Prince of Darkness

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Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic Speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thought

Mandy smirked as she exited her personal transport with Grim. It was a customized Volkswagen Beetle. The front was nearly twice as long as it should be with six wheels instead of four. While not as notable, the back was also a bit larger than normal. Its headlights were still normal, seemingly and the front bumper had many upward curved spikes, giving it a fanged appearance. The hubcaps over the tires looked like they were made of bones with a screaming skull in the center. It was black all over with red trimmings, and two parallel pink lines went down the center of it, from front to back. On top of the hood was a large white circle with the number fifty-three on it in similarly colored letters.

Customized or not, it hardly seemed like the personal vehicle of the Bitch Queen of the Underworld, but Mandy wasn't one to be predictable. She patted the hood of the car twice as she closed the driver side door, "Behave, Herb," She warned with a knowing smirk. The car, driverless, revved its engine playfully. Mandy shook her head in amusement at that.

"Ol rus boocket," Grim muttered with an eye-socket-roll, the passenger door slamming into him hard, and making him fall on his ass after. The Volkswagen made several honking noises that sounded mysteriously like laughing before it drove off on its own. "I knew I shouldn't have given ya dat ding as an anniversary gif," Grim said with a glare, dusting off his robe.

"You say that about everything you give me," Mandy retorted evenly, looking up at the sight before them; The House of Night. A large, Greek-style temple made of black alabaster stone, set on a ledge over the River Styx. On the eight forty-foot columns lining the front entrance were carvings of monstrous beings, as if guarding the gates, and on the pediment was a carving of a beautiful and naked woman hovering just above the 'ground' of the image with a cloth dangling behind her back and around her arms. On both sides of her were dozens of men and women, many of them with feathered wings, all looking as though they were marching outwards, "Nyx, one of the first and greatest Rulers of the Underworld," Mandy noted in respect.

"Lota people takin bets on if ya are her reborn or some morta descenden we los track of afta she disappeared," Grim commented with a smirk, knowing that despite not meeting her, Mandy had a slight and somewhat unwanted admiration of the Queen of Night.

"Just like people are still taking bets on who killed her all those eons ago: You're pretty high on that list, actually," Mandy noted with a smirk of her own.

Grim returned her smirk at that, "Surprised?" He asked playfully, leaning down slightly.

"Depends, which do you prefer? Her reborn or her descendant?" She asked curiously with her hand on her hip, an almost playful look in her eye.

"Not sure. On one han, no one would blame me fer gettin bossed aroun by Nyx, but on de oder, I kinda like ya as dis naturally insufferable woman dat we all have ta put up wid," Grim quipped.

"Oh? That your way of saying you didn't kill her?" Mandy asked with a cunning smirk.

"I be admittin ta nodin, Woman," Grim countered with a smirk of his own.

"...And I thought me and Helga had thick sexual tension," A voice called, making them turn to see a fairly iconic football shaped skull, "Should I get you two a private room while we wait on the proceedings to get underway?" Arnold Shortman asked, wearing a black business suit, his hands interlaced behind his back. His dark 'smile' was just a touch too loose to be a smirk, too small to be a grin, and far too smooth to just be a smile…a smilerk or smirkle, perhaps.

"Mr. Shortman," Mandy greeted evenly, "Helga sends her regards, among other things," She added on with a suppressed smirk, handing him a letter.

"Of course she does," Arnold said smoothly, slipping it into his shirt before turning his attention to the skeleton, "Grim, I hope you and your son are coping with so many evil blondes in your lives. I can barely keep up with one, and she's not even my wife yet," Arnold commented with a chuckle.

"Yet bein de term, mon," Grim countered with a chuckle of his own.

"And we'll take that private room," Mandy interrupted with a smirk.

"Try not to take too long or damage too much of the room this time," Arnold requested, waving his hand to the entrance, two servants opening it.

"You can send me the bill," Mandy answered, Grim chuckling as he followed after her.

As they entered the large, dark-wood double doors, they were met by three women, beautiful in form and clad in black togas. Their skin was whiter than pale, their hair was silvery ash, and their eyes were bottomless black pits. "Lady Mandy, Lord Grim," The lead woman greeted them with a bow, a cold and even look on their faces.

