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Chapter 22: Jubilation

Amy's eyes fluttered open slowly and the first thing she saw was a bright white light that flashed before her and she closed her eyes again due to it stinging. Her eyes hurt and she felt nauseous. She could hear voices around her but in distant echoes. She re-opened her eyes and the light shined again. Her vision was distorted but with a few blinks of her eyes they fixed up and she noticed a light bulb up on the ceiling. She stared at it for a long time before noticing that she could see it. Her eyes widened and she gasped and her body jolted up but she had no energy so strung back down.

"Amy!" Mr. Rose appeared before her and Amy's eyes shook from the horror. Mr. Rose's hands went to her cheeks and he looked directly at her. "C-Can you see me?"

"I…I can," Amy asked not sure if she was dreaming or imaging things.

Her pitch black world was gone. She was seeing light and colors and her grandfather. Her eyes moved around making contact with each different item around the room. Paintings and vases, tables and walls painted white, she was seeing it all. Amy's hand went up to her eyes and touched them. She could see her small gloved hands in front of her and thought why.

Her grandfather hugged her and Amy hugged him back seeing the back of his quills. It was really happening she could see him.


More voices came in and Amy's eyes shifted up and found a bunny, cat, armadillo and fox coming in with smiled and surprised looks. Mr. Rose pulled away turning to them. Cream ran up to Amy without holding back and her arms wrapped around her.

"Amy!" She cried, happily.

Amy blinked and when Cream's head lifted she met her brown eyes and took a good look at her face. This was who Cream was and looked like. Her heart raced and she took a look at the rest of her friends. She didn't know who each one was until they spoke, but none had Sonic's voice.

"How do you feel?" Tails asked her.


"So, how does it feel?!" Honey asked grinning and leaning her hands on the bed for support.


"Does it hurt anywhere?" Mighty asked.

Amy's head lowered and suddenly she felt sad. She didn't understand what was going on but she was suddenly able to see, Sonic was gone and she had a feeling that she saw it coming, but she couldn't understand how she felt so shocked.

"W-Where's Sonic?" She asked, in a low voice.

The room went silent and finally Amy was able to acknowledge the expressions in their faces for the first time in a long time. The eyes that avoided her made Amy's heart relaxed and she smiled. She was correct. He was gone. Her head lowered. "I see," She muttered and forced a smile.

Nobody in the room expected her to smile after being told Sonic was gone, so they grew concerned for her. Nurses came in and took over to examine Amy's eyes. The five of them stepped to the side and watched them check her eyes meanwhile figuring out how to exactly tell her why he was gone.

It'd been a full day since Sonic left so he was long gone. Sonic didn't say where he was going, but that it was anywhere but here. When Tails tried to call him to let him know Amy had awoken the line beeped. His phone was disconnected and so there was no way to contact or communicate with him. Tails sighed but Cream placed a hand on his shoulder. She offered him a small smile assuring him that it was all okay. Mighty and Honey were already looking at him with wide grins. Tails explained the whole story to Mighty and Honey so they understood quickly what needed to be done.

From the very start something didn't seem right about Sonic, and even though it was too late when he figured it out he was able to get information out of Scourge with a deal of his own. Scourge didn't know much either, but was told he was to leave the country and go across seas. It gave Tails a clue on where he might have gone. The only place across seas that Sonic was familiar with was his mother's hometown. He wasn't sure if he'd gone there but that was his final conclusion. He never promised Sonic he'd never not tell her anything, but he did promise to look after her. What he had planned for the upcoming events was to look out for her in the best way he possible could with the help of his friends. He wasn't going to let it end the way it did.

Amy was admitted out of the hospital and went out into the streets with everyone. She looked around seeing cars, mobians of all different shapes and sizes, colors so bright and new to her that left her in awe. It'd been a while since she could remember what the sky looked like. She spun around memorized by it all and along with her friends enjoyed that late morning around town. They stopped by a restaurant to eat.

Amy looked up closely at the salad she'd order and poked it around with her fork. Honey cleared her throat and finally brought up the topic that was being ignored all morning.

"You're not going to ask 'why', are you?" She began and took a bite of her burrito.

Amy flinched and looked up. Honey's eyes were sparkling red like the fire she last saw before she went blind. Amy's bit her lip and looked away immediately. "I want to, but I cannot bring myself to confront it…" She admitted quietly.

"Are you scared?" Honey asked.


"Amy, it'd be best to hear it. Do not avoid something like this." Mr. Rose told her sincerely.

"We have answers that maybe you'd like to hear." Tails informed, placing his hands together on the table.

Amy took a deep breath and nodded accepting it and bracing herself for what she was about to hear. "Yes, you are correct. Forgive me."

