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Matthew blinked awake, the the memory of his dream slipping away like water through mesh until he could only recall a vague feeling of bitterness and niavety. Not sure if he really cared, he shrugged it off. After a moment of groping at the table to his left, he crammed his glasses onto his face and took in his surroundings.

sunlight shone in through the un-curtained window, bathing the light blue walls in pre-afternoon sun. The room was rather bare, the only furniture being the queen-size bed, two nightstands on either side of the bed, and a tall dresser beside the door. Although he didn't recognise it very well from when he had stumbled in, tired but happy, the night before around three, he knew that it was his bedroom in the Beilschmidt house. Matthew rolled out of the bed, noticing for the first time that the quilt was patterned with small maple leaves. He smiled and shook his head. Gil, you're such a nut.

Matthew grabbed a new pair of underwear, a black tank-top, a pair of jean shorts and his shower things and padded out of the room, slipping into the bathroom. He stripped out of his remaining garment and turned on the water taps for a shower before slipping in. The hot water slipped over his sleep-heavy body, slowly waking him up as he washed and conditioned his hair. Lazy thoughts about the day before ( Okay, mostly how it was humanly possible that Gilbert had gotten even hotter since the last time he had seen him) drifted in and out of his brain, slowly but surely waking him up. By the time he was rinsing the soap from his skin and conditioner from his hair, he felt entirely alert.

He stepped out into the steamy bathroom air, grimacing just a bit and the clammy feeling. He switched on the fan. Quickly, he dried off, not touching his hair. Matthew pulled on his change of clothes and jogged black to his room with his things. He sprayed some detangler in his hair before brushing she soaking locks into a smooth, wet curtain before running his fingers through it and shaking it out. He rolled on his deodorant and decided to brush his teeth after eating. Deeming himself as presentable as he was going to get on and day that was already hot as balls before noon, Matthew left his room and headed downstairs.

As he descended the stairs, he could hear the TV and the sounds of squabbling. He peeked around the wall halfway down the stairs to see Gil, Ludwig, Feli, Lovi, Toni, Francis and Arthur all sitting in the living room, going at it like cats and dogs. He wasn't sure, but it looked like Lovi was yelling at Toni, Ludwig was yelling at Gil, Francis and Arthur were yelling at eachother, and Feli was just smiling away and watching the morning talk show that was playing on the TV. Sensing that they weren't arguing over anything serious, Matthew shrugged and walked past them into the kitchen. He poured himself a big bowl of Nesquik and returned to find the boys in mostly the same state. Rolling his eyes, he plopped down on the floor beside Feli.

"What's on?" He asked, looking up at the TV where some 40-something with a trying-too-hard-to-look-classy/casual outfit and over-exaggerated facial expressions wastalking with some person Matthew had never heard of in his lie.

"I'm not quite sure..." Feli admitted with a little shrug and a dopey smile. "They all started to run together after a few hours.

Matthew raised his eyebrows and glanced at the clock, which read 10:23. "A few hours? How long have you guys been awake for?"

"Uhmmmm..." Feli's eyebrows scrunched up in concetration. "Since about 6:30 or 7, I think."

"Why? And why is everyone here?" Matthew asked incredulously. He couldn't imagine getting up at any point before 9 in the Summer.

"Well, Lovi showed up around then and made Luddy and me get up, and then decided that Gil shouldn't get to sleep in because he's a 'lazy potato bastard'. And Toni is here because he was over at my house with Lovi and wanted to come see everyone, Franicis is here because Toni told him that he was coming and didn't want to be left behind, and Arthur is here because 'he doesn't trust the bloody wanker not to put his froggy hands on some poor unsuspecting citizen,' whatever that means."

"Oh," Matthew blinked, trying to take in the information he'd been given. Shrugging, he turned "Do you know why they're all arguing?"

"Someone brought up the World Cup,"

"Ohhhh," This time, it was more understanding, and Matthew turned back to the TV, glad that his country didn't really get into soccer (Matthew glanced around guiltily, glad none of his friends could read his mind to grease him out for thinking soccer instead of football. Oh, the hardships of having all Euporean friends...


After another forty five minutes of yelling and fighting, the boys settled down. They all just sat around after that, watching and making fun of the talk shows. Eventually, the front door opened, and LIz, Lilli, Bella, Feliks and Toris (although Toris looked more than a little reluctant to be there) walked into the living room.

"What do you losers want?" Gil asked jokingly front his spot dangling upside down on the couch.

Liz rolled his pretty green eyes at him. "Not you. We're heading over to the mall and came to see if anyone wants to come,"

Gil schrunched up his nose up in distaste. "Not, definetely not me."

"I'll come!" Feli said enthusiastically, jumping up off the couch and bounding over to the front door.

"I would, but I'm afraid poor Arthur is deathly afraid of fashion and I don't trust him not to start a fight if I leave him alone," Francis said regretfully, earning a punch to the arm and a muttered 'fuck you' from Arthur.

Lovino just snorted derisively. Antonio translated. "Me and Lovi would rather just stay here. Gracias for the offer, though!"

"I... would prefer to stay here, thanks," Ludwig declined awkwardly, avoiding Feli's pleading eyes.

Shrugging, the mall-goers started to leave, before Matthew nervously piped up. "Uhmm, wold it be alright if I came? I mean, if there's no room or if-"

Liz cut him off with a big hug and an apology. "No, no Mattie, I'm so sorry I forgot to ask you. It just didn't seem like something you'd want to do..."

"It's fine, I don't usually like shopping, but I'm just in the mood to in the mood to be out today," Shrugging, Liz accepted this and they all headed out, piling into Liz's giant cherry red mini-van. Just as they were about to pull out, The door slid open and Gil squeezed in beside Matthew.

Liz sent him a knowing smirk. "I thought you weren't-"

"Shut up and drive, Liz,"

And for once, she did as told.

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