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#181 - Poison

The images on PrincessPanda's screen are like a quick-acting toxin - HProdigy is tugging his shirt and pants off as if she weren't looking, when he very well knows she is (she gulps hard at the snugness of his briefs - is it even legal for men to wear that?), and heat trickles along her veins - she can't decide if she is more aroused or embarrassed, because Neji is more delicious than she's ever imagined him to be, and these are images she cannot (will not) unsee; he returns to his desk in a tank top and shorts, and words have left her bereft (her face is burning hot, and her body hotter yet).

#182 - Pretty

The Hyuuga Neji has often been labelled as a pretty boy by countless tabloids, for his regal features, yet to Tenten, he is anything but, when her eyes are glued to her computer screen and she sees the fine sheen of sweat through the coarse grain of his webcam image, and his body screams of masculinity to her; she swallows and tries to think of something to say (her mind is chanting, sex, sex, sex) and she is afraid that if she tries to speak, she'll blurt her traitorous thoughts, that he looks good, that her body is responding in overdrive; she can't do this, not when he's the closest person to her and she doesn't want to lose him because of her hormones (damnit, Neji, why can't you just be a pretty boy for once?).

#183 - Rain

It is raining lightly on the morning the little Lord Neji learns that his father has passed on; he is disbelieving, and grabs at the body beneath heavy white cloth (murmurs are spreading that Lord Hizashi has died in place of his older brother, Hiashi); his father's eyes are closed and he is cold, so cold; Hizashi does not respond even when Neji's cries turn frantic and he shakes his father's shoulders (he can't die, Mother has gone and Father is the only family he has, he doesn't like the other Hyuuga much at all); Neji finds himself tearing down muddy roads and through the village - the colorful tent is still there but he doesn't want fun and games right now, he wants his father back - and he crashes headlong into someone else, knocking them both to the ground.

#184 - Regret

"Watch where you're going!" a girl's voice begrudges him - he blinks to regain his bearings, that deadweight still pressing on his chest, and realizes it's the girl from the circus, the one with buns on her head and who flies through the air like there's no tomorrow - Lord Neji glares at her, for daring to be in his path, for just being where he is right now, and gets to his feet slowly, mud caking in his clothes; "You're in my way," he tells her with a half-hearted glare (it's not as if she knows what it's like to have a piece of her missing; his head is still spinning and he is trying very hard not to cry), and before he regrets it, he aims a barb at her, hurting so much he wants someone else to experience the same, "You're just a girl - what do you know about anything, anyway?"

#185 - Roses

She flushes a rosy shade, this mud-covered girl whose name he doesn't know (but he does see that her eyes are hazel and her deep brown hair isn't quite the local tint); Neji is about to turn and get away from everything, including her, when the light of recognition glimmers in her eyes, and she recalls, "You're the boy from the other day, the one with your father," and the mention of his beloved father is almost too much to bear; a dry sob leaves his chest, tears prickle at his eyes, and Neji turns on his heels, sprinting the fastest he can as his vision blurs and he remembers the blank lilac stare of his father's eyes.

#186 - Secret

"Cat got your tongue?" HProdigy jests as he leans back in his seat, feeling cool and hot at the same time (the tank top and shorts are helping to dispel heat, but Tenten has forgotten that her blouse is still open and the white lace bra mocks him to no end); the attraction he reads in her stare is amplifying his own, and he's glad that he's sat down when he did, because blood is fast pooling in his loins and the shorts are starting to get a little too tight for his comfort (PrincessPanda is a woman, and he does not want to drive her away with carnal thoughts like his, much less a physical display, so he avoids the sexual tension entirely and changes the topic); "Any plans for the summer?" seems a safe enough question, so he goes with it, and contents himself with admiring the expanse of skin behind her clothes.

#187 - Snakes

It is in the forest that little Lord Neji slows down in his blind dash, his eyes wetter than they have ever been; his fists are clenched and he pushes deeper into the foliage, knowing only that he does not want to go home, where everyone else has a happy family and he has no one left; there is a hollow in the spreading roots of a large tree that he seeks comfort in, a woody embrace, and it is only after he's shed all his tears of self-pity that he hears a slow crunch on the forest floor, and panicks (Father has warned him not to go into the forests, for there are venomous snakes around), until the same muddy girl he bumped into earlier appears from behind a tree, and he heaves a sigh of relief.

#188 - Snow

"It is sure pretty out here," Tenten sighs, spinning in circles in the thick layer of snow; Neji agrees with a fractional incline of his head, though it is far more entertaining to watch her amuse herself with the powdery substance; he does have work to do on the computer, though, and turns away after a while, ready to return - "Neji!" she calls from behind, and just as he looks back, a snowball hits his face, crumbling upon impact; Tenten giggles ("A hundred shots, a hundred bullseyes," she tells him), and he tries his best to muster some righteous anger and energy for countless snowballs; she is going to be one soaked woman after he's done with her.

#189 - Solid

With the blindfold on, the scraps of light in her apartment diminish into inky black, and Tenten feels anticipation creep along her veins like melting butter; Neji's presence circles her, slowly, and her breath lodges in her throat when he steps up close, light pressure slipping over the buttons of her too-small blouse; he has requested a formal shirt for today's private lesson, without chest bindings or a bra, and Tenten feels a little exposed with her breasts pressed against the thin fabric of the blouse (today is about touch, he suggested); Neji's fingers dance over the stretched cloth where her chest is threatening to spill from its confines, and then his touch becomes firm, solid against the undersides of her breasts, warmth seeping tantalizingly into her flesh.

