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Chapter 8


'ahh..her voice' Dan thought as he opened his eyes slowly to see a blunette standing in front of him with her beautiful hair let down and deep greenish blue but innocent eyes and suddenly she smiled and rose her hand to touch his cheeks and stated to caress him.


Dan being the naughty one, pulled her close and hugged her until he started feeling like it was a guy and started hearing a familiar voice

" dude….comon you're sqeezing me" Jake was literally fighting with Dan's death grip.

"Jake? What are you doing here?"Dan yelled relieving Jake of his hug.

"what am I doing here? What were you doing?" Jake shot back.

"I thought you were Runo" Dan pouted

"you what? Ha ha ha" and Jake started laughing his throat out

" very funny" marked Dan

"sorry, but seriously.. dude… what were you thinking to do with her? Huh? Come on tell me." Jake came closer to him.

Dan blushed a little and started feeling a little embarrassed, but one thing was sure to him, no matter how many years he spent without her, the girl controlling his mind and dreams will always be Runo and nothing in the entire universe could reduce his love for her, not even Runo herself.

With that realization he got up to get ready. Today he had to look good as he didn't want to make a bad impression on Runo. he took a shower and wore a black shirt which was inserted loose in his jeans. He had to admit for himself ..he was looking kinda handsome.

"I see someone is busy trying to impress someone" Marucho teased.

"you'll say that now marucho…but when the time comes, you'll understand" Dan replied.

Marucho was happy that Dan and the other boys at least began to smile and talk to people normally. He began to wonder that if the girls after so many years still had the same if not increased effect on the brawlers, how much did the boys love them?

'when will I find that someone" he sighed.

Dan was on his way to the living room when he saw his angel standing there talking to baron.

"….no baron, I don't get that mad now, at least not like before…and speaking of which…"she spotted Dan and their eyes met, Dan could tell she was impressed from her looks and the blush that stained her cheeks.

"oh! Hey Dan!..didn't see you there! Dude where are you off to?" baron asked noticing Dan.

"uh.. you know the HQ like we all decided yesterday!"

"yeah but. what's with the… getting all dressed up ..I mean look at you! I'm sure from a girls eyes you look a hunk!...don't you think Runo? He turned to face Runo who was a bit overwhelmed.

Now this was what Dan was waiting for..his ears were waiting to hear Runo say something about him.

"uh…you know baron, just because a crow takes a bath it doesn't mean it becomes a swan.." she giggled but didn't look at Dan " I'll get going..have to drop kyro to school…see you later"

"what did she mean?" Baron asked totally confused.

"beats me!' Dan replied even though he knew exactly what she meant.

But.. he had to admit, she smiled, that means she's not mad at him..Meaning he's got a good chance!

"hey..dan" he turned to see Klaus.


By now all the boys were present in the living room.

"I wanted to tell you all that …..well..how do I put it? You remember girls saying something about me" the brawlers nodded as Klaus continued "well you see….that's why Runo came by this morning…she said she needed to talk to me about something related to that"

"yeah..but why are you telling us all this?" asked a practical Ren "I mean, what do we have do with it?"

"coming to that." Klaus said clearly picking up Ren's tone "you see..what I am trying to tell you was that…I won't be able to take you around London..I am not sure but most probably I won't be…so I wanted to say I am sorry!"

"Oh! Like that…its okay" ace cleared up " we'll just hire some guides or.."

" I hardly think that would necessary"

"Edna!... what are you doing here..aren't you supposed to be at school?" Klaus changed into the responsible guardian kinda attitude.

"wow… take a chill pill already…its our last day of school you know." Edna said making herself comfortable on the couch.

"no I get that but…shouldn't you be inside the school?" Marucho asked.

"honestly! It's the last day of school so the school thought about keeping an improvement test for those who wish to improve their grades.." Edna said annoyed.

"aren't you writing it?.. I mean if I'm not wrong kyro is attending it, right?" Dan asked slowly.

"that's right" she eyed him " but you see I am kinda good in academics by god's grace! And you know how boys are! So dim witted!"

"excuse me!" Dan exclaimed.

"what ! did you feel bad? That's because it's the truth..it always hurts…but you gotta believe it!"she shrugged her shoulders." You know…. Runo told me a lot about you"

"really? You talk to Runo?" Dan asked

"duh…we talk a lot..its true she gets a little angry..but that's because she likes us"

"you like her?" Dan kept on asking.

"like!.. I love her, she's like my elder sister…..and.. hold on why are you asking me all this?" edna came to an end.

" I don't know.. maybe because I am curious" Dan said to the barbie doll in front of him.

"why is it that you have this 'specific' curiosity that others don't have?" the doll turned into a detective. others started to giggle seeing Dan getting outmatched by a kid.

"I told you, I just wanted to know!"

" that's not an answer"

"uh.. why don't you just pause the interrogation until we get back.. little miss detective!" Klaus butt in

"yeah..okay! I just wanted to tell you that you don't need to hire guides or anything for seeing London…we'll show you around….and I m sure the girls won't mind" edna replied.

"we'll decide that later, kay… right now. We've gotta go to the HQ" Klaus said and all the boys went away leaving Edna all alone in the house or was she?

"dude! This place is so full of…well..everything! I love it already!" baron said as Klaus showed them around the HQ.

"yeah… a lot of the credit goes to the girls and well…Irene..they really worked hard for making it so full of life" Klaus replied to baron's un-diminishable spirit.

"uh…sorry, but who's Irene?" joe enquired

"uh.."Klaus was about to answer.

"his wife.." before shun completed for him which drew everyone's eyes towards him.

"how did you know?" Klaus asked "I mean I never told you and not a lot of people know about me being married"

" yeah, I know,..Alice told me, last night" shun replied with a smile which was surprising for 'every' one.

"hey..um..you said that the girls worked here…then where are they?" Ren already had his eyes searching for his Fabia.

"hey what's with the rush? Missed us already?" that's what Ren expected to hear but not from Runo.

"hey" she said as she walked towards the boys

Dan felt as if he was in some kind of 19th century film where he was the hero watching his heroine coming towards him in slow motion. he could actually see her swaying her hair by shaking her head in slow motion, but he was so rapt in his hallucinative reality that he caught everybody's attention.

"hello…earth to Dan" Jake snapped his fingers

"Runo…" was all Dan could say

"dude..I am Jake and Runo went away with Klaus to talk something alone, remember" said an oblivious Jake.

"what? When?"

"like two minutes ago"

Dan couldn't believe it she had brought him down to his knees…this couldn't possibly have happened because he missed her, the only reason that explains this is that he loved her..as he thought himself

'I love Runo..'

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