"Furious Battle; Yami Game"

Sorry I took this down before, but people were saying bad things about it. Anyway, the tittle of the story means Darkness and Miracle Games. Please enjoy and review!

Inside of a high school in a town called Domino, the teenagers were all talking excitedly to each other in a classroom as they waited for their teacher to enter the room.

"Did you hear? There's going to be a new student coming today." A girl with short brown hair and reddish brown eyes said.

"Miho can't wait! Is it a boy or girl?" a blue haired girl with purple eyes asked cheerfully.

Near the back of the room was a boy who was quite short and had black hair that spiked up wildly while he had blond bangs that were spikes in his face and parted to the side while part of his hair was magenta.

Last, his large amethyst eyes were trained on the door as he felt excitement bubble at the thought of having a new kid in school.

Finally, the teacher stepped into the room, and then turned back to the door to speak with the student who was hidden outside in the hallway while some students were trying to sneak a peek, but they were unable to see anything since the teacher's body blocked the student.

"Please stay here until I announce you." the black haired man requested.

Shutting the door, he then walked up to the front desk and set the folder of papers he was holding down on the desk.

"Now, as you may have heard, we have a new transfer student. Please be kind to her." The man said.

At the announcement of the student's gender, everyone started murmuring to each other quietly about this news as the door was slid open.

Everyone turned their attention to the new girl, who was a bit shorter than average compared to the other girls in class and she was dressed in the regulation orange blazer and green skirt, though hers was a bit longer that it almost reached her knees.

Her skin was a nice tanned color and her hair was mahogany with spikes in it, making it look wild, but also cute on her.

Lastly, her eyes were large and a dark shade of brown, almost black, but looking closely the students could see the brown.

She stood at the front, one hand playing with her short hair, the two thick fringes on the sides of her face being longer than the back of her hair.

"That's the new girl, huh?" the brunette from earlier whispered.

"Oh, she's so cute, like a doll!" the bluenette gushed.

After the teacher finished writing the girl's name on the board, he turned back to the class to face them.

"This is Motomiya Daisuke-chan. She transferred here from Odaiba." The black haired man said.

Leaning on his desk, the teacher looked around the room, his tiny black eyes landing on an empty seat.

"Motomiya-chan, you can sit next to Motou-kun." He told her.

Smiling happily, the short tri-color haired boy raised his hand to show who he was and Daisuke nodded as she walked over to her seat on the left side of the boy and she was next to the window.

"Hi, I'm Yuugi." He smiled at her.

"Hi." She greeted with a small, tired smile.

This made the boy worry as the girl sighed and rested her head on her arms that were folded on the desk, but turned his attention to the front of the room as the teacher called out attendance after he added Daisuke's name to the list.

As the day went on, Yuugi found that he had all of his classes with the new girl and she was very quiet as she worked, though she did seem to glare at her paper all the time when she didn't understand something.

Finally, lunch time break had arrived and there were some students left in class, Yuugi and Daisuke being two of them as they sat next to each other.

"Hey Yuugi." A boy holding a basketball called.

Yuugi, who was working on making a tower out of cards, looked up at the boy and his cards all collapsed making him sigh.

"Don't just play by yourself. Why not play basketball with us sometime?" the brunette offered.

"Eh? That's alright. The team I join would lose." Yuugi smiled nervously.

"That's true. Alright, everyone go!" the brunette called as he ran out of the room with a group of kids.

Daisuke glanced over to the boy from the corner of her eyes as she drew a picture of a tiny blue and white dragon with large red eyes.

"Ah, that's right! What if I finish THAT today?" Yuugi giggled as he pulled out an old golden box from his school bag.

The joy in his amethyst eyes made the girl give a true smile for the first time that day, admiring the boy's happiness.

"I've always got it with me. It's my treasure! In this box, is my treasure, but it's a complete secret. So, here's the quiz…The treasure in this box is something you can see, but you've never seen before. So! What is it? The answer is…" Yuugi trailed off as he went to lift the cover.

