"Devil Gamer; Trap from Hell"

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A few days later Anzu, Honda, Miho and Jounouchi started spending time with Yuugi and Daisuke much to their surprise and delight.

Finally, Daisuke had decided to tell her sister what had happened with Yuugi and Ushio making the magenta haired woman stare at her sister in surprise from across the kitchen table.

"He's being possessed by a spirit who uses dark magic? That's strange. I think you should watch yourself when you're around him." Jun frowned in worry.

The woman was dressed in a black skirt with a white blouse on top and had brushed her hair up into a ponytail to hold the long spikey hair back.

"I know, but Motou-kun is still my friend. Sure, he has a darker half, but he's still my friend. I won't just abandon him because of it." Daisuke said.

Chibimon was eating her breakfast as she watched the two girls get ready for the day.

They were still confused about why Yuugi had gone through that strange transformation and became a different person.

Daisuke had been thinking over a name to call this alter ego of Yuugi's since she knew they weren't the same person and remembered how the male seemed to be obsessed with Yami Game.

In the end, she decided to dub this Other Yuugi as Yami.

"Oh, by the way, be careful. The news said that a convict escaped prison, so keep Chibimon with you at all times. Understand?" Jun pointed at her sister with a stern look.

"Got it. Hop in, Chibimon. We have to pick up Motou-kun." Daisuke held her open backpack to the dragon.

"Okay!" Chibimon stood up and jumped into the bag.

Walking over to her sister, Jun kissed her cheek and then walked out of the house, her purse slung over her shoulder.

Placing the empty dishes in the sink, the teenager quickly rinsed them and then washed them before running out the door, locking it behind her.

She then ran across the street over to the Kame Game shop and walked inside, searching for her tri colored hair friends.

"Motou-kun?" she called.

A short old man then walked up to the front desk of the shop when he spotted the girl and smiled at her.

"Ah, hello! You must be Daisuke-chan! Yuugi talks about you a lot." The man smiled.

He had a mustache and had the same spikey hair style as Yuugi, only it was gray while his eyes were the same color as his grandson's.

"Yes, it's nice to meet you, sir. I'm Motomiya Daisuke." She greeted with a smile.

The man laughed in good nature as the girl walked up to the desk, her eyes roaming around the toy shop in wonder.

She had the same innocence and joy in her eyes that his grandson had and it warmed his heart.

"Hello, Daisuke-chan. I am Motou Sugoroku, but feel free to call me Gramps or Grandpa. It's nice to finally meet you. Why are you here this early?" he asked kindly.

"Oh, Motou-kun and I have been walking to school lately. My sister and I live across the street. See?" Daisuke pointed to the house.

Sugoroku nodded at that as he then turned his attention to the hallway behind him where the kitchen was located.

"Yuugi, hurry! Your girlfriend is waiting on you!" the man called cheerfully.

There was a squeak from the boy and clattering which sounded like tableware being thrown into a sink as Yuugi rushed out with his backpack dragging on the floor.

"Sorry, Daisuke-chan!" he gave a shy smile with a small blush.

What confused Daisuke was that the boy didn't deny Sugoroku's accusation of them being a couple and the old man took notice of this, a mischievous grin appearing on his face.

"It's okay. Come on. We don't want to be late. It was nice meeting you, Gramps!" The mahogany haired girl smiled at Sugoroku.

"Come back as much as you want, Daisuke-chan!" he called.

"See you later, Gramps!" Yuugi waved as he and his friend walked out of the shop.

"So, how did you like my grandpa?" Yuugi asked as they walked down the street.

"He seemed like a nice guy. So, you still have your puzzle with you?" the girl noted.

The boy nodded eagerly as he looked down at the puzzle around his neck, happiness filling him when he thinks of the good luck it had brought him.

If it hadn't been for the puzzle, then he never would have spoken to Daisuke and then Jounouchi, Anzu, Miho and Honda wouldn't have become friends with him.

"I decided to wear it every day from now on." He announced.

"It looks good on you. I just hope nothing bad happens to it. Like you lose it or someone steals it." the girl commented.

