Project Manifest: Vesta Laboratories, Cerberus Division

Vesta Laboratories, Cerberus Division- The largest research division of Vesta Laboratories, Cerberus Division is the primary military R&D force in existence. Its leader, Jack Harper, is regarded as a Santa Claus like figure, giving prototype weaponry and equipment to the highest performing soldiers in the Alliance's military. All Cerberus projects listed on this manifest have a deadline of 2180, the start of the first year of the estimated decade of the Reapers' arrival.

Project Aegis- An initiative designed to improve current alliance Null Barrier technology. Current Null Barriers must vent energy from incoming shells into space in order to avoid catastrophic power overloads. Project Aegis focuses on creating an 'Absolute' Null Barrier, which uses energy from incoming projectiles to temporarily boost its own power, thus removing the weight limit that current null barriers have. Should this project succeed, it would render all alliance personnel and starships using null barrier technology to be completely invulnerable to kinetic projectiles. Information on Reaper armaments, provided by Javik, has been invaluable, and this project has already produced prototype null barriers that are more than 5 times as effective as current models. Project has been estimated to have an 80% chance of success.

Project Andromeda- Originally an initiative to use human JumpDrives as a way to explore other galaxies, Project Andromeda has had its end goal modified. It is now attempting to find suitable garden worlds in the Andromeda galaxy, as well as the Magellanic clouds, for human colonization, should the Reapers succeed in forcing humanity out of its space, or should the threat of extinction become real. Extragalactic travel has recently been proven a feasible, if lengthy, endeavor, with new quantum entanglement communicators allowing for the first extragalactic probes to be sent out. So far, no garden worlds have been found, although less than 1% of the Andromeda galaxy has been explored, and the Magellanic clouds have not even been touched. Probability of Success: 93%

Project Carnifex- An endeavor to improve humanity's already formidable antimatter cannons. Data about Reaper ship design provided by Javik has allowed for human scientists to develop weapons that, theoretically, should be able to easily destroy them. The current prototype weapons have nearly 10 times the yield of current cannons, enough to easily shatter a reaper. The project is currently focused on shrinking down the design into something that can be easily fitted onto any ship in the human navy. A side project, Project Echo, is attempting to adapt antimatter weaponry to non-human ship designs. Probability of Success- 98.5%

Project Manifest Destiny- A project dedicated to the establishment of extragalactic colonies. Until Project Andromeda has succeeded in locating a garden world, this project is unable to proceed. Probabiltiy of Success- Unknown.

Project Mutation- A project designed to create perfect human soldiers through genetic engineering. Although this has already led to many augmentations being developed to cure genetic diseases, very few military grade augmentations have been produced from this project. While this project has increased human physical capability to some degree, it has not been significant enough to be called a success. An interesting development for this project came from the Hanar and their Drell clients joining humanity. This project has started on a cure for the Drell disease called 'Kepral's Syndrome." A cure is expected to be complete in 3 years. However, the probability of creating effective military augmentations is currently estimated at 42.1%.

Project Phalanx- This project is devoted to development of a cheap method of synthesizing Relay Steel. Should this project be completed, the human navy could be equipped with new, nearly impenetrable, relay armor. A secondary objective of this project is to create a stronger variant of relay steel, as well as a way to synthesize it. A cheap method of Relay Steel production is just around the corner, and this project is already nearing completion, with data from Project Diamond, a previous research project involving relay steel, being invaluable to Phalanx scientists. Likelihood of success- 98.9%.

Project Phantasm- Human technology is still behind the council's in one field- Stealth drives. While human corvettes are capable of cloaking, their sensor masks are essentially carbon copies of an outdated Salarian design. Project Phantasm seeks to design new human cloaking devices capable of hiding Dreadnoughts under a sensor mask. This project is relatively new when compared to some other projects on this list, and cloaking technology has not been explored in detail by human scientists before now. Already, several flaws have been found in the salarian cloaking devices, chief among them being the constant stream of theta particles, which is being used to design cloak detectors in the newly created Project Lantern. Probability of Success- 85.9%

Project Potential- An old project, restarted, Project Phantasm seeks to surgically augment humans to create Biotic potential. Due to new information coming in from Javik and the asari, Project Potential has been restarted, this time with a significantly higher chance of success. Experimentation will be performed on 'dead' clones, which are grown as an alternative to live test subjects. Probability of Success- 52.3%

Project Purge- A new endeavor, designed to create specialized, anti-reaper weaponry. Prototypes are still in design, and are ranging from Ion cannons, meant to overload electrical systems, to experimental AI hacking suites, designed to turn Reapers against each other. Javik has been able to provide assistance, although Reaper code is still a mystery to the design team, which, without samples, is forced to work in the dark. Testing of weaponry has been approved on Object Rho, which has been confirmed as a Reaper artifact. Probability of success- 21.4%

Project Yamato- Another newly started project, Project Yamato is acting on a government proposal to create a new 'Hyper Dreadnought'. Although the feasibility of this project with regards to monetary costs is hotly debated, this has not stopped the project crew from creating several blueprints. Now that the go-ahead has been given by the senate, production of the prototype can begin immediately. Probability of Success- 97.6%

Project Unthinkable- Warning: The following information is considered Top Secret, and is privy only to the current and past presidents, and the research team itself. Project Unthinkable is, in short, a project dedicated to the destruction of a star system. Through use of a missile based on a modified council disruptor torpedo, a star's rate of decay could be artificially accelerated, causing the star to go nova prematurely. Prototype warheads are ready for testing, with the first being scheduled for a test in the [REDACTED] system, in the far rim of the galaxy, beyond the Perseus veil, where the detonation would be blamed on the Geth. Probability of Success- UNKNOWN.