Suddenly, the box with the Eye of Horus on it and the hieroglyphs was taken out of his hands by a tall boy with messy blond hair and crimson mixed brown eyes.

"Jounouchi-kun." Yuugi said in surprise.

"Yuugi, why are you talking to yourself?" the blond asked.

"'Can see but can't see.' Saying a bunch of stuff I don't get." Jounouchi sighed.

"Ah! Please return that! Return…" Yuugi stood up and reached for the puzzle, but he was too short.

Jounouchi threw it into the air, then jumped over a desk and caught the box while Daisuke watched them with annoyance clear on her face.

"Man, timidly treasuring this box…you know Yuugi…That's the part of you that really pisses me off." Jounouchi said as Yuugi ran around the desks and over to the tall blond.

"Let me coach you into being more of a man! Come on, you want this box back, right? If so, then come at me full force!" Jounouchi smirked daringly.

"I…I hate fighting and violence!" Yuugi clenched his fists as he yelled loudly, Daisuke and Jounouchi both wincing at the sound as they covered their ears.

"You got no guts, but you've got a loud voice!" Jounouchi complained.

"Ah, just give me that box back." Yuugi requested, feeling embarrassed for yelling.

"Yeah! Stop it Jounouchi." Another male voice spoke up.

Looking at the door, the three students saw a tall brunette who had his hair styled into one single spike and his eyes were a hazel color.

"Oh? You want something? First year student president reject, clean up member Honda-kun." Jounouchi teased.

"I'm not a clean-up member! I'm a beautification member!" the brunette yelled, annoyed.

"You're voice is loud too!" Jounouchi complained holding his ear.

Standing up, Daisuke snuck over to the three boys while they were distracted and Honda crossed his arms with a smug grin.

"Oh, it's true, I was not elected as student president, but…" Honda began.

As Yuugi and Jounouchi were focused on him, Daisuke gently grabbed the box and slipped it out of the blonde's hand and held in her hands carefully and gently as she then walked back to her desk unnoticed.

She knew that Jounouchi wouldn't hand the box over unless someone intervened and it seemed as though Honda had no way of stopping the boy, so she stepped in to help silently.

Sitting back down in her seat, the dark chocolate eyed girl placed the box on her desk as she went back to drawing, but kept a firm eye on the box as the boys talked.

"…but I'm reborn as a great man, as a beautification club member…" Honda went on.

"By the way, what's in the box?" Jounouchi asked, but yelped when he saw the box was missing.

Yuugi yelped as well, looking around for the box and the three boys looked over to find the golden box was sitting on the desk the new student was sitting at.

"H-Hey, how'd you get the box?" Jounouchi asked.

The brunette girl from earlier on that day walked into the class room since she had heard a ruckus before and wanted to check and make sure everything was fine.

"You guys were too busy that you didn't see me walk over and take it. The box doesn't belong to you and as for being a man; you aren't one, so how can you teach Motou-kun to become one?" Daisuke smirked.

"Who do you think you're talking to?" Jounouchi glared at the girl as he raised a fist.

"You aren't thinking about hitting a girl are you?" the brunette female asked sharply with a glare.

Jumping, everyone turned around to see the brunette and Yuugi smiled at the sight of her.

"Anzu-chan." He greeted.

"Please, as if he could hit me. He may talk big, but under it all he's a child." Daisuke said as she stood up with the box in her hands and handed it over to Yuugi who took it with a smile.

"What did you say?!" Jounouchi asked.

"She said the truth. Now, if you two are just going to cause trouble, then leave now!" Anzu pointed to the door.

The blue haired girl was about to walk into the room when she heard this and gasped in surprise.

"Oh, Miho-chan." Honda turned to her with a blush.

"Sorry! That wasn't directed to you, Miho." Anzu apologized.

"I was surprised! There so many people that I still haven't had lunch…" Miho sighed sadly.

"That's no good! I'll buy it for you right away!" Honda insisted.

"Ah wait! I'm going too!" Jounouchi said.

The two boys then ran out of the room and down the hall while Anzu and Daisuke watched them with glares.

"Man! Those guys!" Anzu growled.

