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1 Week Later

A week after the movie night Eren answered the door bell to find Annie stood there looking rather nervous. She was wearing her grey hoody zipped up halfway over a dark green v-neck t-shirt and jeans; Eren wasn't certain but he could've sworn that she was wearing make-up too, but it was subtle carefully accenting her eyes. He looked over her longingly for a moment.

"I'm here for Mikasa" she stated, her voice slightly strained as she tried to keep from scowling at him. He blinked and motioned for her to enter while he moved to the bottom of the stairs and called to his sister.

"Oi, Mikasa. Your girlfriend's here!" he didn't look at Annie again before slinking off in the direction of the kitchen. Annie looked around feeling slightly nervous, but when she saw the girl that began to descend the stairs towards her she felt her body relax and one side of her mouth up in a smile.

"Hey Annie," she watched Annie smile as she descended the stairs and placed a soft kiss in her girlfriend's lips. "I just need to say goodbye to my parents and we can go."

"And where will you be going?" The girls were both slightly startled, although neither of them had given any outward sign of it, by the low voice that approached them. Dr Jaeger stood much taller than Annie so she had to crane her neck slightly to look up at him, but she held his gaze and didn't back away.

"Annie is taking me to meet up with some friends at the movies and then we are going to dinner." Mikasa informed him and his gaze on Annie hardened for a moment.

"So, this is Annie?" he inquired. Annie refused to look away and nodded. After a moment Dr Jaeger seemed to come to a conclusion and his eyes softened, he held out his hand to Annie. "It's lovely to meet you Annie." She took his hand and shook it; not quite sure what to do next she looked at Mikasa who was smiling at the exchange. She walked over to Annie and slipped her hand into hers, entwining their fingers.

"Come, let's go or we'll be late. I'll be back later." Dr Jaeger nodded and wished them a fun evening as Mikasa practically dragged Annie out of the door.

Sasha was the first to spot the two girls approaching them outside of the cinema and gave them a hearty wave, which drew the rest of the group's attention to their arrival. As they drew closer she let out a gasp,

"You're holding hands!" she squealed causing Annie's face to flush with embarrassment as she leaped over to embrace them both in a tight hug. Mikasa gave her hand a gentle squeeze which helped her relax and when Sasha finally released them, with a little help from Connie pulling her away, Annie couldn't help but give a small smile. After everyone had gotten over Sasha's sudden outburst and Annie's slight embarrassment they greeted the girls.

"Are Reiner and Bertholdt not joining us?" Armin asked, mainly directing the question towards Annie, since she had the most contact with them.

Annie shook her head, "They went away for the week with their families."

"Oh that's a shame." He turned to Mikasa, "and Eren?"

"Grounded. Mother caught him…" she smirked a little into her free hand, "…with his hand down his pants."

Jean doubled over in laughter while the rest of them chuckled slightly at their friend's misfortune.

"What's so funny?" came a small voice and they turned to see Krista smiling as she walked over to them, without her tall girlfriend in tow.

"Eren… pants… HA!" was all Jean could get out between laughs and Marco had to take him to one side to try and calm him down.

Krista just watched them with a confused smile until Connie asked her where Ymir was.

"She's at work at the moment; she's had to pull three double shifts this week, but she promised to join us after for food," she replied slightly solemnly but chuckled when Sasha jumped with excitement about the prospect of food.

"Well, I guess that's everyone who's coming, let's go get our tickets." Marco said as he re-joined the group, with a now laughed-out Jean by his side. Everyone nodded and began to enter the cinema, but not before Mikasa saw Jean's hand link with Marco's making her smile, which Marco spotted and returned it with a nervous one of his own.

A couple of hours later they left the cinema and made their way down to the restaurant, laughing as Connie began to do impressions of various characters from the movie they had seen. They quieted down as they entered the restaurant and were shown to a large circular booth in the corner.

Krista let out a squeak and rushed forwards when she spotted Ymir already sat in the booth. Ymir stood up and was almost bowled over as Krista embraced her, she let out a chuckle and kissed the top of her girlfriend's head pulling a rose from behind her back and handing it to the blonde as she let go of her. Krista blushed furiously as she took the rose and sniffed it.

"Ymir, you didn't have to."

Now Ymir blushed and rubbed the back of her neck, "Yeah well I felt bad that we haven't been able to spend much time together this week so I thought I'd get you something."

