Haha, A new year for new creativities to the world. This story was inspired by a few Korean Dramas/Movies, a few video games I played and songs which is a first for me but it only makes things better. It'd be funny if you guess could guess each one I go ideas from, well enjoy it. ^.^

"Three Little Birds" Bob Marley

Chapter 1: Zemblanity

I cannot see.

The world around me is a blur, but I try my hardest to fit in.

I tell you it is not easy, but all I wanna do is be normal, and I pretty much am.

If I had to be honest about life, being blind and all, I would say that I'm living alright…

"Amy be careful!"

Amy shook her head after hitting her head on the door. There was a small sting but Amy didn't pay too much thought into it. Hands roamed around her arms and brought her into her friend's safe grip.

"Are you okay?" Her friend chuckled, rubbing Amy's head.

"I am, but where did my stick fall to?" Amy bend down and used her hands to try to find where her white cane, the only instrument that would allow her to see her way through life. She had dropped it somewhere after she'd trip over a threshold. Her friend came down with her and grabbed the stick that was only a few inches from her reach and handed it to her. Amy's hand surveyed the item and once she felt the strong metal tip of her cane she grabbed ahold to it and smiled.

"Thank you Cream." Amy said delighted to have her cane back.

"No problem, anyway, what brings you here?" Cream asked helping her over to a sofa from her house's living room and after she was seated Cream took her seating as well.

"I came to talk to you about something that has been on my mind for quite while now." Amy said, folding her cane up.

Cream tilted her head to the side and blinked twice. "What is it?"

"I am a normal hedgehog; therefore I also want to be able to be treated as one. I would like to be able to go to Station Square High too!" Amy said beginning to image what life in a real high school would be like.

Appalled, Cream shook her head. "What?!"

"Half of my life has already consisted of me not going to a real school with mobians who could see. I want senior year to be the year I can actually have fun and meet new friends. Cream, I want to graduate from that high school." Amy insisted, sounding as if she were pleading for her permission.

But permission was far from it. Cream bit her lip and looked around her house hoping no one was around but she remembered her mom, Vanilla, was out buying groceries. Amy's smile disappeared and her amused face faded when Cream never replied.

"It is not that bad of an idea if you think about it." Amy muttered.

"I know, but have you told your Grandpa? Or your Aunt?" Cream asked, concerned.

"My aunt is on an important business trip and so she has that to take care of, but my grandpa wants to make sure I have someone by my side if I do go." Amy said, leaning back on the soft cushion.

Cream sighed but couldn't help to smile at Amy's determination. Amy wasn't afraid neither of what people said nor of what they thought of her. When Amy's mind was set on a goal, she faced it head on, but even her strong-will nature was dangerous. School wasn't the way she had been told of, nice people, teachers who taught you well, sunshine and rainbows. The mobians in Station Square high would crush dreams and any other hope you carried and she didn't want that for Amy.

"You won't be alone. I'll be there with you, but…" Cream stopped and left Amy wondering. "It won't be easy. You can't see so then how will you be able to read, write and get lunch, not knowing what you'll be getting."

Amy laughed but her eyes narrowed, "Everything has a solution. All I could do really is get used to it,"

Cream got up from her seat and walked up to her grabbing her shoulders. "I'll help you get in, but is this really what you want?"

Amy had no idea what faith had in store for her, but she did know that if she didn't start now nothing would ever start. She's to be handicap her entire life, but all she wants is to be independent and free. It wouldn't hurt to be the only different student in school, but what awaited her in that school was out of her reach. Amy clapped her hands together and smirked, "So when do we get started?"


It was the start of a new semester and everyone bowled into the hallways, exchanging class cards and teasing each other about the horrifying teachers they had to encounter. A group in particular stood in front of their lockers and chatting as two cute freshmen bunnies came passing by them and a pair of green orbs eyed them. A blue hedgehog grin spread across his muzzle and he chuckled, "Guys," he smacked his friend's shoulder and nodded his head towards them. "Take a load of this year's catch,"

An echidna grinned mischievously, its violet eyes illuminated by the bunnies' natural attraction. "Yup, I can feel it. No harder than last year."

The two others who tagged along with him were a black hedgehog and a red shelled Armadillo that snickered once the two bunnies had gone right pass them. The blue hedgehog cleared his throat and his back leaned on the locker. "I say it'll be easier now that were seniors,"

"Either way I'm going more for a brunet. What do you say, Sonic?" The red echidna addressed the blue hedgehog.

"We'll see what'll happen," He ambitiously said chuckling a bit. He pushed himself off the locker and turned to his friends Knuckles being the red echidna, Shadow the black hedgehog and Mighty the Armadillo.

"Enough about these girls," Mighty scoffed shaking his head, "Hurry up we need to go get our schedule."

He marched away from them feeling quite bothered by their seductive ways. The rest shrug at Mighty's behavior and followed him without another word. Just a few miles away from where Sonic and his friends followed after Mighty stood Cream holding Amy's arm tightly. They walked causally down the hallway, Cream looking a little nervous while Amy held a huge smile of her face. Amy bounced her stick side to side to feel where she was going even though Cream guiding her. Cream noticed she was bumping her cane towards the wall and almost at the student's feet.

"You could put that away for now, Amy." She suggested.

Amy shook her head still looking forward. "But then I will not know my surroundings."

Cream sighed, but smiled. She took her focus to where she was going. Amy's ears were wide open taking in the wonderful sound of students cheering and talking around her. Her smile widened from the excitement of soon joining these teens. Suddenly she felt Cream tug Amy to a halt. Cream turn and grabbed Amy's hands into hers. "I'll be right back. Stay outside this office until I get back, Ok?"