"That won't happen. You worry too much." Yuugi chuckled lightly.

"We're friends. It's in the job description." Daisuke joked making the tri colored boy beam at her words.

(At school…)

"All done, all done!" Jounouchi stretched as he yawned when the bell signaled the end of the day.

"Hey, Yuugi, Daisuke. Where should we go on the way home?" the blonde asked as the duo walked by his desk.

"How about that restaurant that opened up?" Daisuke suggested.

Anzu heard this and tensed up as she looked over at the group, listening in on the group talking.

"Ah, you mean Burger World. I heard their hamburgers are famous for how delicious they are." Yuugi explained.

"Wait a minute you guys!" Honda called as he walked up to them.

"Ah! The one who failed to become a first year student president, instead became a janitor, Honda-kun." Jounouchi teased.

"Not janitor, Beautification club! Hey, you! You know stopping on the way home is against school rules!" Honda scolded.

"I want to check out Burger World!" Miho cheered as she ran over, her violet eyes shining with excitement.

"Let's go!" Honda cheered making Jounouchi and Daisuke roll their eyes.

"Hey, you…" Jounouchi muttered at the brunette's sudden change of heart.

"H-Hold on, everyone…" Anzu called making everyone turn to her.

"Did you day Burger World?" she asked with a nervous smile.

"Anzu, want to go too?" Yuugi asked happily which made Daisuke frown suddenly at the cute smile he gave the brunette.

"Don't joke! I heard that restaurant's food was terrible! It's true! I heard people became sick on the grand opening day. You definitely should not go!" Anzu stressed as she moved her arms around wildly.

Everyone stared at her confused and a bit surprised at her sudden change of attitude.

"Anyway, didn't Sensei say that a villain broke out of prison?" Anzu reminded.

"Ah, that's right! A big villain! The whole town is in a panic." Yuugi said.

"You're scared? You got no guts." Jounouchi commented.

"Um, but, he's big and scary…" Yuugi whimpered.

"I heard he had a pistol! How scary!" Miho whined.

"My sister told me this morning. She was worried. I hope she gets home alright." Daisuke frowned in worry.

"Don't worry. I'm sure he left town by now. Why would a criminal want to stay in a small place like this?" Honda shrugged.

Suddenly, the group noticed that Anzu had walked out of the classroom and they grew suspicious of her sudden behaviour.

"But you know, Yuugi…hasn't Anzu been weird lately?" Jounouchi asked.

"Yeah, it's been a while since we walked home together." Yuugi commented which made Daisuke look at him.

They used to walk home together? Since when?

"Could it be, Anzu, that girl…is doing 'dating for pay'?" Jounouchi asked making Miho gasp with a look of horror while Yuugi appeared embarrassed and outraged.

Jounouchi was suddenly hit over the head by an annoyed Daisuke.

"Don't say stupid things like that." She glared at the blonde.

"Yeah, what are you saying, Jounouchi?! Our school doesn't have people like that!" Honda yelled at Jounouchi.

"Yeah! Anzu would never do something like that!" Yuugi defended the tall brunette female.

"Why so upset? Your face is all red. Could you be…?" Jounouchi trailed off with a mischievous grin.

Daisuke didn't like the implications that Jounouchi was making and she growled lowly under her breath while Miho looked troubled as she thought about Anzu.

"No, that's not it!" Yuugi denied with a red face.

Miho then ran out of the room when Honda and Jounouchi started teasing Yuugi while Daisuke was bubbling over in anger and she left the room as well.

Chibimon poked her head out of the school bag to see her partner had an annoyed look on her face as she stormed down the hallway, eager to get home.

"Daisuke, you okay?" the baby dragon asked.

"No!" the girl snapped.

Stopping at the stairs, the girl took in a deep breath to calm herself down as she then looked back at Chibimon who was staring at her with wide scarlet eyes.

"Sorry, Chibimon. I just don't like hearing the teasing." Daisuke apologized.

"That's okay. I know you're only upset because you really like Yuugi." The baby dragon sang cheerfully.

