make it work. He really is a wonderful person...you just have to bring that part out!"

She was now fixing her hair after a long, relaxing shower. She had sprayed herself with her favorite muggle perfume, Chanel Chance, and had put on the still-amazing dress Severus had given her. When she saw him after lunch he had told her to dress nicely, as he was going to go all out for her and she'd might as well look appropriate for it. Hardly containing her excitement, she pulled her hair into a loose bun, letting a few curling tendrils to fall around her face and neck before tying a purple ribbon around the bun. She took a pair of simple silver hoops and transfigured them into dangling strings of sparkling amethyst that matched her dress.

"You'd look perfect with just a small bit of makeup my dear." The mirror advised, and Hermione smiled at her reflection.

"I do believe you're right!" She still used muggle cosmetics, but she charmed them so that they would stay on until she decided to remove them. Now she chose a lengthening mascara and a lipgloss with a subtle hint of wine red and applied them both.

"Absolutely gorgeous." The mirror replied with delight, and Hermione gave it a quick "thank you" before slipping off her shoes, checking her clock, and then taking to the fireplace.


Severus Snape's kitchen had been transformed into an unearthly paradise. Hundreds of candles floated in midair while classical music played in the background. The carpet and walls had been changed from their normal dark green to a purpleish red, and rose petals were falling magically over the ivory tablecloth from the ceiling. A delicious smell wafted through the air...a smell of savory filet mignon slow cooked in its own juices until tender and almost done. An apron rested over Severus' black pants, oxford and silk tie as he prepared light and smooth mashed potatoes. If there was one thing even stranger than Severus Snape's loving heart, it was his skill at cooking. He had found that while magically prepared food could be quite tasty, there was nothing like a good, old fashioned, muggle-cooked meal, and he had grown quite accustomed to the taste. He did, in fact, cook for himself almost everyday, and he had grown into a culinary expert. Perhaps it was the eye for detail and timing required in a potions master, or his need for perfection, or his fine-bred taste, but Severus Snape made one hell of a meal.

He was placing the last things on the table and pouring wine when Hermione entered. Looking up, Severus almost dropped the bottle he was holding. He simple stared at her for a few long moments, closing his mouth when he realized he was about to drool. She blushed, and his pants all of a sudden became a bit snug.

"Hermione...you look...absolutely amazing."

She strode over to him and wrapped her arms around him, still blushing, as he put the bottle safely on the table.

"As do you, darling." Snape smiled, and took her lips in a slow, soft kiss. His tongue pried gently at her lips, and he was allowed inside. She tasted as if she'd just eaten a mint, and Snape moaned silently as she ran her fingernails teasingly down his back. She squeezed into him, rubbing his erection slightly with her crotch as her tongue swirled against the soft, warm tissue of his mouth before she pulled away. Her lips were slightly swollen and her cheeks flushed, and she looked good enough to eat. She winked, and then took a seat on one side of the table.

"It looks beautiful in here!" She exclaimed, taking a full look around.

Snape, who had just regained his ability to speak, growled at her. "Vixen." He commented, referring to her previous actions, and Hermione laughed softly. Their eyes locked, and she bit her bottom lip gently, looked him up and down slowly, lingering on his obvious hardness, and then smiled as she regained eye contact.

If not for his pants getting ever-tighter, he could die happy. He broke away before he jumped and took her right there on the table, and returned to the stove. With a few homemade rolls and some butter, he returned. Hermione had her hands in front of her, catching rose petals in her palms and then blowing them, smiling in childish delight as they flew around her. Snape grinned, and placed the last of the food on the table.

"It smells positively wonderful." Hermione told him as he took the seat across from her.

"And it will taste even better, love." Snape replied with a twinkle in his eye, and grabbed a roll, buttered it, and handed it to her.

"Thank you." She bit into the soft, warm bread, and closed her eyes as her tastebuds rejoiced. It was airy and buttery, and perfect, and Hermione could help herself as she let out a sound of bliss. Severus chuckled.

"What was that noise?"

"I said 'mmm'." Hermione told him before opening her eyes to find him staring at her. When he used to do that, Hermione had felt a bit awkward. Now, when she was used to it, she reveled in it. She loved that she had his complete attention, and she loved the feeling of being watched by him. His eyes searched hers, leaving no part of her unscrutinized, and she felt confident and sexy when he did so. Smiling seductively, she stared back before finishing off her roll. As an afterthought, she realized that he was too busy watching her to notice that his roll was still in his hand halfway to his mouth, and she laughed to herself. Only she could make him act this way, and she loved it.

"I talked to Harry and Ron earlier today." Hermione spoke as she buttered another roll, and he finally started eating his. His eyes widened slightly in curiosity.

