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Summary: Hollywood, stars, tours and keeping the love.


Kurt found himself in LA before he really knew it. He had stayed on stage for two weeks that passed by in a blur. Wesley was a machine as he organised Kurt's move across the country while handing the media and fan war that started post Tonys, which was only fuelled by the Spill performance.

Kurt was already sweating from the heat as he got off the car and walked into the high rise where Blaine lived. He had sent most of his things ahead, only having one large suitcase and a carry bag with him.

As he stepped into the building, Belle was there to welcome him with a smile and the offer for any help. She and Wesley had agreed that she would watch over him while in LA even though Kurt was getting a PA slash manager for the duration of filming.

Kurt had met Stella Davis in New York, and she would be coming by later that week to organise his life. After he got settled in with Blaine.

Blaine would only be in LA for a month before leaving on tour. For most of the filming period, he would be touring the states before leaving for Europe. And he would be busy with rehearsals and publicity.

Kurt would be busy too. He had script readings, costume fittings and acting lessons. Filming on camera would be very different to acting on stage and Kurt was not going to be a national laughing stock. Not to mention the spiel of things Stella had planned for him.

But all Kurt really cared, at that moment, about was the man who opened the door.

Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine, pulling him in for a long kiss. It may have been two weeks since they were together, but it always felt too long.

"Welcome home," Blaine murmured.

Kurt merely pulled him for another heated kiss.


Living with Blaine in LA was everything, and yet nothing, like Kurt expected. Living together was easy. They had learnt long ago how to compromise, especially over shared space. Kurt learnt how to curb his sharp tongue and take a deep breath. Blaine learnt not to walk away but to keep his calm and discuss things honestly.

And to never go to bed angry.

Blaine apartment was larger than the temporary one in New York. It was a spacious two and a half bedroom, lounge and kitchen flat. Kurt had been confused as to how you could have a half bedroom but Blaine shrugged. It was like a large closet, or as Belle had described, a room that was often used as a small study.

Blaine had a rather large smirk when he gave the newly dubbed closet to Kurt. His smirk only grew larger when his husband showed him just how much he appreciated the gesture.

Belle brought Stella to the flat the next day around noon, waking up the newlyweds much to their displeasure. She let herself in with her own key and marched into the bedroom.

Stella's eyebrows rose but nodded as Belle had the bedroom door slammed shut on her and cursing could be heard from the other side.

"You need to give these two fair warning," Belle advised to Stella with a small smirk. "I would say treat them like teenagers. Well, newlyweds is a more appropriate term."

"Come on," Belle said as she chuckled, "we better get the coffee on. Those two are like addicts."

Stella nodded and followed quietly. She had met Kurt Hummel in New York and had been pleasantly surprised by the Tony Award Nominee. She had expected a diva, no matter what Wesley Brow said. She had been sure that he had done some fancy footwork to get his talent his pristine image.

Rather, Kurt Hummel had been almost exactly what Wesley had said. Reserved, slightly cold and eye catching. When he had walked into the board room, her eyes were drawn to the graceful movements. He was honestly, almost too blunt and very much in control.

While Belle started making coffee in a fancy coffee machine, Stella eyed the apartment. Blaine Anderson was a popstar who had a near meteoric rise to fame. She had expected something more outrageous than the reasonable apartment in the upmarket area. But as she took in the fashionable but comfortable space, she wondered.

"Blaine wanted somewhere safe with security. Our agency rents most of these apartments for our talents. Hell, I live a few floors down," Belle said as she leaned against the island, observing Stella Davis. While she had grown to trust the New York agent, Belle wondered how this woman would handle the somewhat unconventional situation that was Kurt and Blaine.

"I was wondering," Stella admitted sheepishly, "this was not what I expected when Wesley told me that Kurt would be living with his husband Blaine Anderson."

Belle shrugged. "Blaine doesn't want to live in LA. This was always supposed to be temporary; just until he had enough of a foundation in his career till he could go home. You should have seen their old apartment in Bushwick. That was home to both of them."

"Kurt moved out of there," Stella said with a frown. "Didn't he?"

