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Chapter 1: A New Hope Of Sorts

The Solomon have been on their mission on Earth for about 2 years now. It seems to Tommy Solomon that everybody else is having a great time, Sally has Don, Dick has Mary, Harry has...well Harry doesn't need much to be entertained, and he doesn't have anything. He is beginning to understand how Earth teen boys feel to be alone. He feels worthless and unwanted on Earth. He wishes he had never been assigned to this mission.
One night he sits alone out on the roof looking down at the street.
"I hate this place." Tommy mutters aloud.
A couple seconds later, Tommy hears the sound of what seems to be crying. He stands up and looks down at the street. Towards a corner Tommy can see what looks like a shadow of a girl sitting down with her head on her knees and her arms tightly wrapped around her legs, and she is crying. Tommy decides he might as well find out what was wrong with her so he left the roof and headed outside. Luckily Harry didn't notice him walk by and Dick and Sally were gone.
Tommy headed down the street to the corner. Once the girl was in vision he got a better look at her. She was wearing faded flare jeans, a black leather jacket and her dark red medium length hair swung down on her shoulders. He approached her slowly, and once he got by her side he spoke gently to her.
"Are you ok?" He said.
The girl looked up, her face drenched with tears, and her eyes full of hurt. She finally spoke. "No, I'm not ok. I just wish I could die."
Tommy felt a sense of compassion for the girl, not only because she was crying but because of how he felt. He didn't wish he could die, he wished he could just leave Earth entirely. So, he knelt down and sat beside the girl who looked surprised at his gesture. "What's bothering you so much that you would wish that?"
The girl looked at Tommy for a few seconds, then acted as if she felt a little more comfortable. "Nobody likes me. I always get made fun of. I don't fit in at all. I hate this life."
Tommy looked into the girls lost green eyes. "I don't fit in either. I'm such a looser. I know how you feel."
The girl laughed. "No, you can't be a looser. I don't see why any girl wouldn't be falling for you."
Tommy laughed also. "I was thinking just about the same for you."
"What's your name?" The girl asked.
"Tommy, Tommy Solomon. What's yours?" Tommy replied.
"Hi Tommy, I'm Melody, Melody Richards." Melody smiled.
"Well Melody, nice to meet you." Tommy smiled.
"It's nice to meet you also Tommy. Thank you, for talking to me. I needed somebody. It was really nice of you to do this, even if you are just humoring me." Melody said.
"No way! I'm not humoring you. I was up on my roof, I heard crying I wanted to see what was wrong. So, I came down to talk to you, and I'm glad I did." Tommy said.
Melody smiled then said. "You're really glad?"
"Yes!" Tommy laughed.
"I'm glad you came to talk to me also." Melody said.
A car screeched down the street and Tommy knew it was Dick's car. He stood up and looked down at Melody. "Listen Melody, I better be going. Can we meet again sometime?"
Melody stood up to face Tommy. "Sure. How about tomorrow? Same place, same time?"
Tommy smiled. "Sure, that sounds great."
"Bye Tommy." Melody said.
"Uh, bye Melody!" Tommy said turning the corning running to get back to his house.
When he walked in Dick of course was looking for him. "Tommy, where were you?"
"Uhhm, I was out walking." Tommy stuttered.
"Do you know what happened to me driving?" Dick didn't want for a reply. "Some inconsiderate beings threw eggs at my car. Do you get why?"
Tommy laughed. "Sure Dick, because it's funny."
Tommy walked out of the room to his room. he threw off his coat and shoes and fell back on to his bed smiling. He sensed something good could come between he and Melody. With that thought he fell asleep.