Chapter 1:

The day was slow, so the main characters had nothing better to do than loiter around Rinnosuke's store browsing the odd selection of miscellaneous items from the outer world.

"But you see, dragons are the highest gods of Gensokyo, they can bring creation or destruction. They are apart from the youkai around here by one or two orders of magnitude. Dragons hardly ever show themselves. And even if you don't understand everything we discussed right now, as long as you think about it later, it will be alright. This way, all the world's underpinnings will slowly come clear to you. And by the way, what about your flower-viewing? It's been some time already since you arrived." [1]

Despite the ability "to discern the name and purpose of items", Rinnosuke's skill as a salesman was rather lacking.

"So we started talking about cameras and somehow that lead to dragons, ze?"

"Has it occurred to you that we've had this conversation before? ", the bored red-white shrine maiden answered while leaning against a wall, while her companion rummaged through the inoperable cameras.

This observation was not insignificant.

Elsewhere, in the outer world, a main character well known for the fantasy ..., well the name of the power isn't so important, faced off against a blonde girl with a pointed witch's hat for the tenth, hundredth, thousandth time?

But unlike what usually occurs in Gensokyo, the one with the strange name with great religious connotations did not win over the magician, or to be more precise the magic god.

The very pinnacle of what an ordinary magician can become.

Magic was a skill invented by those who were not blessed with any supernatural abilities so that they could catch up to those with talent.

Here was the lance wielding magic goddess Othinus, brandishing "Gungnir".

Terrorist attacks, infiltration, all those battles were fought over the completion of the lance.

A good question to ask is, "what happened to the original Gungnir?" How does a god misplace something like that? What prevents that god from re-acquiring it?

Had the lance escaped her domain?

It couldn't be anything but the work of devils.

In the end it did not matter, for the lance was but a tool to direct her power.

A weapon is nothing more than an extension of the user and is only as potent as its user.

"I can't crush you with this world and I can't seem to crush your mind, so I'll move you."

"To where?", the spiky haired boy answered.

"You said I haven't destroyed any of those colored glasses, or rather I am unable to as I am nothing more than a person who creates as you put it. There is heaven the celestial realm, hell, makai, the underworld, the netherworld, the Pure Land, Yomi, the abyss, Mount Olympus, the fairy island, Nirai Kanai, Asgard and Gensokyo."

The main character paused for a moment for the implications to sink in as a wide grin appeared on the girl's face.

"You are not my problem anymore, Fantasy Killer, I wonder what the Land of Fantasy will do to you. Maybe you'll meet a person that can do what I cannot, that is breaking you."

Before the boy could process what just happened, he was plummeting toward the Earth, but unfortunately for him a lake broke his fall.

His collision with Misty Lake created a giant wave that smashed against the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

The mistress of the mansion was displeased.

Very few denizens of Gensokyo were aware of what was happening in the outer world. Except for those who dealt with the dead and the Gap Youkai, very few were aware anything was amiss.

Even though separated from the outer world, Gensokyo was still a part of the outer world.

The humans were unaware that time was being looped.

The youkai had long since lost their sense of time. For youkai, what difference is a second to decade?

To the youkai, time only mattered when dealing with humans, so few even cared if anything was amiss.

Could the youkai stop whoever was resetting the world?

Perhaps, but they had no incentive to.

The Gap Youkai was fully aware of what recently happened that the Fantasy Killer was dropped into Gensokyo. Normally, she would ask Stiyl or Kanzaki to greet him, but this was Gensokyo.

No one is better than her in manipulating human feelings, rationality, interests, ethics, and necessary values, the Silver Star used to say, for what were they but boundaries?

Hate versus love, risk versus reward, logic versus passion, right versus wrong changing the balance was nothing more than changing the boundary.

So the double faced woman with long blonde hair reached for her parasol and headed off to Rinnosuke's store to ask that main character to deal with the other main character. She'll do nothing more but observe as the events unfold after that.

Flandre, the younger sister of the mistress had escaped the mansion in its confusion curious to see what happened outside. The water was still so it was safe, though rather shallow for the lake. The fairies that remained after the giant splash laid in the shallow water out cold. Among them was Cirno, who believed she could take the wave head on for she was the strongest.

"Is it broken?", as her gaze was attracted to the single non-fairy among the bodies.

Kamijou Touma, the main character got up quickly as the winged figure approached him.

"What are you?" The crystalline winged girl asked.

"An ordinary high school boy," he reluctantly answered.

"Would you like to play with me? You seem pretty sturdy." She said.

"With all the continues I used up so far, I disagree. I may have used up my last one," As he forced himself smile.

That boy would pathetically hit continue no matter how many times he loses.

"So that means, you can't use a continue!"

Taboo "Kagome, Kagome"

Danmaku approached Kamijou from behind, but he quickly dodged before he was surrounded.

"Holding back?"

Taboo "Four of a Kind"

Kamijou Touma was quickly reminded of a certain orange jump suit wearing ninja.

Taboo "Forbidden Games"

The crosses converged on the target, but they did not connect. The boy dodged them with minimalist movement and muttered, "This attack may have more volume than Biagio's, but none of the speed."

Flandre was overjoyed when she heard that comment. Here was a toy that would be hard to break.