"They're pretty scared of you. I'm impressed." Daisuke chuckled lightly.

"Sorry if they bothered you. They won't do it again, I hope. If they do, then come to me and I'll help." Anzu smiled down at the girl.

"Thanks, but I think I can handle myself." Daisuke nodded.

"Anzu, are you coming?" Miho asked.

"Ah!" Anzu nodded at her, then turned back to the two short first years.

"Yuugi, it was nice to see you again. Hope to talk to you two soon." Anzu waved as she then followed Miho out.

"Thanks for before, Daisuke-chan." Yuugi smiled at the girl.

"It's fine. I could tell the box meant a lot to you and I don't like violence that much either." Daisuke said as she returned to her seat, Yuugi following her eagerly.

"But, Jounouchi-kun isn't that bad a guy…and neither is Honda-kun." Yuugi insisted.

"Whatever you say. By the way, what is this?" Daisuke pointed to the box.

"Oh right! Daisuke-chan, you haven't seen this right? Let me show you my secret." The tri haired boy smiled eagerly as he lifted the cover off of the box.

"Okay, sounds fun." the girl agreed.

Once he opened the box, the girl gasped in awe at the sight of the gold puzzle pieces that seemed to be glowing in the light.

"Wow, what are these?" she asked in awe as she picked up a piece.

It felt like actual gold and was warm to the touch.

"It's a puzzle. I haven't finished it, so I don't know what its shape is yet. So, it's something you can see, but can't." Yuugi smiled.

"Cool!" Daisuke commented as her eyes sparkled with awe.

"My house is a game store, so we've got games from various countries. This is the prided find of someone who used to own the store. They found it in an Egyptian ruin; it's a very rare puzzle." Yuugi spoke.

"Egypt?" Daisuke asked as she leaned forward, entranced by the story.

"Well, look, there's all these strange markings carved around the box. I'm guessing the meaning of this is written here. 'The person who solves this puzzle will have their wish granted.' Ha ha! Yeah, I said too much! Eh… You must think I'm dumb. I see it in your eyes." Yuugi grinned nervously.

"Mm-mm. No way. This sounds great. So what did you wish for? I mean, you have one don't you?" Daisuke asked in excitement.

"Yes, but this is much definitely, definitely, definitely a secret, okay?" Yuugi gave a playful wink.

Daisuke smiled at him as she leaned back in her seat and stretched her arms above her head.

"Well, do you know what I'd wish for?" she asked out of the blue.

"What?" he asked curiously.

Turning her head to look at him, she gave a cute smile as her large Bambi eyes closed.

"I'd wish…for a friend." She giggled.

This surprised him at the confession, but it also made him smile softly at her.

(End of the day…)

The sun was setting as Daisuke and Yuugi walked out of the school together, the girl being curious at the sight of the group of burly students who were kicking and punching the air.

They were reciting rules and such as a male with long dark green hair watched them with stern eyes, ones that a drill sergeant would have.

"Who are they?" Daisuke asked.

"The Public Moral guys. They enforce the rules. Let's go before they notice us." Yuugi whispered as he tried to pull the girl away.

"Wait a moment you!" a booming voice called.

Both teenagers jumped in shock at being called out.

"You're Motou Yuugi-kun and Motomiya Daisuke-chan right?" an older student asked as he walked over.

This boy was the green haired drill sergeant and he gave off a dark aura that made the girl glare at him as he drew nearer.

"Yes." Yuugi said.

"Actually I want to ask you something. You…have the class students been bullying you?" the green haired male smirked.

"Nothing like that's happened to us!" Yuugi yelped.

"Wait a moment. A person like you would reply like that. I must properly investigate this. You can relax, Yuugi-kun and Daisuke-chan. From now on, I, Ushio, will be your bodyguard." The male said.

"You don't have to. We can handle ourselves. Please stay out of our business." Daisuke gave a sharp look to the red eyed male before she grabbed Yuugi's wrist and started carting him off.

"What the heck was that? What a weirdo." Yuugi whispered.

