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Things happening on the field.

Stats and other things occurring in the game itself.

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Ride 2: Break Ride



Front Row:Empty/Illusionary Revenger, Mordred Phantom/Empty

Back Row: Empty/Branbau Revenger/Empty

Damage-4:Koilbau Revenger[F]/Freezing Revenger[U]/Transient Revenger, Masquerade[U]/Venomous Breath Dragon[U])



Front Row: Empty/Solitary Liberator, Gancelot/Empty

Back Row: Pomerugal Liberator/Future Liberator, Llew/Pomerugal Liberator

Damage-4:Fortune Liberator[U]/Zoom Down Eagle[U]/Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth[U]/Onslaught Liberator, Maelzion[U])

"Break Ride!" Yelled Mark loudly as he slammed a card down onto the mat. "Fly, Dignified Gold Dragon!"

Gancelot burst into a pillar of light that speared into the heavens. Slowly, the pillar shrunk to reveal a massive green dragon with veins of gold flowing over its skin. In each hand it held a curved dagger, or a least it would be a dagger to the monstrous beast. The blades were each half the size of a grown man.

(Dignified Gold Dragon-3:10000)

"Break Ride skill! My Vanguard gains 10000 power and I give 5000 power to three Rear Guards. That means both of my Pomerugals along with Llew are all getting a boost."

The dragon released a terrifying roar as light consumed its body, granting it strength. Behind him, all of his allies were doing the same, though on a much smaller level.




"Next, I call Zoigal Liberator to the rear guard, along with Blaster Blade Liberator!"

To the left of the dragon appeared a clone of Mark's earlier Vanguard, its white fur blowing in the wind. At his Vanguard's right appeared a warrior with white and gold armor and a long flowing cape. Red eyes stared out from under his helm as he planted his large blade upon the ground.

(Zoigal Liberator-2:8000)

(Blaster Blade Liberator-2:9000)

At the counter, Jonas smirked. "I thought as much," he said quietly as he inspected the match.

Grey looked up from where he had been transfixed by the match. "What do you mean? You knew that kid was going to lose?" He asked nervously.

Jonas chuckled and shook his head. "Just the opposite actually. I knew with just one glance that that kid knew his way around a cardfight. He seems... Familiar somehow, I just can't seem to place it."

Grey looked back at the game. "But the guy is losing! Just look at the field!"

"You're looking too hard at the field," interrupted a voice from behind. The pair turned to face Aria as she moved forward. "You have the same problem that Mark does. You're looking so hard at what's right in front of you that you miss the whole picture. Just look at the kid! Does that look like the face of a loser?" They followed her gaze to look into the calm grin placed on Zane's face. He was completely calm in the face of the storm, a fact that Grey took in with surprise and Jonas with a small smile, pleased that he was correct in his initial inspection.

Mark smirked at Zane. "Now then, let's finish this! Zoigal attacks with a boost from Pomerugal! His ability gives him an extra 3000 power."


"No guard," replied Zane calmly and with his usual careless grin.

The dog growled and bounded forward as it sucked in energy from its smaller comrade. It leapt forwards and raked its claws against the dark rider before rushing back to its own side.

"Damage trigger check." All looked towards the card and waited for the flash that announced the presence of a trigger, but none came. "No trigger."

(Black Sage Charon:1-No trigger)

"Now, for my ultimate technique; Gold Rising! Gold Dragon attacks with a boost from Llew! Their abilities give my Vanguard an extra 5000 power, and Llew gets 4000!"


"I guard!" Yelled out Zane with another grin."Awaking Revenger, Healing Revenger, and two Grim Revengers!"

(11000+10000 shield[x4]=51000)

"What?!" Exclaimed Mark in shock while Grey felt his jaw drop.

"You see, he's planned for that move since the start of this fight," Aria informed the shopkeeper and the boy calmly. "Between the time he looked at the deck and the time he sat down, he'd managed to formulate a strategy based around the Shadow Paladins strengths, which is why he's only been riding, not calling. Many Revengers require having less Rear Guards than your opponent, which means that as long as he doesn't call any units he can activate their abilities while building up his own hand. After he saw the deck Mark was using, he modified his strategy to effectively counter him."