This boy hasn't even begun flying or firing back as if mocking her, so she increased the volume of Danmaku.

Taboo "Forbidden Fruit"

Despite the increased volume, the boy did not start flying or firing. He simply weaved through the danmaku, as any ordinary high school boy would weave through crowds when he was late for supplementary lessons.

Reimu and Marisa watched the spectacle from the distance. At first they decided to intervene, but seeing how effortlessly that boy was dodging they just decided to observe the outcome.

A mere human facing off against a vampire isn't unheard of, but this human did not fly or shoot back, he didn't even take the fight very seriously at all as if he had faced much worse opponents than a mere vampire.

Taboo "Maze of Love"

The trap did not work as the boy quickly caught onto her scheme.

Forbidden Barrage "Catadioptric"

Not as effective without walls to reflect off of.

The danmaku increased in volume to the point even Reimu and Marisa had to start dodging stray bullets.

The bullets did not hit the boy, he continued to dodge them with minimalist movement. By then the lake had entirely evaporated, eliminating the chance for the boy to use running water on the vampire.

Taboo "Lävatein"

She swung the huge flame sword at him and he simply held his right hand to the side.

People would think it would burn the target up, but the boy simply caught the blade of flame with his bare hand.

"Stronger than Stiyl's, do you also have a stronger version of Innocentius?"

Flandre was taken aback at the ridiculous turn of events.

The boy yanked on the sword and Flandre flew towards him. When the sword was yanked from her hands it disappeared.

Flandre decided to simply claw him with a physical attack as danmaku seemed to be ineffective.

The boy saw this coming and sidestepped grabbing onto one of her wings as she flew past him.

The wing he grabbed shattered like glass with that familiar sound.

Flandre gave a cry of pain.

As the boy relaxed and tried to apologize she ripped his right arm off as an act of vengeance.

The air began to change. The power sealed within that boy's right arm was a peculiar one.

In the confines of Academy City it took the form of a transparent dragon, like in the incident with the alchemist, or that other one with the level 5 Railgun who was on the border between human and Raijin.

Outside Academy City it had no real form.

Maybe Gensokyo shared some similarities with Academy City for a dragon appeared.

Its form only made definite after being sprayed with danmaku, which merely painted its body so that onlookers could see it from miles away.

Flandre was sent flying from simply the dragon's roar which seemed to shatter the very air around it.

Thus, Marisa stepped up and began to confront the dragon. Reimu was unsure if she should defy one of Gensokyo's highest God's for such a trivial manner, then she remembered that she was Reimu.

"Calm down", the boy whispered.

The dragon subsided and vanished as if consumed by an even higher power. When the dragon vanished they could see that boy once again perfectly intact with all his limbs.

Love Sign: Master Spark

The boy simply raised his hand and caught the beam. It burned his hand just as dragon's breath had. Eventually the beam subsided.

"For being the very peak of what an ordinary magician can become, a magic god, you should finish this yourself Othinus."

Marisa was taken aback thinking the boy was referring to her, but quickly realized he wasn't.

Reimu turned to the one with the pointed hat and realized the one beside her wasn't Marisa.

That one-eyed exhibitionist just sneaked up behind them, they couldn't feel her presence, yet as they looked onto her, she seemed to exert a greater pressure than the dragon that came before her.

"So it didn't work. It seems the one that breaks can't break you, the one who cleanses god and purifies the devil. Well, I'll just leave you here. Outside these borders, you are the main character, with that Fantasy Killer of yours, you have scored victories against people you shouldn't have. Without any proper knowledge of how to truly use your power, you simply used it as a bludgeoning tool. Your power brought hope to people who valued the original world, the power to destroy fantasy, but here in the Land of Fantasy it can only bring despair."

The shrine maiden of paradise almost thought those words applied to her and how she bludgeoned people with her Yin-Yang Orbs before she learned to fly, but it seemed they applied to that Kamijou boy, who also has a ridiculous name and ridiculous power.

With a wave of her lance, Othinus recreated Misty Lake.

Marisa stared at the other blonde pointed hat wearer. The way she exposed her skin was like a challenge to those who would harm her. So this girl around her age is the pinnacle of ordinary magicians? Then she realized that this girl was Odin and was as ancient as that Gap Youkai.

"Maybe I'll wear more clothing than that if I reach that point."

"Was the spiky haired boy a dragon god or at least the avatar for one? That girl was apparently a god of magic, so it was a fight between gods brewing? I should really get more donations with all this nonsense I have to deal with." The sound of someone drowning broke Reimu's train of thought.

Everyone except Kamijou could fly. Such misfortune indeed, "I never get paid for all the incidents I solve; too bad beating up incident starters isn't actually a job." After experiencing such hells, thinking back to the morning before his fight with Othinus began was how he had come to cope with things.


[1] wiki/Curiosities_of_Lotus_Asia:_Chapter_19

Author's notes:

This idea was steeping in my mind after a while after reading NT9 and "Collapse of an Eastern Fantasy". Never had much free time to write this due to University, but I just decided to write this just to seed the idea as there seem to be only 3 crossovers for TAMNI and Touhou for some reason. This is my first fanfic, so don't expect updates, but feel free to comment.