"Mithranda," Mandy greeted, her expression matching them, "We'll be needing a private room, some refreshments, and someone to alert us when the hearing will begin ten twenty minutes in advance," She all but ordered.

"As you desire," Mithranda answered simply as she turned to lead them in, the servants leaving to get the requested items.

"Leuciads, de illegitimate descendans of Hades," Grim noted with a chuckle, "Not too many of dose lef," He commented as they passed by a circular room with a deathly white tree growing in the center of it. There were four paths, counting the one they came from. Mithranda made a left, for the private areas and they followed.

"Most of the staff here is comprised of Styxaids now," Mandy added in.

"I still remember when ya firs met Styx herself," Grim said, a bit teasingly, Mandy's eyes glazing over for a moment before shaking it off.

"Never have I wanted to fuck a woman so badly in my life," Mandy murmured

"Careful around dat one, Mandy. She can hol ya ta jus abou anyding ya say if ya make a vow or promise," Grim warned cautiously.

"That's what gags are for," Mandy said evenly.


Mimi whined to herself as she danced on her tippy toes in Junior's bathroom, biting her lip. If one would wonder why, they would only have to look at the toilet to see that it was clogged and the bowl was close to overflowing. If Mimi didn't have to go bad, REALLY bad, she might have wondered why a Reaper would have need of a toilet. If she could talk, she would probably even make a joke about him crapping out souls, which could be true. As it was, she was doing her best not to make a mess on the floor.

Unfortunately or fortunately, a few of her human habits from her life in Megaville had resurfaced: One of which was not wanting to poop on the floor. Pee, maybe, but not poop. Why? She had no idea and didn't have the energy to think on it. All she kept repeating in her head was that Junior would be back soon with a plunger: He had been gone since she awoke to run to the bathroom, so he couldn't be too far from getting back here, right? Right?!

Eventually, her mental willpower broke, forcing her to run out of the room to try and find a public bathroom: The castle had to have at least one on each floor!

Meanwhile, just as she rounded a corner, a certain Demon-Reaper walked around a corner from the opposite direction of his 'pet', carrying two extra rolls of toilet paper and a plunger, "Seriously? That Billy kid used his scythe as a plunger?" Gal asked skeptically.

"You're in my head, you should know," Junior retorted with a small chuckle.

"...Kid, without a photograph for one of us to see, I'm not sure I can buy that," Gal said with a sweat-drop.

"Well, it was Billy," Nergal Senior pointed out, walking beside the two-one? Two halves? One and a half?- towards Junior's room.

"True," Gal relented as they entered the room, "Geeze, Hellcat is a heavy sleeper today. We poked her for a good ten minutes earlier!" He commented, all of them assuming Mimi was still under the bed.

"Then she started nibbling on you," Junior pointed out, putting the rolls on the sink while he got to work with the plunger.

"...That actually felt kind of good," Gal said with a perverted grin in his face.

"...I'm going to pretend I didn't see what you just imagined," Junior said with wide eyes and blush on his skull.

"Agreed," Nergal said, rubbing his eyes, wishing he wasn't a mental projection right now, "Still, it must have been the first night she relaxed in a while, so no wonder she slept so well," He pointed out, changing the subject.

"I know how to make her relax...," Gal said with a distant look in his eye.

"What the fook, Gal? I thought you hated her?!" Junior asked in surprise.

"I know, I did! I blame you, it's these damn preteen, demon-reaper hormones! Mix that with your crush on her and it is royally fucking with my mind!" Gal whined loudly before his eye went wide, "Oh my devil...I'm turning into your father. I'm turning into a whiny, masochistic whimp that can't help but keep coming back to a skank that keeps putting her fangs back into me...Gehenna save me!" Gal bemoaned with anime tears.

"You...That...She...I don't even know where to begin with that!" Junior yelled, glaring at his weirdly emotional Nergal-beast, "Are you on your period or something?"

"WHAT?!" Gal yelled in outrage, Nergal Senior snickering in the background.

"Well, you WERE a part of Minnie...," Junior pointed out, trailing off awkwardly and a bit sadder at the end.

"...Yeah, well, my gender has since changed, thank you very much," Gal said with a humph, hoping that would change the subject.

"...Wait, does that mean I was technically a girl or...he-she when I first got you?" Junior asked curiously.

