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Mrs. H. hadn't actually managed to witness the entire argument, just the last part. Spot and Leonard were attempting to explain what had happened. Mrs. H. cared more about how Spot had reacted, rather than how it started.
She proceeded to politely tell off the fifth grade kid, take Spot's cap back, and promptly shoo him. She then looked back down at the two boys, them knowing some sort of punishment was coming their way. "Scott, Leonard, principal's office." She pointed toward the school building.

Spot and Leonard made their way into the building, Mrs. H. close in tow. The three entered the principal's office, Spot and Leonard sitting in the two chairs provided in front of his desk.
Strickler sat behind the desk, petting his cat, Tallulah. He stood up and paced slowly towards the boys. "Mr. Leadready," he began, "you punched a student?" He asked with urgency. Spot hesitantly answered. "Ah.. Yes. But! I did it for a good reason!" He added quickly.

Stickler sighed. "If someone takes your hat, your first reaction is to hit them?" Spot chuckled nervously. "I can see where you might be concerned, but it's an important cap." Leonard looked at Spot. He was afraid Spot would reveal too much.
"And what's so important about a hat, Mr. Leadready?" Strickler asked matter-of-factly. Strickler had taken notice of Spot holding his ears, but hadn't mentioned it, yet. "Well, you see principal Strickler, that cap.. Belonged to my.. Father! Yes, my father. It's the only thing I have left to remember him." Leonard shook his head and immediately face-palmed.

"Well, I certainly understand owning something from a past relative. I'll let you off with a warning this time, Mr. Leadready. You're lucky the kid was alright." Strickler sat down and checked something off on a sheet of paper resting on his desk. "Thank you, principal Strickler! You certainly are the wise and generous man you set out to be." Spot had to keep himself from uncovering his ears. "Oh, why thank you Mr. Leadready. Now, go back to recess." He proceeded to pet Tallulah again.

Spot turned to Mrs. H. "May I have my cap back, please?" He asked nicely. "Oh! Of course. Here you go, Scott." He could tell she was already back in her usual happy mood. She handed him his hat and he promptly placed it on his head, covering his ears with it. "Whew." He let out, and lowered his arms. "Come on, Leonard, let's go!" Spot grabbed Leonard's arm and dragged him outside.

Just as Mrs. H. was about to exit as well, Strickler called her back in. "Mary Lou, do you think that Leadready kid is hiding something?" He asked her. She turned around, trying to think of an answer. "Well, I can't say it hadn't crossed my mind before. But what could a straight-A student have to hide?" She wondered. "Well I don't know, but you saw how frantic he was to get back a silly hat." Strickler replied. Mrs. H. frowned. "Well, he did say it belonged to his father. And I wouldn't want to lose something of importance like that." She answered.
"That's still no reason for violence. Besides, like you said, the kid is a straight-A student, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have something to hide. In fact, it's all the more reason to hide something." Strickler stated. Mrs. H. looked at him confusedly. What do you mean?" She asked.
"What I mean, Mary Lou, is that if someone as smart as he is," Strickler began, standing from his chair, "wanted to hide something, wouldn't they be the best at it? Being smart and all." He concluded. Mrs. H. contemplated. "Well, I suppose if they really wanted to hide something they could, but Scott isn't just smart, principal Strickler. He's also a kind, trustworthy student."

Strickler paced the room. "Mrs. Helperman, I would like you to keep an eye on the boy. I don't want to think that there's any potential danger to my school." Mrs. H. argued. "But sir, he's not a danger to anyone-" Strickler interrupted, "but he could be. Everyone is a potential danger, Mrs. Helperman. Although I do love every kid in this school, and I believe in all of them, there's just no rest for malevolence." Mrs. H. sighed. "Alright, principal Strickler, I'll keep an eye on him." She agreed hesitantly.
"Thank you." He replied, and as soon as he did, the bell rang.
Mrs. H. left his office and made her way back to the classroom, as did all her students.

She taught for the rest of the day, before it was finally time to go home.

Leonard and Spot walked along the sidewalk, having a chat about their day. "That was really really close." Spot repeated. "Yeah, I know. I was there." Leonard replied with a huff. "I'm sorry, Leonard, but it wasn't my fault." Leonard looked at him. "What're you apologising for? It's your secret." He replied. Spot watched forward. "That's true, but you're the only one who knows. Plus you're my best friend. It wouldn't feel right to divulge my own secret without consulting you, first." Leonard replied, "Thanks, but I'm more worried about the publicity you could get, not necessarily the people who know." Spot nodded in agreement.

They'd finally made it home, Mrs. H. was already there. She'd driven home. They entered through the kitchen door and sure enough, Mrs. H. was in there. She'd decided to organise the kitchen. When she'd noticed Scott came home with Leonard, she greeted him. "Oh, hello Scott!" She announced. Leonard and Spot looked at her confusedly before realising that Spot hadn't taken off his disguise. They'd been so engrossed in their conversation.

"Hello, Mrs. H.!" He laughed nervously. "Is just needed to walk Leonard home safely, that's all. I really should be going-" Mrs. H. interrupted him, "Why not stay a little longer? I rarely see you outside of school!" Leonard groaned. "Oh, no, I can't, my family needs to see me. We need to converse on, uh.. What secondary school I'm going to! Yeah, that's good." Mrs. H. tilted her head. "Oh come on, there's plenty of time for that! Surely you can stay for a little while, right?" She asked.

Leonard glared at Spot. "Well," Spot began, "I guess there's no harm in staying for a little-" "Great!" Mrs. H. interrupted again. "Why don't you stay for dinner? I have plenty enough to go around!" Spot looked up at her. "Dinner? Yes! I could always go for some people food- I- I mean yes, yes that sounds great!" He laughed nervously.
Mrs. H. smiled and exited the kitchen to go tidy the house. Leonard scratched his head. "What was that about? Why did she want you to stay so bad?" Spot shook his head. "I don't know, but people food, Lenny!" He announced excitedly. Leonard chuckled slightly. "Let's just hope you don't blow this. And let's hope mom doesn't want you to visit 'Spot'."

They made their way into Leonard's room to talk and whatnot. Spot was wondering how he was going to last the rest of the week, let alone the rest of the school year. Then the next year, and so on. He tried not to think about it. "Only time can tell." He thought to himself. So they sat in their room, waiting for dinner time, and to see how this plays out.

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