Without warning Krista pulled Ymir down into a rather heated kiss, much to everyone's surprise, and only released a very smug looking Ymir when Jean started making coughing noises into his hand. The couple slid into the booth next to Connie and Sasha, who were both trying not to laugh at them.

The group ordered their food and chatted comfortably with each other about various things; family, summer plans and eventually the future. Connie was staying in town working at his family's business, Sasha was off to culinary school, Jean had been given a sports scholarship and Marco a music scholarship at Trost University, Armin had been accepted into the prestigious Rose University to study Natural Sciences, while Ymir and Krista where taking a year out to travel; which was apparently the reason why Ymir had been taking so many double shifts at her job.

But Mikasa wasn't really paying attention to what they were saying at this point; instead she looked at Annie, who was holding her hand under the table. They hadn't talked about their futures to each other; after all it hadn't really mattered before, and, although Mikasa had mentioned that she'd been offered a scholarship to join the martial arts team at Maria University, Annie had always refused to disclose anything about her plans. Mikasa felt her heart clench as she realised that come autumn they would more than likely be separated, would they try to make it work even if they were apart? She'd be willing to try but Annie was still so nervous about their, now official, relationship.

"What about you Annie? What are you doing after the summer?" Armin asked as her took a bite of his food. Mikasa looked round at her, intent on hearing her answer.

"I've been offered a place on the martial arts team at Maria." She turned to Mikasa, who had a stunned look on her face, and gave her a coy smile. "I was waiting to tell you because they hadn't confirmed it until yesterday but I guess it looks like I'll be joining you there." It took almost a whole minute for the words and their meaning to sink in for Mikasa, by which time Annie had begun to look very nervous, she let go of her hand which seemed to snap Mikasa back because she quickly grabbed it again, giving it a firm squeeze.

"That's amazing news!" she almost yelled and the others watching chuckled as they watched Mikasa grin, something almost everyone there had never seen before, and gave Annie a congratulatory kiss, which Jean had to once again break up with a cough into his hand. As Mikasa pulled back she saw Annie smiling widely back at her and she began to look forward to the prospect of starting in a new place with her beautiful girlfriend and one look into Annie's eyes told her she felt the same way too.

1 Year Later

The fist came flying towards her face and she just managed to step aside to avoid having it connect with her cheek. She grabbed the wrist and twisted her weight, flipping the other body over making them hit the ground with a hard *thud*.

Mikasa watched as Annie helped her sparring partner to their feet before stepping away to aid another pair who were working on the throw. They had been back in town for just over a week and already their old club had them helping out with teaching classes, although they had been given free use of all the facilities in exchange so it wasn't so bad. She smiled as Annie went down on one knee to explain to a young boy how to place his feet so that he didn't fall over when his partner did.

'You always told me you hated working with kids but even I can see how happy you are right now.'

Mikasa was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't realise that the group had been dismissed until she felt Annie's arms wrap around her waist.

"How long till we have to be at the restaurant?" Annie asked, running her finger down Mikasa's neck and chest. Mikasa leant down slightly to give her a kiss which left Annie wishing they hadn't made plans for the night. When they released she sighed, "I better go get ready then." Mikasa nodded.

"I'll tidy everything up out here while you change." Annie gave her one last quick kiss before heading off to the changing rooms.

As Mikasa made sure that everything was put away she thought about how much they had changed over the last year. Annie had opened up so much more and was far friendlier with people than she had been throughout high school, while Mikasa had learnt to relax and enjoy the excitement of life's surprises more.

'A year ago we would've punched each other for such a public display of affection.' Mikasa chuckled to herself.

By the time Annie had finished changing into her usual jeans and grey hoody, bearing the Maria University logo known as the Wings of Freedom across the back, Mikasa was waiting for her by their car. They shared a long kiss before getting into the car and heading to the restaurant to meet up with their friends.

It had been almost a year since they left but one glance at the pair of them showed that nothing had changed. Krista rushed out from her seat and engulfed both girls in a tight hug while Ymir stood and watched with her ever present smirk.

"Oh I can't believe it's been so long!" Krista exclaimed as she pulled Mikasa, and by extension Annie, over to the table. Ymir gave them a nod and a wide smile as they all took their places around the table. After the waiter took their order Krista enquired as to how they were finding university and if they knew how everyone else was; it turned out that it had been a lot harder to keep in contact with everyone while they were travelling since they were never sure when they be able to use a phone or get onto their email.