She got a sigh in response, "Not by choice. It became too much of a security risk. They are going to be looking for a new place in New York after Blaine gets back from the tour."

Belle poured out four mugs of coffee as Stella pondered over the information. "Okay, here's the deal. Blaine should be my main priority but I've learnt one thing over the years: schedule time together or they will randomly fly across the country to spend a weekend together. So, we are going to be working very closely to give them as much time together as possible."

Stella frowned, "Blaine may have a light schedule at the moment, more promotions than anything else, but Kurt's going to be very busy."

"That's fine," Belle cut in. "It means that Blaine will be around Kurt when he's free and vice versa. It also means we will be handling the pap when they go out together and dealing with the sheer amount of gossip that will be circulating soon. And I don't mean their careers."

"I know," Stella replied, insulted that it was implied she couldn't so her job, "I know they are an 'it' couple but Kurt's main priority is Online."

"Have you asked Kurt about that?"

She opened her mouth to retort but was cut off by the entrance of the two stars.

Stella's mouth snapped shut as she watched a very relaxed,freshly showered and dressed in sweats, Kurt Hummel being gently led forward. She hadn't known what to expect from Blaine Anderson, but the Grammy Winner seemed completely wrapped up in his husband.

Blaine was murmuring quietly to Kurt, as he led the boy towards the kitchen, smiling. The taller male leaned into him with his eyes closed while grumbling that it was 'too early' and 'evil agents.'

Stella blinked. Kurt Hummel looked very young; face fresh and hair un-styled. She watched as Blaine Anderson added a splash of milk and two spoons of sugar into a mug before giving it to Kurt. The Broadway star drank it without flinching at the temperature.

Blaine mixed his own coffee, eying his husband fondly. Coffee was something they both loved but add jetlag into the mix and Kurt was a zombie. He took a seat at one of the high stools by the island, "Thanks Belle."

His agent waved him off, making Blaine smile after he took a huge gulp. The heat was pleasant, near scalding actually, but the caffeine was just what he needed. Blaine put down the mug for a moment, pulling Kurt towards him.

Kurt glared at his husband for interrupting his coffee time but he had a small smile pulling on his lips. Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist, reaching for his mug on the table and embracing his love in one move. Kurt's smile grew bigger as he leaned back in the embrace, practically sitting on Blaine's lap. Blaine shifted, parting his legs to allow Kurt to lean against his chest properly.

The pair continued to drink their coffee as if this was a normal occurrence.

Stella wanted to ask but she suspected that this was normal behaviour. Suddenly, she understood Belle's comments about 'teenagers' and 'newlyweds'.

"Has octopus Blaine returned?" Belle teased as she sipped her own mug. Blaine merely grinned from behind his mug. Kurt shrugged slightly and reached for a refill.

"I thought we had today off," Blaine asked before realising there was someone else at the table. "Oh Sorry. Hi, you must be Stella? I'm Blaine."

Stella smiled and nodded. "Hello. Jetlag Kurt?"

Kurt groaned slightly and nodded, "Morning Stella. I thought we were meeting tomorrow."

"I asked her to come with me to today," Belle cut in. "It's better to organise both your schedules at the same time to maximise your time together. And we need a battle plan. For the press. You two seem to keep popping up in articles every time we think it starts to die down. Wesley is still handling that Spill concert."

Kurt nodded, feeling slightly more alive than before, and reached to squeeze the hand wrapped around his mid-drift. He merely met Belle's smirk with one of his own. "I was just singing a song we wrote ages ago. I already tweeted my response to those articles."

Stella and Belle snorted at that. That tweet didn't help things. Not when Kurt said he had 'written the song ages ago but it was something he believed it. That all the success in the world would mean nothing without the people he loved by his side. That he would take just being with his husband over success. It's all about love.'

The media went a little crazy over that as more people picked up the story of the song If I had You and exactly what Kurt Hummel had written about. Some of the rags loved the idea of the unconventional love song, and the rumours of a Kurt-Elliot romance rose again. Despite both Sebastian and Blaine being in attendance at the concert.

"So, what's on the agenda?" Blaine asked, putting down his empty mug and pulling Kurt even closer with both arms now. His nose buried at the back to Kurt's neck but his amber gaze was locked on the two agents.

