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"But little do our young friends know, of the evil that they would encounter, as 2 dark men plot their evil plans, right under their noses....."


The police station is shown for a brief moment. Camera zooms down under the ground to show a secret lab, full of horrific creatures in glass tubes and machines and computers everywhere.

"Good job Professor Birkins. You have succeeded in turning the whole town into gruesome, flesh eating creatures using your T-Virus," said a tall blonde man wearing sunglasses and black clothing. The typical bad guy wear.

"Yes, but I yet have to destroy those retched S.T.A.R.S members! They have been snooping around too much for their own good," says the evil scientist William Birkins with a sneer. "Wesker! I think it is time for a new virus!" Screams William over dramatically. "That's just what I was thinking," replies Wesker, grinning evilly. Both men throw their heads back and laugh, "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Music is now playing: (Think of Aladdin's 'A whole new world' tune)

William Birkins grabs Wesker's hands and they both hop onto a moving platform, which would give them a tour of Birkins labs.

William Birkins opens his mouth to sing.....and it ain't pretty:

"Take a look at this laaaaab

Cruel and evil how splendiiiddd

Tell me Wesker, now when-did-you last blast a good guys behiiind....."

Wesker smiles at William, his eyes shining with happiness as they zoomed through a place full of gruesome experiments.

William continue's:

"I can open your eeeeyes

Make you wonder and wonder

Of tyrants when they were younger

and of the hate they felt inside

A whole new virus!!

A new fantastic creation for you

No one to tell us no, or where to go

Or say we're only scheming."

Wesker flutters with joy and decides to join in the singing. He's luckily, not as bad as William due to singing lessons his mother forced him to go to when he was younger.

"A whole neww virus!!!

A dazzling creation, it's just so coool

But when I'm way up here

It's crystal clear

That I am lovin this whole new virus like youu"

Birkins: "Now I'm loving this virus like yooooou"

Wesker: "Unbelievable contamination!

Indescribable feeling

As the victim struggles and starts peeling

That is what this virus will do

A WHOLE NEW VIRUS!!!" (He closes his eyes from all the excitement)

Birkins: "Don't you bloody dare close your eyes!"

Wesker: "With hundreds of side affects you'll feel"

Birkins (cutting in): "More painful than my aunt Gretta!"

Wesker: "It's like an exploding car, it'll get you far, you'll never go back to where you used to be"

Birkins (cutting in): "A whole new virus!!"

Wesker(cutting in): "Every burn makes you cry"

Birkins(cutting in): "it's the evil plan I must pursue"

Wesker(cutting in): "oh it keeps getting better!"

Birkins and Wesker: "I'll use it anywhere, there's no time to spare, let me share this whole new virus with youuuuu" They are now holding hands and staring happily at each other.

Birkins: "A whole new virus"

Wesker: "A whole new virus"

Birkins: "I'm overwhelmed with glee"

Wesker: "overwhelmed with gleee"

Birkins: "for this horrifying waste"

Wesker: "with a wonderful taste"

Birkins and Wesker: "made exclusivelyyyyy"


Wesker sighs and stares at the green liquid virus which now lay in Birkins hands. "It's all so magical," he whispers.

"Why yes," replied Birkins with a smile. They look at one another then throw their heads back in laughter again. "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!"


Chris, Jill, Barry and Claire are all standing out side the R.P.D. building. Jill and Barry say their goodbyes to Claire and hop into the car. Chris smiles at Claire and gives her a warm, brotherly hug.

"Take care of yourself little sis. Remember to always lock ALL doors before going to sleep, all 56 of those locks. You never know what might try to break in, in the middle of the night and eat you. We live in a dangerous neighborhood you know," said Chris, giving Claire as much advice as he could before leaving her alone for the first time.

"Chris stop it!" she said chucking, "I'm not a child any more, I can take care of myself."

"Well, none the less if you need anything Skipper here will help. He's better than a guard dog, and more scary too!" Said Chris pointing at the licker next to Claire's feet, which was tied with a leash that Claire was holding.

"Good ol' Skipper the licker. He never let me down once. I'm so happy you bought him for my last birthday Chris!" Claire said patting 'Skipper' on the head, who affectionately licked her face almost causing her to fall backwards. The one thing that made Skipper an even better 'pet dog' was the fact he could jump 20 times farther to fetch and lick his master from 50 miles away.

