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It was driving him crazy.

He didn't know the answer to the question, and it was slowly driving him crazy. For a man prone to going bat-shit crazy at the drop of a hat, this was a really bad thing. He desperately needed to know.

Thinking back to the time spent in the cage with his son, Monroe remembered all the things they'd discussed. Walls had broken down a little when they realized one of them might never leave. He'd finally come clean about Emma and the role he played in her death; he'd told Connor about his blind spot, the weakness he kept hidden from everyone; they'd even talked a little about Connor's childhood, Monroe's parents, and the young girls who would have been his aunts.

And Charlie.

Well, not directly about her. More about the people and families he'd hurt. Which, in turn, led his thoughts right back to Charlie. What other family had he destroyed more than the Mathesons? The one family he truly did not want to hurt. The one woman he wished he could take all the suffering back for.

He'd been honest with Connor when he told him he wanted the Republic back to make up for all the bad things he'd done; to truly make it better this time. He'd been honest when he told him to find a girl, fall in love, start a family. He'd even been honest when he told him to find someone other than Charlie.

There were good reasons for warning his son away from her. His history with the Matheson family screwed up any chances of Connor ever really being accepted among them. The kid deserved a woman who could love him with all of her heart, and he honestly wasn't sure if Charlie could ever really do that with his son. But the real reason behind him pushing Connor away wasn't entirely noble.

Flat out, he loved her. And as hopeless and futile as it was, he wanted her himself.

Now, here it was a week later, and he was dying to know the answer to one question. Was she still sleeping with Connor?

He was going to come right out and ask. But not his son; he was going to ask Charlie. He had no reasoning behind it, both could lie right to his face if they wanted, but he wanted her reaction. And they hadn't really spoken since their argument in New Vegas. He was dying just to talk to her.

They were getting closer to Willoughby, so he called his son over and sent him ahead to scout out the path and check for Patriots. With Connor out of the way, he sidled up next to Charlie, maneuvering his body to keep a bit of distance between her and the thick-necked tribesman guarding her every move.

"So, tell me something," he said, his tone casual. "Earth, Wind, and Fire back here. They're with you 24/7, right?"

Her face scrunched up in confusion, and he knew she didn't remember the old R&B band. "Yeah, so?"

He sighed. "Well, I'm just wondering how you find the time to sneak off and bang my son."

She shot him a look of disgust at the wording of his question. Which had been his intention all along. It was an easy way to gauge her reaction. "Geez..."

"No, I get it. I get it. Where there's a will, there's a way. Blackout with your cackout." Ok, maybe he was taking it a little too far, but he was a little bent out of shape discussing the whole thing.

"Yeah, whatever that means."

"You know, it's interesting. Of all the guys you choose to screw, you choose a Monroe." And it was interesting. After the way they had been growing closer, for her to go off with his son so randomly was one thing he couldn't figure out. And he knew he wasn't handling the rejection that well either.

"I'm going to be sick."

Suddenly, a noise from off the path had the entire entourage pulling weapons. He yanked his gun out, just as Charlie did, and moved behind her, guarding her back. Old habits wouldn't die that easily.

It turned out to be nothing but Miles and Rachel.

"Hold your fire," Charlie shouted, approaching her mother and uncle.

Miles moved around the women and stepped closer to him. "So much for coming in stealth. We could hear you from a mile away."

"Yeah, well, we're not exactly traveling light."

Miles looked over their new soldiers and sighed. "You know, we could use twice as many."

Tell me something I don't know, brother. "We were lucky to get them."

"All right." Sometimes, he swore all that Miles ever did was sigh. "I had money you'd screw us over, but...I'll give you this one. You did all right."

Jerk. "Yeah, well, one...suck it. Two, it wasn't me. It was your niece." She was driving him insane in every way one human being could drive another. But she was still holding onto his heart. And he had to give credit where it was due. At least, in her case.

As she came back over to the two of them, she shot him a look that was equal parts killer and seductress. He was dying here.

And he still didn't know the answer to his damn question.


Sometimes she just wanted to punch him in the face. All right, a lot of the time. But, damn it, if he wasn't right most of the time.

The stupidest thing her mother could have done was talk Miles into letting that kid go. Who knew what repercussions they would all suffer for that?

Well, actually, that wasn't the stupidest thing ever. That honor was reserved wholly for Monroe and his desire to bring back the Republic.

What the hell was he thinking? Why would he ever want it back? After some of the discussions they'd had on the road back to Willoughby, the time when it was just him and her, when they'd decided to talk to each other instead of being silent and bored all the time, she thought he had actually hated ruling the Republic.

So, why now? What could he possibly want the Monroe Republic back for unless it was...Connor. He wanted to hand over the keys of the kingdom to his son. And that little son of a bitch knew it, too.

In New Vegas, when she'd asked Connor if he was like his father, he'd said no. But he hesitated. And she sensed something behind his dark eyes, some secret he was hiding. Asses, the both of them. So, she'd had sex with an idiot who wanted to bring back the very thing responsible for the deaths of her father and brother. Considering the turnout, she should have just gone and slept with the one she really wanted...

My God, did she really just think that?

She hated to admit it, really hated to, but she had to. She and Monroe had been growing closer, ever since he came back for her at the school. Ever since they had been on the road to Willoughby together if she was honest. And she had been so jealous of Duncan, she'd forgotten all the little bonds popping up between them and hopped in between the sheets with Connor.

Before Mexico, something had been happening to the two of them, and once Connor got there, he threw a wrench into the whole works. She rarely had much time alone with Bas anymore because Connor was always between them. Partly, it was her fault. He'd been hovering ever since their night in Vegas. But it wasn't just her; Monroe was trying to bond with his son by spending time with him as well. It left little time for just the two of them.

And wasn't it amazing that Monroe had little to no interest in restarting the Republic until Connor? Again, they'd talked about it, and as Miles said, he was a pretty bad liar. At least, he was when he let his guard down, as he had a few times with her. He hadn't been lying about not wanting to be in power again.

But Connor had been raised in a drug cartel, where power was the ultimate goal. According to Miles, he'd seemed pretty hell bent on loving his position of being in charge. And he had no interest in coming back with the three of them at first. Had his father used the draw of the mighty Republic as a way to get his son to come with him? Was this whole thing Connor's fault? And did the kid even realize Monroe was only doing it for him?

She needed to know if Connor was as power hungry as his father suspected. And she needed to know it fast. Before it was too late.


Sorry, I know most people shorten Sebastian to Bass and I shorten it to Bas, but I had a friend named Sebastian growing up and we called him Bastian or Bas. And that's how we wrote it, so I'm trying to break myself of the habit and use the more common short name.