This is a song, supposedly written by Merry and Pippin while they were in Minas Tirith after the end of the War, while they awaited their chance to go home. It originally appeared in 2005, in my story, "Chance Encounter".


The Road has brought us ever on
A long and winding way,
And step by step it lead us on
Through fire and flood and dark and dawn
Further from home each day.

Of the world's beauty and sorrow
There is much we can tell,
And through darkness and through shadow,
We have fought to find tomorrow,
And hoped all would be well.

No matter how far we would roam,
Together or apart,
When we struggled on all alone,
Our dreams were always of home,
For there we kept our heart.

Where the Brandywine meanders
Down through the rushes green,
In rills and ripples wanders
On past all the gentle splendors
Of every rustic scene.

Where the scent of summer clover
So sweetly fills the air,
And the bees through fields of heather
Over open blossoms hover
On warm mornings so fair.

Oh, there is much we can admire
Here in this world of Men,
But we will find our heart's desire
On down the Green Hills of the Shire;
We will be home again.