In the beginning there was three

You, him, and me

You where untrusting, cruel, and mean

I was young, and did anything to be seen

He was calm, and cool, always sure it was going to be o.k

I still remember the promise we made that day

He was gone, the fire took him forever

We could only pray he found something better

I promised you to never regret

That day on that hill, I'll never forget

I cried but you stood tall

Hiding the tears I knew that night would fall

We moved on, grew strong

But your life would not be long

You died that day in my arms

My screams where heard over mountains and farms

I'll keep my promise, fallow my dreams

No matter how hopeless it all seems

When we meet again at heavens door

We'll be a trio once more

But till that day your spirit hovers

For you, and him will always be my brothers

We moved on, grew strong