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Chapter Twelve: Green

Norman Osborn sat in his cell, in some prison that he'd never even heard of before. But that didn't matter, or so he believed. All that mattered to him were his plans. At the moment, he was wondering about what he would have to deal with later. He'd already gone through enough of the crap Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. had thrown at him, and he didn't know what more he would have to deal with. He decided that he would just have to suck it up. How much worse could it be? he thought. Fury is full of crap. He's just like Harry, and there's no way that Harry will ever become a man. I don't even count him as my son anymore. He acts as if I'm supposed to call him my son, but I never will call him my son. He's too weak, almost like Spider-Man. I will never allow Harry to come into my life as such. Well, then again, I won't have to. I'll probably never get out of here. But that doesn't matter quite as much to me. At least I can amuse myself. Well, first I'd have to think of such ways to do that. It's not easy, I know that much. He laughed, and then turned his attention to what was happening in front of him. He saw something that made him wonder.

A man wearing a hat walked into the room. He wore the same garb as a guard would, but Norman knew something was different about him. He was much different, from what Norman could see. Something was almost familiar to him, though Norman had no idea why. But when the man lifted his head, Norman nearly gasped. The man's name was Tony Masters, and he was known by Norman by another name: Taskmaster. He was a skilled assassin that could change his face by using some kind of technology that Norman was unable to figure out. While he was recognized by his true face here and now, there were some differences with his physical appearance, including the lines on his face and his bigger nose.

"Hello, Norman," said Taskmaster. "It's been a long time."

"Yes, it has," said Osborn. "I actually believed you to be dead, after your lab exploded. What is it you want, Masters? If you haven't noticed, I'm stuck here!" He showed the chains that held him there. "I have no way to get free, if you haven't noticed. Do you have anyway that you could help me? Please, I could use your assistance right now."

"I know," said Taskmaster. "And I've brought you something that will help you."

Norman looked down, and he found a vial of green substance on a serving plate. He had no idea what it was. "What in the name of God is that, and what do you expect me to do with it? Drink it?"

"Yes," Taskmaster said. "It's a formula concocted by you years ago. You likely forgot about it, and I'm not surprised. That happens quite a lot, I know. You've had to deal with so much, and so I know that you don't remember too much of the past few years."

"What is that supposed to mean?" snapped Osborn. "I'm not stupid, Masters, you know that!"

"Yes, I know. But just take it. Or rather, listen to me for a moment, and then take it."

Osborn sat back on the wall, crossed his arms, and began to listen.

"I've already begun forming a team of supervillains to take Spider-Man and the other heroes down. The team includes Octavius, Electro, Rhino, Beetle…and others," Taskmaster explained. "They're all well-trained. I'm still looking for a thirteenth member, however. You and I will be the eleventh and twelfth."

"What is this team supposed to be called?" Osborn asked.

"The Sinister Thirteen. I didn't come up with the name, however, so if you don't like it, then don't blame me. I have plans for finding the thirteenth member. It'll all work out soon, I'm sure. This is going to be good, and I know you will love it just as much as I do. But first, you have to do something for me. Do you understand me, Osborn? You have to drink what is in this vial. Then you will be ready."

"What will it do to me?"

"Make you stronger. Make you smarter. Make you better…better than Spider-Man."

As soon as he heard those words, Osborn grabbed the vial, took the stopper off, and raised it to his mouth. But then he saw Taskmaster leaving. "Where are you going?"

"It has some…side-effects," Taskmaster said. And then he was gone.

Osborn sneered, believing Taskmaster was just exaggerating. He drank the vial, and as soon as he did so, he felt fire. But then he felt something more. He felt as if there was fire burning in him. It felt horrible, but it felt so good…

He'd never felt such power as this before. He loved how it felt, even though there was a pain in him that was suddenly intensifying. He believed it was a feeling he'd never felt before, one that he could not fully describe. He was just happy it was in him, however.

As the burning sensation intensified, he closed his eyes, and he felt there was something in him, changing. He opened his yellow eyes, feeling the great power spreading through him. Growls broke through the air, and as pain filled his body, Osborn broke his chains and roared.

End of Book Two

The Story Will Continue and Conclude in Book Three