"And?" he wondered, taking a sip of wine and taking the lid off of the salad bowl.

"And they're getting better." She replied, holding out her bowl as he filled it with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and spinach topped with a balsalmic vinegar dressing and sprinkled lightly with parmasean cheese. "I know that we will all have quite a while before we all mates sitting down together to watch a quidditch game, but it is a start."

"Indeed." Snape nodded, chewing thoughtfully on a bit of lettuce.

"I know you rather detest them," Hermione stated as she watched him and took another forkful of salad, "but they are willing to try to get to know you better and I think that would work best if you actually allowed them too. You know, obviously, that the detestation is mutual, and that all involved will have a hard time overcoming it, but it can and will be done. I was thinking that if we started small, like inviting the three of them, or each individually, over to dinner or something of that nature, we could start that. Better all three of them, I think." She spoke, nodding her head. "They might feel even more awkward and on-the-spot if they came by themselves. And it would be a casual dinner, mind you." She said, looking around. "Not that this isn't simply wonderful, but you know what I mean."

Snape nodded, noting that she had hardly breathed in the last two minutes. She had talked as if she didn't want him to interrupt her, and so that she could get everything out before he disagreed, but he wasn't planning to. "I think that's an excellent idea."

While getting to know the rest of the dynamic trio and the sister of one of said trio's members threatened to leave him feeling naseous and intensely snarky, he would do it for Hermione. He was rewarded by a mammoth grin like the one she had given Harry and Ron earlier, and he smiled in spite of himself.


Dinner went very smoothly. Hermione loved everything about it; the food, the atmosphere, the wonderful conversation, and the man who was now taking the dishes into the kitchen.

"I'll get that." He nodded to the plate in her hands and took it, piling things into the sink. Hermione frowned as she looked at the mess before her, and the thought of house elves came to mind, but said nothing. Snape, as if reading her thoughts, comforted her.

"I clean up my own living quarters." He said, leaving the kitchen and sitting in a leather chair by the fire. "I wouldn't have those elves going around in my private rooms, who knows what mess they could make, especially with my cooking and potions lying around! Not to mention that I don't like my space invaded." Snape confessed, and Hermione smiled.

"Never would've guessed." She teased, and he laughed softly. His eyes lit up and he relaxed, smiling.

"I love it when you laugh." Hermione confided, and Snape transfigured his two chairs into a couch suddenly, and Hermione landed on top of him. He chuckled deeply.

"Like that?" He asked, a very seductive undertone. Hermione looked into his eyes, not missing anything. She leaned into him and opened her lips.

"Mmm-hmm." She purred, settling in to his lap. His eyes widened as he made a groan low in his throat and claimed her lips in a forceful kiss. Her lips were soft, warm, and inviting under his, and he explored her mouth with his tongue, stroking and licking her into a frenzy while his hands ran below the hem of her dress, pulling it upwards slowly and exposing her milky white thighs. They panted as they pulled apart, both so passionate in their kiss that they had forgotten to breathe. Hermione batted her eyelashes at him as she sucked in a cool breath and took his face in her hands. Her palms cupped him and caressed his cheeks and his fingers glided up her legs. Hermione gasped, her lips on his, as he dragged a hand over her, just brushing her clit before continuing up.

His lips molded to hers and he allowed her hot, wet tongue into his mouth. It traveled over every centimeter it could get to, pushing down his throat, stroking his own tongue, running over the insides of his cheeks. With mounting arousal, he pulled the dress high enough to expose her luscious breasts. Breaking away from her kiss, he quickly dipped his head and fastened his lips around a taut pink nipple. Hermione moaned, dropping her hands to play in his hair and hold his mouth to her breast as he sucked her. Teeth nipped teasingly over her, and she shivered. Teeth biting, sliding, rubbing, touching her everywhere as he switched breasts, his hand coming up so that the previous one was not left alone.

Hermione arched her back, pushing herself into his skilled mouth. This action also pushed her pelvis into his blatant erection, and she rubbed back in forth over it as his lips fastened snugly over her. His hips jerked as he tried to keep his composure, seeking out her moist, hot core. She was so wet he could drive into her right there, pumping as fast and hard as his body could until he came in glorious waves, and he groaned at the thought, trying harder to restrain himself. He wanted to make it last.

Hermione grabbed the fabric that pooled around her breasts and threw it off unceremoniously. Neither paid any attention as it hit a wall and dropped into a bundle on the floor. Snape paused for a moment, his eyes searching over her now naked body, and he growled carnally. Hermione smiled and stood, taking his hand.

"Bed?" She ventured, and his eyes glittered. He stood and pressed himself against her, grinding his rock hard cock against her thigh. The corners of his lips twitched upwards slightly.

