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Weiss briskly traversed through the crowded halls of Beacon academy's dorm wing. It was late in the evening, classes were over for the day, and every student seem to decide that now was the perfect time to prevent Weiss from getting to her team's dorm easily. It had been a long day of rigorous exams, both written and physical, and the pale haired girl required a much needed, relaxing, hot shower.

Students from various years managed to become simple annoyances, being obstacles to the heiress' goal. She had to forcefully push her way through a group of chattering students to make it to her destination. Swiftly slipping her scroll from her sleeve, she flashed it over the electronic lock's sensor, then with a small beep and a click from the door unlocking, she rushed inside the room.

Weiss sighed in relief when hearing the many students' droning become muffled and muted after entering the room. However her reprieve didn't last long as a dark haired bundle of energy bounded up to her.

"Hey Weiss! Gee, you look tired. Were the exams tough on you?"

Weiss sighed once more in exasperation.

"Hello Ruby. Indeed I am tired, and yes the exams were 'tough on me'. Now if you will excuse me, I am in desperate need of a nice, long shower."

Weiss strode past her younger teammate, not in the mood for chatting, to gather her pajamas. On her way to their shared bathroom she noticed Blake reading a novel in her bunk, having already changed for sleep. While Yang played some sort of game on her scroll, Ruby had opted to sit in her bunk fort to pout. Both were also dressed for sleep.

Guess I'm not the only one ready for sleep. Well, maybe except Ruby.

Weiss was able to enjoy her shower without any random interruptions, coming out of the bathroom in her night gown feeling refreshed. A look around the room had her gaze settle upon her team leader huddled over her scroll in deep concentration.

What is that dolt doing now?

Weiss walked over to Ruby and peered over her shoulder to see the contents of the scroll. Apparently Ruby was looking at a list of animated films, seeming to be stumped over two particular ones. The title for one of them read Frozen, while the other was The Lion King. Weiss looked at the two titles quizzically. She was never one to waste her time watching movies, but she also wasn't given time to enjoy such childhood memories either. Being a target of the White Fang warranted many lessons in combat and little time in play.

As Weiss was caught up in her thoughts, it took her a moment to notice jovial silver orbs staring into her austere crystal blue ones. Weiss narrowed her gaze at Ruby appraisingly.

"What?" She asked coldly.

Ruby scratched her face with one finger, chuckling a bit nervously.

"Well, since you seem to be in as much concentration as me, I thought maybe you could choose which one to watch."

Oh. Ruby must have mistaken her thoughtful expression to be of similar cause as hers.

"Well, I would like to help you, but I have never seen either of these, so I wouldn't know which would be best." She answered honestly.

The mortified expression on Ruby's face, and the noise to come next, made her wish she had just chosen one of them.

"You've never seen The Lion King?" The younger girl asked in shock.


"Oh my gosh! We have to fix this."

Ruby quickly stood up and grabbed Weiss by her arm, practically dragging the girl with her to where Yang and Blake were at. Yang had been playing with the Faunus girl's kitty ears in amusement, standing behind the couch where the quiet girl sat, before Ruby interrupted her.

"Yang emergency!" Ruby exclaimed.

Yang stopped ruffling the fur around Blake's ears and turned to look at her sister. Blake sighed in relief at the distraction.

"What is it lil sis?" Yang asked.

Ruby waved the arm not holding Weiss about wildly.

"Weiss has never watched The Lion King!" She shouted frantically.

Meanwhile Weiss found herself unamused by the whole ordeal.

"I don't see what the big idea is." She mumbled, just loud enough for Yang to hear.

"LE GASP!" Yang exclaimed dramatically.

Blake turned to look back at Weiss, smirking in amusement.

"Weiss, I lived in a safe house as a kid, and even I got to watch The Lion King."

Weiss was starting to become irritated at the whole mess she had gotten herself into.

"What's the big deal?!" She huffed in annoyance.

Yang walked around behind Weiss and began pushing her towards the couch.

"What are you doing, you big oaf!"

Once Yang got her in front of the couch, she placed a hand on top of the heiress' head and pushed her down, forcing her to sit.

"Sit the frick down while we educate you!" She stated with a grin.

"Hey!" Weiss glared daggers into the blonde.

While this was going on, Ruby had brought over her scroll and a portable holo-projector. Similar to those used on the Beacon airships they rode upon their first arrival. Excitedly she brought it over to Blake, who sat next to Weiss on the couch.

"Start it up Blake!" She urged the Faunus.

Blake chuckled at the youth's insistence. "Alright."

As soon as she took the devices Ruby rushed off in a swirl of rose petals and had made a small pillow nest in front of the couch. Blake started up the movie, the holo-projector lighting up and emitting the images to them in perfect clarity.

As the film would progress into its musical numbers, Ruby, Yang, and Blake had been singing along with them throughout the entirety of the film. At the moment they all stood behind Weiss, still seated in the couch, while singing Hakuna Matata between giggles. Weiss was utterly drained from their inane, out of sync singing, wishing she could tune them out so she could actually watch the movie. She had a feeling sleep wouldn't come easy for her tonight.

After the movie ended Weiss found herself to be the last one awake. The others had tired themselves out from all their obnoxious singing. Yang was conked out on the pillow nest on the floor, while Blake had the sense to go to her bed. Ruby, on the other hand, decided that the heiress' lap was a perfect place to nap.

Weiss sighed for what was perhaps the millionth time that night. As annoyed as she should be at the situation, she soon found herself smiling. She looked at each of her teammates, remembering the fun they had while watching the movie, before letting her gaze linger on the one laying on her lap. Very gently she stroked a few stray bangs aside, the slight disturbance making the younger girl cuddle closer at the touch.

"Perhaps, doing something like this wouldn't be so bad."

Weiss would soon learn to regret her words, as apparently Ruby was awake enough to hear it. Interpreting her words into making every night a movie night, which forced Weiss to stay up late just to cease her friends' insistent nagging. Occasionally members of team JNPR would join them on some nights. Though mostly it was just Nora; always singing along with the others to every song.

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