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As usual, Naruto and its characters do not belong to me. Prompts from LiveJournal community 100_prompts.

#321 - Life

It's not easy to swallow your food, Tenten thinks, when the person who's torn your heart out is watching you take every bite - until she realizes that she should be above this, that Neji shouldn't affect how she behaves in any way, because him and her are in the past and all that's going to happen between them now is friendship at best (he's not going to ruin her life anymore, no way); she gathers her courage and straightens her shoulders, and asks tightly, "How is your entree?" because Lee is watching her and Neji intently, and she owes it to her closest friend to extend some graciousness to the scumbag dining with them.

#322 - Contempt

Tenten is a little mystified, when she follows Lord Neji around the Hyuuga compounds on a tour of the place, at the way he eyes the other Hyuuga with coolness in his eyes, disdain thinly-veiled - it is a while before she realizes that it's only really his relatives whom he displays such contempt towards (he was neutral towards her in the village, and is almost respectful as she mentors him over time); the question burns in her the longer it remains unanswered- what created this rift between the Lord and his clan?

#323 - Wrong

Her phone rings incessantly, and Tenten glances at it, frowning when she sees Lee's name flashing on the screen; "Why did you tell Neji where I work?" is the first thing she snaps at him - Lee hesitates, and does not answer her question, instead asking, "What happened?" (though his tone is curious and not as apologetic as she'd like); she exhales in frustration, and runs a hand through her tangled hair, snarling when her fingers catch in knots - "What do you think happened?" she growls, hating the tangles, her poorly-made decisions, and how Neji's touch still lingers on her skin, "I just- I- I woke up in bed with him, Lee, was that part of your plan?" she asks, because Lee can't possibly tell Neji her whereabouts without knowing that this could happen, and she feels betrayed, vulnerable, and it seems as if life can't get any worse than this.

#324 - Sweeten

There is barely any tension between them when Lord Neji shuts the door of their rented room and joins Tenten in the middle of the tatami floors; she smiles easily at him and her pulse flutters when the corners of his lips twitch upwards - the Lord has been in a pleasant mood the entire day, ever since she twirled around the clearing with him, and there is a subtle change in their relationship; it seems as though the world has been lifted from his shoulders when he smiles down at her like she were his most precious person - the Lord Neji she knows now is starkly different from the aloof man she saved months ago, and Tenten can hardly believe that they are one and the same person.

#325 - Hands

They curl up in the same futon that night, the day after the revelations, and Lord Neji's hands are reverent on her, careful - he eases her close to him, so her back is flush against his chest, and she feels his heart beating next to her skin; "Your hands are smooth," she tells him (it's an unspoken observation she's kept to herself until now) and Neji exhales lightly behind her, in a smirk, "All the better to please you with," and she flushes, sorely tempted to elbow him in the ribs; "The nerve of you, my Lord," she grits, and his fingers steal along the undersides of her breasts; "Tell me you don't like it, and I will stop," he offers in his smooth baritone, and she curses him with the foulest language she's picked up, refusing to allow him this one victory (they are both well aware, however, that he's won).

#326 - Strangle

"I'd strangle you if you weren't my best friend, Rock Lee," Tenten snarls into her phone, her heart pounding beats of anger, "Weren't you perfectly aware that Hyuuga Neji is no longer in my life?" to which Lee does not reply for several moments, before he offers, "I'm sorry, Tenten - he seemed truly apologetic-" "-Apologetic, my ass!" Tenten cuts him off, squeezing her eyes shut (there was nothing apologetic about the way he kissed and touched her, no way), "I haven't seen him for five years, Lee, five fucking years-" -and deep down, fury and fear and desperation tangle in a maelstrom in her chest; Tenten doesn't need anyone else in her life, not when she's lost enough the previous time to dare trust those lilac eyes again.

