Prologue: First Contact

Commander Morvan Relos looked over his datapad one last time. His eyes scanned the message again and again, searching for any possible hope that it was a hoax, a forgery. He found nothing, no reason to doubt the fact that the orders were genuine. His STG unit had just been ordered to begin the covert uplift of yet another species, proving that the counselor still had not learned from the mistakes of her predecessors. Primitive species should advance on their own, not be forced into a galaxy they were not prepared for! But orders were orders, and he had no choice but to follow them. Giving the order to the rest of his team, he moved to the transport provided for him. After the last STG member boarded, the door closed with a soft hiss. A few minutes later, the docking clamps released and the transport sped into orbit.

The Salarians had covertly activated a relay in the Exodus cluster, giving the STG task force a way into the target system. However, until the relay on the other side could be activated, there was no way out. As the transport approached the relay, one of the doctors onboard walked up to Morvan, giving off all the cues of excitement.

"Can you believe it? We're going to make first contact with a new species!" He blurted out, almost too fast for Morvan to follow.

"You are not at all concerned about this being a repeat of the Krogan Rebellions?" Morvan asked the scientist.

"Of course I am, but this race was chosen for a reason. The counselor would never risk a repeat of the rebellions."

"From what I know of these 'Humans', they seem like a cross between us and the Turians. They have our innovative spirit and curiosity, coupled with the militaristic drive of the Turians. A dangerous combination."

"Then it is our job to tame them, like we did the Krogan."

"Even a tamed Varren can turn on its master, doctor."

"Then we neuter them, like we did the Krogan."

"How many times do I have to re-iterate this? THEY ARE NOT THE KROGAN! The Krogan are just violent brutes. These humans are violent, INTELLIGENT brutes. They developed nuclear power as an offshoot of nuclear weapons, and here we are, giving them mass effect tech!"

"If you did not want this mission, then you should not have volunteered Morvan,"

"I will follow orders, I am merely questioning the sanity of those giving them. Now I must return to my station." Morvan finished his dialog, walking away from the overeager scientist towards his post. He reached it just as the transport hit the relay. It was nearly instantaneously catapulted across thousands of light years of space, before suddenly decelerating as it reached its destination. The sensor mask activated, and the ship moved towards the third planet in the system.

Several hours later, the planet became visible to the naked eye. That was when the surprises began. One of the bridge crew, the officer in charge of sensors, suddenly blurted out in shock, "I'm picking up communications between a base on the planet's moon and one of the cities on the east coast of the secondary continental mass. In addition, I am detecting at least three large space stations in orbit of the planet, and a smaller one in orbit around the moon."

"What? When our last probe visited, they had just started to launch primitive satellites into orbit! How can they have a moon base already?" one of the other officers shouted.

"They are inconsequential. We will proceed as planned." Morvan said, calming the surrounding bridge crew. "We will be dropping the sensor mask after we enter the atmosphere. Head towards the city communicating with the moon base. We'll make contact there."

"Yes sir." The crew chorused as the ship sped towards its destination.

June 6th, 2034

"We have an unknown radar contact over the west coast. Its heading east-southeast... It just appeared over the ocean, in the middle of our radar screen... Very well, we'll monitor it from here... How many fighters are being launched?... Damn... Allright, we'll keep you posted. Phoenix base out."

David Taylor listened to his superior talk on the phone. He heard the click of him hanging up, before Commander Samuel Archer turned to him and said "They're scrambling 8 fighters to intercept that contact. The new F-25s too, carrying EMP warheads. We're not the only ones to pick that thing up, and its got our superiors worried. We're supposed to monitor the contact, let them know if it changes course."

"Who's 'Them'?" Taylor asked, wondering just who could scramble so many cutting edge fighters so fast.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out." Archer replied, "Now get back to work."

"Yes sir."

"This is Foxtrot 1, we're about 300 miles away from the target, closing fast. What are our orders?"

Mike Chambers heard the voice crackle over his radio.

