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Chapter 1. Wonderful Life

Jack Frost flew rapidly through the streets of Corona, searching desperately. Now is not the time to get lost! he thought. Luckily, at that moment he spotted a friend.

"Jamie! Oh thank goodness I found someone who can see me."

"Jack?" the boy asked in surprise. "Aren't you supposed to be...?"

"At the chapel? Yeah. But I'm not sure where it is. Can you show me the way?"

Jamie laughed and pointed behind Jack. "You just missed it. Three blocks that way and then one block to the right. But hurry, you're already late!"

"I know I know! Thanks, buddy!" Jack called as he sped off.

Moments later he burst through the doors, where Hiccup scolded him angrily.

"What on earth were you doing?!" he asked. "You are late to your own wedding!"

Jack smiled ruefully. "Sorry. It's hard to find this place."

"It's Rapunzel you should be apologizing to, mate," Bunny said, pointing at Jack with his boomerang. "Now let's go."

"Best man goes first," Jack said, shoving Hiccup in front of him. Hiccup cast him an annoyed glance over his shoulder.

Jack just grinned and hopped into place after Bunny, floating leisurely down the aisle. Looking around, Jack saw Sanderson sitting with Queens Rue and Primrose near the front. Rue was holding her 4-year-old niece Mary Katherine on her lap. On the other side of the aisle sat the princesses of neighboring kingdoms: Princess Pea from Dor, the young sisters Amber and Sofia from Enchancia, Jasmine from Agrabah, Fiona from Far Far Away (Seriously, Jack thought. What a ridiculous name for a kingdom.), Tiana from Maldonia, and other princesses whose names he knew but not their kingdoms: Aurora, Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella. There were other guests as well, mainly citizens curious to meet the neighboring princess, but some of Rue's friends were there, and North's troublesome nephew Arthur. Two brothers, Eugene and Flint Lockwood, whose family owed a great deal to Robert's late grandfather, had come without being asked.

Finally the little procession reached the front of the church and turned to wait for Rapunzel. Toothiana and her tooth fairies came first, flying and scattering purple flower petals over the whole church. Jack created tiny snowflakes that intertwined with the flowers perfectly: near enough so that they mixed, but far enough away so he wouldn't freeze them. Right behind the flower fairies came Merida, looking extremely uncomfortable in her maid of honor dress. Jack knew that she wanted to be outside in a more casual outfit. Last of all, accompanied by her father King Robert, came Rapunzel, looking absolutely gorgeous in her long white dress.

As she reached the alter, her smile melted into a disapproving scowl, though Jack knew she wasn't really mad.

"You're late," she whispered.

"Sorry. Middle Tennessee only gets one little "snow" a year, I couldn't disappoint the kids!"

Rapunzel giggled, and Jack smiled warmly. He loved to make her laugh. "I know, I was just kidding."

Hiccup looked sideways at Bunny, who was staring down the crowd and fingering his boomerang.

"So I'm guessing you're not just a groomsman?" he whispered.

"Nope. Any fella make a wrong move, and I smash his head with Sophie, here."

"Um...ok," Hiccup said as he edged away.

"Sophie?" Merida asked, raising her eyebrows. Bunny tapped his boomerang again.

"Shh, here comes North," Jack whispered. "He'll put us on the naughty list if we don't shut up."

Rapunzel giggled again. North came out of a room in the back, looking solemn and serious. Jack quickly blew a snowflake in his direction, and he suddenly smiled.

"Welcome, friends, family, Guardians. We are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Jack Frost and Rapunzel Rampion. Afterward we invite you all to the castle to celebrate. Do you, Rapunzel, take Jack Frost?"

"I do," Rapunzel said happily.

"And do you, Jack, take Rapunzel Rampion?"

"I do." Jack had waited a long time to say those words. Almost a year had passed since he had first met Rapunzel and knew that she was the girl for him.

"You may kiss the bride."

So Jack did. The audience cheered and applauded as they waltzed back down the the aisle.

"That's it, then?" Merida asked when they got to the foyer. "Ah endured half an hour of torture getting into this dress and fixing mah hair, for a five minute wedding?" At 17, she still didn't like getting all dressed up.

"I thought you'd be pleased," Jack said, puzzled. "If it had been a traditional wedding, you would have had to stand up there for an hour in that thing."

"Oh, so that wasn't traditional?"

"Merida," Rapunzel said, bursting into laughter. "Santa Claus just married us and the Tooth Fairy was my flower girl! You didn't pick up on the non-traditional aspect?"

Merida grinned. "Ah live in the 14th century. How am I supposed to know what a modern wedding looks like?"

"Apparently not like that," Hiccup said. "Now come on, we should get up to the palace."

