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Jenashu: Hello everyone, and welcome to what may prove to be my most ingenious ficcy yet! My Boyfriend's Boxers!
Yama: Where do you come up with this crap?!
Jenashu: Well, if you must know, I have to give credit to my pals Lily-chan and Tiger Lily (Lily and Tera). Lily sent me this piccy from the Japanese unedited eppy from Digimon Adventures (that's season one) with Devimon's fake house and the hotsprings. Well, the dubbers slaughtered that episode. Anyway, hopefully you can gather what kind of piccy it was. Well, in return I sent her a pic of Izzy from the same episode. You could see his bare shoulders, but he was sitting behind the headboard of a bed. Lily said, "OMG! Is he naked?!"
Izzy: WHAT?!
Jen: Hehe, relax. "No," I replied, "haven't you seen that episode? Izzy's wearing yellow boxers!"
Izzy: Jen, I asked you not to tell anyone about that...
Yama: Do I want to ask...?
Jen: Er, no, you don't! Moving right along now! A moment later Tera came online, and all three of us started chatting. And so it begins...
Izzy: *gulp*
Jen: Okay, so one final note. I feel that I owe this one to Lily and Tera, so Vi and the other Otaku Girls (Indy and Ryn) will have to sit this one out. It's not that I don't wuv you guys, but this is kinda our story. Inspire me and you'll get your own! Also, this is kinda a sequeal to Yolei's Sleepover, except it's more correct! No Tailei! No Takeryn! No Indigen! The couples are Taiera, Jenshiro, Daily, Sorato, Takari, and Kenlei!
My Boyfriend's Boxers

The phone rang throughout the Yagami household, demanding attention with its shrill cries. Tera (A/N: I'm adopting the thing from The Crest of Virtue, Tera's ficcy, where Tera is an exchange student who lives with the Yagamis) jumped up and grabbed it. She placed it by her ear and cleared her throat.

"Hello," she said brightly.

"One-chan!" a familiar voice called back. (A/N: One-chan= Big Sister)

"Jen! Hey!" Tera replied, her smile broadening.

"Hi! Yo! Hey! What's up!" Jen started. Once she calmed down from the excitement of the right person picking up the phone (for once!), she calmed down and said, "Sleepover. Tonight. My house. Bring Kari. Be there!" Then she slammed the phone down before Tera could respond.

Tera stared at the phone in her hand until the operator started to talk. Then she slowly put it down and smiled. "Hey, Kari!"

"You're late," Jen said with a frown when Tera and Kari finally walked in to her apartment.

"Well, you never did tell us when to be here," Tera countered.

"Oh, yeah," Jen realized. Lily shook her head in disbelief at her cousin's forgetfulness. Yolei and Sora shared looks and laughed.

"No. NO way. Negative!" Izzy cried.

"What are you talking about? We have to get revenge on the girls!" Davis responded, holding up his fists in a strange way.

"Sure, we'll just get revenge on the girls because WE spied on THEM," Izzy replied, causually waving his hand as if the whole concept was perfectly normal.

"But they found us!" Davis cried. "Therfore we must get revenge!"

"You're twisted," Matt said, shaking his head. "Still, I can't believe you spied on the girls without me, TK. There's no way I'm missing this one."

"Won't the girls be expecting something like this?" Ken wondered.

"Nah, we did that almost a year ago," Tai pointed out. "I doubt they even remember the whole thing." Izzy shook his head in disbelief.

(A/N: For the sake of the story, we're not going to pay attention to the facts that half of the couples were completely different in Yolei's Sleepover. Unless you don't want to enjoy this story, that is.)

"Oh!" TK said, looking at his watch. "What do you think, Matt? Is it time to go?"

"Yup," Matt said, "I'm impressed at your skills. But then, you learned from the best there is."

"In other words, Matt, you've completely manipulated the poor boy," Tai said, shaking his head. "Such a loss! Hey Izzy, aren't you coming?"

"NO!" Izzy shouted. "You can't force me to comply!"

"That's where you're wrong," Matt said with a smile. He nodded at Tai, who jumped to his feet. The next minute Tai and Matt where carrying a protesting redhead out of Tai's apartment. Davis trotted happily behind him, carrying Izzy's laptop and dragging Ken along.

"You can't have a sleepover with so many people and not play truth. It's like a sin!" Yolei cried when everyone groaned at the suggestion.

