This fanfic is based on an idea I had five years ago called "the dragon's army", but I ended up not knowing what to do with it, so I decided to delete it and create something new. This is also the first of three fanfics that I have already planed, so I can promise to finish this, though I can not promise to be fast about it.

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There was nothing but darkness and silence in the hallways. That was how Severus usually preferred it, but right now, he didn't want to be alone with his thoughts. After what happened in the triwizard tournament, he would've preferred the pandemonium from a couple of hours ago.

"Is it true? What Potter said?" Asked Draco Malfoy the moment Severus entered his chambers.

"What the bloody hell are you doing in my chambers this late?" He answered while closing the door, raising an eyebrow.

"Désolé, but I had to talk to someone, and my father isn't answering his mirror. There's something covering it." Said Draco, biting his lower lip.

Severus sighed and indicated his godson to sit with him in the black sofa he had near the chimney.

"He's probably talking to the dark lord right now. When Potter mentioned the death eaters in the cemetery, Weasley asked about Lucius. Apparently, he wasn't there. My guess is that his meeting with Fudge wasn't over..."


"Draco..." sighed Severus. "You're a smart kid, and a powerful wizard, but your parents and I would prefer that you remain uninvolved in this. You are too young and I have already told you more than I should have."

After hearing this, Draco stood up abruptly annoyed and started yelling while pacing from one place to the other, not looking at his godfather.

"And do you think that will matter?! I know exactly how this is going to end! In a blood bath! And afterwards what?! We will either be slaves to a megalomaniac or under control of muggle lovers!" Suddenly, he stopped, sighed and raised his eyes until they met Severus'. "Je sais que je suis jeune, but this is not going to end soon. In two years I'll be a legal adult, but if I don't start preparing now, I'll just end up death."

"Do you even know in which side you'll fight? You don't seam very keen on any." Said Severus, looking sadly.

"What do you mean? I've only badmouth Voldemort's and Dumbledor's sides." Grinned Draco while Severus looked at him disbelievingly. "If you and my parents believe that I have no idea of what happens in my own home, you've all underestimated me greatly. I know you have something planned, even if I don't know the details. I want in."

"Fine! I'll talk with your parents about this." Said an annoyed Severus. "Now go to bed, we'll talk about this later." He finished, dismissing the teen and then proceeded to serve himself a glass of firewhiskey.

"Bonne nuit."

Désolé: sorry

Je sais que je suis jeunne: I know I'm young

Bonne nuit: good night

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