"What do you mean?" Asked Grey as he turned back to the match and realized that Aria was right.

"Gold Paladins, like most clans, have their strength as their greatest weakness," explained Jonas. "For example, Pale Moon and Genesis units gain power from the Soul, so they have many cards capable of Soul Charging. However, doing so forces you to run the risk of Soul Charging valuable cards such as triggers. In the case of Gold Paladins, their strength is drawn from the Rear Guard, which means that if Rear Guard units are destroyed they have to deplete their hands to restore them. Or superior call them, but none of the cards in the Liberator of the Sanctuary trial deck have that ability. That was why Zane had Blaster Dark attack Marron instead of the Vanguard." Grey considered the point before nodding in understanding. The trio turned their attention back to the match.

"Black Sage Charon, Freezing Revenger, and Transient Revenger, Masquerade will guard!" Called out Zane as he threw the cards down onto the field to stop Blaster Blade's attack. If Mark had gotten a trigger in his Twin Drive check things would have ended differently. Fortunately, he hadn't.

The mighty swordsman charged forth with the energy he had received from the dog behind him.


Just as it seemed that he would strike, the figures of Zane's earlier Vanguard appeared alongside the form of a man with spiked black armor with blue lines running along its surface and a red cape hanging over his shoulders, and a white haired man in a cloth suit with chains of energy swirling around him.

(11000+5000 shield[x3]=26000)

The swordsman carved his way through them to strike at the black rider, only to feel his speed dulled with exhaustion. His blade was easily blocked and he was forced to retreat towards his own side.

Mark felt a growl forming inside of his throat. "In that case, I end my turn."



Front Row: Zoigal Liberator/Dignified Gold Dragon/Blaster Blade Liberator

Back Row: Pomerugal Liberator/Future Liberator, Llew/Pomerugal Liberator

Damage-4:Fortune Liberator[U]/Zoom Down Eagle[U]/Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth[U]/Onslaught Liberator, Maelzion[U])

"I stand and draw!" Called out Zane happily.



Front Row:Empty/Illusionary Revenger, Mordred Phantom/Empty

Back Row: Empty/Branbau Revenger/Empty

Damage-4:Koilbau Revenger[F]/Freezing Revenger[U]/Transient Revenger, Masquerade[U]/Venomous Breath Dragon[U]/Black Sage Charon[U])

"Now, you left yourself with two cards in your hand last turn," informed Zane calmly. "Those two had to have been the draw trigger and the critical trigger you got in Gancelot's Twin Drive. In Gold Dragon's Twin Drive you revealed Liberator of Royalty, Phallon and Onslaught Liberator, Maelzion."

(Liberator of Royalty, Phallon- No Trigger)

(Onslaught Liberator, Maelzion- No Trigger)

"That means that you can only guard for 30000 shield points, including your intercepts. With that level of power you can't protect yourself from what's coming. So that means..." He paused to look Mark straight in the eye, all of his previous goofy joy replaced by a calm seriousness, a slightly intimidating transition. "Final Turn!"

The others let out gasps as they heard him speak, surprised by his bluntness and his change in personality.

"Break Ride! Come forth, Labyrinth Revenger, Arawn!"

Mordred was enveloped in violet flames that were cleaved by a spear of black and blue metal. Standing where Mordred had previously towered was a woman with blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail. She was adorned in black armor with blue lines and red marks. She glared at the towering beast across from her, completely unfazed by its immense size.

(Labyrinth Revenger, Arawn-3:10000)

"Now, I counter blast one card to activate Mordred's Break Ride ability." Zane flipped a card in his damage zone. "Now, Arawn gains 10000 power and I superior call one Grade 2 or lower unit from my deck and they get an extra 5000 power boost. Come on out, Darkness Revenger, Rugos!"

