One Year Later


Some people are fast learner and some are quite slow.

I always considered myself a fast learner when it comes to my studies and my business.

But at learning of how to live a life, I turned about to be one of the slowest learner ever.

Anyway, at the end, I did it.

Sometimes one has to learn to let go the things which don't matter.

The last year was interesting in terms of many things.

I couldn't be more grateful to God for having Isabella in my life. Life was amazing. Finally she, too, had give in and had shared with me about what she had gone through a seven years ago. She said her studies and her Dad were her only support during that time. It was difficult for her to talk about that, it was difficult for me to hear. But at the end, we did manage to go through it.

Jasper, my grandmother, my Uncle-Aunt, everyone was still there; still not not in a good terms with me.

But they don't matter to me anymore.

My mother, my wife, my father-in-law, my friends were the ones who matter to me.

And soon, my kids.

The End

A/N: It was supposed to be a short story. Thanks for reading. :)

Whoever is reading 'Heart-Stealer', I'm working on it and will try to complete it by next week.