AN: Yes, this chapter is based off of the Lord of the Rings last chapter in the Fellowship of the Ring. A bit of a sadness lurking over it, but it all works out in the end, I promise!

Chapter 15: Breaking of the Companionship

As the sun began to set over Arendelle, the Companions (plus Elsa and Anna, who were now considered honorary Companions) walked through the city streets, enjoying the warmth and sunlight. Mavis had gone back to the ice palace to collect her and Elsa's belongings, Elsa not quite willing to go back yet.

"You know what?" Jack said after Elsa finished telling them some funny stories about Olaf (before Mavis found him and he had been banished). "This has been a pretty great day."

"I agree," Rapunzel said, her arms linked in Elsa's. "A little shaky at the start, but overall wonderful!"

"So, what now?" Elsa asked.

"Well first we need to take care of that giant beanstalk, Anna," Jack said.

Anna looked up. "Oh yeah. I kind of forgot about that."

Elsa giggled. "You did that?" Anna nodded.

"The dragons can help you with that," Merida said. "Before we go home."

"Wait, your going home?" Anna said.

"Anna," Rapunzel said. "They've had a hard last few days. They want to get back to their own time."

"Well, can't you stay for the party?" Anna asked, before quickly covering her mouth.

"What party?" Jack asked.

"Uh…I didn't say anything!"

"Anna!" Kristoff said, coming out of one of the side streets. "You weren't supposed to tell anyone!"

"Sorry! It just slipped out."

"How was a whole party planned without me knowing about it?" Jack asked.

"It was supposed to be a surprise, your majesty," Kristoff said. "To welcome you and Elsa home."

"Kristoff!" Anna said. "You were only supposed to tell about Elsa!"

"Am I missing something?" Jack asked, puzzled.

"Not anymore," Rapunzel said cheerfully. "Remember how the Commoner's Festival is tomorrow? When Mom heard we had found Elsa, she organized it so it became a Welcome Home Party for Elsa, and you, since you were never any fun once Elsa left."

"That's not true!" Anna said, defending her father.

"Well, unless Anna was around," Rapunzel added.

"I'll be glad for a party any day," Jack said. "What's wrong, Elsa? You don't look very excited."

"Well, this will be my first party. I don't know what to do."

"Hey, I gave you a cake when you turned 13!" Mavis protested, flying up to them.

"Don't worry," Anna said. "It'll be fun! We can dress you up and dance all night!"

"Dance with who?" Jack asked, looking suspiciously at Kristoff.

"You!" both girls answered at once. Jack smiled.

So it was decided that the Companions would stay until the party was over. The girls had a lot of fun helping Elsa get ready, while Hiccup and Jack did not have fun cutting down the beanstalk.

Just like Anna said, there was a lot of dancing. And while Anna did dance with Jack every three songs, when he danced with Elsa or Rapunzel, she snuck off to dance with Kristoff, and spent most of the day with him. Although she did dance with Eugene for one song. Hiccup was not a good dancer on account of his metal leg, but Rapunzel and Astrid helped him out (mostly on Astrid's insistence), and after he had improved they all dragged a reluctant Merida onto the dance floor. Olaf was there too, under constant supervision from Jack and Elsa to make sure he always had snow and didn't melt.

The next day, however, they journeyed to the North Pole so Hiccup, Merida, and Astrid could return home. Anna and Tooth felt a little guilty entering, but North greeted them with a smile.

"Don't worry," he said. "We wipe the slate clean, since you found Elsa."

"Told you," Tooth said. Anna giggled, but quickly sobered up.

"Don't be so sad. We'll come back," Hiccup assured her.

"Ah, yes, about that," North said. "I'm afraid you can't."

"But, North, they're our friends," Jack said. "Why not?"

"Time traveling is too dangerous. I only did it the first time because those were Manny's instructions, and I'll ignore it this time, but no more. Trust me, I have seen the consequences and have had to spend many long hours righting things." He gave a pointed glance at the elves, who grinned sheepishly.

"Well, maybe we can set up a letter system instead," Rapunzel suggested staring off into a dark hallway. "That way you could still keep in touch, but not mess up the timeline."

"But we would still have to travel through time," Hiccup said.

"Unless someone else did for us," Rapunzel mused.