Hearing that, the mahogany haired girl blushed as she remembered the kind smiles that Yuugi gave her and the flirtatious looks Yami sent her way a few days ago.

She wondered if Yuugi would look exactly like Yami when he got older and she shook the thought from her mind.

"That isn't true." Daisuke denied as she continued down the stairs.

Chibimon just smirked as she hid back inside the school bag, mentally singing that Daisuke and Yuugi liked each other.

(The next day…)

It was the end of the day and the group was standing around Jounouchi's desk as he told them about a new video game he had played.

"Also, it's so hard that I can't even clear the first level. You guys should try it." he told them.

"Okay." Yuugi agreed.

"Sounds fun! Miho wants to go too!" the blue haired girl cheered.

"Miho." Anzu called from the doorway making the bluenette look over at the girl.

"Ah, that's right… Sorry, I can't today." Miho apologized.

"We're going to be pretty busy for a while. So don't tempt us. So, let's go, Miho." Anzu said as the two girls left the room.

"See you!" Miho called to the group who stared after them in confusion.

"H-Huh? Miho-chan?" Honda asked.

"That's strange." Daisuke blinked curiously.

"So, Miho has become her fellow 'date for hire'? What a horrible world it is becoming." Jounouchi commented.

"J-Jounouchi! You bastard! Miho-chan wouldn't do that! Take that back! Or else I will cut your guts out!" Honda threatened taking great offense to the girl he liked being accused of such filth.

"Yeah, Jounouchi-kun, that's pretty rude." Yuugi admonished.

"What makes you think they're even doing something like that?" Daisuke placed her hands on her hips.

"You guys are naïve. Didn't you know? Which lunch bentou did you think Anzu bought today? It's the top level stamina bentou! Can you believe it? The stami-ben that we've never eaten once before! In other words, she must have money!" Jounouchi concluded.

Everyone stared at the blonde in disbelief for his reasoning.

He thought that Anzu and Miho were selling their bodies because they were acting secretive and had more money?

Daisuke then whacked Jounouchi over the head making him yelp at the sudden violence from the shorter girl.

"I thought you didn't like violence." He growled as he rubbed his head.

"I don't like perverted idiots either." She retorted.

(At home…)

Jun stared at her sister in shock at what the girl had told her and sighed as she set the bowl of rice she was eating down on the table.

"Dating for hire? Jounouchi seriously thinks Anzu and Miho would do that?" the magenta haired woman asked.

"Yes. Can you believe that?" Daisuke frowned as she stuffed some fried shrimp into her mouth.

"What is date for hire anyway?" V-Mon asked.

The two sisters were silent at that, both unsure of what to do or say to explain this to the female dragon.

V-Mon looked between the sisters, curious as to what was wrong and why everyone was making such a deal with this.

"Um, dating for hire is…basically…prostitution." Jun told her.

"Oh." V-Mon nodded in understanding.

Her eyes then went wide as Jounouchi's words filled her mind.

"How dare that pervert accuse them of that?!" she snarled.

Jun chuckled lightly as Daisuke continued eating her food, her thoughts going back to what she had seen Yami do to Ushio.

She wondered what a Yami Game was and what the purpose of it was.

Also, when would she see him again to get some answers from him?

Seeing her sister lost in thought, Jun placed her hand on top of her sister's making the girl look up at her.

"You okay?" Jun asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just…wonder what this Yami guy has to do with Motou-kun." Daisuke sighed.

Sitting back in her seat, Jun thought over past events and wondered how the other Digidestineds would deal with a boy who had Darkness inside of him.

Would they have become friends with him or would they have shunned him like they had Ken after Chimeramon was defeated?

"Who knows? But I'm sure you'll see him again since you and Yuugi are always together." Jun told her.

"Oh yeah. After all, you're Yami's princess." V-Mon teased making the girl blush when she remembered the name Yami had called her.

"Princess?" Jun blinked at that.

"V-Mon, shut up!" Daisuke pouted making the dragon giggle.

(The next day…)

Jounouchi stretched as the final bell rang while Yuugi and Daisuke both stood up from their desks.

