Okay so I want to make a couple things clear. When I refer to the rearguard I'll use R1-5. The mat will look like this.

R1 V R2

R3 R4 R5

I hope that makes things easier for everyone.

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Ride 1:The Game Begins

Zane strolled lazily down the road, soaking in the sun. He felt a soft breeze blowing down the busy city street, cooling the warm rays. The seventeen year old boy wore a black, hoodless jacket that was opened at the front to reveal his white tee shirt. Jeans hung down over his tennis shoes. His long, messy black hair lay around his head, his bangs covering his coal eyes. Currently, he was searching for something to occupy his time. He hadn't lived in the city very long so he wasn't entirely sure what to do for fun anywhere. That is, until he glanced through the window of a shop on the corner and caught sight of a large crowd gathered inside. He tilted his head as he approached, wondering what was catching everyone's attention.

He found himself staring at the glass windows of a small card shop. Zane blinked before stepping through the sliding glass doors inside. The store was a moderately sized squared room, filled with tons of cards. Glass cases were erected all around the rectangular room to reveal the individual cards owned by the shop. In the corner of the room was a small counter with a door leading into the back rooms. On the opposite side of the room from where Zane had entered from were several tables with people of all ages sitting down in chairs. The majority of the crowd seemed to be gathered around one table in particular.

Seated there was a girl with long red hair braided down her back. Her green eyes watched her opponent calmly as she played. She wore a purple tee shirt underneath of a light blue hoodie, while a white skirt covered her thighs.

Across from her sat a silvered haired boy with blue eyes. He nervously watched the girl as she took her turn, obviously terrified. He had a simple blue polo shirt and jeans.

The girl smirked. "Now, I activate my Dragonic Descendant's ability! By counter blasting one and discarding three cards with Eradicator in their names, he can stand back up!" She did so. "Now, Descendant attacks your Vanguard!"

"Oh man... No guard," said the boy sadly.

"Checking the Twin Drive, first check... No trigger. Second check... No trigger."

"Damage check... No trigger. I lose," the boy sighed sadly and the girl began picking up her cards.

Zane tilted his head at them, wondering what was going on.

"They're playing Vanguard," informed a deep voice behind him. Zane glanced backwards and stared at a giant bald man with well trimmed beard. Chocolate brown eyes twinkled kindly on his face of darkened skin. He wore a long-sleeve white shirt with its sleeves rolled up to his elbows, revealing his large muscles. It was untucked from his jeans. An apron covered his front. "It's a card game that's become immensely popular around the world. I'm Jonas, by the way. Welcome to Camelot's Cards."

"Zane. Zane Blackthorn. Nice to meet you."

The shop owner smiled. He nodded over towards the tables. "Do you want to play?"

Zane hesitated. "I don't have a deck."

The shop keeper threw back his head and bellowed out a laugh. "Don't worry about that! I have a few spare decks that you can borrow for your first match. You can play against Mark, over there in the corner. He's only using a trail deck as well." Jonas pointed towards a sneering boy in the corner with blonde hair and blue eyes. One look told Zane why so few people had gathered around him. He was entirely unpleasant.

Zane glanced towards the red haired girl who was setting up for her next match. "What about her?"

Jonas followed his gaze. "Who, Aria? Trust me, a beginner like you couldn't hope to beat her. She and her friends are some of the best in the shop. Even poor Grey didn't stand a chance." He motioned towards the silver haired boy that had been playing when Zane had walked in. "The kid only started a few days ago, but he's not half bad. He's got three times the skill he thinks he does. Anyways, do you want to play?"

Zane met his eyes and grinned happily. "Totally! I'd love to!"

Jonas met Zane's grin with one of his own. "Perfect! I'll find you a deck and you can get started." He turned towards the counter before he paused and turned back around. "I almost forgot. You probably don't know how to play."

"Actually," interrupted Zane as he glanced away. "I used to play a couple of years ago. I just don't have any cards anymore."

Jonas blinked at him. "Alright then, let me grab you deck." He moved behind the counter and withdrew a small black deck box. The Vanguard insignia was drawn on the front in red ink. He handed it to the boy and smiled. "Here you go. Have fun."

Zane took it in his hands and smiled, relishing the feeling of it. Slowly, he flipped open the top and lifted a card out to inspect it. As he recognized the unit, he felt his joyous grin grow even further.

Zane walked over towards the blonde boy and sat. He grinned happily at Mark as the other boy inspected him with a sneer. He turned towards the shop keeper and scoffed. "Really Jonas? You're sending me this loser? This guy won't even be enough of a challenge to make it worth my time!"

Zane felt his grin begin to fade. "So, you don't want to play me?"