"Dude, do we REALLY need to talk about this?" Gal asked with a blank stare.

"I figure in a few months or years, it'll make for a good joke or two," Junior said with a small grin.

"...Kid, no offense, but there are moments I just want to cut myself loose and go die of embarrassment after crawling under something," Gal commented dryly.

"Like under the bed?" Nergal Senior suggested.

"With your Hellcat?" Junior added in with a grin.

"SCREW YOU BOTH, YOU RIGHT FUCKTARDS!" Gal roared at them both, causing them both to laugh, "Shouldn't YOU be the one wanting to curl up there with her?!" Gal accused at Junior, who grinned impishly.

"I am you, Gal," He pointed out smugly.

"...Oh you cheeky dickwaffle," Gal said flatly before turning to Nergal Senior, "If I die, can I put this down as Cruel and Unusual punishment when old Grimmy comes a swinging for me?" He asked in mock sadness.

"Sorry, no. Trust me, I've asked on similar things," Nergal Senior answered apologetically, patting Gal on top of the tentacle he was using an a figurative head.

"Well, the toilet is finally cleared," Junior said with a grin.

"Kid, I don't know how you did what you did to that toilet, and I pray I am never able to comprehend it," Gal said with a shiver. He had been half asleep still when Junior was on the toilet and did...sOmEtHiNgthat Gal didn't want to understand.

"Why? All I did was-" Junior started, only for the alarm to blare.

The symbiote, Reaper, and mental projection all looked up in shock for a solid minute before looking to each other, "You don't think...?" They all asked in sync, slowly turning to look towards Junior's room, towards the bed.

In a split second, Junior was half-way to the bed and Gal's tentacle was already under it, "Hellcat's gone!" Gal confirmed, yelling into Junior's face.

"You don't think she tried to go after Horror's Hand again, do you?" Junior asked in worry.

"Either that or we're under attack!" Nergal Senior reasoned, "Regardless of which, you need to find Mimi before she gets into trouble you can't get her out of!" He pointed out, Junior already running out the door.


Minnie glared heatedly as she marched through the halls, the alarms blaring in her ear as she continued the search for whomever or whatever had triggered the alarm. While she should, logically, go to her room or her brothers and remain there until the threat was eliminated, she had no intention of doing such. Partially because she did want to vent, partially because she didn't want to be in the same room as her brother right now, especially not with his wanton pet.

Just the thought of that handless girl made Minnie's sole eye flash red in a mix of angry jealousy and hateful vengeance. Whatever seduction was over her brother had clearly left his rationality in a subdued state. Trying to save her was one thing, but he challenged their own mother, Mandy herself, to keep her out of harm's way. Minnie could never remember a time Junior would ever even attempt such a near-suicidal thing. If Mandy wasn't their mother, he would have been dead...or more so, anyway.

Shaking her head of such thoughts, for now, she continued her search for any possible targets. It troubled her though. Who could gotten by the extra security measure her mother had implemented after Mimi's break in? She hadn't heard a single salvo or explosion before or after the alarm sounded, so that meant they got by the outter defenses undetected. Her mother would be most displeased with that, her hard work and money not paying off as well as she hoped it would.

Thinking of her mother and brother reminded her of that recent day when she shot Junior's line, sending him and his 'pet' falling down off the mountain, Junior saving himself with wings via her former powers. A few weeks ago, she couldn't imagine trying to harm her brother in any way. She also couldn't have imagined dying, being turned into a ragdoll, her brother protecting the daughter of their family enemy from their mother, or...her mother being proud of her, for some reason, for endangering Junior's wellbeing.

The undead princess froze as she caught sight of the last person she wanted to see. Mimi, walking around with a very exhausted and slightly pained look on her face, waltzed through the cross section of the hallways, not even noticing Minnie as she trekked back to Junior's room slowly...


"Why is it that even when I time this so we'll be five minutes early, we always end up getting dressed at the last minute?" Mandy asked curiously as they walked through the halls to the council room.

"YOU get dressed atta las minute. Me cloak an trousas come back on in unda ten secons," Grim corrected with a smirk, "And I be guessin dat ya subconsious is stuck on its 'Fook De Rules' settin while we're fookin each oder," He explained with a shrug.