"Weirdo? There's something wrong with his head! I don't trust him." Daisuke huffed.

Yuugi kept quiet as they walked along, both going in the same direction which the boy found curious.

"Daisuke-chan, do you live around here?" he asked.

"Hmm? Yeah, I do. My sister and I moved in across the street from some place called Kame Game." She informed making him smile.

"That's where I live!" he said making her look at him curiously.

"Oh, that's the game shop you were talking about?" she asked.

"Mm-hm. This is great. Now we can walk to school and home together all the time." Yuugi chirped cheerfully.

This made Daisuke blush lightly at how enthusiastic he was to spend time with her and it also made her curious as to why he would want to.

"Um, sure. Sounds like fun." She gave a tiny grin for him.

They then continued along down the sidewalk until they arrived in their neighborhood, finding the Kame Game shop while across the street was a white two story house with a black roof.

"See ya tomorrow, Daisuke-chan!" Yuugi waved to the girl as he ran off towards his home.

"Bye, Motou-kun!" Daisuke waved as she walked off to her house.

Placing her hand on the door, she found it was locked, so she pulled out her house key and unlocked the door, then pushed it open.

"Jun, are you here?" she called closing the door behind her.

There was no answer, so she walked into the kitchen that was painted a cream color and set her backpack down on the floor beside the table.

On the silver colored fridge she found a note and picked it up from under the magnet, reading it.

"Daisuke, I'm going job hunting. If I'm not home by the time you get to the house, then it means I got a job. Cook dinner for us please. Love, Jun." she read.

Setting the note down, Daisuke then went off to her room with her bag to get changed and then she would search for what was in the freezer or cupboards to cook.

Entering her room, she found a lump sleeping on her bed under the black blanket with ruby colored rose designs and she threw her bag on the lump making it groan.

"Get up, V-Mon." she said and then started to undress.

Yawning was heard as the figure under the blanket moved and the sheet fell off to reveal a two foot tall blue and white dragon with red eyes and yellow V shaped marks under her eyes and on her forehead.

"Welcome home, Daisuke." The dragon greeted.

"Hey. So, Jun is going to be home late. What do you want for dinner?" the girl asked.

She was changed into a pair of jeans and a red tank top, a gold pendant around her neck with a white gemstone plate with a marking inscribed on it.

It was her Tag and Crest of Miracles that she had gotten when she was younger.

Jumping out of bed, V-Mon stretched her arms out with a smile on her face.

"How about some ramen?" she requested.

"Whatever you want, girl. Come on, let's go." Daisuke smiled.

Going downstairs, V-Mon sat at the table as she watched Daisuke work in the kitchen, cooking the noodles and stirring the broth for the ramen.

V-Mon let her head rest on the table as she thought over what had brought her, the mahogany haired girl and the girl's sister to Domino City and away from Odaiba.

There was a fire in Mr. and Mrs. Motomiyas' office building due to faulty wires and the parents had died, so Jun had to go to court to fight for her sister to live with her.

Finding a deed to a house in Domino that was left to them by their grandmother in their mother's safety deposit box was sheer luck, so they moved to start a new life and so Jun could get a job to support herself and Daisuke.

The sisters didn't want to leave their friends, but they had to in order to live new lives and be happier since their apartment was filled with the memories of their parents that would make them depressed.

V-Mon's ears twitched when she heard the front door open and knew it was Jun that was coming home.

"Daisuke, I'm home!" she called.

"In the kitchen!" Daisuke called back.

The magenta haired 19 year old woman walked into the room, smiling at her sister and the dragon as she took in the scent of the ramen.

"Smells great." Jun complimented as she set her purse down.

"Thanks. So, did you get a job?" Daisuke asked.

"Surprisingly, yes. I'm the desk assistant at an elementary school. The principal and secretary were very kind." Jun said as she sat down in her seat.

Sighing in relief about this, Daisuke turned the stove off and brought the food over to the set table and she then took her seat.

The three females then filled their plates with the noodles and clasped their hands together as they bowed their heads and closed their eyes, sending a silent prayer of thanks for their meal.

