Dark Ambitions

Ultear fell as Jellal smirked. He summoned his Thought Projection from the tower, surprising everyone.

"Jellal! How did you get here!?" One of the council members demanded, but still treading carefully.

"Didn't Yajima say it already, I pretended to be my own brother and the Jellal in the tower was simply an illusion. Still did the trick as you all fell for it." This made everyone's pupils dilate, except for Hiruzen's, as the old man simply glared at Jellal.

Jellal then merged with his Thought Projection to regain his full power. "W-why?" Ultear gasped out, bleeding from her mouth. He walked towards her and picked her up by the hair, forcing her to stare into his eyes.

"Because this is merely payback for what you did to me. You manipulated me and forced me to waste years on a tower so that you can gain a so-called key of Zeref. I found out the truth a year ago and decided to play along with your plans until the opportune moment came." He then dropped her and followed up with a kick to her torso, eliciting a cry of pain from her.

"Gyah!" She was dropped further down as blood poured from her back. "Y-you'll p-ay for this!" She managed to get the knife out of her back and gave a hiss of pain. "Grimoire Heart will be after you now and I will enjoy ending your life." She tried to escape, but her body started to fight against her. She had a mark which moved around like a snake until it split into different marks and bound with her arms opening against her will. 'A binding spell? He must have placed it before he hit me.'

"Now, I believe it is time for you old geezers to leave my sight. So, this is where we part ways." Jellal channelled magic into his hand and sent a blast towards the seemingly defenceless council members.

(Deserted Island)

"That Etherion blast messed up my Chaos Control. I should've teleported everyone in the tower with me, but now they're probably scattered around the island. I better find them and fast." Naruto starting to walk towards the forest and look for his comrades.

(With Natsu)

"Where am I?" Natsu said to himself. He was separated from Happy after Naruto's spell went haywire and tried to find his friends. That is until he was jumped by Sai's surprised attack. Fortunately for Natsu, he was quick enough to react and grabbed Sai's wrist before he could strike him down. "Who the hell are you?"

'He has good reflexes. I'm still worn out from the fight with Gray earlier. I have two options now, surrender or a tactical retreat. With his sense of smell, he could easily track me in my current condition.' Sai got out of Natsu's grasp and then dropped his weapon on the floor. "I surrender, in my current condition I am no match for you." He lifted his arms in surrender to prove his point. Natsu didn't trust Sai at all and began to question him.

"I won't ask again, who the hell are you?" He ignited his right hand to emphasise the point. Sai told him his name and how he was hired by Jellal alongside Trinity Raven. He mentioned that Gray was the one who beat him and how he used up most of his magic fighting him.

"Simon, tell me what happened to Simon?" When Sai showed confusion at this, Natsu explained what he meant. "Simon had these marks on his face, his eye was yellow, and he used this crystal ball thing to summon bad copies of me." Now Sai understood and began to explain.

"Then that means that someone has used Possession Magic on him and gave him the Shadow Stone to use." The words 'shadow stone' struck a chord, he began thinking of when he faced Taka earlier.

"Is it the same thing as the stone that wannabe rocker used against me earlier?" He asked, thinking about what happened after Taka used it and how it would affect Simon.

"Yes, but unlike the one Taka used, this one is more powerful and is one of three with unique abilities. The one Simon used is known as Dark Matter, it can create creatures to fight for whoever uses them, but also create dark copies of other people." Sai told him, which made Natsu understand how dangerous the stone is. "And before you ask, Simon should not be in danger of becoming like Taka since someone is controlling his mind, it would be like if that person was the one wielding it. But that was before when we were at the island."

"What do you mean by that?" Natsu didn't like the sound of what Sai was going to say next and he was right.

"What he possesses is only a fragment of the true Dark Matter, a massive sphere located within the Tower of Heaven. If he's within a 100-meter radius, he can use its power to summon as many creatures as possible without any negative effects, however the further away it is, it would act like any other Shadow Stone, increase his power, but with the bonus of being more powerful and able to summon the creatures." Now Natsu understood.