"Right...still amazed that sex with you isn't an automatic abortion," Mandy noted, being currently pregnant with Dan Phantom's children.

Grim shrugged again, "Ta be honest, I was surprised by dat as well de first time I fooked a pregnant woman," Grim explained, Mandy looking over her shoulder with a questioning look, "Elara, one of Zeus's baby-mammas," He answered simply.

"...Was she good?" Mandy asked curiously.

"Eh, on one han, it was sloppy secons, on de oder, it was a god's sloppy secons," Grim answered vaguely.

"So...?" Mandy prompted.

"Abou like dat time ya slated yer lus fer yer own genda an told me I could do whateva I wanted wid her," Grim explained.

"Hey, you're my husband, I told you I don't mind you joining in," Mandy pointed out with a shrug.

"Maybe I would if ya humped more women instead of whateva bastard of de year ya stumble across," Grim said with a blank glare.

Mandy stroked her chin in thought for a moment, "Would hermaphrodites work?" Mandy suggested as they stood outside the double doors to the meeting room.

"...As long as deir's more she den he," Grim answered slowly, shaking his head fondly at his wife's very wide tastes for sex, "An we're goin to be late if we keep talkin ou here," He pointed out.

The Bitch Queen rolled her eyes at that, "Well, I didn't think you wanted to air out your sex life to the entire Underworld, Bonehead," Mandy retorted as she opened the door.

"Presenting Queen Mandy of Grimskull and the Grim Reaper of Death!" A nymph by the door announced as they entered the room, heading for their seat as the lightly packed room quieted a bit.

The room was large and circular, the buff-beige walls passing on a muted light from the eternally lit torches on the black pillars, bathing the whole room in good lighting. In the center was a circular shaped depression in the middle of the room, with a diameter of twenty feet. Along the edge of the circle was three curved conference tables, each nearly twenty feet in length with five chairs at each tables.

The table to the right was for the rulers or proxies of the five major realms in Underworlds. Mandy usually sat at the middle of it, but for this meeting, it had been stipulated that she and HIM should sit on the far ends. Mandy couldn't really blame them, given their history and the nature of this gathering. So the seating order went HIM on the far right, Aku next to him in his Ikra form, Walker took the middle seat to act as peacekeeper on the off chance something happened, Hunson Abadeer took a seat next to Mandy. Hunson was, strangely, a nice guy…kind of, at least. He wasn't allied with or against anyone, but he tried to socialize with most of the Lords. Kare was just one of the more common hosts as Mandy and Walker weren't much for socializing.

The left table was for odds and ends mainly. Usually it went to parties that the meeting pertained to, such as minor lords in territory disputes between major lords, but as this meeting was about settling a possible war between two lords before it started, it was used by three of the main guards of these meetings. One was a man with green skin, pointed ears, green hair, pure white eyes, and a very feral look in his eyes. The other was a solemn man with brown hair and green eyes, wearing a white outfit with a red symbol on his chest shaped like a C. The third was a teenage boy with black hair and blue eyes, laying on two chairs like a make-shift bed, clutching a katana to his chest. Like the first guard, he too had pointy ears, but he also had a lithe black tail with a hairy end.

The table opposite of the door was for the five Judges of the Underworld, impartial beings that were nigh impossible to get favors from: The first was an old, diminutive, male human-like being that was floating in his chair with a pair of small insect wings on his back. He was clad in a dull-grey business outfit and a pointed hat with a grey star on it. This was Head Pixie of Pixie world, sitting closest to the table with the guards. A stickler for protocol, but also an acknowledger of loopholes.

The judge next to him was wearing an all-black outfit consisting of shirts, pants, a top hat, leather gloves and boats and a cloak. The only items not black was the dark brown belt to hold his six knives to his person, and the Guy Fawkes mask covering his face. He sat there, leaning back with his boots on the table and his fingers forming a pyramid on his lap, daring anyone to cause a scene. He was simply known as V, with a long list of nicknames. An brilliant anarchist and his ideas were, as they said, bulletproof.

On the side nearest the Big Five's table, and sitting just a few feet from HIM as a result, was a man that was similar to V in many ways. Only instead of black, his gloves, pants, top hat, and boots were all a non-descript shade of brown. And instead of a cloak, he had on a brown rain coat, and lacked any visible blades. Over his face was a white mash with black blotches that continued changing nonstop, much like a Rorschach test. Rather unsurprisingly, his name was Rorschach. Even in the face of Armageddon and death, his resolve would not sway on anything.