(The next day…)

When Daisuke had walked to school with Yuugi, V-Mon hid in her schoolbag as they went to school, the two teenagers talking and laughing as they walked along.

V-Mon was happy when she saw her partner making a new friend as they spent the day together, Daisuke even helping Yuugi work on piecing together the puzzle.

"Yuugi-kun, Daisuke-chan, come with me." Ushio said as he walked up to the duo.

They were outside enjoying the day at lunch time when the male walked up to them with a cruel glint in his eyes that put them on edge.

"Ushio-san, why do you want to see us?" Yuugi asked.

He was following after the male as he walked to the back of the school, so Daisuke followed them since she didn't trust the man.

"Come with me, I'm sure you'll be pleased." Ushio said.

"What does that mean?" Daisuke demanded.

When they reached the back of the school, Daisuke and Yuugi gasped in horror when they saw a group of Ushio's 'minions' standing behind two bodies that were slumped together against the building, beaten up.

"I-It hurts!" Honda gasped out through a busted lip.

"Jounouchi-kun! Honda-kun!" Yuugi yelled as he ran over.

Ushio held out his arm, stopping the tri haired boy from going any further.

"What do you think, Yuugi-kun?" Ushio asked.

"What is this?" Daisuke demanded with her fists clenched.

"I told you both, Daisuke-chan. I, Ushio, will be your bodyguard. That's why we've been punishing these bullies." Ushio informed.

"This isn't punishment. It's harassment. And we didn't ask for your help. If I remember correctly, I told you to screw off!" Daisuke yelled.

"Daisuke-chan is right. This is too horrible! Are you okay, Jounouchi-kun? Honda-kun?" Yuugi asked as he kneeled in front of the two injured boys.

"Yuugi… Damn you…are you satisfied?" Jounouchi rasped as he looked up through his bangs at the tri haired boy.

"You're wrong. Do you think I'd ask for such a horrible thing?" Yuugi asked in shock.

Ushio then stepped up and pushed Yuugi to the ground and away from the two injured boys.

"Move Yuugi! We are not done with the punishing." Ushio said with a smirk as he then kicked Jounouchi in the chest making the boy gag.

Yuugi watched this in horror while Daisuke began to shake in pure rage at the sight.

"Stop it!" Yuugi yelled as he ran in front of Jounouchi and Honda, arms held up to shield them.

"Well, well, Yuugi-kun. Are you covering for these guys? What a strange guy. Here's your chance to dispel any resentment you have. Punch! Kick!" Uhio said.

"Do you think…I can do that to my friends?!" Yuugi asked.

Jounouchi gasped in surprise from the boy's words.

"Friends?" he whispered.

Ushio laughed mockingly at that.

"What a rare guy! Friends you say? They're bullies that exploited you." Ushio sneered.

"They weren't bullying me. Jounouchi-kun just wanted me to be a man." Yuugi continued to defend, surprising the blond even more.

"Man, you're a complete weirdo. Very well. By the way Yuugi-kun, it's time for you to pay up. Total cost of my bodyguard fees, 20 000 yen. (About 200 dollars.)" Ushio smirked.

"20 000 yen?!" Yuugi gasped.

"No way in hell!" Daisuke yelled, anger and venom coating her words.

Everyone turned to the girl in surprise as her dark chocolate eyes seemed to be simmering in rage and tinted red as she stormed over.

"We never asked for your services. Therefore, we don't have to pay you. Stay the hell away from us or I swear I'll call the authorities on you." she glared.

Jounouchi and Honda both pushed themselves up and started to walk off, Yuugi clinging to the girl's blazer in worry for her.

Ushio was crazy and the amethyst eyed boy had a feeling the larger male wouldn't mind hitting a girl, in fact, he probably would enjoy it.

Whirling around, Daisuke started to storm off, Yuugi almost tripping as he tried to keep up with her.

As they wandered off to the other side of the school, Daisuke quickly turned to the wall and punched it, wincing at the feeling of her knuckles cracking and the stone wall cutting into her skin.