'Octopus Blaine indeed,' Stella mused before looking at Kurt appraisingly. 'Is there an octopus Kurt?'

Stella Davis got the feeling that Wesley was right: Belle would soon become her new best friend.

The two agents hashed out a tentative schedule as the two stars bustled around the kitchen. Stella watched, fascinated by how they moved: like it was a choreographed scene. Kurt and Blaine whipped up brunch for all four of them.

"If I move the meeting with Williams to Friday and you move the first lesson to the alternate time, then the lovebirds would be off till Friday morning," Belle said as she flicked through her iPad and phone simultaneously. "Four days of free time and it gives us time to handle the press. If we give them cute pictures they should keep their distance and quell those rumours. Then Blaine can go with Kurt for the Seacrest interview before they split on Friday morning. And maybe squeeze in dinner after Blaine's rehearsals."

Stella frowned as she shifted things around on her iPad. It became apparent very quickly that she would have to have a copy of Blaine's schedule with Kurt's. She said nothing but stole glances at Belle, wondering just how much planning the other agent did over the years for her talent and his boyfriend/fiancé/husband.

Brunch was bagels. Rather delicious bagels. Blaine had left Kurt to man the kitchen while he retrieved their own iPads to help plan the schedule. He also, much to the amusement of Kurt, had the week planned.

The popstar wanted to show Kurt LA properly. Sight-seeing tourist attractions, coffee shops, historical landmarks and the works.

Stella could feel the headache from the sheer amount of press the pap with get from this plan. Belle, on the other hand, was grinning like a madwoman. In fact, the other woman was adding to the list.

They wrapped things up rather quickly. In the end, there was one schedule that held two people's lives that was co-ordinated to the inch of death. Granted, the smaller details of each meeting/interview was only on the appropriate agent's schedule but overall it was rather impressive.

"I still say SWAT, and she's awesome," Blaine declared, smiling at Belle. "Thank you."

Belle chuckled. "Be late and I'll show just how dangerous I can be."

Kurt rolled his eyes, and explained to Stella, "Blaine's convinced Belle is ex-military or ex-SWAT because of how well she plans things, and the number of contingency plans she always seem to have."

Stella could only blink at that. "What?"

Kurt simply shook his head and smiled fondly at his husband.

"Word of advice," Kurt said as he turned to Stella, serious, "my life is crazy. And my friends are even crazier."

Stella could only nod at that. Her talent was not quite what had expected.


Time flew by as Belle and Stella worked their magic. Kurt was shuffled around LA, doing interviews and working with an acting coach. He was still terrified that he would make a fool of himself in fornt of the camera.

He was a Broadway actor. His style was very different. Kurt was apprehensive on what was going to happen.

And the script reading didn't help that. Compared to everyone else, he was a small time actor. He managed to squeak out a hello when he came face to face with Johnny Depp. Kurt promptly turned bright red as the older actor nodded slowly and greeted him back.

Kurt had been mortified.

Something he had recanted to his husband later that evening while drowning his sorrow in cheesecake.

But Kurt felt like New York's schedule had been easy compared the ship that Stella run. Most days he could hardly catch his breath as he run from one thing to another.

As requested, Kurt had private lessons in acting. He also enrolled in a few advanced dance and singing classes at an Arts school that Carmen had recommended. Despite her irritation at Kurt placing his education on hiatus, she saw the logic in doing the film, and sent a list of places and classes that would benefit him.

Between the pre-production rehearsals and classes, Kurt was pushed further than he had ever been. He was outside his comfort zone as he had to recreate his acting style for the filming. Whilst acting on stage, every action was larger. Acting in front of a camera, however, meant that actions had to be smaller and more internal and detail orientated.

Kurt was grateful that at filming was done in pieces and not as one, long run like the stage. He was confident that when filming started, he would actually do a good job in acting in front of the camera because they would be filming the movie scene by scene. There was no way that Kurt could rebuild his acting style in time for a full length production. But doing part by part is do able.

Do able but hard work. Kurt had to break age of habits, form new habits and put hours of self-practice on top of the lessons.