'If he uses it here, he'll end up like that wannabe rocker. Damn! Need to find him before he uses that power!' Natsu left Sai to look for Simon in the island.

'Well, even if he freed that guy, he would still become weaker by using that stone in the tower. Even if Lord Jellal is still controlling him using Possession Magic, Simon is the one using the stone and it is his body that will take the damage every time he uses it. Unlike that ice wizard, this one is easy to fool. Once Simon is defeated, I can steal the stone and use it to escape this island.' Sai began to make his move.

While this was happening, Gray had met up with Erza, lucy with Happy, Millianna and Sho. Wally was found by Natsu, who also found the members of Trinity Raven one by one.

(Magic Council chambers)

"Rock Pillars? As expected by the former teacher of Iron Rock Jura and Haze the Mist." Jellal was talking about Hiruzen, who protected the others. "You were once formidable in your prime, but now, I'm not so sure."

'He's right, my age has caught up to me.' "All of you, escape from here, I'll teach this brat a lesson." The other council members made their escape, leaving Hiruzen with Jellal and the still incapacitated Ultear.

Jellal's moved first and used a light beam to pierce Hiruzen's skull, only for Hiruzen to become smoke. 'A decoy?' Jellal then swiped his left arm to deflect a large torrent of water heading for him at his left side. "Are you done?" Jellal smirked, Hiruzen returning a grin.

"I haven't fought someone in a long time, forgive me. I thought that I should test you first. It seems you have earned your title from that little display. Now…" Hiruzen threw away his robe to reveal his old frame, sandals and his boxers. This made Jellal and Ultear looked at him with disgust "Why do I feel so chilly now?" Hiruzen sneezed and shivered.

"That's because you just stripped off your clothes and are in your underwear. Perverted old man." Ultear said in disgust. 'I need to erase my memory of this if I ever get the chance. Hiruzen looked down and then covered himself.

"Hey now, are you really the man formerly known as The Professor or have you just gone senile?" Jellal was embarrassed by Hiruzen's display, but the old man then smirked. His smoke pipe was at Jellal's feet. Suddenly smoke came out grabbed Jellal, hoisting him in the air. "You tricked me!" Jellal's body was covered in light and he broke through the bonds. Hiruzen glowed and changed into a battle armour attire. (His Shinobi War outfit)

"If you activated that spell even a second later, you wouldn't have been able to escape. But that means you must fight me now. One on one. Let's see if you're worthy of being called a Wizard Saint?"

Jellal took off his coat and stretched his arms. "You've just wasted the last few years you have left in this world. Don't blame me for this old man."

(Play Fairy Tail OST-Released Power)

"Fire Bullets!" Hiruzen started out by shooting out flame bullets from his mouth at Jellal, who rushed towards him and dodged the projectiles to the side. He then concentrated darkness into his hand before closing the gap between them, slamming his darkness-enhanced palm on Hiruzen's stomach, which released strong blast from the same spot Jellal hit and sent him flying through the walls of the building.

Hiruzen was flying back but then focused on his breathing. His right hand focused a rippling energy and he touched the ground with it. Soon enough, a formation of durable earth walls prevented him from going further, but the dark blast was still forcing him through the first set of walls. Hiruzen then gathered light into his left hand slammed it into his stomach, destroyed the darkness. Hiruzen landed on knee and placed his left hand on his stomach.

'That Dark Magic he used was easily able to tear through my magic-resistant armour.' Hiruzen removed his arm to reveal a large hole that went through his armour and padding. His stomach as burned, but nothing serious.

"Meteor!" Hiruzen did not get a chance as Jellal broke through the wall, covered in bright light and moving in great speed. Hiruzen was hit dead on by Jellal and taken to the air, however the old man materialised a large staff and bashed Jellal with it, forcing him to let Hiruzen go. Hiruzen took out a smoke pipe and used it to create a smoke cloud to cushion his fall. Jellal crossed his arms above his head, drawing in nearby shadow and forming an orb, it grew to human size as Jellal unleashed the dense sphere which was filled with light. Hiruzen barely dodged it as the spell took out half the building.

