I'm taking a break from Recollections of Heaven for a bit (have some vague ideas for it but they are slow to materialize)... So here I am with more NejiTen prompt fiction, this time with a lot of punctuation abuse. ;) The scenes here vary in rating and setting (ie there is a bit of AU here and there). Prompts are from the 1sentence community on LJ.

Naruto and its characters, as usual, do not belong to me.

#01 - Comfort

French fries are really not the ideal food to binge on when one is down, Tenten thinks, even as she grabs three fingers of hot, fat- and sodium-laden goodness and crams them in her mouth (but the Golden Arches serves them perfectly, and with copious amounts of sugar in their soft-serve ice cream to complete the Holy Trinity of Unhealthy Food) when a pale hand reaches in front of her face and picks a fry off her tray, bringing it to the grim countenance of one Hyuuga Neji, who has just slid into the booth across from her - "Why are you avoiding me, Tenten?"

#02 - Kiss

When Gai-sensei spontaneously announces, "Today, we will bask in the springtime of youth - I will teach you to kiss!" Tenten stares at him in horror, mouth agape, and forgets how to breathe (Lee leaps into the air and whoops, his cheeks rosy and lips puckered) and Neji releases a controlled exhalation in favor of flying into a rage imagining them all having to practice on one another - until a stroke of brilliance crashes into his thoughts; he crosses the short distance to Tenten, shuts her hanging jaw with a touch to her chin, and ("You mean this?") presses his mouth to hers (like he's always wanted to do) and, just like that, pandemonium explodes on their training grounds.

#03 - Soft

Soft, Tenten's punch is not, when her fist connects with Neji's jaw and she screeches ("Neji, how dare you steal my first kiss like... like that?!"), blood heating her face - the instinct to defend against her embarrassment overrides the flutter of hope his actions have brought about; the situation is worsened by the fact that Gai and Lee are ogling openly at their exchange, and excitement floods Lee's face when he starts towards her ("My fair lotus, may I practice with you too-"); Tenten screams in frustration and grabs Neji by the arm, yelling at the Green Beasts to leave them alone while she settles her score with the Hyuuga prodigy.

#04 - Pain

Pain is what Neji expects and does not receive, as Tenten whirls upon him in their semi-private part of the forest, hazel eyes flashing ("I thought you, of all people, would've been the last person to do that in front of Gai and Lee-") and she grabs him by his shirt and yanks hard, her lips meeting furiously with his.

#05 - Potatoes

"Is this a potato?" Tenten asks over her shoulder, brushing soil off the round, heavy weight with her dirt-crusted fingers - living alone in the forests with Neji in this new, post-war apocalypse is pushing their survival instincts to the limits; there are only so many animals they can hunt without the species going extinct - and watches as Neji surveys the packed ground with his Byakugan, her stomach growling as it is wont to do these days; a delighted squeal bursts from her lips when he gives a solemn nod in answer ("Yes, there are several clusters of them under us.")

#06 - Rain

The keen, steady stare of Neji's lilac eyes is almost lost on Tenten (but not quite) when she flops unceremoniously down on the long grass, her body sweaty and worn from the day's sparring practices - "Aren't you going to do the same?" she calls over her shoulder and relishes the patter of cool droplets on her face, loosing the first two buttons on her shirt to expose hot skin - and Neji gains a new appreciation for rain (not his hormones) when the drizzle turns into a downpour and his teammate's clothes fade to sheerness.

#07 - Chocolate

Neji sets a hot fudge sundae in front of her ("Thought you might like this," he supplies) - how did he know that she's been contemplating one for her mountain of fries? - and Tenten thanks him, dipping two from her pile into the pool of chocolate (the texture of which resembles the tension between them now, molten from block-like chunks when he first made his appearance); she hands one fudge-coated fry to him, and smirks when he lifts an eyebrow ("Too chicken to try it, Neji?").

#08 - Happiness

Rainbows and sunshine do not spew from the Happy Meal box he later purchases and sets on the table (they must look strange, with what seems to be five hundred French fries, a half-eaten sundae, chicken nuggets and apple slices between them); rather, the burst of joyous singing does occur when Tenten sidles into his side of the booth and gives him a chocolate-and-fries Fench kiss (and Neji realizes that someone did indeed swap the background audio tapes of the fast food joint, when he regains his awareness much later).

#09 - Telephone

"Tenten-" "-hey, what's up-" "-I see your new phone is working-" "-did you call just to ask me that-" "-no, that is something Lee would do (smirk)-" "-so why did you-" "-do you want to meet up to study for that Literature test tomorrow-" "-sure, seing as how Mr. Know-It-All can't fathom the emotions of puny humans-" "-oh really-" "-will you stop interrupting me already-" "-no, why should I-" "-well, for the record, Neji, I would appreciate if you-" "-ravaged you in a passionate kiss-" "-what, are you out of your mind (sputterBLUSH)-" "-isn't that in Literature books-" "-where you found that book, I don't want to know-" "-yes, you do-" "-fine, where did you-" "-in the community library-" "-have you returned it yet-" "-yes, but if you come over right now, I'll show you what I remember of it-" "-don't leave the spot, Neji, I'm heading right over-" -end tone, end tone end tone.