Blaine was just as busy, between promotions and tour rehearsals. He had less than a month before he had to leave on the first leg, the American Tour, of his world tour.

It had taken some creative scheduling but Kurt and Blaine had found time together. It was oddly enough, thanks to years of being in a long distance relationship that forced them to hone their communication skills which actually helped their marriage as they got used to living together again and juggling their busy work schedules.

As promised, Blaine slowly made headway in the list of things they wanted to do together in LA. It wasn't the same as when Kurt had dragged him around New York due to their lack of anonymity. Kurt allowed himself to be dragged across LA, even if most of their outings had to be cut short due to either press or their schedules.


Celeb Spotter!

They have been spotted all over Hollywood this week! Grammy winner Blaine Anderson and husband Kurt Hummel have been painting the town red since the Tony Nominee arrived in sunny LA on Monday. Hummel is here to film the much anticipated Online, just weeks after the surprising outcome at the Tony Awards where cast mate Harvey Ross walked away with the Tony.

The celeb couple have been spotted everywhere, from tourist spots to coffee shops to shopping around downtown. And the usually reclusive pair have been smiling for the cameras and meeting fans on the streets. There is even a video of them singing karaoke!

While this seems like a publicity stunt from their agencies, with Hummel filming, Anderson prepping for his World Tour, and the rumours of a Hummel-Gilbert romance following the sizzling performance in New York with the underground band Spill. It, in truth, looks like these two seem completely in love. The newlyweds' schedules seem to be running around the other as they have been slipping away for coffee and meals between interviews and meetings, with more than a couple selfie-tweets being backstage together at the other's interview.

Well, we're getting cute pictures of the two stars. No complaints here. Now can we get some lip action please?

Who knew Blaine Anderson was really that romantic?

Picture: Blaine Anderson buys a rose from hawker for husband Kurt Hummel.


From: Belle

To: Blaine A; Kurt H; Stella D.

You got caught kissing by Tonight. Pics gone crazy. It's being picked up fast. We're on any damage control but they are loving you. Out wants an interview and cover.


Kurt smiled as he lay on the couch, listening to Blaine tinker on the upright piano in the corner of the room. It was a rare day off for both of them, especially at the same time. Time had flown. Kurt was gearing up to start acting on set for the film. He had been going from script readings to costumes to choreography and stunt classes. And it was nothing like Broadway. The sheer amount of acting lessons he had taken in the last few weeks left him reeling at just how different filming would be. There was a difference in knowing what he should be doing and actually doing it and realising the true differences.

On stage, everything was bigger; louder. Kurt had to relearn how to act, how to pull it in. It had taken time, and determination, but Kurt was finally happy with the test-tapes of his acting. It was like singing an emotional song; without the dramatic faces. Kurt had to strip it down. His teacher, Lane, had been amazingly patient with him and he had grateful. He would still have lessons five times a week and Stella had managed to book Lane to be on set for the first few weeks of filming. Just in case.

Kurt Hummel refused to make a fool of himself. He would prove them all wrong.

Blaine had been practicing almost every day as they got ready to tour America. The second leg of the tour had just been confirmed: Blaine Anderson would be hitting Europe, Asia and Australasia. There had been hundreds of things to organise and tons of promotions to sell tickets. And Blaine had wanted to be part of everything.

He had been especially hard on his band. More often than not, Kurt would finish earlier than his husband and head over to the studio where Blaine and his band would be in late rehearsals.

They had found a strange rhythm, Kurt and Blaine. At first, there had been the old tension that existed months ago. But they worked at it; worked on communicating and on their marriage. Even while they were both invested in their careers, they made time for each other.

But Blaine was leaving in a week. The first concert would be in LA before they went down the coast. Kurt sighed as he turned to watch Blaine as he tried to play out a melody in his head. It was slow and sweet but definitely a work in progress.

The silence that hung between them was comfortable. Kurt smiled as he watched the curls bounce on top of his husband's head. They had gone out for a late breakfast before taking a short walk on the beachfront. Unfortunately, the paparazzi caught up to them, forcing the pair to retreat to their apartment for a quiet day at home.

