Ultimate Spider-Man: Darkness Falls

Prologue: The Church

The priest walked over to the coffin, and stared inside. He was wondering what had happened to the person inside.

It'd been said that he was poisoned, but he'd seen burn marks and what looked to be rope burns on the body, and now he was wondering what the truth was.

"Could this have something to do with Demons?" he asked himself. It was just too weird.

The man hadn't even had a family, and so no one showed up for his funeral. In the church at that moment, it was only the priest and the body.

"Come on, some one please show me a sign of what truly could have happened!" the priest cried out. His curiosity was very peaked, and it wouldn't stop.

As the priest sat down on one of the benches, he heard the sounds of thunder and lightning outside. He'd never known it would be storming.

He heard footsteps outside the sanctuary. He turned, but did not see anybody standing in the doorway.

"Hello?" the priest called out. "Is someone there?"

But no one answered him. The priest was now scared, and didn't know what was going on. His curiosity peaked even more, and made him want to go out and investigate the strange sounds.

"Hello?" the priest called out again as he made his way to the back of the sanctuary to the exit. "Is someone there? I keep hearing noises, and I don't know if someone is there or not, and if you're some dumb kid, I want to know why you're doing this."

Once more, there was no answer. The priest was still believing this to be some kind of a prank, to be a group of kids who didn't care about the Word.

As the priest exited the sanctuary, he looked around for the kids he believed were causing him trouble.

He didn't see anybody, and so he decided to turn back to go to the front of the sanctuary. He began making his way to the front.

"Come to me," an eerie voice whispered. "Come on, I won't hurt you...much."

Now severely scared of what he was hearing, the priest ran for his life to the front of the sanctuary. The whispers kept coming, scaring him even further. He looked behind him to see if there were any people there. Seeing nobody once more, he decided to go back to looking in front of him, but as soon as he did so, he looked right into the red eyes of a strange man with wild black hair, ash-gray skin, and blood-red eyes.

"Who are you?" the priest asked. "What are you?"

"I'm a Demon," the monster told him in a deep, hard-to-understand kind of voice. "I am Nightmare, and I've come here to give you a message."

"What is it?"

"I want you to know that I will be using this church as a place to resurrect myself from the world I was imprisoned in by Doctor Strange, and you will be unable to stop me. For the last few minutes of power that I have left, I need to tell you that I am the reason for all the movement you have been hearing tonight, and for all the whispers. The truth is, I sadly say, you will not be around for my resurrection."

"You will not succeed," the priest cried to him. "You will be stopped somehow, this I tell you!"

"Oh, shut up!"

Finally done giving the priest his message, Nightmare held a sharp shard of glass up in the air, and the priest closed his eyes, waiting to die.

Nightmare slit the priest's throat, and the blood splattered across the front altar.

"Good riddance," Nightmare growled, who then disappeared into complete nothingness.