In Amy's ears her tone had changed like if she was worried. Worried? About what? Her leaving her place? She smirked at Cream convinced that she could follow orders. "Don't worry. I shall stay glued to the wall."

Cream nodded with a hum and Amy heard the knob turn her steps that entered inside until they couldn't be heard anymore because the door closed shut. Amy folded her cane and slowly leaned against the wall, pressing her back hard to the cold wall. Her hands tightened on her cane but a smile still lingered on her face. She could feel it already meeting studying subjects, meeting new people—

Her smile disappeared and her thoughts came to an inference. She pushed herself back and walked forward.

She was different compare to these students and she grew nervous. "Would it really hurt to be different?" She mustered out loud letting loose of the cane.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard voices coming from the corner and her head turned. Around the corner she heard the student's laughter, the sound of a boy. It was opportunity to greet these fellow students so she didn't hold back and took a huge lump of air, but the student bumped into her, hindering her from talking.

"Watch where you're going!"



The harsh words spoken from these boys destroyed her slowly and a strong force from a hand pushed her back towards the wall and her head hit it making her unable to process what had happen as quickly as she should have. She heard laughter and then steps which meant they were walking away. She sadly looked down and muttered, "But I cannot,"

"Cut that crap Sonic. We're near the principal's office," She heard one of them say just as harshly as they had been to her.

"He's busy, like he'd come out anyway," She heard the voice say, the one who bumped into her. She narrowed her eyes and huffed angrily. So Sonic was his name and the place Cream had entered was the Principal's office. She used her hands to guide herself to find the door to enter inside. She walked around but she couldn't find the knob. She began to panic inside unable to find the knob to the door. Where is the door?!

"Excuse me,"

Amy froze and turned to where she heard the voice. The voice of a girl, but she didn't hear any more of it. Unable to talk after such experience she received a while ago she stayed quiet, but soon the voice was heard again. "What are you doing?"

"I-I am looking for a door," Amy finally spoke with stutters.

The girl's voice giggled softly, "Are you ok? The door's right there,"

Amy's eyes slowly narrowed uncertain of her explanations, but maybe she was pointing or looking at it for her to follow the stare, but how could she. "I…I cannot see,"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I am blind. I cannot see where the door is,"

There was a long pause, one of the longest pause she felt. She wondered if this girl thought badly of her, if she saw her pathetic at that moment, so she ignored whatever she imagined her expression was and continued to use her hands to find the knob of the door. Regret plunged through her chest and in her brain that tears wanted to swell and come out, but she couldn't not when her dream was barely about to come true.

A hand grabbed hers and Amy flinched back.

"I won't hurt you. I just want to show you where the door is." Her voice was soothing that Amy found herself trusting her and she allowed her hand to be guiding by this stranger. The door ended up not being too far her, but she had been a little distant. Her hand let go of Amy's.

"That's the principal's office. You'll find him to be quite nice." She explained.

"Thank you," Amy shyly replied.

"No problem." She said. "Anyway, I've got to get going, but I see we'll be meeting again. Goodbye for now,"

She heard steps down the hall and she knew she was gone. Amy smiled and lowered her head her hand tightening on the knob. Did she just meet a friend? She didn't know, but something was telling her that school had its up and downs, but if she stayed on the right track and not with hurtful people, she thought harshly, it'd be ok. The door to the office opened up taking her hand with it and a low 'oh' was heard.

"I am sorry ma'am,"

Then it was gone.

"Must of been a teacher," She mused and made her way inside.

She opened her cane and began to move it around. She didn't hear people inside, just someone talking lightly. Once she heard a reply that was when it rang to her. It was Cream talking to the principal. "Cream?"

She made her way towards where the voices were coming from but she got so excited to find her she kept using more of her hands and less of her cane. From a stall near Amy, Cream's head popped out and found her using her hands instead of her guiding stick to find out her surroundings. Cream's mouth tightened, "Amy," She mumbled and ran to her side.

"Cream, you would not believe what happened to me," Amy said enthused.

"Tell me later, we're about to meet the principal." Cream whispered to her and Amy suddenly straightened up as they entered a small stall where the principal's small office was.

The hedgehog that sat on a rolling chair stared intensively at Amy as she sat down on a chair in front of him. Cream cleared her throat and sat down next to Amy on an empty chair next to hers. "This is my friend Amy Rose,"

"Nice to meet you Mr. Principal," Amy said respectfully.

The light blue hedgehog smiled at her and took a breath rubbing his chin right above a brown mustache. "Mr. Hedgehog," He corrected.

The warmth in his voice made Amy feel comfortable and she smiled.

"So I've come to understand you want to be put into regular classes like your friend Cream?" He asked writing down on a small sheet of paper from a notebook. Cream's eyes roamed to it.

"Yes sir,"

"But aren't you worried about your safety. It's a new world your entering here and while being blind, how will you find your classes or read or see the board? Are you sure you don't want an assistant helper?" He asked as he stopped writing on this paper and looked up at her. Amy frowned, "No I do not need an assistant. Books can all be ordered in Braille characters as for knowing where my classrooms will I shall ask around. Give me a month and I shall know the school by heart."

The hedgehog's eyes widened shocked by the girl's determination. He blinked his eyes and then finally was able to fix his features and a grin appeared in his muzzle. "Are you positive that you'll be fine in this school?"


"Welcome to Station High, Miss Rose."

What do you think? Will Amy really be able to fit into a whole new world that she isn't aware of. Already has she gain a little bit of experience but what others are in store for her?

Until Weeks Pass BYE!