Yuugi gasped in fright for the girl as she punched the wall, her breathing irregular as she pulled her hand away and looked it over, tears spilling from her eyes.

"Daisuke-chan…" Yuugi said.

"I hate those kinds of people. They just make me so mad that I want to hit something." She whispered as she cradled her bleeding hand to her chest.

Frowning sadly at the girl, Yuugi took her hand and held it, checking it over to make sure it wasn't broken.

"I don't like them either. Come on, let's go to the nurse." He said.

Looking at him, she wiped away her tears and nodded as she let him lead her off into the school to have her injured hand cleaned and wrapped.

(At home…)

"WHAT?!" Jun shrieked in anger.

After she got home, Daisuke changed her clothing to simple jeans and a black tank top while V-Mon told the magenta haired woman what had happened at school that day.

"Mm-hm. I thought for sure Daisuke would've beaten the ugly bastard into the pavement, but she didn't. She kept her anger in check and didn't try to punch anyone. But, she did punch a wall." V-Mon sweat dropped.

"Well, I'm proud of you, sis. You didn't start a fight. That shows how mature you're getting." Jun smiled at the girl who was staring out her window.

"Yeah, but how will Motou-kun deal with this? He's so sweet and innocent…" Daisuke frowned in worry as she stared at the Kame Game across the street.

Jun's eyes narrowed sadly, but there was a happy twinkle in her eyes at the fact that her sister had found a new friend she cared about.

Walking over to her sister, Jun placed her hands on the girl's shoulders making dark chocolate eyes look up into their matching pair, only Jun's were more narrowed and sharp around the edges like a cat's eyes.

"With a friend like you, I'm sure he'll be perfectly fine." Jun smiled.

Nodding at this, Daisuke looked down at her right hand, her knuckles being bandaged properly.

V-Mon's ears twitched as she looked out the window and saw Yuugi run out of his house and down the street towards the school.

For some odd reason, this made the dragon's stomach turn as she felt concern for the boy in case Ushio was still at the school.

"Um, Daisuke, don't panic." V-Mon spoke up.

The sisters glanced over at the dragon curiously.

"V-Mon, what's wrong?" Jun asked.

V-Mon chuckled nervously at the 19 year old who was dressed in a red sundress, her hands on her hips as she gave the dragon a stern look a mother would give to her naughty child.

"Uh, Yuugi might have…run outside. Towards the school. Where that psycho could possibly be waiting to attack him." V-Mon muttered.

It was silent as the two humans took in those words, eyes going wide in shock.

Quickly shooting up to her feet, Daisuke grabbed her D-3 and clipped it to her jeans while her D-Terminal was in her pocket.

Running to the door, she shoved her white sneakers on her feet while V-Mon and Jun ran over to her.

"Daisuke, where are you going?" Jun asked.

"I need to help Motou-kun. I can't let that creep hurt him." Daisuke announced.

"I'm going with you. If he tries to hurt you, I can evolve and scare him off." V-Mon said with her fists clenched.

Smiling at her partner, Daisuke threw the door open as V-Mon jumped on her back, clinging to the girl's shoulders.

Jun leaned against the doorframe as she watched her younger sister running off to help her friends and she sighed.

"Well, looks like she'll be getting into a fight after all. I swear, if that son of a bitch hurts my baby sister, I'll tear him apart!" Jun growled as she punched her right fist into her left palm.

As Daisuke ran towards the school, panic was filling her, images of Yuugi crying in pain and fear as bruises and blood coated his battered body while Ushio stood above him laughing cruelly filled her mind.

She couldn't believe that she found someone to care about so fast, but she did so she wasn't going to let anything happen to him.

When she finally made it to the school, she ran to the back where she was sure she'd find them and sure enough, there was Ushio and Yuugi.

Something that surprised her though was that Jounouchi and Honda were both there as well and the blonde was kneeling in front of Yuugi who was beaten up and on the ground.

"Motou-kun!" Daisuke cried out as she ran over making the boys all look at her.

She kneeled down in front of her friend and brushed his bangs out of his face seeing the tears that were seeping from his closed eyes.

