Hey this is Gold Testament coming at you. I admit I've actually read a few Adventure Time fics, and I've read FinnXMarceline pairings, FinnXBubblegum, and FinnXFlame Princess. In some FinnXMarceline stories there were some where Marceline cheats on Finn, there are some FinnXFlame Princess fics where Finn cheats on her, but I don't think I've see one where Flame Princess cheats on Finn. So I decided to write one. I know a ton of people are waiting for me to update Soldiers of the Skies, Naruto Rise of the Ryukage and the Omnigan, A Queen's Love, and Return of the Uzumakis, but you just have to be patient a couple more weeks. I am still in the Spring Semester of my college, and Finals start next Tuesday. After May 13 I will start working on more updates since I'm taking the Summer off.

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Darkness, Frost, and Fire

It's was a beautiful and peaceful day, and such days were extremely rare all over the land of Ooo. Finn the Human was on his way to the house of his girlfriend Flame Princess. His best friend and adopted brother Jake the Dog was already spending the day with his beloved Lady Rainicorn and their kids, and Finn felt like his own girlfriend might be feeling a bit neglected since he had been busy for the past week having to constantly make sure Ooo was safe.

"Man I hope Fp's been doing okay since last time I saw her. I'm glad I didn't make her and Ice King fight after that dream I had that night after she burned his buns for making fun of us for hugging a log." Finn thought to himself as he started to see his girlfriend's house right over the hill.

As soon as he saw her small burning house he broke into a sprint wanting desperately to see his beloved girlfriend for the first time in over a week. Once he arrived at her front door he knocked three times and waited before knocking again, finally after a while he entered Flame Princess' house. However, once he entered he wished he hadn't because as soon as he entered he saw Flame Princess sitting in her bed, her dress nearly off, making out with a topless Marceline who was still in her bra.

"W-What's going on here?!" Finn asked shocked out of his mind.

His voice actually did get the attention of the two women making out in front of him, but when they did they were also shocked.

"F-Finn what are you doing here?" FP asked stunned that she was caught cheating on Finn.

Finn narrowed his eyes at her and his friend.

"Well Ooo has been pretty peaceful lately that since there was no one in danger, and no missions requiring a hero, I thought that I could come and visit my girlfriend who I thought might have been feeling a little neglected." Finn began. "Instead of seeing my girlfriend's smiling face, however, I see her cheating on me with one of my closest friends!" Finn yelled before turning to glare at Marceline who actually flinched a little.

"You really were one of my closest friends Marcy, in fact before Jake introduced me to Flame Princess I actually had a crush on you." He started telling her. "Marceline I trusted you with my life, I even risked myself by putting on your dad's amulet filled with chaotic evil, just to save you from your dad and the Night-o-sphere, and this is how you repay me for that?!" Finn yelled to her.

Marceline started to tear up with Finn said all that to her, and Flame Princess was about to speak before Finn raised a hand to silence her.

"Don't say a word Flame Princess, we're over because of this, and truthfully… Nothing The Lich has done to me has ever been as painful as being betrayed by my closest friend and the love of my life." Finn told them before turning around, and leaving FP's house.

When he was a good distance away from her house Finn started thinking about what he should do next.

"I can't go to Jake, he's notorious for giving me bad advice. Lady Rainicorn, I can't understand a word she says. The only one of their kids that might be cool would be Jake Jr.. Princess Bubblegum is definitely not the best person to go to, so the only two that would be good would be Ice King and Rattleballs." Finn thought to himself.

(Author's note: Yes, I said Rattleballs, while in this story Frost and Fire, Earth and Water, and the Red Throne have not happened, the events with Keoth, the blade of grass, Lemongrab going nuts, Lemonhope saving them, and Betty have all happened, but the citadel event has not.)

"Maybe Ice King can cheer me up. I can go to Rattleballs to lose myself in training another time." Finn spoke aloud before heading off to the Ice Kingdom.

As soon as Finn got into Ice King's castle he was met by the wizard's number one penguin.

"Hey Gunter." Finn greeted the little penguin who replied with a "Wenk."

