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Okay so I guess this is kinda set somewhere during the show, before the movie. This is the first Teacher's Pet fanfiction I've written, so I hope you guys like it! ;w;

It was night in EastWestland. A Sunday night to be exact. Spot lay in his bed, excited for a new school day tomorrow. But he had a hard time sleeping. He had a feeling something bad, or something out of the ordinary, was to happen the following day. "What am I worried about?" He thought, laughing mentally. "It's school, nothing bad can happen in a place of learning." He let out a yawn and turned on his side, facing the wall. His eyes slowly began to close, and he finally fell asleep.

The next day, he walked to school with Leonard, like usual. Spot began to break out into a conversation about school, which Leonard didn't find as 'fascinating' as Spot did, but he still enjoyed the conversations with his best friend. "So, Leonard," Spot began, "how do you think you did on that math test on Friday?" He asked with a smile. "I probably did terrible." Leonard replied with a sigh.

Spot looked at him. "Oh, come on, I'm sure you did great. I helped you study last week, remember?" Leonard scoffed. "Yeah, but you talked so fast, there's no way I could've remembered everything by Friday." He answered. "So you remember that you studied but you didn't remember what you studied?" Spot asked in reply. Leonard thought for a moment. "Yes." And laughed light-heartedly. "We need to work on that memory 'o yours." Spot smiled.

They approached the school and made their way to their 4th grade classroom. They sat in their appropriate seats, then the bell finally rang. Mrs. H. stood at the front of the class, writing something on the board. "Okay, class," She began, "first thing we're going to learn today is history!"

"Oh boy! History!" Spot yelled in his mind. He just sat there with a smile on his face. Mrs. H. began again, "Okay, can anyone tell me whom the thirty-second president of the United States was, and why he was important?" She asked with a smile. Everyone, save for Spot, was looking around at each other, clueless.

Spot was the first to answer, as usual. He stood up in his chair. "Franklin Delano Roosevelt, of course! Commonly known by his initials FDR." He paused to wait for the rest of the kids in the classroom to pay attention to him. "He was a central figure in world events during the mid-20th century, leading the United States during a time of worldwide economic depression and total war. In layman's terms, he helped people when they needed someone most." Spot wanted to continue his very accurate speech on the subject, hoping his smarts would grasp the kids' minds. But de facto, he was losing them, so he decided to sit down.

Mrs. H. applauded him on his historical accuracy, signaling the other kids to do so as well. "Thank you, thank you." Spot announced happily. The praises made his self-esteem rise ever higher.

The class continued on until the ring of the bell signaled everyone's favourite time of the school day; recess. Everyone rushed out of the classroom, except for Leonard and Spot who waited on each other. They walked out and made their way toward the playground. As they made it, they ended up walking past a group of fifth graders, whom indistinctly murmured to each other. One of them chuckled and walked up behind Spot, snatching his cap off his head. Spot promptly grabbed his ears to hide them, let out a surprised yelp, and turned around to face the guy. "I got your stupid hat! What're you gonna do about it?" This kid liked bothering Spot and Leonard. "It's a beanie! And give it back!" Spot couldn't reach for it for fear people might see his ears. He kept them covered. The fifth grader glared at him.

"Why are you covering your ears? What're you hiding?" Spot panicked. "Hiding? I'm not hiding anything! My ears are just... cold." The fifth grader scoffed. "Whatever. I'm gonna keep this 'hat' and there's nothing you can do about it." Leonard approached the kid, who promptly held the cap out of his reach. "Give Scott his hat back, and leave us alone." The kid grinned. "Why should I? I don't have to take orders from a dumb fourth grader!"

A crowd had gathered around them before they knew it. All Spot could do was watch helplessly while wondering why they didn't have an administrator patrolling the grounds. Spot let out a low growl and stepped in front of Leonard, right in front of the kid. "Persona non grata! If you think you can just stand there and taunt us, you're wrong! I'm going inside to get an administrator!" As Spot began to walk off, still covering his ears, the kid grabbed him by the back of the shirt, and dragged him back.

"Like I'd let you do that."

The crowd of kids that gathered around them were whispering amongst each other, asking themselves if they thought they were going to fight or not. As the fifth grader continued to torment Spot and Leonard, Spot had had enough. He covered both his ears with one arm, and threw a punch at the kid, hitting him in the stomach. The kid fell backwards onto the ground, and Spot immediately regretted what he had done as soon as he had heard the shocked gasps from those around him, including Leonard.

As Spot was about to hesitantly appologise and take his cap back, he was stopped by Leonard whom had poked him on the shoulder. Spot looked back and saw Leonard motion toward an enraged Mrs. H., whom had witnessed the whole thing.

Okay, so there's probably something in here that makes no sense, but I still hope it's good. Next chapter coming soon! ;w;