Arawn was suddenly encased by an aura of dark energy, empowering her as another figure appeared to her right. He wore black armor with golden spikes emerging like lightning bolts while an orange face plate over his face, a twisted grin behind it. A red cape flowed out from behind him, waving in the wind. In his right hand he wielded a giant battle axe while a massive red sword was clutched firmly in his left. He too glowed with energy.


(Darkness Revenger, Rugos-2:10000+5000=15000)

"Next, I call Nullity Revenger, Masquerade, along with Sacrilege Revenger, Baal-berith."

To the Vanguard's left appeared a figure completely encased in a dark blue armor. A cross was sliced in the front of his helm for vision while a face with glowing blue eyes and fangs appeared to be growing out of his chest. In his clawed gauntlet he held a massive blade. Behind the blue warrior came a warrior wearing a strange mixture of European and Japanese armor and riding a mechanical horse. In his hand he swung around a scythe of blue and white energy.

(Nullity Revenger, Masquerade-2:9000)

(Sacrilege Revenger, Baal-berith-1:7000)

"Now, I activate Baal-berith's ability. By counter blasting one I can give him another 1000 power."


"Rugos attacks you Vanguard!"

"I guard with Armed Liberator Gwydion, and Blaster Blade intercepts!"


The warrior rushed forward, ready to slash through the dragon's scales. Before he reached the beast, a man wearing blue armor and a red helm formed in motes of light and Blaster Blade moved forward to stand between them. Rugos slashed his way through them but found himself unable to wound the great beast. Growling in frustration, he retreated back towards his own side.

"Now, Branbau boosts Arawn in an attack on your Vanguard!"


"No guard," said Mark nervously.

"Twin Drive, first check." No light flashed. "No trigger."

(Koilbau Revenger- No trigger)

Mark gave a small sigh a relief, glad it wasn't a critical. "Second check," called out Zane as he flipped the card and it gave off a blue flash. "Stand trigger! All effects to Rugos."

(Awaking Revenger- stand trigger)


Mark gasped as Zane turned the card into standing position once more.

Motes of light flew from Branbau and into Arawn as she charged forward to strike the dragon savagely. As she pulled back, Rugos was enveloped in blue light, restoring his strength.

"Damage trigger check." No light flashed from the corner of the card. "No trigger," informed Mark resignedly as he placed the card into his damage zone.

(Little Liberator, Marron: no trigger)

"Now, Baal-berith supports Masquerade as he attacks your Vanguard. Because I have a Revenger Vanguard, Masquerade gets another 3000 power."


Mark sighed sadly, all of his previous arrogance having been drained from him. "No guard."

The blue knight charged forth, the horseman sending his energy towards him. The dragon bellowed in pain as the warrior slashed it with his blade before rushing back.

"Damage trigger check," said the boy as he flipped the card. A flash in the corner alerted everyone to the presence of a trigger, but to Mark's disappointment, the flash was yellow. "Critical trigger. I lose."

The dragon roared in agony as it and all of its companions dispersed into light, leaving only Mark's spirit form to gaze at the force standing triumphantly in front of him. After a moment, even that form vanished from sight.

"That was a great game!" Said Zane happily as he collect the cards, all of his jolliness returning as the dark cloud that had covered him during his last turn cleared. "I think that you might want to shuffle a little better next time though. You don't want all of your triggers getting stuck together at the bottom of your deck like that."

Mark blinked in surprise before nodding uncertainly. "Oh, right. Thanks for the advice."

Zane smiled at him before leaving the table and moving towards the counter where the trio of observers had gathered. "Here's your deck back," he said as he extended the trial deck towards Jonas.

The shopkeeper considered him for a moment before speaking. "You know, I think that deck suits you. Are you sure you don't want to buy it?"

Zane froze before glancing down at it. A mixture of emotions crossed his face, ranging from joy to longing to fear. After his internal debate, he finally pulled the deck back towards himself. He looked the smiling shopkeeper straight in the eye as he spoke.

"I'll take two."


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