Mikasa did her best to fill them in from what they had found out from talking with various members of their group of friends since getting back into town. Eren was training with the police force and so was still living at home like Connie, who was now taking more responsibility in the family business with the hopes that he would take it over in the near future. Armin was spending the summer on an internship with some fancy bio-medical research group and Sasha was working as a chef in one of the local restaurants, thankfully not the one they were currently patronising.

The last Annie had heard Reiner and Bertholdt were both trailing with the Titans team, to which Ymir grumbled something about having to change the team she supported, earning her a playful hit from her girlfriend.

"What about Jean and Marco?" Krista asked, wanting to ignore Ymir's grumbling.

"I saw something in the paper about Marco auditioning for the national orchestra and I remember hearing Eren comment on Jean being contacted by the Scouts about a trial, I'm sure you can imagine how happy he was about that." Mikasa finished. They all tried not to laugh but as the waiter brought their food to the table they were all chuckling away.

"So, what about you two? Last you told us you were going to walk along The Great Wall of China." Annie asked. She'd never admit it to anyone, except maybe Mikasa, but she was insanely jealous of the pair's travels and would avidly wait for their next update.

"Oh, we visited this wonderful monastery in the mountains and well…" Krista and Ymir looked at each other, breaking out into wide grins as they turned back to face the other two. Krista lifted her left hand, "we kind of got married!" Mikasa's eyes widened and Annie's jaw dropped as she reached over the table and grabbed Krista's hand to get a closer look at the plain gold band. Ymir chuckled at their friend's reactions and flashed them her own matching gold band.

"So, what made you finally give in Krista?" Mikasa asked causing the small blonde to flush a deep red and Ymir to let out a sharp laugh. Mikasa and Annie looked at each other confused.

"Well, funny thing is… it wasn't me that suggested it." Ymir told them, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly as she did. "And I was hardly going to let her get away when she was finally the one to say it!"

Five Years Later

They were at a tie, gripping each other as they tried to place the other off balance and score the winning pin. Sweat dripped from Mikasa's brow as she stared into Annie's eyes. The fight wouldn't go on for much longer, both girls were breathing heavily as the struggled against one another. Mikasa gave a small smile and without warning her balance wavered, giving Annie the opening she needed to throw her down and pin her.

"Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of the 25th Annual Competition is Annie Leonhart!" the announcer cried over the speakers as the crowds got to their feet to cheer. Amongst the crowd stood a group of friends who were cheering louder than anyone else. Annie looked over to them as she waved to the cheering crowd and smiled as she saw them all cheering. Turning back she offered a hand out to Mikasa and lifted her up from the ground, wrapping her arm around her as she did. She leant in and whispered,

"Why did you let me win?"

Mikasa looked at her with a smirk. "What makes you think I let you win?"

Annie frowned but was soon distracted by the many people milling around wanting to talk to her. Mikasa looked up into the crowd spotted their friends and motioned to let them know that they would meet up with them later.

Eventually the two managed to make their way to the changing rooms. Since theirs had been the final fight of the competition the changing room was empty. They set about undressing and showering, Annie taking slightly longer in the showers, claiming that she wanted to let her tired muscles soak a little longer. When she left the shower, a towel wrapped around her, she noticed that Mikasa was already dressed and waiting for her.

"You don't have to wait for me if you want to go and meet up with everyone." Annie told her as she opened up her locker to retrieve her clothes. Mikasa just shook her head and watched as her girlfriend began drying herself off, smiling in anticipation. It didn't take long for Annie to dry herself off and dress, once she was finished she turned to Mikasa and frowned, she was acting very strange today.

"What are you smiling about?"

Mikasa said nothing but instead she looked down at the bench beside her. Annie followed her gaze and her heart stopped as it settled on a small black box.

"Open it." Mikasa said softly. Annie reached down and picked up the box, carefully opening the lid to reveal a gold ring with a moderately sized diamond flanked by emeralds. She felt her eyes begin to burn as a warm hand wrapped around hers, she looked up at Mikasa; who, without saying a word, took the ring from the box and slid it onto Annie's finger.

"You asked why I let you win today and the truth is… I didn't. But in the end it doesn't matter because six years ago I won the only prize that matters… you."

A single tear slipped from the blonde's eye before she pulled her lover into the most passionate embrace they had ever had. Not once had she ever thought that she would find someone who understood her so completely and made her feel so whole, but here stood before her as someone who did just that.

Later that night they celebrated with their friends; they celebrated Annie's victory, they celebrated the pair's engagement, but when Annie raised her glass once again to toast it was that night six years ago that she celebrated; the night she let her raven-haired beauty into her heart.

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