"What are you working on?" Kurt asked quietly as he watched from his spot on the couch.

Blaine had stopped playing immediately, turning around on the piano bench; the pout on his lips. Kurt could read the frustration in his eyes. Kurt laughed lightly as he sat up.

Blaine made grabby hands in Kurt's direction as he said, "Just a melody. I can't get it right on the piano."

Kurt forced himself to get up and cross the room. He leaned into Blaine's embrace, dropping a kiss on the curls as Blaine buried his face into Kurt's stomach.

"Is the song you wanted me to sing with you?" Kurt asked, fingers carded through the dark curls. As much as found the gelled back dapper hair style his husband loved dashing, Kurt also loved the mass of chaos.

Blaine pulled back to look up at Kurt, hands trailing up and down the back of Kurt's thighs in a way that made his knees weak.

"You'll sing with me?" Blaine asked with a smile.

Kurt rolled his eyes at that. "Yes, Blaine. It was never a 'no', sweetheart. Go get your guitar."

Hands gently pushed Kurt back by his hips as Blaine stood. Blaine beamed as he dropped a quick kiss on Kurt's lips before darting off to the spare bedroom, which was more of a music room. Kurt smiled faintly as he sat down on the piano bench.

Waiting for Blaine, Kurt ran through some scales on the piano, dusting off his piano playing skills. The years of piano lessons had been just for fun and for keeping his mother's memory close. Elizabeth had played the piano, and taught her son the basics. After her death, when Kurt had asked his dad for lessons, Burt had him signed up the next day.

Blaine came back armed with a guitar and sheet music. Kurt took the sheet music as Blaine pulled over a breakfast stool next to the piano.

"You have lyrics?" Kurt half asked as he shuffled through the papers, some had lyrics scrawled in bits and pieces.

"Not really. Just an idea. And a small piece of melody," Blaine replied. "I wanted to finish it before I showed it to you but I just can't get it to work. Elliot said you were really good with writing lyrics and arranging music, so I wanted to have something down first."

Kurt nodded, "Let me help. Play what you got."

Blaine smiled in thanks as he hummed, strumming is guitar. It was slow and harmonic but Kurt understood. Something was missing in the melody.

And then Blaine transitioned into the bridge and hummed, obviously not quite having the words just yet.

Kurt smiled, eyes sliding shut as he listened.

And then the beat picked up as Blaine crooned the chorus. The music sounded fuller, more complete. Maybe not quite perfect just yet.

I'm gonna take this moment

And make it last forever

I'm gonna give my heart away

And pray we stay together.

Blaine stopped singing, and merely continued to strum the melody as he hummed along on his six string moving on to what would be the chorus. He finished off abruptly and Kurt opened his eyes, smiling slightly.

They stayed quite for a moment. Kurt couldn't stop the warm feeling that filled him as he looked into deep honey eyes filled with apprehension. He swallowed, and tried to push down the smile that tugged at his lips.

Kurt nodded slowly, unable to stop smiling. Blaine's own lips pulled into a bright smile as he watched is husband flush pink.

"So...?" Blaine asked slowly, now grinning. He moved the guitar to one side, leaning forward on the stool.

Kurt looked at his husband for a moment, simply smiling, before he nodded again. "It's good. What you've done. I can't wait to sing it."

"I would hope so," Blaine replied, his smile softer, "It's about our wedding. About getting married. About us…"

"Blaine," Kurt cut in, stopping the rambling, "I know. It's beautiful. Thank you."

"So you're not going to hit me this time?" Blaine joked. Kurt playfully hit Blaine's leg closest to him.

"Just don't write about our wedding night or our honeymoon and we are good," Kurt shot back. "But seriously, that was amazing. You're an amazing songwriter."

"So are you," Blaine replied with a smile, "and I really need your help with this. It's got to be perfect."

Kurt snorted, "Elliot exaggerate my song writing skills. I sort of just filled in the blanks."

"If I had you is still a great song," Blaine shot back before pouting and pulling out the big guns. The puppy-dog eyes.

Kurt huffed, smiling lightly at his husband's antics, and turned back to the piano. "So play that bridge again. This probably just sounds better on the piano for the bridge and chorus with guitars backing. Maybe change the key on the piano for harmony?"