Next to him was a rather devilish man. Literally, he was a large and muscled humanoid male with red-skin, two large horn stumps, black side burns and a goatee, a rock gauntlet for a right arm, a red tail, and a large white-brown overcoat. This was Hellboy, a former Paranormal Investigator on earth. A very plain and stubborn man that had been tempted by hundreds of dark entities with no success on their part.

The middle chair was empty, for the moment, giving Mandy time to survey the room. The room was packed with at least two hundred people; various lords, leaders, loners, proxies, and all kinds of others that had come to witness the outcome of this meeting. She spied a werewolf and a vampire somewhere in that crowd, and she could just smell a succubus. She knew that some of those demons were for the Arch Lords of Hell, and Heaven had to have at least one spy down here. After all, war was brewing, everyone could see that, and the outcome of this one trial might decide if war will break out or not.

As she waited, she could help appreciate the irony of her sitting here. Although none would call her on it, she was technically Grim's proxy as their realm was always recorded as belonging to the Ruler of Death. All that meant, ultimately, was that if Grim wanted the seat, she would be legally obliged to give it to him. Though, if Grim ever found a reason to do that, she'd probably be too curious about what he knew that she didn't to be upset at him.

She glanced out of the corner of her eye at HIM, sitting there as smug as ever. He probably already had a plan to paint himself in a more favorable light. If it didn't get any sympathies from the Judges, it would at least set the playing field for a confrontation between her and HIM. After all, she had made a fair many enemies in her expansion of Grim's original kingdom. If they didn't oppose her, many still feared the idea of her ruling the Underworld.

HIM was cruel, but he was something they were used to. Being a ruler in the underworld was a busy job for most demons and they excerised a certain level of hands-off ruling. So if you stayed under his radar, the most they'd have to deal with is any chaos he'd spread ruling them and, to be frank, they were used to that kind of thing. Mandy, on the other hand, was a more rigid and controlling Queen at times. As much as everyone respected the Great Nyx, none of the minor lords wanted another like her. They already had His Excellency to deal with, after all.

Mandy hummed at that, pondering if she should forgo a war altogether by calling in a favor to him of all people, before shaking her head of the idea. She'd rather take revenge herself than go to her official superior for aide, like a child crying to the teacher over a mean bully. After all, if he was ready to take the reins of the Underworld, he wouldn't have given her the job when the Big Five took their place in the Underworld over eleven years ago. No, she'd take care of this herself, as she always had.

Her head snapped to the door, along with everyone else's, as it swung open. The sleeping guard, meanwhile, sprung up out of his chair in an attempt to look awake, "Presenting his Honor, the High Judge of the Underworld!" The nymph announced, everyone making way for the judge and the woman serving as his secretary and aide. She was blue eyed with blonde hair that was held back in a ponytail. Even Mandy had suspected this woman was a bimbo at first, despite this woman's bust being a cup size smaller than Mandy's own. She was wearing a female business outfit that hugged all her curves, and black high heels that accented her every step. A stack of paper cradled in one arm and her posture the very definition of professional.

In contrast, the High Judge was the complete opposite of her. The position of High Judge was dictated by His Excellency and this man had always been the choice, even when other judges were replaced. He yawned uncaringly as he strolled past demons and monsters alike without care or worry, his clawed hand scratching his cheek. Unlike his fellow Judges, he looked almost completely human. His boots echoed almost as much as his aide's heels as he walked to his seat, his purple cloak billowing behind him, his black jeans and shirt over his tan skin. He spun the chair around to sit on it backwards and rested his head on the backrest, adjusting the purple top hat that adored his pitch black hair, "So, Angie? What's on today's agenda?" He asked unceremoniously, his red eyes peering through his eye lids as he appeared to begin shifting to full awake mode, seemingly oblivious to the tense silence in the room.

The woman was Angelica Pickles, aide to Judge Nega-Timmy Turner, or Nega for short. Why Angelica was in the Underworld, even Grim didn't know, so it was likely due to someone that outranked him: and besides Mandy, there were only two others that did, and Yahweh stayed out of the Underworld. Nega, on the other hand? Well, why he was the High Judge was no secret. If you knew the significance of his name, it wasn't hard to figure out.