"Done! Hey Honda, been a while since we played basketball." The blonde said to his brunette friend.

"Sorry, I'm kinda busy today. Hey, let's go, Miho-chan." Honda smiled at the bluenette.

"Okay." Miho nodded.

Honda, Miho and Anzu then walked out of the room while Daisuke, Yuugi and Jounouchi watched them go curiously.

"Alright, now I'm suspicious." The mahogany haired girl frowned.

"Hey… You're not going to say that Honda-kun is dating for money too, are you?" Yuugi asked the blonde.

"No! That's impossible! He might be seeing a rich old lady. Obviously." Jounouchi said.

"Those three have been acting strangely." Yuugi noted.

"Ugh, that's it! I've had it. Let's just go ask them what's going on." Daisuke said as she ran out of the room.

"Daisuke-chan!" Yuugi gasped as he chased after the girl.

"Yeah, let's spy on them!" Jounouchi smiled as he followed the short duo.

Running out of the school, the trio hid as they watched Anzu, Miho and Honda walk off.

Anzu suddenly stopped and she turned around, sensing someone behind her but the trio quickly hid themselves and seeing no one there, the brunette female continued on her way.

Once safe, the trio continued to follow their secretive friends and were surprised when they saw the building they walked inside of.

"This is…" Jounouchi trailed off.

"This is Burger World!" Daisuke exclaimed.

"Why?!" Yuugi questioned since Anzu had bad mouthed the restaurant.

Walking up to the restaurant, the trio stood in front of the doors that automatically slid open to reveal the secretive trio dressed in different uniforms as they struck poses and smiled.

"Welcome! Welcome to Burger World!" Anzu, Miho and Honda all greeted cheerfully.

The two girls wore yellow ribbons in their hair, had on lime green colored sleeveless shirts, yellow ties around their necks, and had emerald colored skirts that were held by with dark blue belts and finally, green shoes.

Honda was dressed in a lime green shirt with a red bow tie around his neck, emerald colored jeans and black shoes.

The two trios stared at each other in silence, the tension being uncomfortable.

"Anzu." Yuugi said in surprise.

This made the three teenaged workers turn away, embarrassment and mortification on their faces.

"Y-You guys! What are you doing here?!" Jounouchi asked.

When they didn't answer, it annoyed the blonde.

"Hey, say something!" he demanded.

"Wh-What are you saying?! Can't you tell?! It's a part time job! Look as we sweat beautifully at work." Honda yelled at him.

"Hey, you, part time work is forbidden by school rules right?" Jounouchi reminded.

"It is? How stupid!" Daisuke commented.

"Don't speak of it, Jounouchi! I also-I also was troubled… I thought of the meaning… However…"Honda trailed off as he started to cry.

"But…Miho wants so many things." Miho whined as she pointed to herself while Honda nodded at her words.

"Hey, hey, you guys." A male voice called making the six teenagers look over as a man approached them.

His hair was red, though it appeared to be tinted pink and his eyes were gray while he wore the same uniform as Honda.

The man smiled at the group, but Daisuke felt uneasy as he was near them and felt her Crest grow warm which made her wonder why as she lifted her hand and placed it over her Crest.

"They're customers, right? Hurry and lead them to their seats." The man, who was obviously the manager, told his workers before he walked off.

Anzu then lead Yuugi, Jounouchi and Daisuke to their seats, though she appeared to be tense and had a forced smile on her face.

Once they were seated, she walked off while Miho and Honda flitted around the restaurant, working on taking orders or clearing tables.

"H-Hey, Jounouchi-kun, Daisuke-chan. I think coming here embarrassed them. Anzu seems mad…" Yuugi spoke up.

"Ha! Serves her right. Their fault for keeping secrets." Jounouchi stated in amusement.

"Why didn't they just tell us? They had us worrying." Daisuke sighed as she set her bag down.

Chibimon poked her head out and was happy that Jounouchi was proven wrong.

Looking over at Anzu, Yuugi blushed as he thought that she looked cute in the uniform, but then his mind pictured Daisuke wearing the uniform with the ribbon tied into a bow in her hair and his face went bright red at that thought.