Blaine wisely picked up his guitar and didn't tempt fate. Kurt was not angry with him. He would leave it at that. As for making it up to his husband, well, Blaine had plans for evening.

Fun plans.

Followed by fun plans.


Blaine Anderson Official Fansite


Posted by WhatisAir?

So I work across the streets from Stone Music's recording studios, and Blaine's been going in a lot recently. And Kurt usually picks him up. (I've posted/tweeted the pics) But this week, for like three days in a row now, and a customer who works as a studio tech mentioned that KURT HUMMEL was in the recording studio WITH BLAINE ANDERSON!

Rumour unconfirmed but I hope to hell that it's true.



Blaine smiled as he turned around at the sound of the door opening.

"Hello love," the musician greeted with a large smile, "how were your lessons?"

Kurt groaned, even as his small smile stayed on his lips, as he entered the small studio. "Tedious at best."

"Sorry," Blaine replied apologetically as he stood up to greet his husband properly.

Kurt rolled his eyes before dropping a chaste kiss on Blaine's lips. He ignored the playful pout from his husband and reached behind him to press the 'play' button on the audio console.

"Is it done?" Kurt asked, excited as the intro to their new song played seamlessly.

"Yup," Blaine replied, hands settling on Kurt's hips, pulling him into an embrace.

Kurt pulled back slightly to look his husband in the eye. Blaine merely grinned, breathing quietly as the soft strains of piano filled the room.

The music built slowly, transitioning and swelling in as the song played on. The style was a soft change from Blaine's mainstream style and Kurt's favoured emotional Broadway-esque style. The soft, sweet tune of a love song that toed the line somewhere in between.

Kurt smiled back, slowly pulling his husband to sway lightly to the tune. He knew they were on a deadline; that they should be hashing out the lyrics and rushing to record the song. Blaine was leaving in less than a week. But he couldn't bring himself to not simply enjoy the moment.

Kurt and Blaine danced alone, in a small studio, to the first song they created together.

The rest of the world could wait.


"So Spill's been busy, huh?" Kurt asked as he waved goodbye to the few people in his dance class he actually liked. Stella said nothing but was already ushering him towards the waiting car. He had a stunt practice with the rest of the Online cast.

Elliots happy laughter echoed through the phone from the East Coast. "It's been crazy. Half of it was the surge of publicity form you, so thanks for that."

"You do know that you guys made yourself, right?" Kurt cut in. "You were getting attention and building up your fanbase and reputation long before the articles started because of me. Spill is brilliant."

"I know," Elliot placated, "but we are not saying no to any publicity. And you deserve the recognition too! You might not be a permanent member, but you're like a guest feature. Hell, you've helped us write and compose more than a few of our songs!"

Kurt ignored that statement as he ploughed on, "You guys built yourself up, from the ground up. I'm just another groupie."

Elliot sighed, knowing a losing battle with Kurt Hummel when he heard one. Kurt almost smirked in victory.

"You know you're not just any groupie," Elliot's teasing tone flirted, "you're our fanclub president!"

"And this is why people think we are dating," Kurt complained, ignoring the slightly bugeyed look form Stella. "How's Sebastian?"

"Busy and stressed," Elliot replied, his voice serious and a touch love struck, "law school is tough. Looking at his books gives me nightmares."

Kurt hummed. He and Elliot were cut from the same cloth, and neither of them were very academically inclined in the sciences. Or something like law.

"I know. Anna's books gave me actual nightmares."

Elliot and Kurt started laughing at the memory of that drunken confession.

"How are you doing?" came the quiet question that made Kurt smile lightly.

Anna would always be a good friend but it was Elliot that had become something of his best friend. They were alike yet different and strong enough to stand their ground. It had seemed strange at just how quickly they had become such close friends, but in the end it seemed so right.

Kurt and Elliot had just clicked.

Kurt sighed, "Busy. Far busier than trying to keep up school and a show."


"He's leaving in two days," Kurt finally said, biting his lip. "I've gotten used to living with him. And he's going to be on tour and I'll be busy here but it's weird. I already miss him. Crazy huh?"