#327 - Lullaby

"Sing me a song, oh great HProdigy," Tenten pings, and Neji raises a finely-shaped eyebrow; "I don't sing," he states, and returns to his coding; "Come on, everyone sings," she prompts, a mischievous grin tugging on her lips, "Surely you sing in the shower?" to which he answers with a curt "No"; "What if we trade?" she offers, waggling her eyebrows, and for a moment there, he is sorely tempted- "I'm tone-deaf," he reveals after some deliberation, feeling as if he were listing his Top Ten Failures, and Tenten scrunches her face up as she tries to come up with a better argument (there's no way, he swears to himself, he's ever singing in front of anyone).

#328 - Untouchable

"Don't lay your hands on me, Hyuuga," Tenten threatens when Neji follows her up to her doorstep; as if dinner with him and Lee had not been awkward enough, Lee has volunteered Neji to send her home (just her luck that she'd assumed Lee would do the honors), and the skin at the back of her neck prickles with the knowledge that he's walking three feet behind her, after he's refused to drop her off by the curb; "And if I do?" Neji questions mildly when she turns around, the wood panel of her door keeping her from backing any further from him; "Try me," she dares, her heart pounding as she stares into his pale eyes.

#329 - Whispered

Neji takes a step closer to her, undaunted by her fierce glare (Tenten lives in the apartment at the end of the corridor, and there is only him, and her) - he catches her chin with his fingers, gently, and tips her face up to his, and for a moment, they stare at each other, barely breathing- "You were the one who left, Tenten, not me," he whispers, a hair's breadth from her lips - then he releases her, and steps back, just enough for her to inhale; "My number hasn't changed," Neji tells her as a parting word, and turns to leave, his fingertips imprinted with her warmth.

#330 - Prayers

"Oh please, Higher Powers, grant me my wish," PrincessPanda chants, tapping on an wooden block with a rounded stick - "What are you doing?" Neji asks as he watches her curiously (it reminds him of the instruments in a temple); "Oh hush, Neji, I'm busy - the inside-out underwear trick didn't give me the lucky day it promised," she explains, and continues to tap to a rhythm; "Perhaps you had to wear it back to front, or use lace panties instead," he tells her dryly - she glares at him through the computer screen, and he shrugs, "It could be a lecherous higher power, for all you know."

#331 - Obvious

"That was a pretty boring movie," Tenten yawns, flopping onto her stomach and grabbing a magazine from the bedside table, "I'll bet your lectures are more interesting than that, huh?" and Neji raises an eyebrow, rolling onto his side (her nightdress is riding up and he can see the sheer lace of her panties clinging to the soft curves of her bottom- she draws a sharp intake of air when he slips a finger along the hem of her underwear ("Maybe", he replies) and eases it between fabric and skin-

"-I mean, the main character could've been a little more humorous, or intelligent, or, um-" Tenten's rant turns a little incoherent when he eases between her folds, and teases the moist heat of her body - "Or?" he prompts, massively enjoying the way her concentration lapses and her words trail off; "You're wicked, Neji, I see clearly why you're law school material now," she bites, albeit without much venom- and another moan slips from her throat when he glides another finger over sensitive flesh ("You're welcome," he tells her).

#332 - Rhythm

The pounding rhythm of the bar assaults his eardrums the instant Neji steps in; this is the very address Lee has given him, and he has it memorized by heart; there is a dance floor to one side, and the bartender's counter on the other - he spots her immediately, dark hair clipped up in a messy bun at the back of her head, mixing drinks and chatting with her customers as if they were friends, and his gut wrenches at the memories she triggers, those warm eyes that leave bitterness on his tongue; with a steely resolve, Neji steps forward, and slides into an empty seat at the counter, waiting for the bartender to acknowledge his presence (and his heart pounds along with the deafening music in his ears).

#333 - Afterlife

Tenten is dead, she chants to herself, Tenten is dead and I am Tian, get a grip on yourself and concentrate on your work, god-fucking-damnit; she mixes his Long Island Iced Tea and sets it in front of him harder than necessary and avoids his stare, this stranger who knows her name and is probably Hyuuga Neji, the one person in the world she'd rather die than meet again; Tenten clenches her fists to stop their trembling, takes a deep breath, and heads to the other end of the bar, where none of the patrons know her true identity, and she can think above her pounding heart.