"Thanks for waiting." Anzu walked over with a fake smile that sent chills up their spines.

"Anzu." Yuugi said.

"At this restaurant, let me put plenty of ketchup on your burger." Anzu said with a cruel look as she squirted ketchup all over the trio's burgers, some of the ketchup hitting their faces.

Looking down at their burgers, they found that the girl had written 'I won't forgive you if you blab.' onto their burgers.

"Dramatic much?" Daisuke muttered under her breath as she wiped away the ketchup on her face with a napkin.

"Anzu…" Yuugi trailed off.

Anzu placed her hand on her hip as she turned to walk off which annoyed Jounouchi.

"Anzu, hey you!" he called after her making her stop.

"Well, now that you know about my job, I won't keep this hidden anymore." Anzu turned to the trio with a true smile on her face.

"I'm saving money, when I graduate, I'm going to America." She told them.

"America?" the boys asked.

"Why?" Daisuke blinked curiously.

"I'm going to study dance in New York. It's my dream. You better not laugh." Anzu warned as she winked at them.

"I won't laugh! Right, Jounouchi-kun?" Yuugi asked.

"Yeah, relax Anzu! We're not going to blab. If I do blab, I'll buy 10,000 of these burgers." Jounouchi grinned.

"Daisuke?" Anzu asked the silent girl.

"I think it's a great dream. I won't tell. When in New York, you can visit my friend Mimi. I'm sure you'll like her." Daisuke giggled making the brunette smile.

"But, you know, how can this shop sell hamburgers with nothing but ketchup? What a cruel shop." Jounouchi teased.

"Relax, it's on me." Anzu assured as she walked off to continue her work.

After that, the trio started eating and Daisuke ate half of her burger before she quickly gave the other half to Chibimon before the boys saw her.

"Hey! Look, Yuugi, Daisuke! Something appears to be happening." Jounuchi said as he stared at the door.

Looking over at the entrance, the trio saw that Anzu, Honda, Mio and the manager were standing with a man wearing a brown jacket and a matching fedora talking.

Being curious, the trio followed after the group as they moved to the back to talk in private to hear what was going on.

"No way! Escaped convict?!" Miho gasped loudly only for Anzu to slap a hand over her mouth in case one of the customers heard.

"So-So, you're saying the convict might be in this restaurant?" the manager asked nervously.

"Yeah. There was a report this morning. This seems to be the focal point of the break-ins. So I'm searching this area." The detective said.

"Um-Umm… What does the culprit look like?" the manager asked.

The detective then pulled out a picture of a man who had tanned skin, brown haired and he had spikey blue hair with yellow streaks.

The man was named Tetsu the Hedgehog and the group looked out towards the customers nervously in case the man was in the building.

"Seems he's not here." Jounouchi said.

"He's a master of disguise. It's rare to see him out of disguise." The detective informed.

"Alright, we'll check each one." Jounouchi decided.

"How though?" Daisuke asked.

"Does the criminal have any other characteristics?" the manager asked.

"3 days ago, when stealing jewels, it seems he had a struggle with the guard. The fallen guard was able to hit the fleeing culprit in the right calf with his baton that might have left a mark." The detective explained.

"If so… Let's use that." Anzu said making everyone look at her as she pointed to a basket filled with toy cars for the children meals.

Walking over, she tipped the basket over when none of the customers were looking and the cars fell to the ground, rolling away in different directions around the restaurant.

With that done, everyone went to work to collect the toy cars while also searching for the bruise on anyone's calf.

"My heart is pounding just watching!" Miho whispered to Yuugi since they weren't looking.

"Wow… Everyone's so brave." Yuugi commented as he watched Daisuke carefully look over a man's calf and quickly left with the car in her hand.

The tri haired boy was worried that something bad would happen.

"Mr. Customer, please do not put your legs on the table." Anzu said as she approached a man.

He was pudgy and was smoking and the girl grabbed his legs to check for the mark discreetly while trying to make it look like all she wanted was to move his legs to the floor.

"What are you doing, you bitch?!" he snapped at her.