"Ah ha!" North cried. "I know just the person. He walked over to the panel beneath the giant globe and hit a few buttons. The northern lights flashed above them. "That is her special signal."

"Who's signal?" Merida asked.

Suddenly a bright pink flash zipped through the window, and a young girl about thirteen years old with big golden eyes stood in the workshop. She had pink streaks in her otherwise brown hair and was wearing a red and white dress.

"Hi, North!" she said. "What's the matter? Did I accidentally hit Bunny with an arrow again?"

"No," North said, chuckling at the memory.

"Who are you?" Astrid asked.

"Jack's sister, who also happens to be a spirit," Tooth explained. "Jill became Cupid because even after all the deaths in her family, all within five years, she never stopped loving people."

"I knew it was what you would have wanted me to do," Jill explained.

"Definitely," Jack said.

"You have a sister," Merida said, smiling. Jack nodded.

"Jill, these are my friends Merida, Astrid, and...I'm not sure where Hiccup went, actually."

"Toothless ran off, and he went to catch him," Astrid said.

"Hi!" Jill said, waving. She looked closely at Anna. "Enjoy it?" she asked her.

"Enjoy what?" Anna asked, confused.

"Your first kiss at the ball last night, of course." Anna blushed. "You can't hide a thing like that from me, I'm Cupid. Kristoff's a nice guy—let it go, Jack!—you should keep him."

Anna smiled shyly.

"Jill," Rapunzel said, tactfully turning the conversation away before Jack could speak. "We were wondering if you could be our letter carrier through the portals."

"Sure! I'd love to help out!"

At that moment, the Moon shone down through the window illuminating Jack and Rapunzel.

"North!" Tooth gasped. "Does this mean…?"

"You have passed your tests," Manny said. "Step forward, Jack Frost, the First Companion. You are now the Guardian of Fun. Step forward, Rapunzel Frost, the Fourth Companion. You are now the Guardian of Creativity."

Then, abruptly, he vanished. "Hey, wait!" Anna said. "Where'd he go?"

"He comes and goes when he pleases," North said. "Well, congratulations you too!"

"Wow, Jack," Hiccup said. "Now you're a Companion, Guardian, and King of Arendelle!"

"That's a lot," Merida said. Anna elbowed her in the side. "Ow! I mean, you'll do great! And, not to be rude or anything, but we have to get going."

"I take back the nudge!" Anna said quickly.

"Let them go, Anna," Rapunzel said gently.

"It's been great, but we do need to get back," Hiccup said.

"Ok," Anna sighed. "I guess this means we'll have to say goodbye. For good."

The Frosts (except Mavis, who had stayed in Arendelle) went around hugging everyone and thanking them for their help. Anna saved Merida for last. Neither of them said anything for a moment.

"Merida…" she began. "I…"

"Hey, we red-heads 'ave to stick together," Merida said with a smile. "I'll miss you, Anna."

Anna hugged her fiercely. "Me too. I wish you didn't have to leave."

"I know," Merida whispered.

"Are you ready?" North asked.

Hiccup looked over at Merida, who nodded. "We're ready," he said.

North opened up the portal. Astrid waved and jumped right in without hesitation. Hiccup and Merida looked back one last time, gazing sadly at their friends, knowing this would be the last time they would ever see them.

"We'll write soon!" Merida said as she flew Torch into the portal.

The three teens landed in Toothless' old cove. Astrid was greeting Stormfly by the pond. She mounted her dragon and went over to where Hiccup and Merida were sitting on their dragons, motionless.

"That may have been one of the hardest things I've ever done," Merida said mournfully.

"Yeah," Hiccup said. "But at least we won't lose all contact with them. So…who's up for a little

dragon racing?"

Merida grinned. "Last one to the Great Hall cleans Angus' stall!"

"A bad penalty needs a good reward," Astrid said. "First one gets some of my yaknog!"

She nudged Stormfly into the sky. Hiccup and Merida looked nervously at each other.

"I call being second!" Hiccup yelled, flying after her.

They raced off into the distance, laughing happily, unaware that someone had followed them through the portal. Stepping out of the shadows, the stowaway breathed in the clear Berk air.

No need to announce my presence yet, or my name. Keep it a secret, and they won't suspect a thing. Now for the first step, finding a servant to speak for me, The Master. The Master laughed, pleased with the new nickname. No, they won't suspect a thing.

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