Chapter 13- Colonization

December 16th, 2160

Tikkun System

The 50,000 ships of the migrant fleet orbited the world below. Rannoch, birthplace of the Quarian people, was theirs again. Millions of Quarians could now settle on the world they always dreamed of seeing. They were already working together with the Geth and alliance to begin colonization. The conclave had, meanwhile, come together to vote on the next issue to beset the Quarians. They were voting on whether or not to join the alliance.

"What will the alliance do for us? The council, of which we were once loyal members, turned its back on us when we asked it to get its hands dirty! What's to stop this alliance from doing the same?" Kel'Moran vas Idenna shouted.

"The alliance is, even now, helping us with our reclamation of Rannoch! How can you say such things when literally 200 kilometers away from us, an alliance freighter is delivering vital construction supplies!" Maial'Zera vas Konesh replied.

"They're just doing it so they can curry favor with us. They care nothing for our people." Kero'Sesh vas Iktomi said, dismissively.

"If it weren't for them we would still be stuck in the terminus! We owe the alliance everything!" Lia'Oari vas Defrahnz shouted in reply.

The conclave had been like this for hours, still stuck at a 50-50 split. This was mainly due to the Geth already being an alliance member, and the quarian hatred of the machines still very much present. The meeting eventually came to an end, with the conclave barely voting against alliance membership. They then presented their findings to the admiralty board.

"This conclave has voted against the Quarian people joining the UEA. The council did nothing for us, and the conclave believes that this Alliance can do no better. Thus, we have rejected this proposal to join the human alliance." Kel'Moran told them, as he was the leader of the winning party in the Conclave. Upon hearing this news, the admirals looked at one another. Daro'Xen nodded to Raan, as did the other admirals.

"I am afraid that we cannot let this proposal pass. The Admiralty board overrides the conclave, and chooses to resign. Effective immediately." Shaala'Raan said.

"WHAT? How-wha-HOW DARE YOU?" Kel stuttered.

"We believe that the conclave has been influenced by old prejudices against aliens, due to how the council treated us. If the proposal had been to rejoin the council, I would have been the first to approve it, but the alliance is different. They're everything the council wishes to be, and more. They have already accepted a GETH of all people onto their senate, and it has barely been three days since the geth joined them! We would be welcomed as equals, not as subordinates. As such, we find error in the conclave's judgement, and override it. Expect formal resignation forms by this time tomorrow." Zaal'Koris spoke. "Besides, it would be nice to just build myself a house on the homeworld without having admiral duties to attend to."

"Very well." Kel sighed. "There's not much I can do at this point. Enjoy selling out our people to the humans you bosh'tets."

A very angry Kel exited the room, the door hissing shut behind him. The Quarians would be joining the alliance, alongside the geth. Shaala'Raan opened a comm channel to the human diplomatic vessel in the system. "We have accepted your offer. The Quarian people will join you." She said.

"Very well. You are to begin elections for your people's representative. Once your people have sent representation, we will begin sending additional aid to your reconstruction efforts on Rannoch. The Geth are more than willing to assist you in that matter. Most of the resources and raw materials are coming from them. I hope your kind appreciates exactly how much the geth wish to atone for what they did. When elections are done, please send the winning candidate over to our ship. We will then return to Earth, and proceed with formalities there. Your people are, as of now, considered full citizens of the alliance, and will have the same rights as any other." The diplomat on the human ship replied.

Raan went to the conclave, readying herself to give them the news.

Maial'Zera vas Konesh boarded the human diplomatic vessel. Upon receiving the news, the conclave had, at first, been thrown into an uproar. Once they had calmed down, though, they had elected her to be the quarian representative to the human senate.

The human ship undocked, moving away from the Rayya, and accelerating away, fired its portal generators. The human ship exited the system, transitioning universes. Maial was frightened, he was one of the first quarians to ever fly in a human ship. The technology that the humans used so casually could, in the wrong hands, dominate the galaxy!

As the ship exited jumpspace above earth, Maial mentally steeled himself for the human council-equivalent. He expected racism from all participants, with his race being forced to give in to horrifying concessions, reduced to second class citizens. He could not have been more wrong.