Tails leaned forward placing his lips on his hands and staring at the table distantly. "He is the reason to why you can see right now…"

Winter turned into spring and spring went to summer after that seasons repeated. Life in Station Square had changed since Sonic left school. Girls stopped being so activity lusty and boys stopped looking for trouble. Scourge and Sally left school and it was much calmer. The threat ceased and Amy was able to continue her school days normally. A seeing girl able to be around students of the same view and ideas. It was all she ever wanted, to be normal. A dream accomplished with an empty conclusion.

Amy graduated that next year with advance scored landing forth smartest kid in school with Tails being above her by one.

After she did, Honey helped her apply to schools across seas to study abroad. Mighty and Cream pitched in money so that she could leave by boat and Tails guided her through a map on places she needed or should go. Her mission was to find Sonic. Whether it took weeks, months, years, she wasn't going to stop. She longed to see his face and be with him.

It all went according to Tails' plan and she was off and ready to go. Amy packed her bags and got on a boat ready to leave for college as well on the search for Sonic. Amy got her own phone so that she could keep in touch with them.

"Alright, do be careful." Her grandfather warned her as he wrapped a scarf around her neck.

All her friends went to the port that day to see her off. Receiving tight hugs from Honey and Cream and light punches on the shoulder by Mighty and Silver.

"I will be. Do no worry." Amy assured them grabbing her bags.

"Hey! Good Luck on your studies!" Mighty laughed.

"Be careful!" Honey told her.

Silver approached her slowly taking her hands into his and saying in a low voice, "When you find Sonic, please, take care of him,"

Amy smiled politely at him. Grabbing his hands and tightly holding them. "I indeed will."

Tails approached her side folding up a map. Amy took it as he began explaining, "Are you sure you don't need a picture of him. You could pass right by him and won't even know it."

"It is quite alright. I will recognize him," She said looking down at her hands which had once touched his face.

"I guess...then let me give you some advice before you go. When you find him. Don't take no for an answer. He's hidden a lot of things from you that he shouldn't. One of them is his feelings. He's not aware of it, but make him realize them and what he almost lost. I can almost promise you it'll be fine." Tails explained handing her the folded map.


The horn of the boat blew meaning it was time to head out. Tails grinned at her and gestured with his head at the boat. Amy nodded in a hurry. "Thank you Tails! Thank you everyone! I will keep you all apprised!"

Seeing their pink friend rush up the steps and onto the boat made them all emotional. The girls cried their eyes out while the boys waved vigorously.

Amy waved one last time before taking a look at the folded map and recalling what Tails said. She took the advice fully but without knowing what it meant although she remembered it every day without fail. She'd understand one day. She left Station Square that fall never knowing that it'd be years until she'd come back again

[Few Years Later]

In the countryside off a small town Amy walked off the dirt road and down a grassy hill. Her eyes were taken away by the scenery's beauty. A lake with a flower filled field area shined through her eyes and her mouth opened in astonishment. She ran down the flowered field with her suitcase scrolling behind and approached the lake. Next to the lake was a small little shack. She stopped in front of it and looked down at her piece of paper with lines and directions which led her to where she was now. She lowered the paper and looked around. She nodded and went up to the shack's door and knocked on it. She waited a few seconds to see if anyone would open it, but nobody did. She sighed and turned her heel around to walk towards the lake. She released her suitcase's handle and sat on the grass next to the water and stared at it silently.

"Guess I will wait for his return. Hopefully this is the place," She mused lowering her head to her knees and resting her chin on top of it.

She'd gone everywhere. Towns, cities, country sides and every mobian she'd talk too ended up saying that they'd seen a blue hedgehog and that he lived in a small shack far from civilization. On her journey she'd encounter many hedgehogs, who were all types of color blue, but none possessed his voice, but over the course of six years she hadn't given up. She continued to search even after she finished college.

She laid her back on the grass and looked up at the sky. The air's wind blew slightly and the area's tranquil atmosphere calmed her nerves making her drowsy. Walking for hours without end hurt her feet and she was tired from it. Her eyelids gradually lowered and lifted repeatedly battling over falling asleep. Without her noticing her body gave up and she fell into a deep sleep.

Hours passed and it was nightfall which was around the time when she woke up. She awoke to the sound of crickets in the darkness and her body jerked upwards. The world was pitched black like she'd once recognized it. Amy got up on her feet and looked around but could see no outlines of objects, but in the distance saw a light spark. She moved forward and opened her mouth to give a shout to see who it was, but before she could her right foot never found the ground and slipped down an edge and into water.


Amy fell into the lake's water with a loud splash. The water was black and she got frightened. She swam up to the surface and gasped for air as she came out. She whimpered swimming around and trying to find land, but the more she swam the more she began to freak out. Her heart raced beating twice as fast as it normal would. She didn't know where she was and couldn't see the light around anymore. She was lost.

She heard footsteps around and turned around to where she heard them. "H-Hello?"

