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The Three Little Wizards

Once upon a time, there were three little wizards. One was named Ron, the second was named Hermoine, and the last was named Harry. The three little wizards had three different little houses.

Ron had a house made out of wood, and he had room for all six of his siblings when they visited. But one day You-Know-Who came and said, "I'm going to set your house on fire with my army of Death Eaters!"

Then Ron said, "Well guess what? I have an army of Weasleys coming! BE AFRAID!"

"An army of non-existent blood traitors. Simply brilliant, Weasley. Did I mention that I also have a powerful army of Acromantulas?" You-Know-Who replied. "Incendio!" And he burnt down Ron's little wooden house.

Ron ran yelling his head off all the way to his girlfriend Hermione's place.

The second wizard, Hermione, lived in a tower that was big and tall and pointy. She let Ron in after disabling the magical wards and the rotating cameras and the machine guns, all of which Hermione had hooked together in a complex security system.

Suddenly You-Know-Who showed up on the doorstep with his Death Eaters. He shouted, "I'm going to flood your Mudblood tower and trap you on the very top!"

Ron leaned over the edge of tower. "Mudblood? Oi, that's my girlfriend, No-Nose!"

You-Know-Who growled and gave his Death Eaters the sign to kill.

But Hermione stopped them, "Nonsense. That's not probable. I have a multifarious, strategically-engineered, three-point security system that is infallible; and a boyfriend who will defend me (won't you, Ron?). It would also not be possible to flood this tower, as you would require 3.5-million-to-the-32nd-power tons of water to displace a fortification of this magnitude. Therefore, you shouldn't even try."

The Death Eaters and You-Know-Who were confused. And then they got mad at Hermione for confusing them. So they flooded her tower anyway. "Aguamenti!"

Ron and Hermione got out, and ran to find their friend Harry.

The third wizard, Harry, didn't have a house. He had an Extendable Tent, since he was already on the run from You-Know-Who. He invited Ron and Hermione to stay with him. So You-Know-Who looked and looked, but couldn't find a way to get to the three little wizards or destroy the last house. That's why Harry was the only wizard whose house didn't get ruined, and why the Golden Trio started the search for Horcruxes.