"Where's Ice King?" Finn asked.

Before Gunter could "Wenk" again, Ice King flew in with a tied up Bubblegum.

"Ice King I thought you said you were going to quit kidnapping me!" Princess Bubblegum yelled at the old man.

"Oh come on Princess I didn't use a strong rope to tie you up with, so you could've escaped anytime." Ice King started to explain.

"Big goof was probably just bored, lonely, and wanted someone to hang with this time instead of wanting a wife." Finn whispered to Gunter who gave a little laugh heard by PB and Ice King.

"Finn?!" They both yelled together surprised to see the 16 year old teen already there.

"Hey guys." Finn said with a smile and wave.

"When did you get here and how did you know Ice King kidnapped me?" PB asked.

"I was here a couple minutes before you guys asking where Ice King was, and I didn't know he kidnapped you until he flew in with you." Finn replied.

"Wait why were you looking for me Finn?" Ice King asked completely serious and curious.

"*Sigh* I just caught Flame Princess my girlfriend for the past couple years cheating on me, and I needed someone to turn to that I actually could rely on and that was a very short list. You, Jake's daughter Jake Jr., and a candy robot named Rattleballs were the only ones on that list." Finn replied.

"Wait Finn there are more people you could've gone too." Bubblegum said.

"Jake's been infamous for giving me bad advice. I can't understand a word Lady Rainicorn says without you or Jake to translate for me. BMO would leak my problem to Jake. NEPTR would do the same because he hasn't experienced a lot of this. You princess, no offense but you may be brilliant about a lot of things, but saying that knowledge about romance and relationships is your weakness, would be the nicest understatement anyone can say with a straight face." Finn replied.

"What about Marceline, you didn't include her, and haven't you said that she's one of your closest friends?" PB asked.

"Marceline was the one Flame Princess cheated on me with." Finn said avoiding PB's shocked gaze.

"Wow I may be the Ice King, but for a girl to do that to her boyfriend… That's cold even for me." Ice King said with a slight shiver. "But that still doesn't explain why you came to me? What were the other two too busy?" I.K. asked.

"Actually Ice King you were the first one I came to see." Finn began surprising the two. "I know you tend to be annoying, but sometimes you're a good guy to be around. I figured hanging out with you a couple days might cheer me up after catching Flame Princess." Finn finished shocking the two more and tears started to from Ice King's eyes as he went to Finn and hugged him.

"Finn you don't know how much it means to me that you came here to ask my help. It can really help form a deep bond of friendship between the two of us." Ice King said happily.

[Flame Princess' house when Finn left]

Marceline and Flame Princess were both still in bed completely shocked at what had happened. Their affair had been revealed to Finn, and out of pain he left her. As soon as the reality of what happened came to her Flame Princess began to start crying.

"What have I done I just lost the one guy in Ooo that loves me." FP said as she cried.

As she wept Marceline wrapped Flame Princess in a hug to try and comfort her.

"Don't worry FP if I know Finn he's probably gone to Jake or someone else he's close to for comfort. All we have to do is get to him so you can try and get him back."Marceline told her.

"Do you think so?" FP asked uncertain.

"Please when you've been around that weenie as long as I have you tend to know his habits. I bet right now he's curled up in the fetal position surrounded by pictures of you crying his eyes out." Marcy replied.

"But what about you? Finn did catch us, and no longer calls you his friend." FP asked.

"Eh I'll burn that bridge when I come to it. If anything I could try and talk to my dad to help me get back his friendship." Marcy replied with a smile and a shrug.

While Marceline was talking Flame Princess was straightening out her dress and hair.

"Well what are we waiting for? I want my Finn back." FP said.

"Can I get my shirt back on first? Then we can hunt down Finn to apologize." Marceline asked.

"Fine but hurry up the sooner we go the sooner I can try and win back my human." Flame Princess said with determination burning in her fiery eyes.

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my first Adventure Time story. Remember people I have Final exams next week, so I got to do a ton of cramming this weekend. I know you want me to update my stories, and trust me I want to update them too. However, we have to be completely patient and wait for my final exams to be over with.

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