There was no verbal reply but a splash instead. Something that jumped in. Amy recoiled and swam backwards without knowing where she was going, but it had to be anywhere but where she heard the splash. Something wiggled around her waist and it drew the line for her. Amy screamed.

A figure appeared out of the water and in front of her holding her tightly. Amy pounded on the figure's body trying to make it release her, but the figure blocked most of her punches dragging her out of the water and into land. One hit, a palm slap, landed on the face. Her heart nearly stopped. Between a nose and cheek she felt like she'd touched it before, the way it was formed, it felt familiar, but she didn't know for sure.

Amy stopped and was helped up on her feet on land by that figure. It meant well since it saved her, but she couldn't see him. Amy screwed up her eyes trying to peer through the darkness but no avail. The figure took its hand back releasing her arm but Amy grabbed it back quickly. "Please wait."

Small shining lights that went off and on started appearing. Amy turned her head. Those were the yellow lights she kept seeing in the distance. She was so caught up in the view of its beauty that she'd forgotten that she was still holding a hand. The fireflies surrounded her and one particular firefly landed on her nose. Amy stared at it until she saw a different color in front of her. Her eyes moved upward and in front of her fireflies flashed lights well enough for her to see the dim color blue and a face she didn't recognize. He was a hedgehog.

Amy blinked and released his hand walking up to the hedgehog. He stared at her curiously and Amy lifted her hand. "I only wish to see something, please allow me." She raised it up to his face and gently cupped it. Her eyes widened and she raised her other hand placing on the other cheek. She moved her hands around his face examining it. She finished by placing each finger on the eyes. When she removed them his eyes opened. The light from the fireflies shined near his eye where she could see they were emerald green.


The blue hedgehog didn't make any sort of reaction that gave his identity away. Amy narrowed her eyes and her hands went to his arms. "You are Sonic, correct."

Still nothing.

"Please state something."

"You should've come here,"

It was him. His voice hadn't changed, but his words brought shock. She backed away with narrowed eyes but ignored his harsh statement. She raced over to him and wrapped her arms around for a hug. Sonic stepped back surprised but Amy didn't let go. She hid her face on his chest and inhaled his scent bringing the nostalgic feeling back.


"I came because I missed your presence."

Sonic shook his head and tried pulling her off him. "No, you can't be with me. You have to go. Live your life someplace else and forget about me."

"And why would I do that?"

"Because I'll only drag you down."

Amy clenched her fist and her eyes furrowed irritated. She took a step forward grabbing his arm and pulling him down to her face. She crashed her lips onto his cheek while closing her eyes. Sonic's eyes grew wide and his face paled unable to move. She removed her lips and stared at him. Baffled, Sonic blinked multiple times unable to process what'd happen.

It was a daring thing to do, but Amy controlled her blush and her heart. She didn't let go of his arm. "I have looked through lands and skies to try to find you because I love you. It will not matter to me if you drag me down."

The fireflies didn't stop shining and Amy's stare never faded. Sonic's flabbergasted look faded over the moment and he lowered his gaze to stare at the ground. "You're still so stubborn." He muttered with a small smile.

"Why did you leave?! Why did you make that deal! Why would you sacrifice so much just so that I could see and Silver could walk? Do you know how crossed I am with you? There were so many other alternatives and yet you chose the easiest way out. You advise me to continue life without you!" Amy shouted releasing years of frustrations and sadness. Amy hugged him again. "But I could not take the idea of letting you go. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. You are so special to me."

Sonic allowed his arms to hug her back and held her tightly in his arms. Amy looked up at him with sadden eyes and said, "And I know you feel the same way too."

Sonic's eyes widened. Amy smiled at him. Sonic rested his head on hers sighing, giving up and agreed. "Yea, I know."

He had his reasons to hide those feelings Tails mentioned about, but his effulgent eyes showed promise for a new journey, this time together. Sonic chuckled and pulled away from her holding her shoulder. "I can't believe you spend all those years trying to find me. And you kissed me first too!"

"I-I—that was mere impulse."

Sonic cupped her chin with his thumb and grinned down at her. "At least let the guy make the first move."

Amy blushed and Sonic slowly leaned forward looking down at her lips, but at that moment two fireflies appeared in between them stopping both of them from leaning any closer. Sonic removed his hand and nervously looked at the fireflies passed along with Amy whose face had gone red.

They noticed the fireflies' around were going away. Flying higher above the ground level. Sonic went back to looking at Amy.

"Hey Ames," He whispered. Sonic opened his mouth and hesitated to say it at first, but he brushed away his fears and embarrassments. He blushed slightly looking directly at her. "Thanks for everything,"

She looked at him sincerely and he returned the smile with a passionate stare that was unexplainable yet natural for them both. The fireflies were almost all gone and only two shined lingering around them for a slight moment as Sonic slowly leaned forward to her. "I love you too," He whispered before the last ray of light shone and darkness filled their eyes again.

The End

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