(Outside the gates)

"The Rune Knights will take their time getting here, let's hope Lord Hiruzen can hold him off." Crawford was anxious, as was everyone else. They could hear and see the explosions.

"Don't bother, even if they arrived here, they wouldn't be able to get in." A gruff voice called out and made everyone turn around to see a male figure. The man wore a brown trench coat and fedora hat. He wore a grey mask with black goggles sticking out of the eyeholes. (Basically, Rorschach from Watchmen mixed with Spider-Man Noir's)

"You're Haze the Mist!" Crawford said out loud, making everyone's eyes widen. "The 6th seat!"

"What do you mean that they wouldn't be able to get in?" Yajima asked him. Haze simply walked towards the seemingly opened gates and punched the air, seemingly hitting an invisible force, which caused a wave.

"A barrier!?" Belno shouted in surprise, followed by every council member, except Yajima, having their mouths wide open and then scream. Yajima, however, was thinking about something.

'When did Jellal have the time to create this barrier? Did he plan them to activate after we left the gates? No, that doesn't make sense, if he activated them before we left, then we would've been trapped with him.' Yajima was interrupted by Haze.

"Someone else made the barrier, whoever it is trying to keep us out. That person must be an accomplice of Jellal's." Haze said to them, making them all worry.

(With Ultear)

'I can feel the spell wearing off.' A piece of debris dropped in front of her, making her completely nervous. Ultear focused her magic in order dispel the bonds. 'Witht sepll wearing off, I'm able to use some of my magic again. Agh! My wound is getting worse.' Blood continued to fall from Ultear's back thanks to Jellal's previous actions.

(Back with Jellal vs Hiruzen)

Hiruzen then clapped his hands and focused, blue electricity channelled through his arms until he began to separate his hands, raw lightning was forming in his hands. "Discharge!" The lightning was released as a large bolt and hit Jellal dead on, whom coated himself with his Heavenly Body Magic to protect himself.

(OST End)

"AGHHHH!" Jellal screamed in agony. 'T-This spell! He means to kill me!' Jellal began to think of a way to escape due to his defence failing.

'He's resilient. He coated himself with his magic to protect his body from my attack. Unfortunately for you, there is more to come. High Voltage!' He strengthened his lightning and caused Jellal's screams to grow louder.

(Play Fairy Tail OST-Counterattack Signal)

'F-Focus!' Jellal released himself by activating Meteor and break through Hiruzen's spell. Hiruzen rolled back but manged to regain his footing. Jellal landed on the ground, his body sore from being shocked to near death by Hiruzen.

"I'm surprised, most extraordinary wizards are knocked out by the first stage. You built up your magic to break through Discharge. I commend you for that." Hiruzen grabbed his staff and rushed Jellal, who regained his composure and ducked from the strike. He enhanced his right hand with light and landed an uppercut, making Hiruzen spit some blood form his mouth. Hiruzen did a back flip as soon as he hit the air and landed on his feet.

"Quicksand!" Hiruzen melted the ground beneath Jellal, forcing Jellal to use Meteor to take to the air. Hiruzen then joined his hands and then went through some hand signs, with a blue magic circle forming behind him. "Water Dragon Barrage!" Several serpentine dragons made from water came out from the circle and went to attack Jellal. Jellal outmanoeuvred them. Hiruzen went through some more motions and activated another circle as Jellal evaded all the water dragons. Hiruzen left his left hand open before closing it and the water dragons exploded upon contact and startled Jellal long enough for Hiruzen to create a lightning spear. "Lightning Spear!" The old man threw it at Jellal, who crossed his arms as he was hit by the attack.

"Agh!" Jellal was hurtling down, but he focused light into his hands then sent a light blast at Hiruzen's feet, creating an explosion which forced Hiruzen to back away. This gave Jellal a chance to shoot out light beams from the fingertips of his index and middle on his right hand. Hiruzen regained his footing and used his staff to deflect the light beam away from him. Jellal repeated the attack with his other hand, with Hiruzen deflecting it again.