"Hey, watch your mouth!" Daisuke glared as she stepped up beside Anzu.

Anzu wrapped her arms around the girl and pulled her away from the rude man as the manager ran over in case the angered man decided to get rough with the girls.

"S-Sorry Mr. Customer. We have a situation." The redhead apologized.

"Don't give me that! Messing with a man's resting time, what are you thinking?!" the smoking man yelled.

The detective then ran over and showed off his badge to the man who was shocked.

"Police?!" he gasped.

"Excuse me, everyone. It's probable that an escaped convict is in this shop. We have to check your legs. The culprit should have a bruise on his calf where a guard hit him." the detective explained to the restaurant.

"H-Hey, what's the meaning of this?!" a stern looking woman shouted.

"Escaped convict?" an old man asked.

"Sounds interesting!" a younger man chuckled.

"Are you sure you're not mistaken? Anyway, this town's police are out of it. You lost the convict that escaped before too." Another man spoke up.

"That… Is true." The detective sighed, shamed by this.

"Mr. Cop, is there no other clue about the culprit?" Jounouchi asked the man.

"Yeah… In prison he was once admitted to the hospital. He had an allergic reaction to eating eggs." The detective explained.

Anzu perked up as an idea suddenly came to her.

"Allergy to eggs? Oh, it that's true then… If the culprit is here, we'll know right away. Because our hamburger buns have plenty of egg in them." She announced loudly for everyone to hear.

Suddenly, the man who had laughed before began to sway and looked a bit ill which the detective took notice to as he walked over to the blonde man dressed in the pink jacket and wore sunglasses.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Shut up! Move!" The man yelled as he tried to run away, but his wig fell off to reveal his blue hair with the yellow streaks while his glasses also fell off his face.

"Tasaki Tetsu, you're under arrest!" the detective yelled at the man.

"First call an ambulance! Please hurry and call an ambulance! I'm extremely weak against eggs!" Tetsu cried out fearfully.

"Fool. It was a lie." Anzu said making everyone look at her.

"What?!" Tetsu asked stunned.

"Our burger is 100% wheat flour." Anzu explained making Daisuke giggle at the girl's genius idea.

"Shit!" Tetsu cursed as he charged at the girls, but they quickly dodged as the manager was tackled and the detective quickly dove into the pile to handcuff the blue haired man.

While struggling, Tetsu noticed that a leg in front of him was showing off a bruise since the pants' leg had risen up.

"This is the bruise on the calf?! What's going on?! Anyway, no cop hit me…" Tetsu said.

As he observed the leg, something clicked in his mind.

"Wait… If there were a criminal besides myself… So that must mean, this is the culprit! It's this man!" Tetsu yelled.

"Jerk!" the detective yelled as he pulled Tetsu up.

Tetsu had hold on the manager's shirt and it was ripped off to reveal a large tattoo on the redhead's back that looked like a spider.

"This… This tattoo! The Yellow Spider, Jirou!" Tetsu yelled.

The manager then stood up and held a gun in his hand as he ran at the girls and quickly grabbed Daisuke since she was shorter than Anzu.

"Daisuke!" Anzu gasped in fear as the girl was grabbed.

Jirou covered the girl's mouth as he held the pistol to her temple making her whine while Chibimon gasped in horror.

"If you move, she's dead." Jirou warned.

"You're…" Jounouchi trailed off.

"The Yellow Spider, Jirou?" the detective asked.

"Yeah. I changed my face with surgery and blended into this town. Tetsu the Hedgehog, I never thought you'd come to this restaurant. Even in disguise, I could recognize you in a glance. I was able to tell what places you were going to rob. I'm different from before. Right. I was the one who robbed Ushijima bank and stole jewels!" Jirou smirked.

"That's right! Both times before my robberies I ate hamburgers here! He took advantage of my habit?! My burger!" Tetsu yelled dramatically.

Daisuke tried to struggle out of Jirou's hold, kicking him in the knee, but it was a weak blow since he moved his leg back.

"Knock it off, bitch!" he yelled as he pushed the barrel of the gun right in front of her face.