#334 - Hidden

The dull thunk of something hitting the floorboards jolts Tenten from sleep; she sits upright in the futon and glances around quickly, her senses on high alert - and there, right in the middle of the room, is a quivering arrow protruding from the hardwood floors; Lord Neji stirs beside her - he reads the tension in her form and is awake in moments, scanning the room - Tenten grabs a dagger and pads along the walls, looking carefully out of the window, where the ripped curtain flutters weakly, though all she sees is the edge of the forest, and no sign of an attacker.

#335 - Parade

"One of us is being targeted," Tenten mutters, moving the futon further from the window; "One of us?" Lord Neji repeats, sending her a shrewd glance - she raises her eyebrows at him and props a hand on her hip, a little indignant; "You aren't the only one between us who's made enemies, Neji - with the way we've been moving from town to town, it's as if we're walking bounties being paraded on the streets," she tells him; he frowns, and steps closer, "Who's after you, Tenten?"

#336 - Touch

"You've wondered, haven't you?" Lord Neji asks, a few nights after their dance in the forest; when Tenten stares at him, uncomprehending, he loosens the cinch at his waist and allows his yukata to fall open, revealing an expanse of bare skin; she gapes at him, and stares, and watches as he lies back in the futon, his invitation to explore hanging in the air between them; she saves the questions for later (how he knew, and what he expects her to do), and kneels hesitantly on the floor beside him, her heart racing (he's following her every move with those pale eyes and she is almost afraid to touch him)-

#337 - Free

-She begins with Lord Neji's chest, light fingertips to his skin, and meanders south, to his midriff (though she's itching to look at the juncture of his thighs), and follows the dip into his navel- and out, tracing circles on his abdomen, before traversing slowly (painfully slowly) to the thatch of hair between his legs (Neji's breath hitches); he is bigger than when she began, and as she wraps her fingers around his flesh and strokes him to hardness (a groan escapes his throat), savoring the velvety smoothness of his skin, her body responds, and remembers-

-She's wet, he's slippery in her palm, and she's barely able to sit aside and touch; Lord Neji is breathing unsteadily when Tenten straddles his hips and lowers herself onto him, experimentally (he parts her flesh in the most intimate way); her gaze flies to his when she's taken all of him into herself (he is pressing deep into her and her moan echoes his); she's embarrassed, though he feels so exquisite within her when she starts to move, that she refuses to let her inhibitions hold her back (and he hisses when she rolls her hips at him, his fingers pressing indents into her thighs).

#338 - Enjoy

"Was it good?" Lee asks, softly, over the phone, and Tenten remembers it all vividly - when Neji appeared at the bar, when he followed her through the alley, and seduced her (because that was what it was), and somehow something had broken in her and she succumbed to his kisses (the cab ride hardly registered in her memory, for all the lips and tongue and skin that was involved) - it was pouring and they ended up in her bed (and she had been aching for him); she'd only realized her mistake this morning, when it was too late; "What can I say, Lee?" she mumbles, trying to keep her voice from breaking, and failing miserably, "I screwed up, big time - none of this was supposed to happen."

#339 - Shining

"There's a number of people," Tenten tells Lord Neji, shrugging, "The men I injured at the circus, and those from when I was a mercenary," to which he narrows his eyes; "They aren't going to hurt you," he begins, and she looks up from cleaning a fresh set of blades, "I won't let them," and the warmth in her chest glows like her daggers, because that's the closest he's ever come to admitting what he feels for her.

#340 - Overflow

"Think this'll work?" PrincessPanda dangles a set of sheer underthings in front of her webcam, "I found some lingerie in my closet," and Neji swallows at the mental imagery that slips into his mind; "Can't hurt to try it," he smirks, and is a little disgruntled when she turns the camera away before she undresses; "Oh crap, the bra is a little tight," she types, and he gulps - the suggestion of her breasts almost spilling from that scrap of black material lingers a little too long in his imagination, though his disappointment doubles when she turns the webcam back towards herself, and he finds her dressed in a T-shirt and shorts once more.

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