"Well," Sora said thoughtfully, "I guess that's true..."

"Damn right it is!" Yolei countered, waving her arms around to elaborate on her point.

"You new Digidestineds have been hanging around Matt for too long!" Tera said. Yolei, Kari, and Lily glared at her. "I know he's cute and all, but he's annoying!"

"So is Tai," Lily pointed out. Tera blushed.

"So," Kari said, trying to change the subject, "let's start playing."

"Okay!" Yolei cried happily. "We all have to answer the question. I'll ask first." With that, all of the girls arranged themselves in a circle. "So, the first question is..."

"I think we're right on time," Matt said while Tai pulled out his copy of the key to his cousin Jen's apartment. "I've got a good feeling about this."

"Now remember, we're not supposed to be here. We can't make a sound. Most importantly, we can't fight with each other! That's what happened last time, and that's what gave us away," TK reminded the boys. Tai and Davis nodded sheepishly. The whole mess had really been their fault. Soon Tai pulled the door open and the boys all crept inside.

"Are you setting up your laptop?" TK whispered to Izzy when they were outside the door to Jen's room. Izzy shook his head.

"I'm not doing it," he whispered.

"What! You have to!" Matt hissed.

"No he doesn't!" Davis whispered cheerfully. Everyone gawked at him. Davis handed Izzy's laptop (A/N: He was carrying it, remember?) to Ken. He stared at Davis in suprise.

"Yeah! Do it, Ken!"

"Go for it!

"No way! Don't!"

"Izzy, lower your voice!"

Izzy opened his mouth again, but Matt grabbed him and covered his mouth. "He's gonna give us away! We have to hog-tie him!" he exclaimed. Izzy's eyes widened in fear. The next moment his feet and wrists were tied together with decorative rope from the drapes, and an apple from the kitchen table was shoved into his mouth. The little genius gave the boys a very dirty look and slumped over in defeat. Ken looked horror-striken.

"Wouldn't want to have to do that to ya, Ken, ol' buddy," Matt said cooly. Ken nodded vigorously and booted up Izzy's laptop. A few minutes later, the girls' conversation was being displayed on the screen.

"...what's the weirdest thing your boyfriend has a name for?" Yolei finished. Everyone was silent for a moment. "You have to answer first, Kari."

"But I don't have a boyfriend," she whispered. The other girls shared knowing looks.

"Then let's just choose a boy at random," Tera said, putting an emphasis on 'random'.

"Liiiike," Lily continued.

"Oh, I don't know, how about TK?" Jen finished. Kari's face grew red.

"Ok," she replied. "The weirdest thing that TK has a name for is his hat."

"What is it?" Yolei asked eagerly.



Luckily for the boys, Matt shouted "POOKIE?!" at the exact same time that Tera did.

"Pookie?" he asked again, lowering his voice. "POOKIE?"

"Very masculine, TK," Tai said, trying not to laugh. Even Ken was shaking with unshed laughter.

"I don't believe it!" Davis kept repeating. "TZ, are you sure you're not a girl?"

"Pookie? Why Pookie?!" Jen cried, practically crying with laughter.

"Well, actually," Kari said, her face turning even redder than before, "I named it."

This statement was followed by cries of laughter and delight from the girls, which conveniently covered the groans from the boys.

"I'll kill him!" Tai growled. TK's eyes bulged with fear. Matt tried his best to shield his brother while also trying not to break into a hearty guffaw.

"I'd like to hear the story behind that," Lily said when she had regained her composure.

"There's no story. I was just joking around with TK and took his hat. I, um, pretended it was a puppet and made it say 'Hello, my name is Pookie,' or something like that," she said, blushing harder than ever.

"It IS true! You DO love TK!" Tera cried. "I KNEW IT!" A moment later, everyone was patting Kari on the back and congratulating her. Finally she convinced Lily to take her turn.

"Okay, as you know, the weirdest thing that Davis could possibly name is the goggles," Lily said.

"This I have to hear," Matt said, placing his ear against the door.

"Well?" Jen asked. Lily cleared her throat.


"WHAT THE HELL!" Tai hissed. "Davis! How dare you shame THE goggles! I thought you respected them!"

"I do," Davis said, swelling with pride. "I gave them the best name there is."