"We are to wait until it's over land, somewhere clear of witnesses, then EMP it to hell. Then the eggheads back at base get to play with it. Zulu 1 out." he replied, watching as his fighter closed the distance with the UFO. 150 miles away, some alien was about to have a really bad day.

"Multiple alien aircraft detected, closing fast!" the sensors officer shouted. "12 minutes to intercept!"

"Do not fire on them, repeat, do not fire." Morvan said, watching on his own console as the human craft moved in to intercept his craft.

The next twelve minutes seemed like days to him. Then, out of the window, he caught a glimpse of the human fighter. It looked vaguely similar to a pre-spaceflight turian craft, albeit longer, with smoother angles. The transport was just passing over a desert, then the entire mission fell apart.

"We have visual contact with the UFO over the Mojave desert. Do we have permission to engage?" Zulu 1's voice crackled in Chambers' ear.

"Granted. We have visual contact. Lets hope these hardened electronics can take the EMP. Missiles are locked." He replied, before thumbing the firing button, releasing a pair of Rattlesnake EMP missiles. They sped after the UFO, releasing the EMP pulse as they went, before impacting with the alien ship. He watched as the rest of Foxtrot flight launched missiles as well, with Zulu's weaponry being launched as well. He saw the alien ship stagger in flight, with some of the glowing lights on its side going out. As the other missiles entered effective range, the rest of the lights cut out, and the Alien craft plummeted towards the desert below.

"OUR ENGINES ARE OUT! THEY'VE HIT US WITH AN EMP!" One of the officers onboard screamed.

"Dammit, can we get our engines online?" Morvan shouted.

"We can, but we won't be able to pull out of this dive, the most we can do is decelerate!" The pilot screamed.

"Do it." Morvan said.

The transport's engines slowly stuttered back to life, slowing the ship as it fell to its doom. Then, with a loud SLAM! and the screech of tearing metal, the transport hit the ground.

"We have a confirmed kill on the UFO. Repeat, the ETs are down. How copy over?" Chambers shouted over the radio, pumping his fist in the air as he watched the UFO hit the ground.

"Loud and clear Foxtrot 1, we already have several V-24 Buzzards inbound to the crash site. We'll have it secured within the hour. Return to base. Over and out." the message from command ceased, and the fighters turned to head back to Nellis AFB.

Karen Hendriks gripped her rifle tightly as the V-24 descended towards the UFO crash site. The orders were clear. Get in, secure the site, capture the aliens if possible, then wait for pickup. The VTOL's jet engines suddenly quieted down as the VTOL touched down. She readied the M-19 Assault rifle, one with new magnetic acceleration technology, and waited as the rear door of the VTOL opened. The squad rushed out, only to find the aliens waiting outside for them. Several of them raised weapons, but did not fire. Instead, one of them stepped forward. "We come in peace." It said through some kind of gadget. Half of the soldiers then burst out laughing.

"We come in peace." Morvan said, praying that the translator didn't turn it into some kind of insult. Then, the human soldiers burst out laughing. One of them cried "That line is SOOO overused!" before doubling over and laughing again.

"What's so humorous?" Morvan asked.

"That line is used in so many of our science fiction vids. Now back to the real matter at hand." One of the soldiers, the leader, probably, replied. His (Its?) comrades immediately sobered up. "Why are you here?" It asked.

"We are here to uplift your species, to put it on a technological parallel with the rest of the galaxy." Morlan replied.

"Good. The scientists at base will enjoy this." It replied. "You are to drop all weapons and technology, excluding the translator, and are to divide into two groups. You are to board the transports in order to be taken to our base." It said. Morlan dropped his pistol, with the other STG members dropping their rifles. They complied with the humans' commands. As they were boarding the transports, a third aircraft descended from the sky. The rear door opened, and about twenty humans exited. They were wearing some sort of hazmat suit, and carried primitive scientific equipment to the downed transport. Then the door of his transport closed, and it took off, taking him away.

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