"I…asked the puzzle…for some true friends." Yuugi confessed making tears spring to the child of Miracles' eyes.

Jounouchi then pulled out a piece of the puzzle from his pocket and placed it in Yuugi's hand while the puzzle lay on the ground.

"Ushio-san! Up until now, I've respected you. But…I can't just let this stand!" Honda declared as Jounouchi stood up beside him.

"Oh! You think 2 on 1 is going to make you win?" Ushio sneered.

Both males charged at him while Daisuke tended to Yuugi, pulling him up onto her lap.

"Motou-kun, wake up. Please, open your eyes." She begged as she shook his shoulder.

"Daisuke, he looks pretty bad." V-Mon observed.

Ushio then punched Jounouchi in the face while he lifted his leg up behind him and kicked Honda in the stomach.

"This is what happens to those who defy me! Remember this!" Ushio laughed mockingly.

He then walked over to Yuugi, but Daisuke leaned the upper half of her body over the boy to protect him and sent a glare up at the brute.

"Don't you dare touch him you monster!" she yelled.

"Eh, you just don't listen, Daisuke-chan." Ushio smirked.

His arm shot out and he grabbed Daisuke by the hair, pulling her up until her feet were off the ground and she cried out from the pain in her head and felt some strands of hair being ripped out from her scalp.

Kicking her legs out, she hit Ushio in the face and kicked his nose making it bleed and he threw the girl into a wall as V-Mon snarled at the brute who laughed.

Yuugi then heard the noise and stared over at the three injured teenagers and he gasped in shock at them being harmed.

Thankfully, Daisuke was still conscious but was moaning in pain as she glared at the brute who was walking away laughing.

Yuugi felt tears in his eyes, but then he noticed that the last piece of the puzzle, the Eye of Horus, was in his hand and he looked over at the puzzle that was on the ground beside him.

Weakly, he reached over and inserted the Eye in its place and the puzzle began to glow which caught the attention of Daisuke as she looked over.

A beam of light hit Yuugi's forehead as the Eye of Horus took form on his forehead and then his shadow seemed to grow on the building behind him.

Light shone around as the wind blew and Yuugi seemed to grow while his eyes became tinted with red as he stood up and his bangs even seemed to spike up.

"Mo-Motou-kun?" Daisuke asked as she stared in awe at the transformation.

"So… It's game time." Yuugi said in a deeper voice.

Ushio then turned to face the newly confident Yuugi and Daisuke pushed herself up as V-Mon ran over to her.

Just then, a building appeared under the duo of Miracles and they noticed that Ushio was hanging from a rope attached to the building and Yuugi was standing beside the mahogany haired girl.

"What are you?! Bastard! Yuugi!" Ushio cursed.

"Yo! Ushio-san. I've got what you want right here." Yuui smirked.

"What?! You got the money? So you brought it. Then I wouldn't have needed to put you through that. So hurry up and hand it over." Ushio demanded.

"How boring, just handing it over." Yuugi commented.

"Motou-kun, what are you doing?" Daisuke asked.

"Don't worry, Daisuke-hime. Everything will be fine." Yuugi winked at her.

A blush unwillingly found its way on her face as she looked at the male, wondering why he had changed so much.

"What?!" Ushio asked.

"How about it? Have a little game with me." Yuugi smirked.

"Game?!" Ushio repeated.

"Game?" Daisuke asked confused.

"I think he's lost it." V-Mon's stated.

"But it's no ordinary game… It's a Yami Game." Yuugi said as his eyes glowed red.

"Ha! Interesting. I, Ushio, have never lost at any game! I accept!" he declared.

"Impressive, Ushio-san. Here we go." Yuugi then hopped off the building, revealing he had a rope tied around his waist.

As he fell, he also revealed a line-up of cards on the side of the building.

"The rules are simple. Flip over these cards, person goes up by value on the card… The other goes down. The person who makes it to the top wins the prize." Yuugi explained.

"Alright, I got it! Then I'll start! 10 of diamonds! Well, Yuugi, better prepare yourself." Ushio said as he counted when he climbed up.