Jellal kept firing again, but this time with greater speed and in rapid succession, with Hiruzen reacting accordingly. Jellal sped up more, with Hiruzen barely able to react, until one shot hit his left leg Hiruzen hissed in pain, but kept deflecting as many light beams as he could, before another one hit his right shoulder. Hiruzen's movement began to slow until he was bombarded by more light beams, each shot leaving more injuries. Hiruzen crossed his arms and began to glow with a blue aura.

"ENOUGH!" Hiruzen shot his arms out and released a powerful shockwave, blasting Jellal back, whom rebounded. Hiruzen made circle with his right index finger and thumb. He breathed in and released a powerful flame breathe after shouting the name of his attack. "Great Fireball!" Hiruzen spat out a boulder sized fireball at Jellal who used a dark blast to disperse it and cause another explosion, forcing the combatants to stand their ground and close their eyes.

(OST End)

'One shot!' Jellal used Meteor to take to the air. Hiruzen looked at his aerial foe and started channelling his magic into his whole body. He formed a large orb of light until it became bigger than his body and shot it to the air. Jellal easily dodged it. "Too slow old man!" He didn't have time to react as the orb of light burst into several light rays, hitting him dead on and deactivating his spell.

Hiruzen was now on one knee and panting heavily, only to feel something off. He looked up and saw seven magic seals which joined to become a pattern. 'He's mastered that spell! I have to defend myself!' Hiruzen then a realised he had no strength left to perform a complex defence spell. 'Looks like this is it. I wasted too much power in my last spell, if I was even a few years younger.' Hiruzen closed his eyes and accepted his fate. The light blasts of Jellal's spell, Grand Chariot had hit Hiruzen dead on and forced an explosion which destroyed what was left of the council headquarters. Jellal landed with a thud, but was still conscious.

Jellal slowly got up and saw the smoke fade into the wind and saw the fallen Hiruzen Sarutobi. Jellal slowly attempted to get up, only to hear coughing. He returned his gaze to Hiruzen's fallen form, the old man was alive, but spat out blood.

"Still alive? I severely underestimated you, old man, but it looks like your fire is burning out." Jellal seemed to be arrogant, but his eyes told a different story. They showed some regret. Hiruzen motioned his head forward and spotted this.

"Hehe. What's this Jellal? Your eyes, they show remorse." Hiruzen had a coughing fit until he calmed down. "S-So you did this whole thing for revenge?" Jellal looked away, his face solemn.

"I would be lying to say that it wasn't." Jellal began to walk away from Hiruzen but not before hearing Hiruzen's words.

"You are unsure of yourself young man. You want revenge, but you don't have it in you to take a life. That's why I'm still alive, you weren't aiming to kill me at all. For all your talk, you have a soft heart." Hiruzen fell unconscious as the blue-haired man walked away to escape the dome.

'I doubt she has died from a collapsing building. The binding spell should've worn off a while ago.' Jellal looked back at Hiruzen for a moment before a dark portal opened for him and he walked in. The dome which covered the headquarters disappeared, with a figure watching over the distance, being careful not to be detected by anyone.

This person wore metal armour, covering his torso with a large silver chest plate, sharp silver bracers on each arm, steel toed boots which were attached to silver knee bracers, metal shoulder pads and navy-blue gloves with metal plates on the gloves. He wore a navy-blue bodysuit underneath and his wore a black helmet with a silver face mask, with horns attached. This person is Menma, the same Menma who saved Ushio, the same Menma who is a part of Grimoire Heart. (Think of Menma's attire stylised like Keyblade Armour from Kingdom Hearts)

Menma opened a dark portal like the one Jellal opened earlier and left. He did not notice that Haze felt his presence, but the Wizard Saint went to help his old mentor. Meanwhile, Ultear escaped the headquarters and disguised herself as an old man, but still retained the injury to her back.

(Island where Naruto teleported everyone)

Simon was panting heavily as he regained his senses. "What was I doing?" He decided to go around the island and see if he could find his comrades.

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