Chibimon was growling in anger at that and she wanted to run over to save her human, but couldn't digivolve since Daisuke didn't have her digivice with her.

"Everyone get down!" Jirou demanded to the crowd.

Everyone did as they were told, getting to the floor so the criminal didn't turn their gun on them as well.

"Daisuke-chan…" Yuugi whispered in worry for the girl.

"Humans, when they lose their sight, they become so scared they can't even scream. Look." Jirou smirked as he used his tie to blind fold Daisuke.

The girl was glaring at him which made him scoff in amusement as he then backhanded her and she hit the ground.

"Daisuke-chan!" Yuugi cried out.

"Shit! That bastard!" Jounouchi cursed.

Smirking in satisfaction, Jirou pulled the blind folded girl onto her feet and led her over to a booth and forced her to sit down in the seat and he sat beside her.

"So… Someone bring me what I demand. You, the gutless looking kid, you do it." Jirou said to Yuugi.

"The rest of you close your eyes and don't move. Anyone moves gets this…" Jirou then lifted the gun up to the ceiling and pulled the trigger making the people jump in fear.

"Shit!" Honda cursed.

"First, bring me alcohol and tobacco. I had to quit all my old hobbies. I had to quit drinking and smoking… However, now, in reverse I suddenly feel free!" Jirou said with a sinister tone and look.

Yuugi collected the things that Jirou wanted and fearfully walked over to the table as everyone kept their heads down with their eyes closed.

The boy was staring at Daisuke when her head perked up at the sound of his footsteps.

"Motou-kun, be careful." She warned him.

"Shut up!" Jirou snarled as he slapped the girl again.

"Daisuke-chan!" Yuugi yelled in fear, but then felt anger at what he saw.

Just then, his puzzle glowed as he seemed to grow and his eyes were tinted crimson, and those eyes were filled with rage as he glared at the man.

"Those who manhandle my precious princess will suffer. However, I feel like letting chance decide that." He spoke in a deeper voice.

"Yami." Daisuke whispered as she recognized the voice.

Chibimon was smiling as she mentally cheered on the dark spirit to defeat the evil man.

Walking over to the table, Yami set the bottle of alcohol on the table.

"I brought it just as you wished." He said as then, he sat down across from the redhead, a smug grin on his face as he relaxed in his seat.

"Hey, you, who said you could stay?!" Jirou demanded.

"What? I just thought you'd want a game partner. It's game time." Yami smirked.

"Oh, game? I guess I'm interested in it for a bit. In the past I used to gamble nonstop." Jirou confessed as he placed a cigarette in his mouth.

"However, it will be no ordinary game. It's a Yami Game, a game where your life is at stake." Yami informed.

Daisuke knew she should feel worried about being in the middle of these games again, but at the moment, she knew that this criminal needed to be stopped.

She would let Yami do as he wanted so long as none of the innocents got hurt.

"Sounds like fun! What's the rules?" Jirou asked.

"Rule… Just one. And that is, of these 10 fingers… All are not to move but the one you pick. We both choose our own. And only that finger can be used. So, which finger do you choose?" Yami asked.

"If that's the case, then of course it's the pointing finger. The finger used to pull the gun's trigger." Jirou said.

This news made Daisuke mentally curse at the obvious choice and prayed that Yami knew how to stop Jirou from shooting him.

"Okay. Then I choose this finger." Yami said holding up his thumb.

Jirou started pouring himself some of the alcohol into a glass as he looked over the boy.

"When the game starts, you can do whatever you want. Just follow the rules. Okay, here goes… Game start!" Yami said.

"With just this the game is over!" Jirou laughed as he held up his pistol.

Yami still had the smirk on his face as he pulled out a lighter and flicked the top open.

"That's right. I haven't lit my smoke yet." Jirou said as Yami moved the light across the table.

As he lit the lighter, the flame appeared close to the cigarette, lighting it and Jirou sucked in the nicotine before he breathed out the smoke making Yami smirk.

"Watch out…for the lighter." He said as the flame was still lit on the silver lighter.