"I can't tell what's worse!" Matt whispered, trying desperately not to laugh. "Duckie or Pookie!"

"Pookie is better!" TK replied, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Izzy sighed. He wished he could shout. He knew that Jen would be sitting between Tera and Lily, which could only mean one thing...

"Did you have anything at all to do with naming the goggles?" Yolei asked when everyone was calm again.

"Nope. Nothing at all. You all know about Davis's weird fascination with ducks," Lily said. Everyone laughed. "Your turn, Jen."

"Hehe, it's the laptop," she said with a smile.

"THE laptop?" Tera asked.


"Well?" Lily asked impatiently.

"Hehe, I named it."

"Well, what is it already?" Yolei demanded. Jen giggled.

"Sempai ga Oshiemasu!" Everyone but Tera broke out laughing.

"I don't get it," she said. "What's so funny?"

"Guess you wouldn't know," Jen said with a smile. "It means 'teacher will teach you' in Japanease."

Everyone gave poor Izzy a blank look. He looked pathetic, all tied up with an apple shoved into his mouth. Suddenly Tai realized something.

"If Jen sees him like that, she's going to kill us," he said. The boys shared looks, but no one moved to help Izzy. Even Matt couldn't bring himself to tease him.

After the fit of giggles, Tera cleared her throat. "It's now time to reveal the true name of THE goggles," she said importantly. Everyone looked at her.

"Well," she said, "Tai told me that their name is..."

"Get on with it!" Lily cried, unable to stand the suspense.


"SAY IT!" Yolei shouted.

"Don't say it!" Tai mumbled in reply.


Everyone collapsed. "BOB?! He named the freakn' things BOB?!" Yolei shrieked.

"That's right. He named them as soon as he got them, which was about ten whole years ago!"

"He never changed it?" Jen asked.

"Nope. He said the name just stuck."

"BOB?!" Matt demanded. "You've got to be kidding." Tai blushed and looked away.

After a long and disturbing silence, Sora cleared her throat. "Guess it's my turn," she said with a sigh. "The weirdest thing Matt has a name for is his hair." Yolei sighed in relief. "What was that for?"

"Well, I just thought that Matt might have a name for, uh, some other part of his body," she said, grinning slyly.

"You're sick Yolei!" Tera and Lily cried.

"She really is sick," Tai muttered. Matt kind of blushed, causing the boys to wonder if maybe... Just maybe...

"Well, go on," Kari said.

"Yeah, well Tai actually used to make fun of Matt by calling him Goldylocks, and in the end it kind of stuck. That's what Matt calls his hair," Sora said. The girls shrieked in surprise.

"They laugh like banshees," Matt complained. He had a hunch that the boys around him would be laughing like that too if they weren't spying.

When she had calmed down, Tera smiled and said, "Goldylocks was a girl, right? Well, if Matt's hair is Goldylocks, it must be a girl, which means...You've got compitition, Sora!"

At this, everyone gave a snort of laughter. Even Izzy was making auidible noise. Luckily, the girls were twice as loud and didn't seem to notice.

"That brings it back to you," Lily said to Yolei. She blushed.

"Well, I don't know Ken as well as I'd like to, but, uh...I do know that he had a name for the whip he had as the Kaiser," she said. "I use to think it was evil, the whip, but now that I know how gentle the real Ken is, I kinda think it's sexy." Yolei giggled.

"The name for the whip or the whip itself?" Sora asked.

"Uhh, both, I guess," Yolei replied. "He called it Sting." Thus saying, the purple-haired girl dissolved into a fit of giggles. The other girls glanced at each other and waited for her to stop.

"How do you know that? I know Ken hates to talk about being the Kaiser." Kari said.

"Actually, I borrowed a book on computer repairs from him, and when I came back to return it, well, no one answered the door when I knocked. I had seen Ken pull a key out from under the doormat to get in before, so I let myself in. I went to put it on his bookshelf, but when I went in to his room, he was asleep on his bed! I put the book down, but before I left he muttered something about the whip. I, uh, stuck around for a little while, and that's basically how I know," Yolei explained.

Ken's face turn red under the suspicious looks of the other boys. Finally he shrugged and they looked away. Vauguely he wondered what else he had revealed to Yolei in his sleep.

"Well, let's go the other way this time," Yolei said. "Your turn to ask a question, Sora."

"Fine," Sora said, "the next question is..."
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