The reception passed in a blur. The food was delicious, the dancing was wild, and there was a princess every time you turned around. But the princess Jack saw most often was Princess Rapunzel Frost of Arendelle.

Midway through the celebration, Flint Lockwood stood up and made a short speech.

"Hi everyone, I'm Flint. As you might know, King Robert's grandfather saved my grandfather's life. If it wasn't for him, my brother and I wouldn't be here right now." He nudged his brother, but Eugene rolled his eyes. "Anyway, to honor his great-granddaughter's wedding day, I have invented a little something I like to call "fireworks" to celebrate."

"Are you sure this is safe?" Hiccup asked Jack in a whisper. "The invention has the word fire in it. I don't think that's a good sign."

"I don't know a thing about it," Jack whispered back.

"This wasn't part of the program," Rapunzel added.

"Yeah, and neither was their arrival," Rue said nervously.

As they were talking, Flint and Arthur arranged a pile of paper rockets on sticks in the center of the ballroom. Confidently, Flint pulled out a match from his pocket, and lit one of the sticks on fire.

"Uh...guys?" Hiccup said. "I think we should..."

Suddenly, Arthur, who was holding the rocket steady from a safe distance, tripped and the rocket exploded, sending the other rockets flying all over the room. Jack grabbed Rapunzel's arm and pulled her down underneath the table.

"Take cover!" Bunny yelled, although it wasn't necessary. Everyone already had.

"Flint!" Robert yelled. "Stop them!"

"I can't!" Flint yelled, running around in panic and waving his arms uselessly in the air. Eugene had disappeared.

At that moment, anther rocket exploded and started a fire near the princess table. Most of them ran in terror, but Jasmine grabbed the table cloth and started beating the flames, and Fiona grabbed Flint and forced him to help as well. Robert jumped out from behind the table shelter and began helping people evacuate.

"Alright fairies!" Toothiana called "Form a tiny bucket brigade to put out this fire! Ten hut!"

"Jack!" Rapunzel said. "Can't you freeze the flames out?"

"Probably," Jack said. Reluctant as he was to leave his bride, he flew over the heads of terrified guests to the scene. "Move back!" He told Jasmine, Fiona, and Flint as he shot ice from his staff.

It worked, and the fire was quickly dealt with. Fortunately, few had been hurt. Rue's friends Linda and Ellie were nurses, and quickly went to their aid. As they were putting the room back together, the guards Lewis and Wilbur hauled in Eugene.

"Oh no..." Flint groaned. "Again, Eugene? Really?"

"Couldn't help myself," Eugene said carelessly.

"We caught him trying to steal the Crown Jewels, your majesties," Wilbur said.

Robert sighed. "This has happened too many times, Eugene. What am I going to do with you?"

"I have an idea," Rue said. "Why don't we turn him over to Jack and Rapunzel? Surely the new prince can think of some way to reform him."

"Wait, what?" Jack said. "Prince? What?"

Over a year later, Jack and Rapunzel walked out of a different chapel and climbed into a different carriage. King Robert had decided to step down from the throne, so he could concentrate on saving the unicorns. Jack was reluctant. He had never thought of the prince/king aspect before, but everyone assured him he would be fine. It was more like a figurehead position nowadays.

But it still meant a coronation ceremony, which they had just completed, and being presented to the kingdom.

"I wont have to make a speech, will I?" he asked nervously.

"No," Robert said, smiling. "It will be awkward for you, and the people who still don't believe in you, for some weird reason," he added. "Rue will make the speech today."

"Not you, father?" Rapunzel asked.

"I made my speech a few weeks ago, at the announcement."

Rapunzel smiled, remembering. Had it really been four weeks ago? By now they had reached castle. Eugene opened the gates for them.

"Thank you, Eugene," Rapunzel said pointedly.

"You're welcome, your majesty," Eugene said eagerly. He was just about to finish his one year of community service (performing guard duties at the castle) and was very excited to return to his home in the country. Under Rapunzel's fierce training and weeks locked alone in her old tower, he was a changed man.

A few minutes later, they were standing on the balcony, listening to Rue explain to the people how she was not disappearing, but would be in the background, helping Rapunzel and Jack.

"And now," she said. "Let me present your new royals, Jack and Rapunzel Frost!" Arendelle roared their approval, although several people looked confused and asked where Jack was. "And!" Rue continued, quieting the crowd. "Their baby daughter, princess Elsa!"

The four on the balcony turned and saw Sam Sparks, the nursery maid, come forward carrying the young princess, barely a month old. As Sam handed her to Jack, Elsa looked up through her bright blue eyes she had inherited from her father. Jack smiled down at her gently as he and Rapunzel presented her to Arendelle.

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