"Do not try to move your hand." He continued as he dropped the lighter and it landed on the man's hand facing upwards.

"That's Russian Vodka you're pouring. It's 90% alcohol." Yami said since Jirou was continuing to pour the alcohol and it was spilling over the rim of the glass.

Hearing this, Daisuke moved her hands and lifted the blind fold off and fluttered her eyes to get used to the light again.

Looking across the table, she saw Yami sitting across from her with his arms crossed.

Seeing her looking at him, he winked at her again which confused her as she then looked at Jirou to see he was frozen in fear as in the lighter on sitting on top of the hand holding the bottle.

The alcohol was also spilling over the table and fell onto the man's lap, so if he moved his hand and the lighter fell, he would be lit of fire.

"Go ahead and shoot me. The recoil will make the lighter fall. Let's go, Daisuke-hime." Yami stood as he took Daisuke's hand and pulled her into his arms.

As he pulled the girl away from the booth, Jirou set the pistol down and grabbed the lighter off of his hand holding the bottle.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to follow the rules. The Yami Games are meant to expose humanity's failures and criminals." Yami explained.

The Eye of Horus was glowing on his forehead as the room seemed to have darkened around them and Jirou stared on in shock while Daisuke watched curiously.

"Those who break the rules are destined to suffer." Yami said.

"This kid is going to hell!" Jirou snarled as he pulled out his cigarette and grabbed the pistol.

"The gates of darkness have opened." Yami said calmly with a blank look.

Jirou then shot the pistol and dark flames appeared around the pistol, the flames transforming into a dragon that swallowed the man whole.

"Somebody… Anybody…Quickly! This madness…take it away!" he begged.

Everyone opened their eyes and looked over at the man to see nothing was wrong with him and assumed that he was hallucinating.

Chibimon sighed in relief when the police arrived and the two criminals were arrested, Yami still standing beside Daisuke.

"Are you alright?" he asked her.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for the help, Yami." She smiled at him.

He blinked at the name she had given him, but he simply smiled at that as he then transformed back into Yuugi who looked at the girl in front of him.

"Huh? Daisuke-chan, what happened?" he asked.

"Don't worry about. Motou-kun." She smiled at him as she gave him a hug making his face erupt in a blush.

Anzu, Miho, Jounouchi and Honda quickly rushed over to the duo to check on them, happy that they were safe.

"Daisuke, are you alright?" Anzu asked.

"Miho was so scared!" the bluenette cried.

Chibimon ran over and climbed up onto her partner's shoulder, sitting there as the girl smiling down at her dragon.

The group then walked outside of the restaurant to see the crowd that had gathered as Jirou and Tetsu were escorted into the police cars.

"Daisuke!" someone called.

Looking out to the crowd, Daisuke found Jun was behind the police tape and the girl ran over to her sister.

"Jun!" she called.

Once her sister was close enough, Jun pulled her into a hug and held her closely, relieved that she was safe while the rest of Daisuke's friends watched.

"What happened? Are you alright?" Jun asked as she looked her sister over.

"I'm fine, don't worry about it." Daisuke assured.

"Yeah, Yami arrived and saved the day." Chibimon told her.

"He did? Hmm, it seems that he only arrives when there's danger. Anyway, are you sure you're fine?" Jun asked her sister as the group walked over.

"I'm fine!" Daisuke exclaimed.

Seeing her friends walk over, Daisuke smiled at them.

"Everyone, this is my big sister, Jun." she introduced.

"Hello, it's nice to finally meet everyone. Daisuke's told me all about you." the magenta haired woman smiled at the group.

"Um, it's nice to meet you too." Anzu bowed politely along with Miho who grinned cheerfully.

"Um, Motomiya-san, why did you come here?" Honda asked.

"Oh, I had a feeling that Daisuke was in trouble. She wasn't at home when I arrived, so I went off to go find her. Thank you for taking care of her." Jun smiled.

"Ah, don't worry about it." Jounouchi blushed.

Jun nodded as the paramedics came over to check on the group to make sure they weren't hurt and then Jun took Daisuke and Yuugi home.

To be continued…