"Not really," came he understanding reply.

No more words were really needed.

Elliot would always answer Kurt's call, and vice versa.

"You would think we would be pros at this long distance thing," Kurt joked, but it fell flat.

"I miss him even he leaves. I miss him even though I saw him a couple of hours ago. And I know I'll see him tomorrow; that I'll speak to him tonight. It's not crazy."

"Guess you're in love," Kurt replied softly.

"Yeah," came the warm reply that made Kurt smile. If anyone deserved happiness it was Elliot.

"Changing topic," Elliot announced after a heartbeat, "so rumour has it."

"oh dear. What now?" Kurt questioned.

"Duet?" Elliot prodded.

"Well," Kurt smirked, eyeing the driver and Stella in the car. "Maybe…"

"That's not a no! Kurt?!"

"We'll skype tonight, Elliot. I've got to go."


"You love it," Kurt teased right back.

The friends said their goodbyes before Kurt hung up.

Stella merely rolled her eyes at the grin her charge was sporting. She had observed the interesting friendship of Kurt and Elliot Gilbert.

Kurt and Elliot had chemistry. And an understanding.

If she hadn't known just how crazy in love Kurt and Blaine were, she too would have believed the rumours of the two friends being involved. Because Kurt and Blaine had instant chemistry that sizzled and burned bright but settled into the background as well.

Maybe in another time, if Kurt and Blaine hadn't met and fall in love; Kurt and Elliot would have ended up together.

"So," Stella said, pulling herself from her 'what if' musings. "Stunt practice. Then a reading. I've cancelled your classes for today and tomorrow. I believe your husband has made reservations for tonight."

Kurt looked at his agent and gave her a grateful smile. "Thank you Stella."

Stella smiled but said nothing back. She turned back to her iPad. Sure, she didn't have to, and probably shouldn't have cancelled the classes considering filming started in two weeks, but Kurt would want to spend as much time as possible with his husband before he left.

She could give him that at the very least, considering how much the young star was working. He would catch up the two days in no time.



At BlaineHAnderson

At KurtAHummel swty, can you please mail me my lucky bracelet? The black one you bought me? I forgot it. =(

At KurtAHummel

At BlaineHAnderson side pocket of your backpack, inside your writing case honey. You left it on the kitchen table so I packed it before you left.

At BlaineHAnderson

At KurtAHummel you are amazing. I love you. #thankyou ;*

At BlaineHAnderson

At KurtAHummel I love you too, you goober. #goodluck for your show tonight. ;*


"Just to confirm," Belle said quickly as she eyed the sound check run somewhat smoothly. Their first show was in New York of all places. Blaine's tour started in New York and ended in LA, before heading to Europe. "He's going to be flying out when he hit Vegas. I already booked a studio for them to record."

"That week should be fine," Stella replied, as she watched Kurt and the director speak. They were talking through some scenes, trying to get the same vision. It had been only mildly surprising at how well Kurt took direction. "Even if we run behind schedule, he'll have time for at least two days."

"Good. Blaine alone in Vegas will drive the pap into a frenzy. Together though, is good publicity."

Stella hummed in agreement, "Heads up, by the way, Kurt's thinking about visiting Ohio after filming. Chances are Blaine will want to join him before the second leg kicks off."

"Thanks," Belle said gratefully, "They will probably visit papa Hummel before hitting Europe. Kurt's still planning on spending two weeks before going back to school and rehearsals, right?"

"That's the plan so far. But we haven't even started on booking publicity for the movie release. So that's still up in the air."

"We'll make it work," came the firm reply.

Stella had to laugh slightly at that. She was starting to see why Blaine Anderson was convinced that his agent was ex-SWAT.

"See you in 7 weeks then."

It may be Blaine's biggest tour to date, but Kurt was going to start his trial by fire in Hollywood. Hollywood did not play fair and nice; not like Broadway. And Kurt had walked into it already protected. But that protection was off on tour.

But Stella had a good feeling about this. That Kurt Hummel would not crumble. In fact, he may just surprise everyone with that core of steel he was hiding.

And she had front row tickets.


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