#190 - Spring

Tenten quivers in the darkness, unaware that she's barely breathing, her attention tacked so tightly to the searing path that Neji's fingers take; he caresses her nipples (they are sensitive and straining against the single layer of her blouse) and undoes the first button, then the second, and cool air filters into the opening of her shirt, along with his fingers (he touches along the tops of her breasts, and down between them, his digits wedging between her flesh - she hears the stumble in his breathing and knows he's just as affected as she is), and finally the third button is freed, and her breasts spring from their fabric confines; Neji swallows audibly, and it feels like forever before he bends down and takes a stiff nipple into his mouth.

#191 - Stable

Steady, her breathing is not, when Neji tugs on the crest of her breast and all she can do is feel - the warm wetness of his mouth and the pressure on her flesh; little curls of pleasure racing along her nerves when his teeth graze her skin; Tenten grips at him to hold him in place, a silent plea for a little more; he grabs her hips and kneads her bottom - his fingers are catching on her skirt and she gasps, squirms, when he teases the hem of her panties and she knows very well what she wants when he has reached that part of her body - Tenten rolls her hips at him, and he smirks, stays his fingers on the boundaries of her undergarment.

#192 - Strange

"Cheers," Lee salutes with a lift of his glass; it is the first time the three of them are back together again, in a restaurant overlooking the rest of the city, and the knot in Tenten's stomach has not settled yet (having both Neji and Lee with her after so many years feels weird - the camaraderie between them has gone and she only really knows Lee now); Neji mimics her when she raises her glass in response, though he is only really looking at her, and she is trying her best to avoid meeting his gaze.

#193 - Summer

Their conversation revolves around summer plans and what they have been doing recently (Lee is now one rank below taijutsuspecialist in the academy he teaches at, and Neji has been building his reputation as a criminal defense lawyer - in comparison, Tenten feels as if she hasn't accomplished much since their school days, and states plainly that she's doing the same as always, though she has taken up archery lately (Neji slides a quick look at her but says nothing)); she fiddles with her glass, and is quietly glad when their dinner is served, as a break from conversation.

#194 - Taboo

Gai does not touch that improper subject of sex for a long time, much to the relief of Neji and Tenten (she still has yet to demand repairs for her skylight), though he does angle a suspicious look at them time and again, and Lee has taken to asking Tenten what certain terms in books mean (Neji has curtly declined to answer any such questions); instead of intimacy, Gai now lectures them on responsibility and restraint, leaving Lee a little mystified, and the other two more than a little indignant.

#195 - Ugly

The threat of a thunderstorm forces Tenten to hunt for an immediate solution to the skylight problem, and her person of choice is Neji, who agrees to help out of duty; neither of them have any experience in roof repair, however (the shopkeeper at the hardware store thought they were talking about a leak in the roof at first), and they spend ages hunched over the Gai-sized hole, laying wood and tiles down - the process takes hours and leaves them sweaty after, and the ceramic tiles are the wrong shade; Neji thinks it's the ugliest piece of work he's ever done.

#196 - War

Pain and death are a distant memory, and war is all but nonexistant in her perfect world; Tenten feels as if she's already in Heaven, with Neji watching her in all solemnity and his proposal hanging in the air between them; she remembers their conversation about forever (it's now or never) and says Yes, I will be your wife, because they've learnt the hard way that the future is full of uncertainties, and if Neji is offering her a life with him, she'll take it, no questions asked.

#197 - Water

They are sitting in Tenten's room, watching the newly-repaired skylight as fat raindrops splatter on her windows; Neji is confident in their handiwork but Tenten isn't quite sure - it has been half an hour and the plastic sheet beneath the ceiling remains dry; hopeful now, she allows herself to relax and leans her head on Neji's shoulder; sure enough, the drip-drip-drip of water on plastic creeps upon them soon after, and she groans, cursing Gai for his unconventional intrusion and the consequences she has to face.

#198 - Welcome

Tenten growls low in her throat, impatience driving her fingers into Neji's hair; in the darkness of her apartment, there exists only her and him, and he has backed her up against the wall, his fingers never quite landing on where she aches between her legs; her senses are heightened in the absence of sight, and her panties are damp; with a low groan, she grabs his hand and shoves his palm against her crotch, grinding hard against him in a way that leaves nought to his imagination.

He smirks, slips two fingers beneath the scrap of cloth, and his touch brings such a welcome relief that she moans and trembles against him, wetting him with her desire; it seems that Neji himself isn't infallible to lust either, when his breathing turns ragged, and he follows her heat with his fingers to where she burns hottest.

#199 - Winter

They marry that very winter, and the wedding is perfect, like how Tenten thinks a ceremony with Neji should be; their friends and family are crowded around them in a quiet hall on the Hyuuga compounds, and Gai (in perfect form, nowhere near green spandex) is the one to give Tenten away; there are tears in his eyes but he does not cry a rainbow (much to her relief); the familiar sting of pain is but a prickle when they nick their thumbs on a ceremonial dagger and join hands, to mingle their blood - it lights a fire in them that overcomes the winter chill.

#200 - Wood

"The wood is standing tall this morning-" "I beg your pardon, HProdigy-" "What part of that did you not understand-" "It, um, that is, are you using an, um, an euphemism (BLUSH)-" "Euphemism- (blush) Tenten, did you think I said-" "Morning wood, yes, Neji- I think I'm lacking in caffeine-" "(Pause) You do need to wake up, PrincessPanda, I do not mention these subjects lightly-" "I, um, I need to go, Neji, forget I ever said that-" "Maybe-" "Neji-" "Are you propositioning me-" "Argh- that's it, Neji, I'm hanging up- (click)" -end tone, end tone, end tone.

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