"I was thinking something different. Up for it?" He asked as he dipped his lips to her neck and started gently biting her skin. Hermione closed her eyes.

"Mmm-hmm." She moaned, excited at whatever he had in store for her. Snape released his teeth, licked the now-red mark he had left, and blew on it, making her shudder invouluntarily. Pulling out his wand from his pocket while his other hand slipped a finger into her, Snape muttered something Hermione was too flustered to catch.

Instantly the furniture had vanished and the floor was turned into a giant, soft, springy mattress. Hermione's eyes widened as her heart fluttered in excitement. Snape then conjured a jar of something, and Hermione looked at him, curiously. He detracted his finger from her, and she groaned softly in protest. He smiled and guided her down onto the "floor".

"Get on your hands and knees." He commanded, his voice darkening. Hermione's breath caught in her throat, but she did as told. He stood behind her and over her, and also kneeled before cupping both breasts in his hands. His lips blew warm air next to her ear as he spoke.

"Do you have any idea what I'm going to do to you?" His whispered dangerously. Hermione nodded, unable to speak as both hands made their way to her opening. "It will hurt at first." Her brows furrowed in thought. He slipped two fingers simultaneously into her, and she moaned.

"Do you still want it?" He asked innocently, his voice betraying his actions as he buried his fingers all the way inside of her and twisted them this way and that. Hermione moaned, and nodded. Snape smiled almost evilly. "Good answer." He confessed, and murmured another charm that left him instantly nude. Hermione looked back at him as he pressed his body to her, melting and molding it seemed, meeting her curves perfectly. He was hot and hard against her warm lithe softness, and he let his hands run back up her thighs, over her stomach, and onto her buttocks. She watched him with wide, curious eyes as he opened the jar and smoothed a gel-like substance on his hands. He was still knelt behind her, and he returned his fingers to stroke her arse.

His fingers drifted until they swirled over her anus, and Hermione gasped. Severus smiled as he continued, and she moaned softly.

"Have you ever been touched here my sweet?" He asked, pushing against her for extra emphasis. Somehow finding her voice, she turned back and looked him in the eyes.

"No, never." Snape licked his lips as he held her gaze and pushed his index finger into her to the end of his fingernail. Hermione closed her eyes, trying not to tense up, and inhaled deeply as his lubricated finger made its way in to the second knuckle. His finger seemed so much bigger than she knew it was, and she bit her bottom lip as he drove slightly deeper.

Snape's mind was spinning. She was so wonderfully, perfectly, goddamned tight! He was almost salivating, imagining how his impossibly hard cock would feel inside her as her walls milked him for all he was worth. Groaning, Snape twisted his finger inside of her as he pushed in as far as he could go. She squirmed under him, and he noticed her biting her lip. His other hand ran in small, soothing circles over the front of her thigh.

"Are you alright, love?" Snape asked with concern, though he inserted a second finger, and she gasped. Nodding, she turned her head to look at him and smiled. He grinned back at her, pushing his second finger tantalizingly slow into her.

She could feel every single centimeter as he pushed inside her. Her walls tightened around him, and she wiggled uncomfortably against him. Noticing her discomfort, Snape applied another squeeze of lubricant into his hand and moved faster. Hermione groaned with a bit of pain as he twirled his two fingers inside her and pushed against her insides. He was slick and deep, and her muscles closed in upon his fingers like a glove. He was moving faster still, and to her surprise the pain suddenly stopped and was replaced with mindless pleasure. She moaned, and Snape rubbed the spot he had just hit again and again, making her writhe and wriggle under him as he grinned.

She was starting to loosen up, and soon he was able to add a third finger, making her scream in half pain, half delight. Her breath was coming in gasps now, and he quickened his pace and the depth to which his fingers plunged. She was tightening and loosening in spasms around him, and he put his shoulder into it, thrusting into her with such ferocity that she let out short, soft sounds with each pump. He could feel her walls milking his fingers as he twisted them restlessly about.

He knew she was close when she backed up, trying to get him as far in as possible. She wriggled this way and that, her hips moving in erratic circular patterns as he pumped faster and faster. It was all blackness and white as she closed her eyes, squeezing them as her face scrunched up with effort. Three fingers were ramming, ramming inside of her, and his other hand wrapped came up in between her legs to stroke her clit. He was pushing and stroking so fast, Hermione thought she barely had time to breathe. She thrust her hips backward against him as her neck turned and she looked back and caught his eyes. When their gazes locked she came, screaming and thrashing.

Severus held her as the hot, liquid bliss left her senseless. He kissed her gently, and she moaned every time his skin met with hers. When she opened her eyes he smiled.