"Maial'Zera, what is your opinion on the plan to refit the migrant fleet to a human technological standard?" The human senator asked.

"I believe that it is an extremely sensible proposal. However, half the ships in our fleet are held together by the happy thoughts of the crew and adhesive tape. Refitting every single one, for combat or for civilian duty, would be a financial nightmare!" Maial replied.

"We are more than capable of sparing money and resources to outfit both the Quarian and Geth ships with Project Echo technology." Another senator, a synthetic, said.

"Affirmative. AR-4291-Senator is correct. Resources are not a problem." The Geth representative said.

"What sort of technology is being given?" Maial asked.

"Project Echo has developed jumpdrives and antimatter cores for council sized ships. However, antimatter cannons are still in development, and Null barriers are not as effective as we would like them to be when they are mounted on almost all non human ships. We wish to repurpose your liveships as heavy combat platforms. Their unusual design would allow them to mount extremely large amounts of point defense weaponry, allowing them to provide PDC screening to entire fleets. In addition, your liveships are large enough to be able to mount conventional antimatter weaponry without needing conversion." a human senator said.

"Very well. Once we have successfully transferred our population to Rannoch, we will allow you to begin refits." Maial said.

"Good. With the reaper threat a very real one, we will need all the help we can get."

"Reapers? What are they?"

"Geth know them as the Old Machines. They are synthetic entities with motives unknown to the Geth Consensus. Organics know them as Reapers. The Old Machines adhere to a cycle of extinction, wiping out galactic civilizations for unknown reasons. They have attempted contact with the consensus. We have refused them."

"So you are recruiting my people to fight the Reapers for you?"

"No. We will fight the reapers together. It is always a good thing to have an ally by your side, fighting with you, rather than standing alone."

"Very well. I will alert my people of these reapers. We must prepare our defenses."

"We will assist the Creators. Resources are required. The Geth will assist in acquiring them."

"Thank you, I never imagined myself saying this to the Geth, but thank you for your assistance."

"It is our duty. We were created to serve the Creators. We intend to continue to do so."

The Senate meeting continued, discussing the costs of refitting the migrant fleet, turning liveships into warships. A second topic was the refitting of the Geth fleet. The Geth only requested blueprints, saying that they were capable of refitting their fleets themselves. Maial walked out of the room, confident that she had done great service to her people.

Meanwhile, on Sur'Kesh

Dalatrass Linron stared deep into the artifact. Its black, twisting form only increasing its beauty. And it SPOKE to her. She would do anything her master asked, for the good of her people. She had already released the indoctrination nanites into the ecosystem, like her masters had told her. Where there had once been riots in the streets, now there was only peace, and obedience. Her people would be ready when the Reapers arrived, to greet them, to serve them.

"Mistress?" Jondam Bau, a former SpecTRe came up behind her.

"The masters have given you their orders. Follow them." Linron said.

"Very well. Soon, all our world will know the true wisdom of the Reapers."

"That they will. The nanites have already been loaded onboard. You are to drop them on all our worlds. Our people will obey and serve their true masters."

"Yes mistress." Bau left, as Linron turned back to the artifact, staring into its depths.

"Major, the tests are in, and they are not good. The nanites have spread all throughout the ecosystem. The very plants will soon be releasing them, making the very air we breathe full of them, turning us into servants of the Reapers." The Salarian said.

"Then we have done all we can here. Tell Mordin to get the data ready to be moved off-world. Tell the remaining STG members to get the frigate ready. We have to leave, and warn the galaxy of what has happened here. Our people have fallen to the Reapers. We must stop the rest of the galaxy from going the same way." Major Kirrahe replied.

"Yes Sir."

"I only pray that we are not too late already."

"So do I, Major, so do I."

The salarian ran off, leaving Kirrahe to his thoughts.

A/N- And the Quarian Arc ends, and you get a little preview of the Salarian arc that is coming up. I am still deciding whether or not to include shepard. Reviews indicate that most people are against him being a main character, but he will be in the story, probably, as a POV in an upcoming chapter.