Jonas smiled softly. "Just play the kid, Mark!"

Mark smirked. "Alright then, let's play. I'll just crush you and move on!" Instantly, Zane's excitement returned. They both laid their starting Vanguards on the field, face down, and began shuffling their decks. Placing them on their mats, they drew their first hands. "I'll return three cards."

"Two," said Zane as he placed them back. After they reshuffled, they placed their decks back. As their decks touched the mats, they closed their eyes. "Our spirits have just been transported to the planet Cray," whispered Zane to himself. Suddenly, Zane pictured the two of them standing in a valley of stone and rock. Moss and other plant life clung to the walls, while small clouds drifted through the sky. Beyond them floated what seemed like planets of various colors. They both reached forward to grasp their starting Vanguards.

"Stand up-" they began in synch, until Zane added, "-my-" to his chant. "-Vanguard!"

"Angelic Liberator!" Yelled Mark as a small figure appeared on his side of the field. It had blonde hair and blue-green eyes that were narrowed in determination. It wore a red and gold tunic with white trim while it gripped a short sword and a shield in its hands. A small gold halo floated over its head while white wings sprouted from its back.

"Crisis Revenger, Fritz!" Yelled Zane. On his side of the field, a boy in black armor with blue trim appeared. He had orange eyes and a crimson cape fluttering behind him. In each hand he wielded a massive black sword with veins of blue energy running along them, each blade as large as him.

"I'll go first," declared Mark. "Draw!"

(IH:6 - DMG:0 - V:Angelic Liberator - R:None)

"I ride Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth(PWR:8000)!" The angel glowed with energy while mist seemed to collect around it. When it vanished, the angel had been transformed into a man with long braided brown hair. Gold and red light armor covered him and reminded Zane of a lion. In his hands, he gripped a short, curved sword.

"Then I call Future Liberator, Llew(PWR:6000)(R4)!" Another boy appeared behind Gareth. He wore golden armor with no helmet to reveal his blonde hair and blue eyes. He wielded a short sword with blue lines running across it. At his feet ran a small red robotic dog. "I end my turn."

"Cool!" Said Zane happily. "Draw!"

(IH:6 - DMG:0 - V:Crisis Revenger, Fritz - R:None)

"I ride Black Sage Charon(PWR:8000)!" Fritz was enveloped in a dark cloud which cleared to reveal his new Vanguard. It was a child with long sliver hair and blue eyes. A black cloak hung over his frame while a black shirt and pants were revealed in the front. Grey gloves cover his hands while pieces of cloth rose from his head like thorns. He held a spell book in his arms.

"Then I'm calling Branbau Revenger to the rearguard(PWR:6000)(R4)!" Like Llew, Branbau appeared behind the Vanguard. It was a dog with orange eyes and a metal body colored blue and orange. Golden claws gleamed on its paws, a gold boomerang sat in its mouth, and gold spikes emerged from its shoulder blades. A red cape flew behind it.

"Now," said Zane with a grin. "Let's get this thing started. Branbau boosts Charon on an attack on your Vanguard(PWR:14000)!" Energy flowed out from the hound and into the sage as Charon fired a bolt of black lightning from his hands.

"No guard," replied Mark.

"Drive trigger check(IH:5)!" Zane flipped the top card of his deck, noticing a small yellow mark in the corner. "Critical trigger! All effects to Charon!"

"Damage trigger check," said Mark as he moved the top card into the damage zone. "No trigger. Second check... Stand trigger(DMG:2)." He frowned, angry at its current uselessness. He turned his glare upon the dark haired boy. "Lucky draw, but I'm still going to crush you! Stand and draw!"

(IH:5 - DMG:2(CB-0) - V:Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth - R:4:Future Liberator, Llew)

"I ride Zoigal Liberator(PWR:8000)!" Gareth transformed into a large white dog. It wore gold and white armor with blue stones handing from it like icicles.

"Then I call Little Liberator Marron(PWR:7000)(R1), Liberator of Silence, Gallatin(PWR:10000)(R2), and Pomerugal Liberator(PWR:7000)(R5)." To the left of the Vanguard appeared a boy with glasses, blue-green hair, blue eyes, and a white robe with blue and green designs. In his hand was a book. On the other side appeared a swordsman with spiked purple hair and a yellow blindfold. Behind the swordsman was a small brown dog with an Egyptian looking necklace.

"Get ready, Marron attacks your Vanguard! Since I have a Vanguard with Liberator in its name, Marron gains 3000 power(PWR:10000)."

"No guard." He watched as Marron released a bolt a blue lightning from his fingertips that exploded on Charon. "Damage trigger check... Draw trigger(DMG:1)! Charon gets 5000 power(13000) and I draw a card(IH:6)!" Zane place the card in the damage zone and drew.