#10 - Ear

The flurry of tingles racing across her skin is not one Tenten expects, when Neji's lips descend on the shell of her ear and he suckles on soft cartilege and anticpation coils in her veins; a moan slips from her throat, her eyes shutter, and all she can think about is lips and teeth and tongue.

#11 - Name

Reality keels over the moment they realize an illusion has befallen them, when Naruto addresses her as "Hyuuga Tenten" and Neji is just Neji, with no clan name or family ties, and they stare at each other, wondering just how different their lives would be with a complete reversal in their identities.

#12 - Sensual

The titillating nature of shedding rain-drenched clothing has never occurred to Neji, until a thunderstorm forces them to share a motel room with no ensuite, and Tenten pulls the ribbons out of her hair to release damp chocolate tresses; she shrugs out of her long-sleeved shirt, and all Neji sees is the touch of yellow candlelight caressing wet contours as she moves - he makes a conscious attempt to look away then.

#13 - Death

She almost drops the shaker in her hand when a man with long ebony hair and lilac eyes seats himself at the bar; he affixes his unwavering stare at her (one that triggers too many memories) and orders a Long Island Iced Tea, and then says her name, "Tenten?", and it is all she can do to turn away, keep the hurt out of her face, and grab a new glass, finding her voice at length, "I am Tian - Tenten is no longer alive."

#14 - Sex

A month after the failed lesson on Kissing, Gai faces his team again and announces, "Today, my green leaves and flower, I will teach you the most important lesson on human relationships - Sex," because all three of them are orphans, and who will give them The Talk but him? - Tenten's jaw promptly drops to the ground, Neji is uncharacteristically attentive, and Lee already has his trusty notebook open and is scribbling furiously in it; out of the corner of his eye, he sees Tenten swallow and glance furtively at Neji, and he is quick to resume the lecture, "Most important of all is your responsibility..."

#15 - Touch

This is really not happening, Tenten thinks, as she watches the beige inflatable dolls Gai pulls from a bush begin to swell with each energized puff of air Gai and Lee force into them (the shapes the dolls take are lewd and exaggerated, and she would have pulled Neji away, if not for the fact that he's actually listening to Gai like there's something to learn); Gai turns to them when the dolls are done and uses them to mimic caresses, first on their faces, before proceeding lower down - Tenten winces, looks at Neji again, and knows that any kind of fumbling, private learning would be better than this.

#16 - Weakness

She breaks down when Gai begins to maneuver the dolls' privates together ("The sweetest nectar of a flower, Lee!") and yells in frustration, grabbing the collar of Neji's shirt and hauling him far, far away, to where there is a little grassy spot in a tight bamboo forest, and it is silent, and releases him, gritting with a blush (before she panicks and retracts her offer), "I can practice with you, instead of us learning from Gai."

#17 - Tears

Tenten almost cries tears of mortification when Neji tells her that he already knows everything Gai mentioned in that awkward lesson on sex (he was curious to see how far Gai would go (and Tenten's reaction to the topic, but he does not mention that)); Neji tugs her down on to the grass beside him, and traces a finger lightly over her forearm, watching carefully as she shivers; her eyes fly up to his - he smirks, and leans in to press his lips to hers.

#18 - Speed

Slow, almost languidly, is the pace they take in that quiet bamboo forest, from the way Neji disrobes and Tenten runs exploratory fingers down his chest, to how, much later, she parts her legs before him, breathing unevenly, and he drags a gentle fingertip down the seam of her wet flesh.

#19 - Wind

Voices carry on the wind, painfully familiar, and Neji and Tenten have a second to share a panicked glance, before he snatches their clothes up and pushes her bodily down onto the grass, pulling a large sheet over them as camouflage; the voices of Gai and Lee draw nearer, and then further, and it is a long moment of thumping heartbeats before Tenten realizes that Neji is moist and pressing an indent into her belly.

#20 - Freedom

The liberty that comes hand-in-hand with the end of the school year is tinted bittersweet this time; Tenten turns to face her two best friends, Hyuuga Neji and Rock Lee, both in graduation gowns and with diplomas in hand, and pulls them into a hug; she is especially reluctant to release Neji, who will be attending a faraway prestigious university, and whom she's harbored feelings towards for years (Lee is privy to this secret), though she pulls away eventually and gives him a long stare; he presses a slip of paper into her palm with an intense look of his own and murmurs, "Keep in touch."