"Ah, well he was the only vegetarian licker on the market. I couldn't have a pet that would eat us all now could I?"

Claire laughed. "Alright, your comrades are waiting for you, so piss off already!"

"I'll see ya soon Claire!" Shouted Chris as he ran over to the car and they were off.

Claire watched as her brother drove off out of sight and out of her life....for a few hours that is.

"Well Skipper, I guess it's just you and me huh?" said Claire patting Skipper again on the head, making sure she didn't hurt his exposed 'brains' too much. Skipper licked Claire's hands.

"Do not fear Claire, your knight in shining armour is here!" Came a squeaky voice behind Claire, causing her to groan.

"What? Not happy to see me??" Asked Steve, looking genuinely hurt.

"No Steve, it's just that I was hoping to spend some quality time with Skipper. He misses me so much whenever I go into town and-"

"Say no more Claire. We'll ALL play with Skipper!" said Steve smiling at Skipper and trying to give Skipper a pat. Skipper however, raised his claws and almost chopped Steve's hand off. "AHHH!"

"Skipper!! I'm surprised at you! How many times did I tell you to now use those claws on humans? We are fragile creatures and we feel pain!" Claire scolded Skipper who looked down apologetically.

"Ahem, no harm done. Well I suggest you keep a close eye on Skipper here. There's a new chic in town making coats out of lickers. Trust me it ain't pretty," said Steve, nodding knowingly.

"Oh man! That's terrible! Who's sick minded enough to do such a thing?!" Claire exclaims, covering her mouth with her hands theatrically.


Camera zooms to the attic of the Spencer mansion. An Asian woman in a red dress is shown, surrounded by lickers locked in cages.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA.....AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" she laughs evilly, raising both hands in the air. Her hair is quite messy and the make up on her face is very badly done.

"I have now collected 88 lickers for my new fashionable coat. All is need is 13 more to make a 101 lickers!! One of which will be the unique 'Veggie' licker! Oh what a beautiful coat that would make....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh Adella Wongille you are a GENIUS! HEEHEEHEE!!" Screamed the psycho woman again.

The lickers were terrified and the camera kept getting closer to 'Adellas' face as she laughed sinisterly. One could see she had not brushed her teeth in quite some time.


Later that day, Claire is sitting in the STARS room with Skipper at her feet. She's playing around with her magnum gun, which has a sticker of the 'made in heaven' logo. All of Claire's belongings contained that logo as it was her trademark.

Suddenly the door of the STARS room bursts open and Barry stumbles in. "Claire!!" he screams melodramatically falling down and crawling towards Claire in an over dramatic way.

"Barry? What is it??? Where's Chris?!" Shouted Claire running over to Barry, and tried helping him up.

"Oh it was terrible! Terrible I tell ya! There were moving, speaking guns, and other weapons, one little berretta sounded like a little girl even! We though 'heck ok so this is some freaky *beep*' but then this ugly ass thing popped out and screamed at us! It was huge it was frightening and it's face was made up of stitches! Oh it was horrible!"

"WHAT THE *BEEP* HAPPENED TO CHRIS?!" screamed Claire getting very impatient.

"Oh Chris? Oh yes! Chris! Oh Chris was captured! As soon as he mentioned he had a sister the monster grabbed him and took him somewhere and told me I could go free. I don't know what happened to Jill, I think she escaped before all of us. For all we know she might be dead!!! OHH THIS IS HORRIBLE!"

"Will you stop that whining?! I'm gonna go get Chris!" Said Claire getting her weapons ready and grabbing her motorcycle keys from the table.

"No it is too dangerous! Chris will kill me if he knows I let you go!" Barry said grabbing onto Claire's legs pleadingly.

"Oh harden up!" said Claire sternly as she kept on walking and dragging Barry behind her. "Barry let go!"

"Claire don't do this-"


Claire shot the ceiling above her head, and Barry let go instantly. "I'll be back, don't worry. And that monster will get what's coming to him....."


NEXT EPISODE: Claire will finally meet the nemesis (Leon). We learn some shocking news about Leon and we'll be seeing Jill and Chris again!

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