"Now, Zoigal attacks with a boost from Llew(PWR:14000)! Since I have three rear guards besides Llew with Liberator in their names, Zoigal gains 3000 power and Llew gains 4000 for a grand total of 21000!"

"No guard." He winced slightly was the dog bounded forward and sunk its fangs into his Vanguard.

"Drive check(IH:2)... No trigger."

"Damage check... No trigger(DMG:2)."

"Finally, Gallatin attacks your Vanguard with a boost from Pomerugal(17000)."

"No guard." He watched as the swordsman ran forward and slashed the young mage. "Damage check... No trigger. (DMG:3)"

"I end my turn," said Mark triumphantly.

Zane grinned once again. "Alright! I stand and draw."

(IH:6 - DMG:3(CB-0) - V:Black Sage Charon - R:4:Branbau Revenger)

Zane lifted his arm, holding his arm high. "The left hand of the king protects the realm from the shadows! I ride the legendary Black Knight! Blaster Dark Revenger!" Charon was once again coated in darkness, clearing to reveal a warrior in black armor with green trim over a blue outfit. Slitted green eyes peered out from his helm as a deep red cape flowed around him. He held a large black sword with green lines of energy.

"When he rides or is called out onto the field, I can counter blast two cards to activate Blaster Dark's ability(CB-2). Doing so allows me to retire one of your front row rear guards. Goodbye Gallatin!" Blaster Dark vanished into the shadows before reappearing behind Gallatin. Silently, he slid his blade into the swordsman back, causing Gallatin to cry out in pain before vanishing. The Revenger moved quickly back to his own side.

"Now, with a boost from Branbau, Blaster Dark attacks... Marron(15000)!" He smirked slightly at the look of confusion on Mark's face. "Because I have less rear guards than you, Branbau gains another 4000 power(19000)."

"No guard," replied Mark as the Shadow Paladin ran forward to attack the mage. He moved the card into the drop zone.

"Drive trigger check(IH:6)... Heal trigger! I recover one damage(DMG:2)!" Zane lifted up one of the counter blasted cards and placed it into the drop zone. "I end my turn."

Mark glared at him. "Your luck has to run out at some point. Stand and draw."

(IH:3 - DMG:2(CB-0) - V:Zoigal Liberator - R:4/5:Future Liberator, Llew/Pomerugal Liberator)

Mark sneered. "You know, you can't win unless you attack the Vanguard. I'll show you how it's done. I ride Solitary Liberator, Gancelot(PWR:11000)!" When the light faded, a man riding a white Pegasus emerged. He wore gold armor and a black and red cape. Gray-brown hair stuck out from under his winged helmet. Diamonds glittered along his armor and he held a sword of glowing blue energy.

"Next, I call another Pomerugal Liberator to the rear guard(PWR:7000)(R3)! Now, Gancelot attacks your Vanguard with a boost from Llew(17000)! Since he's attacking my opponent's Vanguard, Gancelot gains 2000 power(19000)."

"No guard."

"Checking the Twin Drive, first check... Draw trigger! Power to my Vanguard and I draw. Second check... Critical trigger(IH:4)!" Mark grinned as the Liberator rode out and slashed Blaster Dark with his sword.

"Damage check, first check... No trigger. Second check... No trigger(DMG:4)."

"That's all for me," shrugged Mark.

Zane grinned happily. "Stand and draw!"

(IH:7 - DMG:4(CB-1) - V:Blaster Dark Revenger - R:4:Branbau Revenger)

"I ride Illusionary Revenger, Mordred Phantom(PWR:11000)!" Blaster Dark was transformed into a warrior riding a black horse. He wore black armor with diamond spikes and a long red cape. Red eyes peered out from his helmet. He held an energy saber in his hand.

"With a boost from Branbau, Mordred attacks your Vanguard(17000)! Mordred's ability gives him an extra 2000 while Branbau's gives him 4000(23000)!"

"No guard." Mordred rode out and slashed Gancelot with his blade.

"Twin Drive, first check... No trigger. Second check... Critical trigger!" Zane felt a small frown at the edge of his mouth while Mark smirked.

"Damage check, first check... No trigger. Second check... No trigger.(DMG:4)"

"I end my turn."

Mark grinned evilly as he drew.

(IH:4 - DMG:4(CB-0) - V:Solitary Liberator, Gancelot - R:3/4/5:Pomerugal Liberator/Future Liberator, Llew/Pomerugal Liberator)

Mark sneered at Zane as he spoke. "I'll admit, you're not bad. But it's time we put you in your place, loser! Break Ride!"