"Wow." She gasped, and he brushed a hand across her cheek. "Can we do that again?"

He rewarded her with a deep laugh, and she grinned dreamily. He kissed her rougher then. "I was quite hoping you'd ask that." He confessed, and put her back down on the floor. She started to get on all fours when he put a hand on her back.

"A bit different this time, alright?" He asked, curling his index finger. She jumped up, dizzy with anticipation, and followed him into his bedroom. With a wave of his wand (which he had picked up off the floor on the way in), the wood on the front of his bed vanished, and the end of the bed was suddenly lined with pillows. He inclined his head towards the spot, and watched, eager to see if she understood.

She was not the head of her class for a reason, and she stood, leaning over, her stomach resting on the pillows. There was more than a hint of lust in her voice as she peered over her shoulder at him.

"Like this, Severusss?" She purred, and his erection moved with a mind of its own. She giggled shortly after this, but was stopped by the look of extreme passion and arousal in his eyes. He advanced on her, and grabbed the jar he had used before. Hermione got up, walked to him, and enveloped him in a passionate kiss. Her hands took the jar out of his, and she knelt once again on the floor, looking up at him deviously. She dipped her fingers in the cool substance, lifted them to her face, and warmed them with her breath as she stared into his eyes. After a few moments, she lowered them to his cock, and with feather-light touches smoothed the gel over him. Snape's eyes drifted back, his lids closed, and a moan came from deep inside his throat. She made her fist into a circle, and then pumped him from the head back, so that he felt like he was entering her over and over again. He moaned her name softly, and she added her other hand into the mix, cupping and stroking his balls in opposite tempos of whatever her other hand did. It was enough to drive him mad and let him come right there, and he reached down and halted her actions. With a knowing look, she took his hand and led him over to the bed.

He could barely contain himself as she bent over the high bed, and he came up behind her. Her body was so extraordinarily exquisite he noted as his eyes roamed over her behind. She could feel his eyes on her, and stuck her ass out a little more, making him growl with approval. Suddenly his hands were all over her, and she could feel his hardness against her anus. She pushed herself backwards, and he was pressed tightly against her. His arms snaked around her waist to fondle her breasts as he pressed his tip to her OTHER entrance. A hand slipped down over her stomach, and her eyes closed in acute pleasure as he made his way to the spot she knew he loved most. His left hand guided his tip into her and he slipped a finger inside her. He had only pushed his head in, but Hermione felt as if she would burst. She moaned in pleasure and in pain as he stroked her with his right hand and pulled almost all of the way out simultaneously. The double stimulation caused her to gasp and writhe as she dripped, covering Severus' fingers generously. He pushed farther in this time, and she was amazed that she could take any more of him when he slipped another finger in and pushed farther. It felt as if his erection and fingers were one, and they moved at the same time deeper inside her. She moaned, letting out incoherent sounds of bliss.

He couldn't hold on much longer, not with her wriggling against him, only pushing him deeper inside. Her small moans were driving him mad, and he soon found himself moaning along with her, forgetting to be gentle and take it slow, and thrusting into her. She called out as he filled her with himself, her tight walls upon him like a vice. She moaned louder, and he pumped two fingers into her core with a frenzied pace. They moved together, her thrusting her hips backward to meet him as he rammed into her. She thought she would explode, she didn't know how much more of him she could take, and then he pushed deeper, and she saw stars, amazed at how her body reacted to him. He fit inside of her perfectly, and she tightened, milking his rock solid cock harder and harder. They were both panting, calling out each others' name in ragged gasps, and she used all of her strength to keep pushing herself back into him as his fingers and cock impaled her at the same time, filling her in every sense of the word.

Reality was slipping away, and Snape pumped harder and harder, with all the energy he could muster, and finally drove himself home. His world went black as he closed his eyes and stars exploded all around him. He felt her coming as he pushed a finger against her clit and rammed himself inside of her for the last time. Waves of nerve-tingling, mind-numbing pleasure racked his body, and he rode out the waves as Hermione spasmed around him. He took her hand as their bodies flew, melted into one being, and she squeezed lightly as her breathing started to slow.


In potions class the next day, Snape watched with amusement as Hermione shifted restlessly in her seat. He stared at her, amused, as she tried to get comfortable, but could not. He knew she was sore from the previous night, and the corners of his mouth turned up as she caught him watching her.

"Miss Granger," he glared, inflicting as much venom as he could muster into his voice. She looked at him questioningly. "With all that shifting and turning someone must've had a rough night! Now will you please stop being a distraction and sit still?!"

He raised his eyebrows at her. Those that had caught his meaning laughed or smiled. Ron looked over at a clearly horrified Harry and asked what was going on. Hermione smiled inwardly, not bothering to respond.