"It's a matter pertaining to Kare, Lord of the Land of Tainted Souls and Queen Mandy of the Grim Family, Your Honor." Angelica explained courtly as she placed a paper in front of him, and handed one to each of the other Judges.

He ignored that for the moment and raised his head to look between the two in question, "What, she divorcing Grimmy? Or is this just about alimony?" He asked curiously. Mandy resisted the urge to face-palm and just scrunched her eyes as the room was filled with suppressed snorts and snickers...some not so suppressed.

"Is dis really de time fer jokes?" Grim asked in light annoyance.

Nega rose an eyebrow at that, "If we all didn't already know who Grim Reaper Junior's father was, raise your hand if you would be placing bets on the man in red over there," He ordered, raising his hand, as did the rest of the Judges. "All of you and be truthful or I'll hold all of you in contempt," Nega threatened, most of the room raising their hands, even the rest of the Big Five, including HIM himself, "I think that proves my point," Nega said with a small, smug smirk as Grim steamed.

Angelica, for her part, rolled her eyes as the edge of her lips twitched lightly from their thin line, "No on both parts, Sir. This relates to the incident of All Hallow's Eve," She explained as she gestured to the paper, to which he glanced down and read, seemingly instantly.

"Ahh, right, the Reaper-Beast thing," Nega mused before giving the Grim Monarchs a very frosty smile, "Grim, Mandy? I went to Halloween Town a few years ago and I would love to hear the details about how your kids ended up all the way from Town Hall to that clubhouse," He stated pointedly, his two vampiric teeth seemingly enlarging with that smile.

"In good time, Your Honor, but unfortunately, this isn't good time," Mandy stated simply. HIM just looking amused by the proceedings for now. Walker, on the other hand, looked a bit annoyed with the High Judge, but held his spectral tongue.

"She's got a point, Fangs," Hellboy butted in, "This isn't exactly Family Court if you get my meaning."

"True, but coincidentally, the subject in either circumstance differs little in substance," V's rich voice cut in as he read through the page a second time, "But given HIM's parenting techniques, that's expected."

"A match made in Hell," Rorschach grunted.

"Now you're all just slandering me," Mandy interrupted with a smirk behind her interlocked hands, "I'd never touch HIM with a forty foot pole if it wasn't to kill him," Mandy added in.

"Now, at least," Nega muttered with a grin and chuckle. "Well, I think we've broken the ice enough," He added in as he lifted his head off the chair and something in his grin looked a bit predatory, "Kare the Tempter," He announced in a low but echoing voice as the red-skinned demon suddenly went rigid in his seat, "You have been accused of Royal Kidnapping and a combo-attempt of assault and thievery, all against the lovely family of our dear Regent here," Nega listed off before shrugging his shoulders and holding up his hands, "Anything to say for yourself?"

"Not Guilty, Your Neganess," HIM answered with a smirk as he stood from his chair, his answer getting raised eyebrows from Head Pixie and Hellboy, while Rorschach and V seemed to tilt their heads lightly.

"Oh? Do explain," Nega prompted with a smirk.

"Both of those actions weren't committed by me, but my daughter, Mimi," He supplied, getting a surprised look from Aku and a glare from Mandy and Grim.

"You're trying to sell to us that that kid of yours went and pissed off the Bitch Queen for the fun of it?" Hellboy asked, beyond skeptical.

"Both accounts DO list that Kare's daughter was heavily involved," Head Pixie drawled, "In the account of MiniMandy, the kidnapped victim, she states that Mimi, not HIM, was her original kidnapper," He pointed out.

"And she was the one to assault and break into Grimskull," Nega admitted with a sigh that sounded both tired and amused, "Okay HIM, you've got your case, now make us buy it," He ordered.

"Thank you, Your Honor," HIM said with a nod of apparent respect as he took the stage.

'And/An the/de show begins,' Mandy and Grim thought at the same time.

"I will admit to my daughter kidnapping the soul of MiniMandy, however I do not see that as a crime against anyone in that circumstance," HIM assured.

"Oh? And how was I supposed to take you stealing my daughter's soul?" Mandy asked evenly.