"Oh, this isn't good. Not good at all." Daisuke said as she stared down at the males.

"Wanna fly away now?" V-Mon asked.

"…In a few minutes." Daisuke relented.

"I've got 10." Yuugi showed off his card and started climbing.

Every time Yuugi would climb further, the duo of Miracles cheered, but when Ushio climbed up they jeered and yelled 'Boo!' at the cruel male.

Soon enough, Yuugi was also one more step away from winning while Ushio was all the way at the bottom, boiling in anger.

"What's the matter, Ushio-san? Nothing left? I'm one step away from the top." Yuugi said as he sent a wink over at Daisuke.

"Shut up! The next card I pick will turn this around! J-Joker…" Ushio stared in shock at his card.

"Too bad, Ushio-san. Joker is a miss. My turn." Yuugi said.

"What?! Don't screw with me! You fixed this from the beginning!" Ushio accused.

"That's the pot calling the kettle black." V-Mon commented with her hands on her hips.

"Ace of Diamonds. Victory is mine." Yuugi showed off the card making the females cheer.

"Shut up!" Ushio yelled as he started climbing.

"Breaking the rules? If you do that, you'll face something terrible." Yuugi told him.

"Quiet!" Ushio yelled as he threw a punch at the male, but Yuugi dodged.

"I knew you couldn't obey the rules." Yuugi said.

"Fall!" Ushio yelled as he snapped Yuugi's rope and the tri colored boy fell.

"No! Motou-kun!" Daisuke yelled in horror.

V-Mon hissed as she held her arms out protectively in front of her human, preparing to attack if the brute came near them.

"I did it!" Ushio laughed as he reached for the money, but was stunned to see it was a deck of cards.

"What is this?! It's not money!" Ushio said.

"The Door of Darkness has been opened." Yuugi said as he appeared behind Daisuke and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Startled, she turned to see that the Eye of Horus was glowing gold on his forehead as Ushio fell back off of the building.

"The Yami Game shows a person's true character. You will be swallowed in your own greed." Yuugi said.

In the water below, a monster burst out of the water and swallowed the man up as he screamed.

The scenery then returned to normal and Daisuke looked back at Yuugi to see him smiling down at her.

"Motou-kun… No, you aren't Motou-kun. Who are you?" she asked.

"You'll find out soon enough, my princess." He grinned at her and then closed his eyes as he was covered in light and transformed back into Yuugi.

"Huh? Daisuke-chan? What happened?" he asked looking dazed.

"Um, I'm not sure." She answered as she looked around.

What had just happened here?

(The next day…)

Yuugi and Daisuke then walked into school to hear people speaking about Ushio being hospitalized due to being scared to death.

"My treasure." Yuugi laughed as he stared fondly at the puzzle he wore around his neck.

"It looks great on you." Daisuke smiled making him blush.

"Yo Yuugi, Daisuke." Jounouchi greeted as he stepped out from a hallway.

"Jounouchi-kun. Good morning." Yuugi greeted.

"Yo." Daisuke ginned.

"I'm following your example, I brought my treasure today. Want to see? Heh heh, too bad! My treasure… You can see it but you cannot, so I can't show it to you." Jounouchi grinned.

"You can see it but you can't?" Yuugi asked.

"That sounds familiar…" Daisuke commented as she thought back to the puzzle's quiz.

"It's friendship. We can see it in each other… But you can't see courage itself, right?" Jounouchi smiled.

Yuugi smiled happily with tears in his eyes and a blush while Daisuke swelled with pride at her two digi mentals being mentioned.

"Yeah!" Yuugi nodded.

"That's really wise. I'm impressed." Daisuke smiled sweetly.

Jounouchi then got flustered over the things he said and turned away.

"So… Class is starting!" he then ran down the hall, one of his shoes flying off.

"Jounouchi-kun, you dropped your shoe!" Yuugi called as he picked it up and chased after him.
"Hey, stop running! Wait for me!" Daisuke called as she chased after them.

To be continued…