"Given what was going on and where she was going? It was a mercy for us all," HIM supplied with a smirk, "As most of us are aware, Grim Reaper Junior turned into a creature we've come to call the Reaper-Beast, something that could grow and devour us all in its berserk state. What most are less aware of was that Mandy's daughter was being taken to Heaven by a Redeemer," HIM supplied, getting silence at that.

"I think my brain stopped working at Mandy's name being in the same sentence as going to Heaven," Hellboy commented in surprise.

"It is in MiniMandy's account, though she didn't specify a Redeemer," Head Pixie noted, "But I fail to see any paperwork of MiniMandy herself being reaped," He pointed out.

"Reread opening paragraph." Rorschach pointed out, "Reaped by Grim Junior, not Grim Senior."

"Ahh, I see. Carry on," Head Pixie excused.

"Still, that is peculiar," V pointed out, rubbing the chin of his mask, "I think His Excellency shall be most cross with Heaven for forcibly stealing a soul from his son." He mused, Grim balling his fist at that.

"Ohh, trust me, he is," Nega assured, Mandy narrowing her eyes at that, "But we'll save dealing with our neighbors upstairs for another time. For now, all the reports given by Mandy and her family indicates the same thing: An angel taking MiniMandy away," He mused, nodding to HIM who had stood there in patient amusement.

"While I and Mandy certainly don't get along, despite the many amusing jokes about our supposed compatibility, I saw what Heaven was doing as a ploy against all Realms under the Divine Imperial Shadow," HIM explained, getting a grin from Nega who had obviously figured out how HIM was going to spin this tale, "A Reaper's abilities, mixed with the hunger and nature of a Nergal-Demon, and add in the natural raw energy? Why, even the boy's TRUE father might have had trouble putting something like that down, if it was given proper time to grow," He pointed out, Grim glaring fire at the trickster.

"Point, HIM?" Rorschach asked sternly.

"Simple. With Grim Junior's mentally and emotionally incapacitated at the time, MiniMandy was the only one who could possibly stop the creature without actually fighting it. It was obvious to me, that Heaven wanted to allow this abomination to run wild and do as much damage to the Underworld as possible, in an effort to weaken us as a whole," HIM elaborated.

"And you just happened to be watching us on Halloween?" Mandy asked with a raised eyebrow.

"There's a betting pool over when your boy will awaken his darker powers," HIM explained away casually, "We're not counting this incident, by the way."

"What day did you bet on?" Mandy asked curiously.

"April Fools," HIM answered.

"Halloween," Aku added in.

"His birthday," Hunson answered.

"Christmas," Walker supplied.

"I voted on Leap Day," Nega answered, getting weird looks from everyone, "What? I got quadruple the winnings if I'm right," He supplied with a shrug.

"I voted December twentieth," Angelica added in evenly, "But I think we're getting a bit off track."

"Yes, yes, so we are," V admitted, "Thank you, Ms. Pickles. Without you, I fear we'd never get anything done," He apologized and praised.

"It's a living," Angelica quipped with a smirk that was directed Nega.

"Okay, we get it, wild soul-eating Devourer of Afterlives is bad for business." Nega commented offhandedly, " kidnapped, or freed, MiniMandy's soul to...?" Nega asked, waving his hand for HIM to continue.

"As I said, Mimi did that herself. She just saw the events with me, heard my musing over the issue, and went off to grab the princess's soul on her own. She also cut off the Redeemer's hand in the process," He explained smoothly

Mandy smirked to herself at that. While Nega wasn't on her side, he certainly was trying to trip HIM up over this story he was telling. The red eyed man might seem like nothing special, but he was actually as dangerous as any of the Big Five. The fact that he was outside Grim's jurisdiction had little to do with that though that was related to why he was the High Judge. One wrong move or word and you fell into a trap. And falling into a trap set by the High Judge of the Underworld could be very...damning, to say the least.

"Angie, remind me to give Mimi a medal for stealing back a soul right from the Pearly Gate, and literally disarming a Redeemer," Nega requested.

"As you say, Sir," Angelica answered dutifully as she wrote something down.

"I find that hard to believe," Head Pixie stated simply, "Not the Redeemer part, her doing this of her own volition. Given her mental background, I'd think she'd want to see that happen, you and the rest of the Underworld digesting in a cosmic stomach."

"And not to mention, you beat a lot of the disobedience out of her," Rorschach reminded, rather darkly.

"And it's rather convenient that she's a mute and currently locked up at Mandy's place for trying to steal horror's hand," Hellboy pointed out.

"And you just so happen to be in need of a replacement, by the looks of it," V added in, gesturing to the missing claw.

"If you would be so kind, Your Honors, I'd rather explain things in order," HIM requested.

"Then why would she go out of her way to directly deliver that soul to you?" Nega asked pointedly.

"Ms. Pickles, if you please?" HIM requested, waving to her.

Angelica reached into her pile and pulled out five copies of a document with a picture of a large, smiling spider, "Jeff the Spider?" V asked curiously.

"Adopted/Self-appointed Son of Billy?" Head Pixie asked with a raised eyebrow.

"(Mother?/Father?) of five-hundred giant spider eggs?" Rorschach questioned.

"Nanny to Mimi?" Hellboy read off.

"Ex-fiancé to Velma Green the Spider Queen?!" Nega stated in surprise, "That ungrateful, lucky, arthropodic, son of a buffoon!" He exclaimed, wiping his hand over his face.

"Fangs!" Hellboy called.

"What!?" Nega yelled back in annoyance.

"She's standing right over there," Hellboy informed, bumping his thumb to Nega's right, the crowd making way so the High Judge could see the blushing Spider Queen

"Ohhh..." Nega said awkwardly, pausing for a long moment, "Hi Velma!" He waved, getting a nervous one in return.

"Judge," Angelica said snippily.

"Right, right. HIM, most of us know what you're getting at, but for the record...?" He asked in a prompting voice, waving his hand in a circle.

HIM nodded in understanding, "Jeff is one of the only survivors of Megaville. I kept him as a nanny for my daughter and she has remained especially attached to him, to the point where threatening him is more motivation than threating Mimi herself," HIM supplied, "I'd have to wager that her desire to save Jeff in the event the Reaper-Beast came to our own realm outweighed any bitterness she feels towards myself," He elaborated.

There was brief silence until Mandy started clapping, "Well done. A completely believable crock of bull that any of us is otherwise incapable of disproving," She stated evenly.

"You're the one that decided to leave my daughter back at your castle, Mandy," HIM pointed out, a bit smugly, "If you were so concerned about me spinning a tale, you should have brought her along."

"He makes an excellent argument, Mandy," V butted in, "In fact, I find it peculiar that you left all of the children out of this debacle here."

"However, it's not her turn yet," Nega interrupted, sharing a look with V before they both nodded in agreement, "HIM, that is your statement as to why you were in possession of MiniMandy's soul. We have confirmed that Grim Junior was in your realm via Clockwork," Nega said, wrinkling his nose at the name of the Time Lord.

"I assure you all, I didn't attack the boy." HIM retorted quickly.

"Yes, we can see that in your report: You taunted him, deflected swings from a scythe and even offered him help in awakening his powers, but never did you yourself attempt any harm to his soul," Nega mused, looking conflicted on something, "However, is everything you stated in there the truth?" He asked tonelessly, all humor gone from his voice as he and the other four Judges leaned in intently.

HIM blinked, not sure what could have been amiss. In fact, that was the section where there was no real deviation from the truth, "Yes, Your Honor, to my memory. Why?" He asked curiously, almost a bit worried as the Judges all shared a silent look before looking at Mandy and Grim, who narrowed her eyes in confusion at their stare.

'Something is wrong,' Mandy thought in concern.

'Dey are worried abou somedin,' Grim thought solemnly.

'And it has to do with something in HIM's report,' Mandy continued darkly.

'An de lobster looks too surprised to be fakin it,' Grim realized in worry.

'...Junior an/and Minnie didn't tell us everyding/everything.' They both concluded at the same time, 'Fook!/Fuck.'

End of Chapter

Well, took me nearly a year, but I got it updated. Actually kind of glad though- came up with a lot of stuff for this that I would have screwed up if I had wrote the second chapter early. Any way, you've now all been introduced to my version of the Council, since we've yet to see them in canon. If this turns out anything like the real thing, I'll be amazed and possibly flattered- I better get a shout out if that happens!

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